Türkçe - İngilizce Sözlük Z

  1. z. İng.
    • kıs. zone.
  2. zaaf Tür.
    • infirmity. debility. disability. foible. frailty. weakness.
  3. zaaf Tür.
    • foible. weakness. failing.
  4. zaaf Tür.
    • achilles heel. disability. failing. foible. frailty. infirmity. lameness. vice. weakness.
  5. zabit Tür.
    • officer.
  6. zabıt Tür.
    • recording. official report. minutes.
  7. zabıt Tür.
    • minutes. written proceedings. court record. transcript. police record. report. statement. proceeding. account of proceedings. proces verbal. written record.
  8. zabıta Tür.
    • police.
  9. zabıta Tür.
    • municipal police. a municipal police force charged with seeing that various laws and ordinanc. especially those dealing with prices. fair marketing. building construction and sanitation. police fiscal. county constabulary.
  10. zabıtname Tür.
    • minutes of a meeting. minute book. written proceedings of a legislative assembly. court record. transcript. police record.
  11. zade Tür.
    • son.
  12. zafer Tür.
    • triumph. victory. triumpha name.
  13. zafer Tür.
    • triumph. victory. success. winning. conquest. palm. win.
  14. zafer Tür.
    • triumphal. conquest. triumph. victory. win.
  15. zaffer, zaffre İng.
    • i. cam ve çini işine mavi renk vermek için kullanılan ham kobalt oksidi.
  16. zafiyet Tür.
    • weakness. infirmity. debility.
  17. zafiyet Tür.
    • weakness. debility. thinness. tuberculosis. infirmity.
  18. zafiyet Tür.
    • inanition.
  19. zahir Tür.
    • clear. evident. outer appearance. apparently. it seems that. certainly. of course.
  20. zahire Tür.
    • store of grain. cereals. store of provisions.
  21. zahire Tür.
    • provisions. stock of grain. stack of foodstuffs. stores. cereal. corn. produce. purveyance.
  22. zahiri Tür.
    • apparent. external. outward. feigned. artificial. pretended.
  23. zahiri Tür.
    • apparent. artificial. pretended.
  24. zahit Tür.
    • ascetic.
  25. zahmet Tür.
    • inconvenience. troubles. difficulty. bother. fatigue. imposition. labour. pain. trouble.
  26. zahmet Tür.
    • bother. pains. trouble.
  27. zahmet Tür.
    • bother. exertion. grueling. gruelling. inconvenience. onerousness. pain. painstaking. punishment. struggle. toil. travail. trouble. pains.
  28. zahmet etmek Tür.
    • trouble.
  29. zahmet etmek Tür.
    • to kick up a fuss.
  30. zahmetli Tür.
    • troublesome. hard. difficult. onerous. trying.
  31. zahmetli Tür.
    • laborious. onerous. troublesome. hard. difficult. arduous. bothersome.
  32. zahmetli Tür.
    • demanding. drudging. exacting. exhausting. exhaustive. fatiguing. grueling. gruelling. incommodious. inconvenient. labored. laboring. laborious. laboured. labouring. lucubratory. onerous. painful. toilful. toilsome. troublesome. troublous. trying. up.
  33. zahmetsiz Tür.
    • easy. not difficult. not onerous. not trying.
  34. zail Tür.
    • sth which will vanish or disappear. transitory. transient. evanescent.
  35. Zaire Tür.
    • Zaire.
  36. Zaire Tür.
    • the basic unit of money in Zaire. a republic in central Africa
    • achieved independence from Belgium in 1960.
  37. Zaire Tür.
    • the basic unit of money in Zaire.
  38. zaire İng.
    • i. Zaire.
  39. zait Tür.
    • plus. unnecessary.
  40. zakkum Tür.
    • oleander.
  41. zakkum Tür.
    • oleander.
  42. zalim Tür.
    • cruel. oppressive. tyrant. unjust. tyrannical. heartless. appressor. atrocious. barbarian. barbaric. barbarous. bloody. diabolical. fiendish. flinty. grim. hard. heavy handed. ruthless. sanguinary. savage. unfeeling.
  43. zalim Tür.
    • atrocious. barbaric. barbarous. bestial. biting. cruel. devilish. diabolical. hard. harsh. heartless. oppressive. ruthless. sanguinary. satanic. savage. stony. unfeeling. unkind. fiendish. brutal. tyrant.
  44. zalim Tür.
    • arbitrary. atrocious. bloody-minded. brutal. cruel. cutthroat. daemon. demon. draconian. draconic. fell. fiendish. flinty. grim. heavy-handed. ill-natured. inhuman. miscreant. oppressive. outrageous. sanguinary. savage. stony. truculent. tyrannic. ty.
  45. zalimce Tür.
    • waspish.
  46. zalimlik Tür.
    • cruelty. cruelness. heartlessness. injustice. oppressiveness. oppression. barbarity. brutality. devilry.
  47. zalimlik Tür.
    • cruelness.
  48. zam Tür.
    • price increase. raise. rise. increment. additional charge. surcharge. extension.
  49. zam Tür.
    • addition. extra. raise.
  50. zam Tür.
    • accession. increment. markup. raise. rise. addition. salary rise. increase.
  51. zaman Tür.
    • whilst. bout. cycle. date. day. father time. hour. season. tense. time. when. while. sands. era. leeway. space.
  52. zaman Tür.
    • whilst. bout. cycle. date. day. father time. hour. season. tense. time. when. while. sands.
  53. zaman Tür.
    • time. beat. date. day. the enemy. hour. interval. juncture. season. tide. while.
  54. zaman Tür.
    • large ornamental tropical American tree with bipinnate leaves and globose clusters of flowers with crimson stamens and sweet-pulp seed pods eaten by cattle.
  55. zaman aşımı Tür.
    • timeout.
  56. zaman aşımı Tür.
    • prescription. time-limit. time out. timeout.
  57. zaman birimi Tür.
    • time unit.
  58. zaman zaman Tür.
    • from time to time. ever and anon. sometimes. at times. between whiles. once in a while.
  59. zaman zaman Tür.
    • at times.
  60. zamane Tür.
    • today. the present age. with it.
  61. zamanı Tür.
    • breathing space.
  62. zamanı gelince Tür.
    • in good time.
  63. zamanında Tür.
    • on time.
  64. zamanında Tür.
    • on time.
  65. zamanında Tür.
    • duly. at the right time.
  66. zamanla Tür.
    • in the length / course of time. in the length of time. in the course of time. by passage of time.
  67. zamanla Tür.
    • in the course of time.
  68. zamanla Tür.
    • by and by. in course of time. in the long run. in time. with time.
  69. zamanlama Tür.
    • timing.
  70. zamanlama Tür.
    • scheduling. timing.
  71. zamanlamak Tür.
    • to time sth well. to time a very appropriate time for to take place. to arrange a time schedule for sth. time.
  72. zamanlamak Tür.
    • schedule. time.
  73. zamanlı Tür.
    • timely. well-timed.
  74. zamansız Tür.
    • untimely. not well-timed. all too soon. ill- timed. inopportune. ill timed. unseasonable.
  75. zamansız Tür.
    • inopportune. untimely. ill-timed.
  76. zamansız Tür.
    • ill-timed. inopportune. out-of-season. unseasonable. untimely. all too soon.
  77. zamansızlık Tür.
    • inopportuneness.
  78. zamazingo Tür.
    • mistress. paromour. whatnot.
  79. zamazingo Tür.
    • contraption. thingamajig. gadget. thingummy. thingumajig. thingumabob. thingy zımbırtı. mistress. kept woman dost. metres.
  80. zambak Tür.
    • lily.
  81. zambak Tür.
    • lily.
  82. zambak Tür.
    • flag. fleur-de-lis. lily.
  83. zambia İng.
    • i. zambia
  84. Zambiyalı Tür.
    • zambian.
  85. Zambiyalı Tür.
    • Zambian.
  86. zamir Tür.
    • pronoun. pronoun adıl.
  87. zamir Tür.
    • pronoun.
  88. zamir Tür.
    • pronoun.
  89. zamk Tür.
    • adhesive. glue. gum. natural resin. gumresin. paste. cement.
  90. zamk Tür.
    • adhesive. cement. glue. gum. mucilage.
  91. zamklamak Tür.
    • to glue. to paste. to fasten sth together with glue or paste. to coat or smear sth with glue or paste. gum.
  92. zamklanmak Tür.
    • to be glued. to be pasted. to be fastened together with glue or paste. to be coated or smeared with glue or paste.
  93. zamklı Tür.
    • mucilaginous.
  94. zamklı Tür.
    • glued. pasted. held together with glue or paste. gummed. gluey. gummy.
  95. zampara Tür.
    • womanizer. dangler. debauchee. goat. lecher. lecherous. lubricious. whoremonger. wolf.
  96. zampara Tür.
    • lecherous. lubricious. lubricous. debauchee. fornicator. goat. lecher. masher. rake. roue. wolf. womanizer.
  97. zampara Tür.
    • debauched. rake. wolf. womanizer. lecher. woman chaser.
  98. zamparalık Tür.
    • chasing after woman. skirt chasing. lechery.
  99. zamparalık etmek Tür.
    • to chase after woman. womanize.
  100. zan Tür.
    • guess. supposition. surmise. conjecture. doubt. suspicion. apprehension. assumption. impression. notion. opinion. presumption.
  101. zan Tür.
    • assumption. feeling. suspicion. supposition. surmise. guess. doubt.
  102. zanaat Tür.
    • craft. trade. workmanship.
  103. zanaat Tür.
    • craft. trade. workmanship.
  104. zanaat Tür.
    • craft. trade.
  105. zanaatçı Tür.
    • artisan. craftsman. workman.
  106. zanaatçı Tür.
