Türkçe - İngilizce Sözlük T

  1. t İng.
    • (kıs.) tablespoon territory, Testament, Tuesday, Turkish.
  2. t İng.
    • (kıs.) teaspoon, temperature tenor, tense, territory, time, ton, town, transitive.
  3. t -t İng.
    • i. İngiliz alfabesinin yirminci harfi
    • bu harfin sesi
    • T şeklinde şey. to a T aynen, tıpatıp.
  4. ta Tür.
    • until. even as far as.
  5. ta Tür.
    • Travel Authorization Travel order that shows authorization for TDY travel or other official travel, provides a "should cost" estimate.
  6. ta Tür.
    • Travel Agent. abbr Test Access.
  7. ta Tür.
    • Translation Aids.
  8. ta Tür.
    • Total Average.
  9. ta Tür.
    • To take.
  10. ta Tür.
    • These graduate students assist faculty members with courses In some cases, they may teach a course.
  11. ta Tür.
    • Territorial Army.
  12. ta Tür.
    • Terminal AdapterISDN hardware with serial data interface.
  13. ta Tür.
    • Terminal Adapter Connecting equipment between the Terminal Equipment and the phone, e g a PCM/CIA card A TA may contain a phone book.
  14. ta Tür.
    • Terminal Adapter. An ISDN-compatible device that converts non-ISDN transmission to ISDN transmission See also TE.
  15. ta Tür.
    • Technical Assessment. terminal adapter. 1 test alert 2 terminal adapter.
  16. ta Tür.
    • Technical Arrangement/Tasking Authority.
  17. ta Tür.
    • Teaching Assistant, usually a graduate student, who leads undergraduate tutorials or seminars.
  18. ta Tür.
    • Teaching Assistant. tension by applanation TOV transcient obscuration of vision.
  19. ta Tür.
    • Teaching Assistant A graduate student who assists a faculty member to grade homework and supervise undergraduate laboratories A TA is not permitted to teach a course at UT.
  20. ta Tür.
    • TAs are usually graduate students who help teach recitations and laboratories in their major area.
  21. ta Tür.
    • French maker of cranks, chainrings and pedals.
  22. ta Tür.
    • ever since. from way back. date back to.
  23. ta Tür.
    • a hard gray lustrous metallic element that is highly corrosion-resistant
    • occurs in niobite and fergusonite and tantalite.
  24. ta Tür.
    • Adapter to connect client devices to ISDN services.
  25. taaffün Tür.
    • putrafection. decay. spoiling. infection. stench. stink.
  26. taahhüt Tür.
    • undertaking. engagement. affidavit. commitment. committal. pledge. stipulation.
  27. taahhüt Tür.
    • subscription. solemn agreement. engagement. contract. committal. commitment. delcredere. encumbrance. liability. obligation. obediential obligation. pledge. promise. protestation. seal. stipulation. take over takeover. undertaking.
  28. taahhüt Tür.
    • commitment.
  29. taahhüt etmek Tür.
    • pledge.
  30. taahhüt etmek Tür.
    • engage. pledge. stipulate. subscribe. undertake.
  31. taahhütlü Tür.
    • registered. registered.
  32. taahhütlü Tür.
    • registered.
  33. taahhütlü mektup Tür.
    • registered mail. registered letter.
  34. taahhütname Tür.
    • affirmative covenant. letter of undertaking. written engagement. vesting deed.
  35. taahhütname Tür.
    • affidavit. bond. letter of commitment. covenant. written contract.
  36. taalluk Tür.
    • connection. relation.
  37. taalluk etmek Tür.
    • to concern. to touch on. to be related to. to be connected with.
  38. taammüden Tür.
    • premeditatedly. willfully. deliberately. with malice prepense / aforethought with malicious / criminal intent. with malice aforethought. with intent.
  39. taammüt Tür.
    • premeditation. aforethought. premeditated design.
  40. taarruz Tür.
    • attack. offensive.
  41. taarruz Tür.
    • attack. assault. aggression. charge saldırı.
  42. taassup Tür.
    • fanaticism. bigotry.
  43. taassup Tür.
    • bigotry. fanaticism. fanaticism bağnazlık.
  44. tab Tür.
    • Weather exposure surface of a shingle between the cutouts French Tabbing Method of applying high strength adhesives to shingles for wind resistance French Trimmers A beam that receives the end of a header French Truss A combination of members such as beams, bars and ties, usually arranged in triangular units, to form a rigid framework for supporting loads over relatively long spans as in wide span roof construction French Tuck pointing Mason term used for describing the act of placing mortar into a joint with the use of a pointed trowel Usually done during a repair of an item like a chimney French.