    • artisan. craftsman.
  107. zangoç Tür.
    • sexton. lay clerk. ringer. verger.
  108. zanlı Tür.
    • suspect. accused. person charged with an offense. sb who is a suspect. sb charged with an offense. sb who is suspected of or charged with (an offense.
  109. zanlı Tür.
    • suspect. accused.
  110. zanlı Tür.
    • defendant. suspect. culprit. defendant. suspect.
  111. zannetmek Tür.
    • to suppose. to think. to imagine. to believe. to guess. to reckon. expect. conjecture. deem. esteem. surmise. take for.
  112. zannetmek Tür.
    • conjecture. deem. guess. suppose. surmise. take for. think.
  113. zannetmek Tür.
    • believe. deem. feel. guess. suppose. surmise. suspect. to suppose. to believe. to guess. to surmise.
  114. zante İng.
    • i. Zanta adası.
  115. zany İng.
    • i., s. sotarı, palyaço, maskara
    • aptal kimse
    • s. tuhaf, gülünç.
  116. zanzibar İng.
    • i. Zengibar.
  117. zap İng.
    • f. (-ped, -ping) i., (ünlem) ,(A.B.D.), (argo) vurmak
    • yenmek
    • yüzlemek
    • gidivermek
    • i. güç, enerji
    • yüzleşme
    • (ünlem) Bom!
  118. zapt Tür.
    • conquest. seizure.
  119. zapt Tür.
    • check. restraint. seizure. restraining. conquest.
  120. zapt Tür.
    • attachment execution. attachment proceeding. bringing sb / sth under control. restraining. conquest. seizure.
  121. zapt etmek Tür.
    • to bring sb / sth under control. to restrain. to gain control of. to capture a place by force. to confiscate. to impound. to seize or distrain sth. to seize sth wrongfully. to take sth down. to record sth in writing. to understand. carr.
  122. zaptetmek Tür.
    • engross. occupy. subjugate.
  123. zaptetmek Tür.
    • capture. conquer. contain. occupy. restrain. seize. stifle. suppress.
  124. zaptetmek Tür.
    • bridle. capture. contain. govern. hold back. hold down. hold in. keep down. possess oneself of. reave. seize. stifle. subjugate. suppress. swallow.
  125. zapturapt Tür.
    • discipline. law and order.
  126. zar Tür.
    • membrane. diaphragm. pellicle. dice. die. film. integument. web.
  127. zar Tür.
    • diaphragm. dice. film.
  128. zar Tür.
    • czar, tsar.
  129. zar Tür.
    • cortes. die. film. integument. lamina. membrane. pellicle. skin. tegument. velum. wall. bones.
  130. zar zor Tür.
    • with great difficulty. unwillingly. reluctantly. by force. forcibly. hardly.
  131. zarafet Tür.
    • grace. elegance. tastefulness. refinement. gracefulness. delicacy. neatness. tact.
  132. zarafet Tür.
    • grace. elegance. delicacy. refinement.
  133. zarafet Tür.
    • daintiness. dainty. elegance. fineness. grace. gracefulness. graciousness. pulchritude. spruceness. stylishness.
  134. zarar Tür.
    • cost. damage. detriment. harm. injury. loss. to the bad. damnum. deficit. derogation. disadvantage. disservice. hurt. ill. mischief. red ink entry.
  135. zarar Tür.
    • bane. damage. detriment. disadvantage. evil. harm. injury. loss. mischief. wastage.
  136. zarar Tür.
    • average. bad. cost. damage. detriment. disadvantage. disservice. encroachment. evil. forfeit. harm. havoc. hurt. injury. loss. maleficence. mischief. ravage. sacrifice. scathe. wreckage.
  137. zarar görmemiş Tür.
    • undamaged. unhurt. unimpaired. uninjured.
  138. zarar görmemiş Tür.
    • undamaged.
  139. zarar vermek Tür.
    • damage.
  140. zarar vermek Tür.
    • attack. damage. harm. impair. injure. prejudice. strain. vandalize.
  141. zararına Tür.
    • losing bargain. at less than cost. losing price. under cost price. at a sacrifice.
  142. zararlı Tür.
    • harmful. injurious. detrimental. destructive. hurtful. malign. malignant. noxious. pernicious. pestilent. prejudicial. unfavo u rable. unwholesome. verminous.
  143. zararlı Tür.
    • baleful. baneful. corruptive. deleterious. derogatory. destructive. detrimental. evil. harmful. hurtful. ill. inimical. injurious. insalubrious. malefic. maleficent. mischievous. nocuous. noisome. noxious. pernicious. pestilent. pestilential. prejudi.
  144. zararlı Tür.
    • bad. detrimental. disadvantageous. evil. fatal. hazardous. hurtful. ill. noxious. pernicious. prejudicial. uneconomic. harmful. injurious.
  145. zararsız Tür.
    • harmless. innocuous. passable. not so bad. pretty good. okay. ordinary. innocent. inoffensive. tame.
  146. zararsız Tür.
    • harmless. innocent. innocuous. inoffensive.
  147. zararsız Tür.
    • harmless.
  148. zarathustra İng.
    • bak. zoroaster.
  149. zareva İng.
    • i. etrafı dikenli çitle çevrilmiş yer,şarampol.
  150. zarf Tür.
    • envelope.
  151. zarf Tür.
    • an ornamental metal cup-shaped holder for a hot coffee cup.
  152. zarf Tür.
    • A metallic cuplike stand used for holding a finjan. an ornamental metal cup-shaped holder for a hot coffee cup.
  153. zarf Tür.
    • adverbial. adverb. calyx. cartridge. cover. envelope. receptacle. sheath.
  154. zarf Tür.
    • adverb. envelope. case. cover. jacket. adverb belirteç.
  155. zarf İng.
    • i. kahve fincanı zarfı.
  156. zarfçı Tür.
    • rubber who leaves an envelope in a lonely spot as bait and then eithe.
  157. zarfında Tür.
    • within. during.
  158. zarflamak Tür.
    • to envelope.
  159. zarflamak Tür.
    • envelope.
  160. zarflanmak Tür.
    • to be put into an envelope.
  161. zargana Tür.
    • gar. garfish. needlefish.
  162. zargana Tür.
    • garfish. garpike.
  163. zarif Tür.
    • elegant. graceful. refined. tasteful. gracious. polished (action, manner, style. comely. debonair. dressy. exquisite. fashionable. natty. neat. petite. subtle. svelte. tactful. willowy.
  164. zarif Tür.
    • delicate. elegant. graceful. natty. refined. smart. snappy. witty. clever.
  165. zarif Tür.
    • canny. classy. clever. courtly. dainty. dandy. dinky. dressy. ducky. elegant. graceful. gracious. natty. neat. pretty. recherche. sharp. stylish. sylphish. sylphlike. sylphy. dandyish. go-go. pulchritudinous.
  166. zarifçe Tür.
    • daintily.
  167. zariflik Tür.
    • refinement. elegance. tastefulness. grace. gracefulness. subtle wit.
  168. zart zurt Tür.
    • to bluster. loud but empty talk.
  169. zaruret Tür.
    • absolute necessity. essentiality. vitalness. indispensability. ineluctability. extreme poverty. destination. distress. exigency exigence. an absolute must. need. position of constraint. urgency of poverty.
  170. zaruri Tür.
    • requisite. necessary.
  171. zaruri Tür.
    • indispensable. material. requisite.
  172. zaruri Tür.
    • essential. indispensable. requisite. absolutely necessary. vital. inescapable. ineluctable. of necessity. willy-nilly. whether one wants to or not. imperative. mandatory. needful.
  173. zastruga İng.
    • i. (çoğ. -gi) Rusya ovalarında rüzgarın kar üstünde meydana getirdiği paralel çizgiler.
  174. zat Tür.
    • person. individual kimse. kişi.
  175. zat Tür.
    • person. individual. essense. heart. core. personality.
  176. zat Tür.
    • person.
  177. zata mahsus Tür.
    • personal. private.
  178. zaten Tür.
    • anyhow. anyway. besides.
  179. zaten Tür.
    • already. anyway. besides. as a matter of fact. in first place. for the rest. moreover. anyhow.
  180. zaten Tür.
    • already. anyway. besides. as a matter of fact. in first place. for the rest.
  181. zati Tür.
    • personal. private. inherent. intrinsic. essential. proper. subjective.
  182. zati Tür.
    • original. personal.
  183. zati Tür.
    • It has a crown of long erect hair, and tuft of radiating hairs on the back of the head.
  184. zati Tür.
    • Called also capped macaque.
  185. zati Tür.
    • A species of macaque native of India and Ceylon.
  186. zatıaliniz Tür.
    • your worship.
  187. zavallı Tür.
    • poor. wretched. miserable.
  188. zavallı Tür.
    • Poor Woman ! Poord kid ! Poor thing. unfortunate.
  189. zavallı Tür.
    • poor. miserable. pitiful. helpless. powerless.
  190. zavallı Tür.
    • Poorman.
  191. zavallı Tür.
    • miserable. nebbish. piteous. pitiable. pitiful. poor. poverty-stricken. sorry. wretched. nebbish. poor thing.
  192. zavallılık Tür.
    • misery. wretchedness. pitifulness. miserable state. helplessness. powerlessness.
  193. zaviye Tür.
    • corner. nook. angle. point of view. viewpoint. a small dervish lodge.
  194. zaviye Tür.
    • corner köşe. angle açı.
  195. zax İng.
    • i., leh. kayağantaş kesmeye mahsus balta.
  196. zayi Tür.
    • lost.
  197. zayi Tür.
    • lost.
  198. zayiat Tür.
    • losses. casualities (of human life. damage. wastage. loss.
  199. zayiçe Tür.
    • horoscope.
  200. zayıf Tür.
    • feeble. frail. poor. thin. weak. not strong. puny. faint. meager. scrawny. emaciated. inferior in quality. threadbare arguments. creaky. dainty. deficient. delicate. dicky. flimsy. helpless. infirm. insubstantial. invalid. lame. lax. lean. meagre. nervele.
  201. zayıf Tür.
    • atonic. faint. fatless. feeble. feint. flaccid. flagging. frail. gaunt. gracile. invertebrate. lean. low. nerveless. pithless. puny. shaky. sinewless. slight. slim. small. spare. spent. thin. unmanly. weak. wishy washy. wishywashy. bad mark.
  202. zayıf Tür.
    • angular. bony. doddering. faint. feeble. flimsy. frail. infirm. insubstantial. lame. limp. low. meager. powerless. sickly. slight. spare. thin. vulnerable. weak. yielding.
  203. zayıf düşmek Tür.
    • to get thin. to get scrawny. to get weak.
  204. zayıf nahif Tür.
    • frail and thin.
  205. zayıflama Tür.
    • reducing. slimming. attenuation. decay. emaciation. fading. slimming. tabes. wane. weakening.
  206. zayıflama Tür.
    • corruption. weakening. attenuation.
  207. zayıflama Tür.
    • attenuation. weakening. slimming.
  208. zayıflamak Tür.
    • to lose weight. to get thin. to get scrawny. to slim down. to get weak. (possibility.
  209. zayıflamak Tür.
    • decay. decline. fade. loose flesh. grow lean. grow thin. peak. reduce. slim. thin. thin down. thin of. thin out. be on the wane. weaken.
  210. zayıflamak Tür.
    • ail. decline. droop. ebb. fail. reduce. slim. wane. waste. waver. weaken. to become thin. to slim. to weaken. to reduce. to decline. to flag.
  211. zayıflatma Tür.
    • debilitation.
  212. zayıflatma Tür.
    • attenuation.
  213. zayıflatmak Tür.
    • to cause sb to get thin. to get sb to slim down. to cause sb to lose weight. to weaken. to make unlikely to cause sth to get poor. attenuate. deaden. debilitate. depress. emasculate. enervate. extenuate. impair. lower. macerate. make dent.
  214. zayıflatmak Tür.
    • debilitate. impair. prejudice. sap. waste. weaken. to pull sb down. to prejudice. to weaken. to debilitate. to impair.
  215. zayıflık Tür.
    • debility. failing. frailty.
  216. zayıflık Tür.
    • debility. decrepitude. feeble mindedness. frailty. inanition. infirmity. weakness.
  217. zayıflık Tür.
    • caducity. debility. delicacy. diathesis. failing. faintness. feebleness. flabbiness. frailness. frailty. impotence. impotency. lameness. leanness. puniness. slimness. spareness. thinness. weakness.
  218. zeal İng.
    • i. heves, gayret
    • hararet
    • coşkunluk.
  219. zealot İng.
    • i. gayretli kimse
    • aşırı partizan kimse
    • b.h. Roma hakimiyetime karşı ayaklanmış Musevi partizan.zealotry i. partizanlık.
  220. zealous İng.
    • s. gayretli, hareketli.zealously z. gayretle, şevkle. zealousness i. gayret, şevk.
  221. zeamet Tür.
    • feud. feudal tenure. fief feoff. manor. vassalage.
  222. zebani Tür.
    • the old dragon. hellhound.
  223. zebani Tür.
    • demon of hell. cruel monster.
  224. zebani Tür.
    • demon. devil.
  225. zebercet Tür.
    • chrysolite krizolit.
  226. zebra Tür.
    • zebra.
  227. zebra Tür.
    • zebra.
  228. zebra Tür.
    • Either one of two species of South African wild horses remarkable for having the body white or yellowish white, and conspicuously marked with dark brown or brackish bands. any of several fleet black-and-white striped African equines.
  229. zebra Tür.
    • A striped horse that lives in Africa.
  230. zebra Tür.
    • A mild mannered, even-tempered person wearing a black and white striped shirt while he/she merrily scores your baggie or launches your balloon into clear airspace.
  231. zebra Tür.
    • A horse-like animal with stripes Zebras have nothing to do with water, except that they drink a lot of it, but we felt we had to have something in this list that starts with Z so you would know that this is.
  232. zebra Tür.
    • African striped horse-like quadruped.
  233. zebra Tür.
    • A black and white striped horse. any of several fleet black-and-white striped African equines.
  234. zebra İng.
    • i. zebra, zool. Equus burchelli.
  235. zebu İng.
    • i. hörgüçlü Hint sığırı, zebu, zool.Bos indicus.
  236. zecri Tür.
    • coercive. forcible. compelling.
  237. zecri tedbir Tür.
    • measure of coercion. coercive measures. incisive / readical / strong / stringent measure. radical / strong measure.
  238. zed İng.
    • i., İng. Z harfi.
  239. zedeleme Tür.
    • damnification.
  240. zedelemek Tür.
    • to bruise. to injure. to damage. to harm.
  241. zedelemek Tür.
    • to bruise. to damage. to harm.
  242. zedelemek Tür.
    • bruise. contuse. injure.
  243. zedelenmek Tür.
    • to be bruised. to be injured. to be damaged. to be harmed. bruise.
  244. zedoary. İng.
    • kafur kokulu ve zencefil cinsinden uyuşukluğu giderici bir kök, cedvar, bot. Curcuma zedoaria.
  245. zee İng.
    • i. Z harfi, Z şekli.
  246. zee İng.
    • i. deniz( flemenk dilinde).
  247. zehir Tür.
    • poison. venour. bane.
  248. zehir Tür.
    • poison. potion. poison ağı.
  249. zehir Tür.
    • hemlock. poison. venom.
  250. zehirlemek Tür.
    • to poison. to fill sb"s mind with harmful ideas. administer poison. envenom. taint.
  251. zehirlemek Tür.
    • contaminate. poison. to poison ağılamak.
  252. zehirlenme Tür.
    • poisoning. intoxication.
  253. zehirlenme Tür.
    • botulism.
  254. zehirlenmek Tür.
    • to poisoning. to be poisoned. to be filled with harmful ideas.
  255. zehirlenmek Tür.
    • to be poisoned ağılanmak.
  256. zehirletmek Tür.
    • to have sb poison sb else.
  257. zehirli Tür.
    • poisonous. toxic. poisoned. baneful. deadly. venomous.
  258. zehirli Tür.
    • noxious. poisonous. toxic. venomous. virulent. venomous ağılı.
  259. zehirli Tür.
    • miasmal. miasmatic. nocuous. poisonous. toxic. toxical. toxicant. venomous. viperine. viperish. viperous.
  260. zehirli gaz Tür.
    • poison gas.
  261. zehirli gaz Tür.
    • poison gas.
  262. zehirlilik Tür.
    • toxicity.
  263. zehirsiz Tür.
    • nonpoisonous ağısız.
  264. zehretmek Tür.
    • to take all the pleasure out of sth. to make sth pleasant very distasteful.
  265. zehrolmak Tür.
    • to become very distasteful to sb.
  266. zeitgeist İng.
    • i., Al. zamanın ruhu.
  267. zeka Tür.
    • understanding.
  268. zeka Tür.
    • brain. ingenuity. intelligence. mentality. mind. sense. wit.
  269. zeka geriliği Tür.
    • subnormality.
  270. zeka testi Tür.
    • intelligence test.
  271. zekat Tür.
    • alms.
  272. zekat Tür.
    • almosensteuer.
  273. zeki Tür.
    • clever. intelligent. sharp. acute. quick-witted. bright. astute. brainy. discerning. of good understanding. hard- headed. knowing. knowledgeable. penetrant. penetrating. penetrative. sagacious. shrewd. wide awake. witty.
  274. zeki Tür.
    • apt. astute. brainy. bright. brilliant. clear. clever. quick of comprehension. cute. discerning. ingenious. intellectual. intelligent. keen. keen-witted. longheaded. luminous. neat. nifty. nimble-witted. as fresh as paint. penetrating. penetrative. p.
  275. zeki Tür.
    • adroit. apt. brainy. bright. brilliant. clever. discerning. intellectual. intelligent. neat. perceptive. quick. shrewd. subtle. smart. swrewd. sharp.
  276. zekice Tür.
    • witty. cleverly.
  277. zekice Tür.
    • cleverly.
  278. zekice Tür.
    • cleverly.
  279. zelil Tür.
    • despicable. very contemptible. obsequious.
  280. zelzele Tür.
    • earthquake. temblor.
  281. zem Tür.
    • speaking ill of. finding fault with. disparagement. slur.
  282. zemberek Tür.
    • spring. winder. driving spring.
  283. zemberek Tür.
    • mainspring.
  284. zemberek Tür.
    • coil spring. spring. watch spring.
  285. zembil Tür.
    • woven basket.
  286. zemin Tür.
    • background. earth. floor. ground on which a building rests. ground floor. soil. bottom. base. terrain. basement.
  287. zemin Tür.
    • backdrop. background. floor. ground. soil.
  288. zemin Tür.
    • backcloth. backdrop. background. bed. floor. ground. groundwork. level. stage. ground-.
  289. zemin katı Tür.
    • ground floor. basement. lower story.
  290. zemindar İng.
    • i. Hindistanda büyük arazi sahibi.
  291. zemstvo İng.
    • i. eski Rusya'da vilayet meclisi.
  292. zemzem İng.
    • i. Mekke'de Zemzem kuyusu
    • zemzem suyu.
  293. zen Tür.
    • zen.
  294. zen Tür.
    • This is one school of the Mahayana branch of Buddhism It developed in China, and spread into Japan and Korea It has incorporated several ideas from Taoism.