  45. tab Tür.
    • This is when a woman chooses to terminate the pregnancy Teratogen - A teratogen is any environmental agent, be it a drug, chemical, infection or pollutant which harms a developing embryo or fetus.
  46. tab Tür.
    • The portion of an asphalt shingle that is outlined by the cutouts.
  47. tab Tür.
    • The flap or latchet of a shoe fastened with a string or a buckle.
  48. tab Tür.
    • The exposed portion of strip shingles defined by cutouts.
  49. tab Tür.
    • The character generated by hitting the TAB key on the keyboard It usually expands to up to eight spaces upon output.
  50. tab Tür.
    • Tape Automatic Bonding The process where silicon chips are joined to patterned metal traces on polymer tape to form inner leads bonds and subsequently the leads are attached to the next level of the assembly, typically a substrate or board, to form outer lead bonds TAB is the technique of interconnecting silicon with beam bonding as opposed to wire bonding.
  51. tab Tür.
    • Tape Automated Bonding refers to the method used to package the chip, hence the vernacular for the chip assembly.
  52. tab Tür.
    • Tab is the key you press to move the insertion point to the next indicated tab stop Word automatically sets tabs every half inch. A masking leg that is mounted at right angles to the front of the stage See "Portal ".
  53. tab Tür.
    • Small flag attached to the front edge of a sheet of the text block used for locating and lifting a section. A tag on a skid of printed sheets as a marker for a given number of sheets Skids are tabbed when the binding is of more than one kind and not all sheets are to be folded In composition, the point marking the beginning of a column in tabular material to top. the bill in a restaurant
    • "he asked the waiter for the check". sensationalist journalism. the key on an electric typewriter that causes a tabulation. a short strip of material attached to or projecting from something in order to facilitate opening or identifying or handling it
    • "pull the tab to open the can"
    • "files with a red tab will be stored separately"
    • "the collar has a tab with a button hole". a dose of medicine in the form of a small pellet.
  54. tab Tür.
    • Short for tabloid Refers to any newspaper or section folded to that size.
  55. tab Tür.
    • See Tag, 2.
  56. tab Tür.
    • imprint.
  57. tab Tür.
    • Exposed portion of an asphalt shingle between the cutouts.
  58. tab Tür.
    • Constant associated with the key code value for the Tab key.
  59. tab Tür.
    • A tag.
  60. tab Tür.
    • A tab is a control character In standard use, it causes the text to begin at a predetermined tab stop.
  61. tab Tür.
    • A section of a window which acts like the tabs on file folders Clicking on a tab label bring that portion of the dialog to the front so you can see it.
  62. tab Tür.
    • A piece of metal, usually containing the date, used to revalidate a license plate It is usually bolted over a corner, covering the existing date A date strip is an elongated tab, often containing the place name along with the date. a section of a window which acts like the tabs on file folders Clicking on a tab label bring that portion of the dialog to the front so you can see it.
  63. tab Tür.
    • A loose pendent part of a lady"s garment
    • esp., one of a series of pendent squares forming an edge or border. a short strip of material attached to or projecting from something in order to facilitate opening or identifying or handling it
    • "pull the tab to open the can"
    • "files with a red tab will be stored separately"
    • "the collar has a tab with a button hole".
  64. tab Tür.
    • A loop for pulling or lifting something.
  65. tab Tür.
    • A litho item of one piece metal, similar to an upside-down "T" worn with the top folded down to reveal the name or names of your candidate.
  66. tab Tür.
    • A key on the keyboard By pressing tab key, a character to be typed, skips some spaces and starts from a fixed position.
  67. tab Tür.
    • A designation in a program document or Web page similar to the ridge-like projection that divides and identifies sections in a notebook or planner Like the physical tab in a notebook, the onscreen tab in a program application or Web page usually isolates a body of information Clicking on such a tab with the mouse brings the material to the foreground. 1) To arrange text in columns with the cursor running from one column to the next 2) In Windows, a method of moving from one button or field to another without using the mouse, but by pressing the tab key to move the focus.
  68. tab Tür.
    • A character used to align lines and columns on the screen or page. portion of strip shingles defined by cut outs or slots so when installed, material appears to be individually applied. a section of a window which acts like the tabs on file folders Clicking on a tab label brings that portion of the dialog to the front so you can see it.
  69. tab Tür.