  295. zen Tür.
    • The Japanese meditative sect of Mahayana Buddhism.
  296. zen Tür.
    • The discipline of enlightenment related to the Buddhist doctrine that emphasizes meditation, discipline, and the direct transmision of teachings from master to student.
  297. zen Tür.
    • Meditative absorption in which all dualistic distinctions are eliminated.
  298. zen Tür.
    • Meditation Derived from the Sanskrit "dhyana" A school of Mahayana Buddhism that developed in China and Japan.
  299. zen Tür.
    • Japanese term for the meditation practiced by Buddhists.
  300. zen Tür.
    • Japanese
    • Ch"an
    • a branch of Mahayana Buddhism which developed in China during the sixth and seventh centuries after Bodhidharma arrived
    • it later divided into the Soto and Rinzai schools
    • Zen stresses the importance of the enlightenment experience and the futility of rational thought, intellectual study and religious ritual in attaining this
    • a central element of Zen is zazen, a meditative practice which seeks to free the mind of all thought and conceptualization.
  301. zen Tür.
    • It is possible for a person to attain enlightenment in this life through the practice of meditation and development of mental and spiritual discipline Zen means "meditation" and is the Japanese equivalent of the original Sanskrit term dhyana Japanese art of acupressure to ease tension and balance the body. front. school of Mahayana Buddhism asserting that enlightenment can come through meditation and intuition rather than faith
    • China and Japan. a Buddhist doctrine that enlightenment can be attained through direct intuitive insight. street name for lysergic acid diethylamide.
  302. zen Tür.
    • A school or division of Buddhism characterized by techniques designed to produce enlightenment In particular, Zen emphasizes various sorts of meditative practices which are supposed to lead the practitioner to a direct insight into the fundamental character of reality See Ku and Mokuso.
  303. zen Tür.
    • A school or division of Buddhism characterized by techniques designed to produce enlightenment In particular, Zen emphasizes various sorts of meditative practices, which are supposed to lead the practitioner to a direct insight into the fundamental character of reality.
  304. zen Tür.
    • A major school of Mahayana Buddhism, with several branches One of its most popular techniques is meditation on koans, which leads to the generation of the Great Doubt According to this method:.
  305. zen Tür.
    • A Japanese school of Buddhism which has become popular in North America It is similar to the Chinese school of Buddhism known as Chan. A coalition of related ways for attaining realization, even beyond enlightenment, of the true nature underlying all appearances, including one"s own-and above all, that there is no duality within appearances, but only the one buddha-nature Ch"an/Zen is summarized in the four lines attributed to Boddhidharma, the key figure who, according to tradition, transmitted the dharma from India to China. also called Chan
    • see Contemplation and Meditation.
  306. zen Tür.
    • A form of meditation.
  307. zen Tür.
    • a Buddhist doctrine that enlightenment can be attained through direct intuitive insight school of Mahayana Buddhism asserting that enlightenment can come through meditation and intuition rather than faith
    • China and Japan.
  308. zen, zen buddhism İng.
    • dünyevi etkilerden sıyrılarak aydınlığa kavuşmayı amaçlayan bir çeşit Budizm.
  309. zenana İng.
    • i. Hindistan'da harem dairesi.
  310. zencefil Tür.
    • gingery. ginger.
  311. zencefil Tür.
    • ginger.
  312. zencefil Tür.
    • ginger.
  313. zenci Tür.
    • black. negro. black man. nigger. spade. spook.
  314. zenci Tür.
    • black. coon. negro. nigger.
  315. zenci Tür.
    • african. black. colored. coloured. negro. negroid. african. black. blackamoor. blackie. blacky. buck. coon. crow. darky. negro. sambo.
  316. zenci kadın Tür.
    • negress.
  317. zenci kadın Tür.
    • negress.
  318. zend İng.
    • i. Zerdüştlerin kutsal kitaplarının Pehlevi dilinde tercüme ve açıklanması
    • eski İran'ın Zendi dili.
  319. zend-avesta İng.
    • i. Zerdüştlerin kutsal kitabları.
  320. zengin Tür.
    • opulent. rich. wealthy. affluent. productive. fertile. rich in. abounding in. in the chips. going strong. landed. lush. ample means. made of money. moneyed. heavy purse. ritzy. substantial.
  321. zengin Tür.
    • affluent. gracious. loaded. opulent. prosperous. rich. wealthy. well-off. well-to-do. well-heeled. productive. fertile. showy. rich person.
  322. zengin Tür.
    • affluent. bonanza. in the chips. well-endowed. fertile. generous. in the money. moneyed. opulent. propertied. prosperous. rich. wealthy. well-heeled.
  323. zenginleşme Tür.
    • enrichment.
  324. zenginleşme Tür.
    • enrichment.
  325. zenginleşmek Tür.
    • make one"s pile. to make a packet. prosper. to grow rich. rise. thrive. be well in.
  326. zenginleştirme Tür.
    • enrichment.
  327. zenginleştirme Tür.
    • enrichment.
  328. zenginleştirmek Tür.
    • enrich. to enrich.
  329. zenginleştirmek Tür.
    • enrich. secundation. to make wealthy.
  330. zenginleştirmek Tür.
    • clothe. enrich. prosper.
  331. zenginlik Tür.
    • opulence. riches. richness. wealthiness. affluence. wealthy. productiveness. fertility. abundance. costliness.
  332. zenginlik Tür.
    • affluence. opulence. resource. riches. richness. wealth.
  333. zenginlik Tür.
    • abundance. affluence. circumstance. fortune. opulence. prosperity. riches. richness. substance. wealth. circumstances.
  334. zenith İng.
    • i., astr. başucu, setürreis
    • zirve, doruk. zenith distance başucu uzaklığı. zenith telescope başucu teleskopu. at its zenith zirvesinde.
  335. zephyr İng.
    • i. batıdan esen hafif ve ılık rüzgar, meltem
    • zefir (kumaş).
  336. zephyrus İng.
    • i., Yu. mit. batı rüzgarı tanrısı.
  337. zeplin Tür.
    • zeppelin. airship. dirigible.
  338. zeplin Tür.
    • zeppelin.
  339. zeppelin İng.
    • i., hav. zeplin.
  340. zerde Tür.
    • a sweet.
  341. zerdeçal Tür.
    • turmeric.
  342. zerdeçal Tür.
    • turmeric.
  343. Zerdüşt Tür.
    • zarathustra. zoroaster.
  344. Zerdüşt Tür.
    • zarathustra.
  345. Zerdüştçülük Tür.
    • Zoroastrianism.
  346. zerk Tür.
    • injection içitim.
  347. zerk Tür.
    • injection.
  348. zerk etmek Tür.
    • to inject sth hypodermically.
  349. zero İng.
    • i., f. sıfır
    • hiç
    • bir ölçek üzerinde başlangıç noktası
    • en aşağı nokta
    • hiçlik
    • f. aynı zamana rastlamak için ayarlamak. zero in on belirli bir hedefe ayarlamak.zero dimensional mat. uzunluğu ve eni olmayan, bir nokta gibi. zero hour ask.savaşta saldırı saati
    • k.dili. kritik an. zero potential dünya yüzeyindeki elektrik gerilimi, sıfır farkı.
  350. zerre Tür.
    • grain. note. atom. minute particle. molecule. ingredient. atomic. corpuscle. molecular. monad. droplet. mote. element. crumb. glimmer. jot. quark. rap. scintilla. shadow. shred. spark. speck. stich. straw. tittle. vestige. whit.
  351. zerre Tür.
    • atom. corpuscle. corpuscule. crumb. grain. granule. iota. jot. mite. molecule. monad. mote. particle. rap. ray. scintilla. shadow. sparklet. speck. tittle. touch. vestige. whit.
  352. zerrin Tür.
    • Jonquil.
  353. zerrin Tür.
    • gold. golden. made of gold.
  354. zerrin Tür.
    • daffodil. lent lily. narcissus.
  355. zerrin Tür.
    • daffodil. golden. jonquil fulya.
  356. zerzevat Tür.
    • vegetables göveri. göverti. sebze.
  357. zerzevat Tür.
    • vegetables. garden ware. garden truck. produce. vegetable.
  358. zerzevatçı Tür.
    • vegetable seller. greengrocer.
  359. zest İng.
    • i. tat, lezzet, çeşni veren şey
    • zevk, hoşlanma, haz. zestful s. zevkli, heyecanlı, lezzetli.
  360. zeta İng.
    • i. Yunan alfabesinde Z harfi.
  361. zeugma İng.
    • i. gram. yanlız bir ismin anlamıyla ilgisi olan bir fiilin iki isimle kullanılması.
  362. zeus İng.
    • i., yu. mit. Zeus, Jüpiter.
  363. zeval Tür.
    • decline. wane. disappearance. downfall. ebb.
  364. zevce Tür.
    • wife. helpmate.
  365. zevce Tür.
    • goodwife. rib. wife.
  366. zevcelik Tür.
    • wifehood.
  367. zevk Tür.
    • delight. enjoyment. fun. pleasure. delectation. good taste. discrimination. liking. gustation. gratification. hedonism. life. lyrical. palate. relish. scene. treat. zest.
  368. zevk Tür.
    • delight. enjoyment. fun. gusto. indulgence. joy. kick. pleasure. relish. taste. treat. zest. flavour. appreciation. good taste.
  369. zevk Tür.
    • bang. delectation. delight. enjoyment. fancy. good taste. gratification. gusto. indulgence. kick. like. liking. luxury. meat. pleasure. relish. savor. savour. sweet. taste. treat.
  370. zevklenmek Tür.
    • wallow. to amuse oneself.
  371. zevklenmek Tür.
    • to take pleasure in. to find pleasure in. to become pleased. to become delighted.
  372. zevkli Tür.
    • pleasurable. tasteful. sth which gives one pleasure or delight. delighfully amusing. sb who has good taste. discriminating. done in good taste.
  373. zevkli Tür.
    • delightful. enjoyable. tasteful. pleasant. amusing. with good taste.
  374. zevkli Tür.
    • decorous. delightful. easy. enjoyable. fun. gracious. pleasurable. select. tasteful. tasty. zestful.
  375. zevksiz Tür.
    • unappealing.
  376. zevksiz Tür.
    • sth which gives one no pleasure. boring. tedious. tiresome. sb who lacks good taste. not done in good taste.
  377. zevksiz Tür.
    • grim. tasteless. tawdry. toneless. tuneless. vulgar. unpleasant. dull.
  378. zevksizlik Tür.
    • lack of good taste. lack of taste. boredom. tedium.
  379. zevksizlik Tür.
    • bad taste. tastelessness.
  380. zevzek Tür.
    • silly. talkative.
  381. zevzek Tür.
    • long-winded and boring person.
  382. zevzeklenmek Tür.
    • to chatter boringly. to rattle on.
  383. zevzeklik Tür.
    • boring chatter. jabber. prattle. slobber.
  384. zevzeklik etmek Tür.
    • to chatter boringly. run off the mouth.
  385. zeyil Tür.
    • addition. supplement. rider.
  386. zeyil Tür.
    • addendum. supplement. book written as supplement or continuation of another writer"s work. additional clause or provision. rider of a law. addition. postcript. postscriptum. rider. supplementation.
  387. zeytin Tür.
    • olive. olive tree.
  388. zeytin Tür.
    • olive. olive.
  389. zeytin Tür.
    • olive.
  390. zeytin dalı Tür.
    • olive branch.
  391. zeytin ezmesi Tür.
    • olive paste.
  392. zeytinci Tür.
    • grower or seller of olives.
  393. zeytinlik Tür.
    • olive grove.
  394. zeytinlik Tür.
    • olive grove.
  395. zeytinyağı Tür.
    • olive oil.
  396. zeytinyağı Tür.
    • olive oil.
  397. zeytinyağı Tür.
    • oil. vinaigrette. olive oil.
  398. zibet İng.
    • i. Asya misk kedisi, zool. Viverra zibetha.
  399. zibidi Tür.
    • oddly dressed. eccentric. crazy.
  400. zibidi Tür.
    • dressed in an odd assortment of clothes. penniless.
  401. zifaf Tür.
    • entering the nuptial chamber.
  402. zifaf Tür.
    • entering the bridal chamber on his or her weddin.
  403. zifir Tür.
    • nicotine-tar deposit.
  404. zifir Tür.
    • dark brown tar produced by burning tobacco.
  405. zifiri Tür.
    • used in.
  406. zifiri Tür.
    • pitch-black.
  407. zifiri karanlık Tür.
    • complete darkness.
  408. zifos Tür.
    • mud splashed upon one as by a passing vehicle. spatter. splash.
  409. zift Tür.
    • pitch. tar. common black pitch.
  410. zift Tür.
    • pitch. tar. bitumen. asphalt.
  411. ziftlemek Tür.
    • to caulk. to pitch.
  412. ziftlenmek Tür.
    • to be caulked. to be ptiched. to eat. to stick food in one"s job.
  413. ziggurat İng.
    • i. zigurat.
  414. zigzag İng.
    • s., i., f., z. yılankavi, zikzak, dolanbaçlı
    • i. zikzak yol
    • z. zikzak olarak
    • f. zikzak yapmak.
  415. zihin Tür.
    • intellect. mentality. mind. intelligence. memory.
  416. zihin Tür.
    • consciousness. mind.
  417. zihin Tür.
    • apprehension. brain. inner man. intellect. mind. psyche.
  418. zihin açıklığı Tür.
    • mental alertness.
  419. zihin hesabı Tür.
    • mental arithmetic.
  420. zihin karışıklığı Tür.
    • cobweb n.
  421. zihin yorgunluğu Tür.
    • mental strain.
  422. zihinsel Tür.
    • mental.
  423. zihinsel Tür.
    • mental.
  424. zihinsel Tür.
    • intellectual. mental.
  425. zihni Tür.
    • mental. intellectual.
  426. zihni Tür.
    • intellectual. mental.
  427. zihniyet Tür.
    • mentality. mental set. turn of mind.
  428. zihniyet Tür.
    • mentality.
  429. zikir Tür.
    • . mention. remembrance. recitation of the attributes of God.
  430. zikir Tür.
    • mention. mentioning. allusion. mind.
  431. zikredilmek Tür.
    • to be mentioned.
  432. zikretme Tür.
    • mentioning. mention.
  433. zikretmek Tür.
    • to mention. allude. cite. to make mention of. name. set forth.
  434. zikretmek Tür.
    • quote. to mention anmak.
  435. zikzak Tür.
    • zigzag.
  436. zikzaklı Tür.
    • zigzag. zigzaggy.
  437. zil Tür.
    • bell. gong. cymbal.
  438. zil Tür.
    • bell. doorbell. buzzer.
  439. zil Tür.
    • bell. cymbal. doorbell. handbell.
  440. zillet Tür.
    • vileness. contempt. mortification.
  441. zillet Tür.
    • abasement. degradation. humiliation.
  442. zilli Tür.
    • shrewish.
  443. zilli Tür.
    • having a bell. with cymbals/bells. quarrelsome. shrewish.
  444. zilyet Tür.
    • owner. proprietor. naked possessor. holder. occupant. possessory lord.
  445. zilyet Tür.
    • owner. holder eldeci.
  446. zilyetlik Tür.
    • possession. possessorship.
  447. zilyetlik Tür.
    • ownership.
  448. zimmet Tür.
    • debit. debt. change. responsibility. obligation.
  449. zimmet Tür.
    • debit. debt.
  450. zimmet Tür.
    • debit. debit.
  451. zimmet Tür.
    • cinnamon.
  452. zimmetine geçirmek Tür.
    • defalcate.
  453. zina Tür.
    • adultery. fornicating. criminal conversation. fornication. infidelity.
  454. zina Tür.
    • adultery. criminal conversation. fornication. hanky-panky. infidelity. misconduct.
  455. zina Tür.
    • adultery.
  456. zinc İng.
    • i., f. çinko, tutya
    • f. çinko kaplamak, galvanizlemak. zinc oxide çinko oksid. zinc plate çinko levha. zinc sheet çinko saç. zinc white çinko oksid boyası. zincif'erous s. çinko hasıl eden, içinde çinko bulunan. zinc'ous s. kim. çinkoya ait.
  457. zincifre Tür.
    • vermilion.
  458. zincir Tür.
    • chain. shackles. span.
  459. zincir Tür.
    • chain. fetter. irons. linkage. sequence. shackle. fetters. series. succession.
  460. zincir Tür.
    • bond. chain. fetter. gyve. iron. shackle. shackles.
  461. zincirleme Tür.
    • continuous. successive. chain. chaining. lap dissolve.
  462. zincirleme Tür.
    • continuous.
  463. zincirleme Tür.
    • chaining.
  464. zincirleme kaza Tür.
    • pileup.
  465. zincirleme kaza Tür.
    • pileup.
  466. zincirlemek Tür.
    • to chain.
  467. zincirlemek Tür.
    • chain. to chain.
  468. zincirlemek Tür.
    • chain. shackle.
  469. zincirlenmek Tür.
    • to be chained.
  470. zincirli Tür.
    • chained.
  471. zincirli Tür.
    • chained.
  472. zindan Tür.
    • dungeon. prison. dark cell. limbo.
  473. zindan Tür.
    • dungeon. dark place.
  474. zindan Tür.
    • bagnio. dungeon. limbo.
  475. zindancı Tür.
    • dungeon keeper.
  476. zinde Tür.
    • fit. hale. active. alive. energetic.
  477. zinde Tür.
    • energetic and alert. robust and active. in good fettle. live.
  478. zinde Tür.
    • crispy. fit. fresh. hale. hearty. sinewed. sinewy. vigorous.
  479. zindelik Tür.
    • fitness.
  480. zindelik Tür.
    • energy and alertness. physical fitness. liveliness.
  481. zing İng.
    • i., f., k.dili. vızıltı
    • enerji
    • f. vızıldamak.
  482. zingaro İng.
    • i., İt. Çingene.
  483. zingiberaceous İng.
    • s., bot. zencefilgillrden.
  484. zinhar Tür.
    • . bewarel. never.
  485. zinnia İng.
    • i. zinya çiçeği, bot. Zinnia.
  486. zion İng.
    • i. Sion dağı
    • İsrail kavmi
    • Hristiyan kilisesi
    • göksel Kudüs
    • gök, cennet. Zionward z. Siona doğru
    • cennete doğru.
  487. zionist İng.
    • i. siyonist. Zionism i. siyonizm.
  488. zip İng.
    • i., f. (-ped, -ping) vızıltı
    • k.dili. gayret, enerji
    • f. fermuarı kapatmak
    • vızıldıyarak geçmek (kurşun)
    • hızlı gitmek
    • k.dili. enerjik olmak. ZIP Code A.B.D.'de posta mıntıkası numarası. zip gun (A.B.D.) yapılışı basit fakat sahici tabanca.
  489. zipper İng.
    • i. fermuar.
  490. zippy İng.
    • s., k.dili. atik, enerjik, hareketli.
  491. zira Tür.
    • then. cos. for.
  492. zira Tür.
    • for. because çünkü.
  493. zira Tür.
    • because. for. forasmuch as.
  494. ziraat Tür.
    • agriculture tarım.
  495. ziraat Tür.
    • agriculture. husbandry. terraculture. tillage.