    • A border of lace or other material, worn on the inner front edge of ladies" bonnets.
  70. tab İng.
    • i., f. brit, askı, elbisede bağlanacak uç
    • klapa
    • kayış, şerit, kaytan
    • kundura bağı ucundaki madeni parça
    • etiket, yafta
    • ufak çıkıntı
    • hav. kanatçık panjuru
    • kdili hesap
    • f işaret etmek ear tabs şapka kulaklıkları keep tab, keep tabs on takip etmek, kon trol etmek
    • hesap tutmak pick up the tab kdili parayı çekmek, ödemek.
  71. taba Tür.
    • rust. brick-red. tobacco-coloured.
  72. tabak Tür.
    • tobacco.
  73. tabak Tür.
    • plate. saucer. dish. course. ovenware. platform. tanner.
  74. tabak Tür.
    • plate. dish. serving. course.
  75. tabak Tür.
    • course. dish. plate. tanner sepici. tanner.
  76. tabaka Tür.
    • layer. ply. stratum. lamina. coating. coat. sheet. bed. cigarette case. collection. covering. order. rank. sphere. stage.
  77. tabaka Tür.
    • class. coat. coating. crust. layer. order. plate. rank. seam. sheet. sphere. stratum. sheet. category. coat. tobacco box. cigarette box.
  78. tabaka Tür.
    • bed. coat. layer. stratum. sheet. category. group or class. film. case. sheeting. coating. lamination. leaf. lamina. ledge. tier. plate. tobacco case. formation. band. course. fold.
  79. tabakhane Tür.
    • tanyard. tannery.
  80. tabakhane Tür.
    • tannery.
  81. tabaklama Tür.
    • tanning. tan.
  82. tabaklama Tür.
    • tanning.
  83. tabaklamak Tür.
    • to tan.
  84. tabaklık Tür.
    • dresser. tanning sepi. sepicilik.
  85. taban Tür.
    • bedrock. sole. girder. base. basement. floor. fundament. sill. substratum. substructure.
  86. taban Tür.
    • base. cushion. sole. floor. pedestal. foundation. bed. floor. lower limit or base. base. base plane. base line. steel of good quality. bottom. basal. bedding. footing. fundament. underlying. underwork. groundwork. platform. inner botto.
  87. taban Tür.
    • base. bed. floor. sole. underside. sole. heel. subsoil. plateau.
  88. taban fiyatı Tür.
    • floor price.
  89. taban halısı Tür.
    • large rug.
  90. tabanca Tür.
    • pistol. gun. revolver. colt. equalizer. gat. heater. persuader.
  91. tabanca Tür.
    • gun. pistol. revolver. spray gun. handgun. shooting iron. pea- shooter. rod.
  92. tabanca Tür.
    • gun. pistol. revolver. rod. paint gun. spray gun. sprayer.
  93. tabanca boyası Tür.
    • paint designed to be used in a spray gun.
  94. tabanlı Tür.
    • having a sole or base.
  95. tabanlık Tür.
    • ground sill. sole plate.
  96. tabard İng.
    • i. geniş kollu veya kolsuz kısa palto
    • eskiden şövalyelerin zırh üzerine giydikleri armalı cüppe.
  97. tabaret İng.
    • i. satenden çizgileri olan mobilyalık ipekli bir kumaş.
  98. tabascosauce İng.
    • tic. mark. Arnavut biberi çok bir çeşit salça.
  99. tabby İng.
    • i., s., f. sokak kedisi, ev kedisi, tekir kedi
    • k.dili. dedikoducu kocamış kız
    • bir çeşit tafta
    • s. benekli, çizgili
    • tekir
    • f. ipekli kumaşa benekli veya çizgili şekil vermek.
  100. tabela Tür.
    • signboard. sign. door plate. name plate. outdoor sign.
  101. tabela Tür.
    • plaque. sign. signboard. list of food. card of treatment.
  102. tabela Tür.
    • facia. signboard. sign. name plate. plaque. plaquette. shingle.
  103. tabelacı Tür.
    • sign painter.
  104. tabelacı Tür.
    • sign painter.
  105. taber İng.
    • bak. tabor.
  106. tabernacle İng.
    • i., f. çadır, hayme
    • mesken
    • taşınabilen tapınak
    • tapmak
    • den. indirilen direğin Iskaçası
    • f. barınmak, barındırmak. tabernac'ular s. çadıra benzer. Feast of the Tabernacles kamış bayramı, gül bayramı.
  107. tabes İng.