  496. ziraat Tür.
    • agrarian. agricultural. cultural. agriculture. cultivation.
  497. ziraatçı Tür.
    • agriculturalist. farmer.
  498. ziraatçılık Tür.
    • agriculture. farming.
  499. zirai Tür.
    • agricultural tarımsal.
  500. zirai Tür.
    • agricultural. agrarian.
  501. zircon İng.
    • i., min. zirkon.
  502. zirconia İng.
    • i. zirkondan alınan beyaz toz.
  503. zirconium İng.
    • i. zirkomyum.
  504. zirkon Tür.
    • zircon.
  505. zirve Tür.
    • peak. summit. apex. apex / n /. cap. climax. crest. culmination. culminating point. cusp. head. height. peak level. pinnacle. top. vertex. zenith.
  506. zirve Tür.
    • peak. acme. apex. apogee. cap. climax. crown. culmination. cusp. head. height. high. high tide. meridian. payoff. peak. pink. pinnacle. summit. top. vertex. zenith.
  507. zirve Tür.
    • acme. apex. apogee. height. peak. pinnacle. summit. top. vertex. zenith. apex doruk.
  508. zirve konferansı Tür.
    • summit meeting.
  509. zirve konferansı Tür.
    • summit conference.
  510. zirve toplantısı Tür.
    • summit meeting.
  511. zirzop Tür.
    • nut. maniac. crackpot.
  512. zirzopluk Tür.
    • craziness.
  513. zither İng.
    • i. 30 veya 40 telli kanuna benzer bir çalgı.
  514. ziya Tür.
    • light ışık. aydınlık.
  515. ziya Tür.
    • light.
  516. ziyade Tür.
    • surplus. left over. excess.
  517. ziyade Tür.
    • more. much. too much. excessive.
  518. ziyadesiyle Tür.
    • excessively. too. considerably.
  519. ziyafet Tür.
    • banquet. feast. lavish meal.
  520. ziyafet Tür.
    • banquet. feast. banquet şölen. toy.
  521. ziyafet Tür.
    • banquet. beanfeast. beano. dinner. dinner party. entertainment. feast. junket. spread. treat.
  522. ziyan Tür.
    • scathe.
  523. ziyan Tür.
    • damage. loss. harm.
  524. ziyan Tür.
    • bane. damage. harm. injury. loss.
  525. ziyansız Tür.
    • harmless. not so bad.
  526. ziyaret Tür.
    • visiting. call. stay. visit. visitation.
  527. ziyaret Tür.
    • visit. call.
  528. ziyaret Tür.
    • circuit. visit. call.
  529. ziyaret etmek Tür.
    • to pay a visit.
  530. ziyaret etmek Tür.
    • haunt. visit.
  531. ziyaretçi Tür.
    • visitor. caller. visitant.
  532. ziyaretçi Tür.
    • visitor. caller.
  533. ziyaretçi Tür.
    • caller. visitor.
  534. ziynet Tür.
    • trappings.
  535. ziynet Tür.
    • ornament. decoration. piece of jewelry. tire. ornamental. luxury. garnish.
  536. zıbarmak Tür.
    • to die. to croak. to kick the bucket. to pass out after getting drunk. to go to sleep. to fall asleep.
  537. zıbarmak Tür.
    • to croak. to peg out. to pop off. to kick the bucket. to go to sleep.
  538. zıbın Tür.
    • very soft undershirt for a baby. shirt. jacket.
  539. zıbın Tür.
    • jacket for a baby.
  540. zıh Tür.
    • piping. edging. trimming on clothing or upholstery. molding. border. lace. braid. frieze. hem. margin. beading. bead work. bead. fringe. boundary line. board. mould. mold. ledge. trimming cord. nervure. neck piece. table.
  541. zıkkım Tür.
    • poison. the demon drink. unpleasant food.
  542. zıkkım Tür.
    • poison.
  543. zıkkımlanmak Tür.
    • to eat. to cram food in one"s gob said angrily.
  544. zılgıt Tür.
    • severe tongue-lashing. roasting. stick.
  545. zılgıt Tür.
    • scolding. dressing down.
  546. zımba Tür.
    • punch. triblet. stapler.
  547. zımba Tür.
    • punch. puncher. stamp. staple. stapler. stapling machine.
  548. zımba Tür.
    • perforator. punch. stapler. drift. stamp. broach. canceler. cuttingdie. key drift. pin punch. triplet. prick punch. hollow punch. tusk. spike. driver. drift pin / bolt. drive bolt. punching / perforating die. hole- puncher. letter punch. puncheon. stamper.
  549. zımbalamak Tür.
    • to perforate sth with a punch. to punch holes in. to staple together (with a stapler.
  550. zımbalanmak Tür.
    • to be punched. to be perforated with a punch.
  551. zımbalı Tür.
    • punched. to be perforated with a punch. stapled.
  552. zımbalı defter Tür.
    • notebook each sheet of which has a perforated line at its top.
  553. zımbırtı Tür.
    • discordant. unpleasant sound. anything which produces a discordant. what-do-you-call-it. doings. jigger. stuff. whatnot.
  554. zımbırtı Tür.
    • contraption. gadget. stuff. thingamajig. screech. noise. thingummy. thingumajig. thingamabob. thingy. doohickey. jigger.
  555. zımnen Tür.
    • by implication. indirectly. tacitly. implicitly. impliedly.
  556. zımni Tür.
    • implicit. implied. tacit. indirect. unvoiced. unspoken. constructive.
  557. zımni Tür.
    • implicit.
  558. zımpara Tür.
    • emery. sand paper. carborundum.
  559. zımpara Tür.
    • emery.
  560. zımpara Tür.
    • carborundum. emery. glass cloth. rubber. sandpaper.
  561. zımpara kağıdı Tür.
    • sand paper.
  562. zımpara kağıdı Tür.
    • emery paper.
  563. zımpara taşı Tür.
    • emery rock.
  564. zımpara taşı Tür.
    • abrasive wheel. grinding stone/wheel. grindstone. carborundum wheel/disc. emery grinder/wheel/stone/cake. strickle. flint paper.
  565. zımparalamak Tür.
    • to sand paper. to sand. to emery. to rub sth with emery or emery paper. sandpaper.
  566. zımparalamak Tür.
    • sand. sandpaper. to sandpaper. to sand. to emery.
  567. zındık Tür.
    • unbelieving. atheistic. atheist.
  568. zındık Tür.
    • atheist. unbeliever. impious free thinker. blasphemous. profane.
  569. zındıklık Tür.
    • atheism. unbelief. impious free thought.
  570. zıp Tür.
    • used in.
  571. zıpçıktı Tür.
    • upstart. parvenue. an upstart. a prevun.
  572. zıpçıktı Tür.
    • upstart. parvenu.
  573. zıpır Tür.
    • maniac. crakcpot. crazy. loony. madcap.
  574. zıpır Tür.
    • madcap.
  575. zıpır Tür.
    • cracked. loony. wild.
  576. zıpkın Tür.
    • harpoon.
  577. zıpkın Tür.
    • gaff.
  578. zıpkın Tür.
    • barb. harpoon. spear.
  579. zıpkınlamak Tür.
    • harpoon.
  580. zıplama Tür.
    • bounce. bound. hop. jump. skip.
  581. zıplama Tür.
    • bounce. bound. hop.
  582. zıplamak Tür.
    • to bounce. to bounce up and down. to jump up and down. bound. cavort. hop. jig. jump.
  583. zıplamak Tür.
    • bounce. bound. cavort. gambol. jig. skip. up. to bounce. to bound. to hop. to skip. to jump. to gambol. to caper.
  584. zıplamak Tür.
    • bounce. bound. capriole. cavort. gambol. hop. jump. leap. prance. ricochet. skip.
  585. zıplatmak Tür.
    • to bounce to dandle. jig.
  586. zıplatmak Tür.
    • bounce. jig. to bounce. to dandle.
  587. zıplatmak Tür.
    • bounce. hop.
  588. zıpzıp Tür.
    • marble.
  589. zırdeli Tür.
    • stark raving mad. stark mad. stark crazy. staring mad. as mad as a hatter. as mad as a march hare. bonkers.
  590. zırdeli Tür.
    • raving mad. stark mad. as mad as a hatter. as mad as a march hare. plumb crazy. stark raving mad.
  591. zırh Tür.
    • sheath. armor. plate. armature. armour.
  592. zırh Tür.
    • armour. mail. armor. armour plate. armor plate.
  593. zırh Tür.
    • armature. armor. armour. coat of mail. corselet. cuirass. edging. harness. mail. sheathing. sheeting. shield.
  594. zırhlı Tür.
    • battle ship. turret ship. steel clad. armoured. mechanized.
  595. zırhlı Tür.
    • armoured. armored. armour-plated. armor-plated.
  596. zırhlı Tür.
    • armed. armor-plated. armored. armor-clad. armour-clad. armour-plated. armoured. ironclad. mailed. steel-clad. panzer.
  597. zırhlı araç Tür.
    • armoured vehicle. pig.
  598. zırıldamak Tür.
    • bitch.
  599. zırıltı Tür.
    • racket. tiresome yakking. quarrel. squabble. stuff.
  600. zırlamak Tür.
    • to make a rocket. to yammer. to yak. to blubber.
  601. zırlamak Tür.
    • blubber. mouth. whine. to bawl. to weep. to blubber.
  602. zırnık Tür.
    • arsenic. the least little bit of sth.
  603. zırt fırt Tür.
    • at any time whatsoever.
  604. zırva Tür.
    • raving. balderdash. baloney. bilge. blather. blether. boloney. bosh. bull. bullshit. bunk. bunkum. cock. eyewash. fiddle-de-dee. fiddle-faddle. flapdoodle. flimflam. gammon. garbage. gassing. hooey. jabber wocky. nonsense. punk. raving. rot. rubbish.
  605. zırva Tür.
    • nonsense. bunk. rubbish. rot. blah. bosh. bunkum. codswallop. drivel. shit. twaddle.
  606. zırva Tür.
    • abracadabra. bilge. bollocks. boloney. bull. bullshit. bunk. cackle. charade. claptrap. cobblers. cock. codswallop. crap. garbage. gas. jazz. nonsense. prattle. punk. rot. shit. tripe. twaddle. bunkum. baloney. rubbish.
  607. zırvalama Tür.
    • tommyrot.
  608. zırvalamak Tür.
    • to talk nonsense. to talk rot. drivel. to be right off it. shoot the bull.
  609. zırvalamak Tür.
    • prate. waffle. yap. to talk nonsense. to talk through one"s hat. to yap. to bullshit.
  610. zıt Tür.
    • opposite. contrary. antithesis. antipack. adverse. antagonistic. anti. contra. converse. counter. derogative. derogatory. inimical. opponent.
  611. zıt Tür.
    • adverse. antithetic. antithetical. conflicting. converse. counter. diametrical. jarring. negative. opponent. opposed. opposite. polar. reverse. antipole. anti-. athwart.
  612. zıt Tür.
    • abhorrent. adverse. alien. contrary. converse. damning. opposite. reverse. converse karşıt. the opposite. the converse. the contrary.
  613. zıt anlamlı Tür.
    • antonymous.
  614. zıtlaşma Tür.
    • conflict.
  615. zıtlaşmak Tür.
    • to oppose each other. to be opposite.
  616. zıtlaşmak Tür.
    • to behave in diametrically different ways. conflict.
  617. zıtlık Tür.
    • contrast. opposition. contrariety.
  618. zıtlık Tür.
    • conflict. contradiction. opposition.
  619. zıtlık Tür.
    • antagonism. antinomy. antipodes. antithesis. contradistinction. contrast. cross-purposes. opposition. repugnance.
  620. zıvana Tür.
    • small pipe. inner tube. tenon. mouthpiece.
  621. zıvana Tür.
    • bush. joggle. liner. mortice. mortise. sleeve. tenon.
  622. zloty İng.
    • i. ( çoğ. zlotys, zloty) Polanya'nın para birimi.
  623. zodiac İng.
    • i. astr. zodyak
    • burçlar kuşağı
    • burçlar kuşağının alameti olan şekil. signs of the zodiac 12 burç.
  624. zodiacal İng.
    • s. zodyaka ait. zodiacal light burçlar ışığı.
  625. Zodyak Tür.
    • zodiac. zodiac.
  626. Zodyak Tür.
    • zodiac.
  627. Zodyak Tür.
    • zodiac.
  628. zoka Tür.
    • fish-shaped lure.
  629. zoka Tür.
    • cast. plummet. spoon.
  630. zollverein İng.
    • i. eski Alman devletleri arasında bir gümrük birleşmesi
    • k.h. herhangi bir gümrük birleşmesi.
  631. zom Tür.
    • very drunk. blotto. blind drunk. corked.
  632. zom Tür.
    • canned.
  633. zombie İng.
    • i. Batı Afrika'da yılan ilah
    • büyü ile hareket edebilen ölü
    • kayalet
    • alkollü bir içki.
  634. zona Tür.
    • zoster.
  635. zona Tür.
    • shingles. herpes zoster.
  636. zona Tür.
    • A zone or band
    • a layer.
  637. zona Tür.
    • any encircling or beltlike structure.
  638. zone İng.
    • i., f. kuşak
    • yöre, mıntıka
    • f. çevirmek, kuşatmak
    • bölgelere ayırmak. zo'nal s. kuşağa benzer, kuşağa ait. zon'ingi. bölgelere ayırma. zone system, zoning system tren veya vapur yolcululuklarında bölgelere göre bilet verme sistemi. zoning plan imar planı.
  639. zonklama Tür.
    • throbbing with pain. throb.
  640. zonklama Tür.
    • shooting. throb.
  641. zonklamak Tür.
    • to throb with pain. throb.
  642. zonklamak Tür.
    • throb. to throb.
  643. zonklamak Tür.
    • jump. pulsate. shoot.
  644. zonklatmak Tür.
    • to cause to throb with pain.
  645. zoo İng.
    • i. hayvanat bahçesi.
  646. zoo- İng.
    • (önek) hayvan, hayvanlarla ilgili.
  647. zoochemistry İng.
    • i. hayvan dokularının kimyasal bileşiminden bahseden kimya dalı.
  648. zoography İng.
    • i. tanıtımsal zooloji, zoografi.zoographer i. zoografi alimi.
  649. zoolog Tür.
    • zoologist.
  650. zoolog Tür.
    • zoologist.
  651. zoology İng.
    • i. hayvanlar ilimi, zoologist i. zoolog.
  652. zooloji Tür.
    • zoology. zoology hayvanbilim.
  653. zooloji Tür.
    • zoology.
  654. zooloji Tür.
    • zoological science.
  655. zoom İng.
    • f., i. vınlamak
    • foto. mesafeyi ayarlamak
    • i. ani yükseliş
    • zoom lens foto. mesafeyi ayarlayan mercek.
  656. zoometry İng.
    • i., zool. hayvanların vücutlarını ölçerek büyüklüklerini tespit etme.
  657. zoomorphism İng.
    • i. bir insan veya ilahın hayvan biçiminde gösterilmesi
    • sanatta hayvanların resmedilmesi.
  658. zoophytei İng.
    • i.,zool. bitkimsi hayvan. zoophytic s.bitkimsi hayvan gibi.
  659. zoosperm İng.
    • i. sperma hayvancığı.
  660. zoospore İng.
    • i., biyol. zoospor.
  661. zootekni Tür.
    • zootechnics.
  662. zootonomy İng.
    • i. hayvanları otopsi ilmi ve ameliyesi, karşılaştırmalı anatomi.
  663. zor Tür.
    • difficult. hard. compulsion. constraint. obligation. necessity. trouble. difficulty. worry. problem. austere. dodgy. force. heavy. impetus. involute. mean. might. parlous. stiff. stress. stronghand. ticklish. tight / adj adv / sıkı, gergin
    • su geçirmeye.
  664. zor Tür.
    • arduous. baffling. crucial. cruel. difficult. exacting. formidable. hairy. hard. inconvenient. knotty. mean. rough. sticky. stiff. tight. trickish. uneasy. constraint. force. main. might. strain. complicated. compulsion. thorny. ticklish. tough. trick. troublesome.
  665. zor Tür.
    • arduous. baffling. crucial. cruel. difficult. exacting. formidable. hairy. hard. inconvenient. knotty. mean. rough. sticky. stiff. tight. trickish. uneasy. constraint. force. main. might. strain.
  666. zor bela Tür.
    • with great difficulty.
  667. zoraki Tür.
    • strained. forced. under force. compulsion or pressure. doing sth against one"s will. contrived. scarce.
  668. zoraki Tür.
    • contrived. forced. strained. constrained. reluctantly.
  669. zoraki Tür.
    • constrained. far-fetched. forced. ghastly. stiff. strained. studied. forcedly.
  670. zorba Tür.
    • tyrant. tyrannical. despot. hard handed. rapacious. rebel. ruffian.
  671. zorba Tür.
    • autocratic. autocratical. high-handed. imperious. overbearing. procrustean. rapacious. rowdy. bully. despot. extortioner. extortionist. persecutor. ravisher. ruffian.
  672. zorba Tür.
    • autocrat. bully. despot. domineering. tyrant. despotic. high-handed.
  673. zorbalık Tür.
    • tyranny. violence. bullying. despotism.
  674. zorbalık Tür.
    • tyranny. extortion. despotism. highhandedness. overbearance. rule of force. violence.
  675. zorbalık etmek Tür.
    • overbear.
  676. zoril İng.
    • i. çizgili zorilla, zool.Ictotonynx capensis.
  677. zorla Tür.
    • by force. under compulsion. under coercion. forcibly. by the head and heels. perforce.
  678. zorla Tür.
    • bulldoze. by force.
  679. zorla Tür.
    • at the point of the bayonet. constrainedly. by force. forcibly. hard. hardly. ill. only just. perforce. by violence. under compulsion.
  680. zorla alma Tür.
    • impress. impressment. toll.
  681. zorla alma Tür.
    • extortion.
  682. zorla kabul ettirmek Tür.
    • dictate. entail upon sb. to force / to thrust sth down sb"s throat. to ram sth down one"s throat.
  683. zorlama Tür.
    • coercion. compulsion. constraint. duress. infliction. pressure. restraint. rupture. forced. compulsory.
  684. zorlama Tür.
    • coerce. coercion. compulsion. forcing. constraint. compelling. strain. forced.
  685. zorlama Tür.
    • arm-twisting. coaction. coercion. compulsion. constraint. duress. enforcement. force. impellent. pressure. push. screw. strain. urge. violence.
  686. zorlamak Tür.
    • press-gang smb. into doing smth. twist smb."s arm. bludgeon. bully. clamor down. clamour down. coerce. compel. constrain. cow smb. into. cozen. drag in. drive. edge on. enforce. exact. force. impel. impose. impress. lean upon. obligate. outrage. pre.
  687. zorlamak Tür.
    • force. to force. to constrain. to coerce. to compell sb to do sth. to put pressure on. to try to force sth open. to compel. to thrust. to stress. to strain. to overstrain. to obligate. to straiten. to enforce. to run. to express. to push. to wrench. bring.
  688. zorlamak Tür.