    • i., tıb. müzmin hastalıklarda gittikçe zayıflama
    • frenginin son safhasında vücut hareketlerindeki intizamsızlık tabes dorsalis omuriliğin zayıflaması. tabetic bu hastalığa ilişkin
  108. tabescent İng.
    • s. solan eriyip zayıflayan.
  109. tabi Tür.
    • White sock-like garments worm by monks, nuns, and other seniors for gakki and other special services.
  110. tabi Tür.
    • subject to. subject. dependent. dependant. adjective. subordinate. linked.
  111. tabi Tür.
    • Split toed socks worn by senior instructors. a toed sock. a sock with a separation for the big toe
    • worn with thong sandals by the Japanese.
  112. tabi Tür.
    • certainly. subject. sure. surely. dependent. servant. subordinate.
  113. tabi Tür.
    • a sock with a separation for the big toe
    • worn with thong sandals by the Japanese.
  114. tabi Tür.
    • ancillary. subject to. dependent on. contingent on. bound by. national. citizen. subject. vassal state. appurtenant. consequent. incident. subordinate. subordinated.
  115. tabi kılmak Tür.
    • involve. subjugate. to be subordinated.
  116. tabiat Tür.
    • nature. temper. temperament. character. disposition. habit. natural quality. caharacter.
  117. tabiat Tür.
    • nature. character. pan. kidney.
  118. tabiat Tür.
    • habit. nature. the natural world. natural character.
  119. tabiat bilgisi Tür.
    • natural history.
  120. tabiat bilgisi Tür.
    • natural history.
  121. tabiatıyla Tür.
    • naturally. by its very nature.
  122. tabiatlı Tür.
    • natured.
  123. tabiatsız Tür.
    • difficult. ill-tempered. sb who lacks good taste.
  124. tabiatsızlık Tür.
    • ill-temperedness. lack of good taste.
  125. tabiatüstü Tür.
    • supernatural.
  126. tabii Tür.
    • rather. sure. natural doğal. naturally. of course. certainly!. of course!. definitely. be my guest!. natural. normal.
  127. tabii Tür.
    • natural. unaffected. customary. habitual. pure.
  128. tabii Tür.
    • natural.
  129. tabii afet Tür.
    • natural disaster.
  130. tabii hukuk Tür.
    • jus naturale. natural law. law of nature. the law of nature.
  131. tabiiyet Tür.
    • nationality. citizenship. dependance.
  132. tabiiyet Tür.
    • nationality. citizenship.
  133. tabip Tür.
    • physician. doctor. physician hekim. doktor.
  134. tabip Tür.
    • doctor. physician.
  135. tabiplik Tür.
    • being a medical doctor. office of a government doctor.
  136. tabir Tür.
    • word. expression. phrase. idiom. interpretation. oneiromancy. term. interpretation of a dream or vision.
  137. tabir Tür.
    • expression. phrase. word. locution.
  138. tabir Tür.
    • expression. idiom. term. interpretation. locution. parlance.
  139. tabla Tür.
    • tray. table.
  140. tabla Tür.
    • tray. circular tray. ashtray. flat surface. ash tray. flat disk.
  141. tabla Tür.
    • Tabla are a pair of drums used in North Indian music The sitting player strikes the conical right-hand drum and the kettle shaped left-hand drum with his fingers.
  142. tabla Tür.
    • platform. circular wooden tray. ashtray. disclike object. metal pan under a stove. pan. plate. disc. panel. table. disk. pane. copying. trestle. board. scuttle. pallet.
  143. tabla Tür.
    • A set of two small tuned drums used in North Indian music The left hand plays the larger of the two drums, the "Bayan" which has a lower pitch After striking the drum with the tips of the fingers, the note is "bent" up by pressing down with the heel of the hand, tightening the drum head The right hand plays elaborate patterns on the smaller drum, the "Tabla," which has a higher, fixed pitch.
  144. tabla Tür.
    • A pair of hand drums used in Indian music, that are tuned to the main tones of the Raga A virtuoso performer can draw a seemingly limitless variety of timbre and pitch from the tabla.
  145. tablature İng.
    • i., güz. san. resim
    • müz. tablatura
    • anat. kafatası kemik tabakalarından biri.
  146. table İng.