    • browbeat. coerce. compel. constrain. dare. enforce. force. impel. inflict. oblige. pressurize. push. steamroller. strain. tax. urge. to force. to coerce. to compel. to oblige. to strain.
  689. zorlanmak Tür.
    • to be forced, constrained, compelled. to be coerced. to be forced open. to be broken open. to be hard pressed.
  690. zorlanmak Tür.
    • strain. to be forced. to force oneself. to be roughly handled.
  691. zorlanmak Tür.
    • eat crow. slog. slog away. slog on. sweat.
  692. zorlaşmak Tür.
    • to get difficult. to get hard.
  693. zorlaşmak Tür.
    • to get difficult. to get hard.
  694. zorlaştırmak Tür.
    • to make sth difficult. complicate.
  695. zorlaştırmak Tür.
    • to make difficult. to complicate.
  696. zorlayıcı Tür.
    • coercive. forcible. compelling.
  697. zorlayıcı Tür.
    • coercive.
  698. zorlu Tür.
    • violent. powerful. hard. difficult. forcible. formidable. redoubtable. severe. stringent.
  699. zorlu Tür.
    • formidable. intractable. mighty. redoubtable. robust. rugged. sticky. stiff. stringent. sweaty. thorny. tough.
  700. zorlu Tür.
    • forceful. formidable. hard. insuperable. violent. strong. powerful. influential. keen.
  701. zorluk Tür.
    • difficulty. harness. complication. difficulties. hole. severity.
  702. zorluk Tür.
    • austerity. bother. difficulty. hardship. hassle. job. necessity. rigour. trouble. arduousness.
  703. zorluk Tür.
    • adversity. arduousness. complexity. complication. difficulty. entanglement. gaff. grueling. gruelling. hardness. hardship. hassle. hobble. rigor. rigour. rough. strain. stumbling block. tightness. toughness.
  704. zorlukla Tür.
    • with difficulty.
  705. zorlukla Tür.
    • hardly.
  706. zoroastrian, zarathustra İng.
    • i. Zerdüşt.
  707. zoroastrian, zarathustrian İng.
    • i., s. Zerdüşt kimse
    • s.Zerdüşti.
  708. zorosastrianism İng.
    • i. Zerdüştlük.
  709. zoru zoruna Tür.
    • with difficulty.
  710. zorunlu Tür.
    • imperative. mandatory. indispensable. obligatory. compulsory. inevitable.
  711. zorunlu Tür.
    • compulsive. compulsory. forced. imperative. incumbent. indispensable. mandatory. necessary. obligatory. requisite. inevitable.
  712. zorunlu Tür.
    • bound. bound to. coercible. compulsory. derigueur. enforced. essential. forced. imperative. imperious. incumbent. indispensable. irremissible. mandatory. necessary. obligatory. obliged. requisite. unavoidable. urgent. forcedly.
  713. zorunlu iniş Tür.
    • crash landing.
  714. zorunlu kılmak Tür.
    • to make it necessary. to necessitate. to oblige.
  715. zorunlu kılmak Tür.
    • entail. necessitate.
  716. zorunlu sigorta Tür.
    • compulsory insurance.
  717. zorunlu tasarruf Tür.
    • forced saving. compulsory saving.
  718. zorunluk Tür.
    • compulsoriness. exigency exigence. an absolute must. obligation.
  719. zorunluluk Tür.
    • obligation. necessity. compulsion.
  720. zorunluluk Tür.
    • necessity. urgency.
  721. zorunluluk Tür.
    • burden. essentiality. exigence. exigency. imperative. incumbency. indispensability. necessity. obligation. ought. urgency.
  722. zoster İng.
    • i. eski Yunanistan'da özellikle erkeklerin taktığı kemer veya kuşak
    • tıb. zona.
  723. zouave İng.
    • i. Fransız ordusunda hafif piyade askeri. Zouve jacket işlemeli kısa yelek.
  724. zounds İng.
    • (ünlem),(eski)Aman yarabbi! Olur şey değil!
  725. züccaciye Tür.
    • glassware. dishes. china. porcelain.
  726. züccaciye Tür.
    • glassware.
  727. zucchetto İng.
    • i. Katolik rahiplerin giydiği takke.
  728. zucchini İng.
    • i. bir çeşit dolmalık kabak, bot. Ccucurbita pepo.
  729. züğürt Tür.
    • penniless. broke. cold in hand. fizzle. impecunious. indigent. without strings.
  730. züğürt Tür.
    • broke. impecunious. stone-broke. stony-broke.
  731. züğürt tesellisi Tür.
    • cold comfort.
  732. züğürtleşme Tür.
    • reduced circumstances.
  733. züğürtlük Tür.
    • being broke.
  734. Zühre Tür.
    • venus.
  735. Zühre Tür.
    • venus.
  736. zührevi Tür.
    • venereal. veneral.
  737. zührevi Tür.
    • venereal.
  738. zühul Tür.
    • error resulting from inattention.
  739. zuhur Tür.
    • appearance. becoming visible. sudden happening. advent. birth. coming. dawn. emergence.
  740. zuhur Tür.
    • appearance.
  741. zül Tür.
    • vileness.
  742. zula Tür.
    • hiding place. cache for stolen or smuggled goods.
  743. zula Tür.
    • cache. secret store.
  744. zulmetme Tür.
    • persecution.
  745. zulmetmek Tür.
    • to behave cruelly towards. to oppress. to tyrannize over. grind down. persecute. tyrannize.
  746. zulmetmek Tür.
    • maltreat. persecute. to tyrannize. to persecute. to torture. to keep down.
  747. zulu İng.
    • (çoğ. Zulu, Zulus)s. Afrika'da bir kabile, Zulu
    • Zulu dili
    • s. bu kabileye ait.
  748. zülüf Tür.
    • sidelock. earlock. lock or tress of the hair of one"s beloved.
  749. zulüm Tür.
    • cruelty. oppression. tyranny. injustice. ill- usage. outrage. persecution.
  750. zulüm Tür.
    • cruelty. grimness. oppression. persecution. tyranny.
  751. zulüm Tür.
    • atrocity. cruelty. outrage. persecution. tyranny. oppression.
  752. zum Tür.
    • zooming.
  753. zum Tür.
    • zoom.
  754. zum Tür.
    • to the.
  755. zum beispiel İng.
    • Al.örneğin, mesala yani.
  756. zümre Tür.
    • group. set. class or category (of people. category. clan. class. coterie. subbranch.
  757. zümre Tür.
    • class. party. body. group.
  758. Zümrüdüanka Tür.
    • phoenix.
  759. Zümrüdüanka Tür.
    • phoenix.
  760. zümrüt Tür.
    • emerald. smaragd.
  761. zümrüt Tür.
    • emerald. emerald. smaragd.
  762. zümrüt Tür.
    • emerald.
  763. züppe Tür.
    • dandy. snob. coxcomb. snobbish. snobby.
  764. züppe Tür.
    • beau.
  765. züppe Tür.
    • affected daudy. fob. beau. blue nose. dandy. fop. high- hat. oddball. popinjay. swell.
  766. züppece Tür.
    • foppish.
  767. züppece Tür.
    • dandyish.
  768. züppelik Tür.
    • snobbery. foppishness.
  769. züppelik Tür.
    • lounge lizard.
  770. züppelik Tür.
    • dandyism. foppishness. coxcombry. snobbery.
  771. züppelik etmek Tür.
    • split straws.
  772. zürafa Tür.
    • giraffe. lesbian.
  773. zürafa Tür.
    • giraffe.
  774. zurich İng.
    • i. Zürih .
  775. zurna Tür.
    • shrill pipe.
  776. zurna Tür.
    • clarion.
  777. zürriyet Tür.
    • offspring. progeny. descendants. descendance. descent. family. generation. posterity. seed.
  778. zürriyet Tür.
    • offspring. descendants.
  779. zürriyetsiz Tür.
    • barren issue. without issue.
  780. zuyder zee İng.
    • Zuider- Zee, ljssel denizi.
  781. zwieback İng.
    • i. önce pişirilip sonra dilim dilim kızartılan bir çeşiy peksimet.
  782. zwinglian İng.
    • s. 16. yy.'da yaşamış olan İsviçreli Protestan lideri Zwingli'nin öğretilerime ait.
  783. zygo- İng.
    • (önek) boyunduruk
    • çift.
  784. zygodactyl İng.
    • s., i. ayak parmakları çift çift olan
    • i. böyle parmakları olan kuş.
  785. zygoma İng.
    • i.(çoğ. -mata) anat. elmacık kemiği.
  786. zygomatic İng.
    • s. elmacık kemiğine ait.
  787. zygomorphice,-phous İng.
    • s., biyol. bir birine benzer yarımlara bölünebilir.zygomorphism i. birbirine benzer yarımlara bölünebilme.
  788. zygosis İng.
    • i., biyol. birleşme, döllenme.
  789. zygospore İng.
    • i., bot. 2 gametten teşekkül eden tohum.
  790. zygote İng.
    • i., biyol. zigot, 2 gametin birleşmesiyle meydana gelen hücre.
  791. zyme İng.
    • i. mayalandırıcı madde
    • tıb. bulaşıcı hastalık meydana getiren maya, virüs.
  792. zymolysis İng.
    • i. mayalanma.
  793. zymosis İng.
    • i. fermantasyon
    • tıb. eskiden bulaşıcı hastalık meydana getirdiği farz olunan mayalanma işlemi.
  794. zymotic İng.
    • s. mayalanmadan ileri gelen
    • tıb. bulaşıcı hastalığa ait.
  795. zymurgy İng.
    • i. kimyanın fermantasyyon dalı.
  796. zythum İng.
    • i. eski Mısırlılara mahsus ve arpa suyundan yapılmış bira, boza.
  797. zzz İng.
    • (ünlem) Horrr!