    • i., f. masa
    • sofra, sofraya konan yemek
    • sofraya oturanların hepsi
    • düz tepe
    • özet, hulâsa
    • tablo, cetvel, çizelge
    • tablet, yazılı taş
    • f. masaya koymak
    • tehir etmek
    • nad listeye geçirmek
    • ing (tasarıyı) müzakereye sunmak. table linen sofra örtüsü ile peçete takımı. table talk sofra sohbeti. table tennis masa tenisi, pingpong. table wine yemekte içilen şarap. table of contents içindekiler (kitapta). table of errors yanlış doğru cetveli .at table sofrada. clear the table sofrayı toplamak. lay (veya) set the table sofrayı kurmak. lay on the table masaya koymak
    • (tasarıyı) tehir etmek. turn the tables on one durumu aleyhine çevirmek. under the table gizli
    • küfelik.
  147. tableau İng.
    • i. ((çoğ.) s, leaux) resim. tableau vivant tablo, canlı tablo.
  148. tablecloth İng.
    • i. sofra bezi, sofra örtüsü.
  149. tabledhote İng.
    • Fr. tabldot.
  150. tableland İng.
    • i. plato, yayla.
  151. tablespoon İng.
    • i. servis kaşığı
    • yemek kaşığı, çorba kaşığı
    • yarım (ounce'lık) miktar
  152. tablet Tür.
    • tablet. tabloid. table.
  153. tablet Tür.
    • tablet. table. tabloid.
  154. tablet Tür.
    • tablet.
  155. tablet Tür.
    • Logical concept that represents the digitizer device in the Tablet PC platform APIs Holds the permanent properties that describe a digitizer attached to the system, such as hardware capabilities and property metrics.
  156. tablet Tür.
    • Hence, a small picture
    • a miniature.
  157. tablet Tür.
    • A solid kind of electuary or confection, commonly made of dry ingredients with sugar, and usually formed into little flat squares
    • called also lozenge, and troche, especially when of a round or rounded form. a small flat compressed cake of some substance
    • "a tablet of soap" a slab of stone or wood suitable for bearing an inscription.
  158. tablet Tür.
    • A small table or flat surface.
  159. tablet Tür.
    • A small table. 1 A stone or metal plate or bounded surface to carry words, letters, emblems, or carvings 2 A coping stone set flat.
  160. tablet Tür.
    • A small digitizer used for interactive work on a graphics workstation Tape drive A device for reading and writing computer files on magnetic tape.
  161. tablet Tür.
    • A small digitizer used for interactive work on a graphics workstation.
  162. tablet Tür.
    • a slab of stone or wood suitable for bearing an inscription. a number of sheets of paper fastened together along one edge. a small flat compressed cake of some substance
    • "a tablet of soap". a dose of medicine in the form of a small pellet. A hardware device used with a pen-like stylus or mouse-like puck to digitize an image for graphical display.
  163. tablet Tür.
    • An input device that uses a stylus or specialized mouse to write or draw on the tablet surface to communicate with the computer.
  164. tablet Tür.
    • A magnetically based drawing pad which senses the location of a puck The puck is used to manually enter points into a data set This method of data entry is the most typical, and though more accurate than on-screen digitizing, it is less accurate than the other methods of data entry. probably a string of beads worn round the neck In Isa 3:20 the Hebrew word means a perfume-box, as it is rendered in the Revised Version.
  165. tablet Tür.
    • A kind of pocket memorandum book.
  166. tablet Tür.
    • A flattish cake or piece
    • as, tablets of arsenic were formerly worn as a preservative against the plague.
  167. tablet Tür.
    • A flat piece of any material on which to write, paint, draw, or engrave
    • also, such a piece containing an inscription or a picture.
  168. tablet Tür.
    • A device serving the same purpose as a staff but being in the shape of a flat disc.
  169. tablet İng.
    • i. yazı kâğıdı destesi, bloknot
    • tablet, levha, kitabe, yazıt
    • yassı hap, tablet, komprime, sıkıt
    • parça, kalıp.
  170. tableware İng.
    • i. sofra takımı (çatal, bıçak, kaşık) .
  171. tablewater İng.
    • i., (İng.) maden suyu.
  172. tablo Tür.
    • painting. picture. table. tableau. view. panorama. panel. switchboard. panelboard. dashboard. slab. instrument board. chart. tablature. form.
  173. tablo Tür.
    • painting. picture. tableau. chart.
  174. tablo Tür.
    • painting. picture. scene. table. view. schedule. tableau.
  175. tabloid İng.
    • i., s. ufak resimli gazete:b.h. yassı hap, tablet
    • s. sıkıştırılmış
    • az ve öz
    • duygusal.
  176. taboo,tabu İng.
    • i., s., f. tabu olan şey
    • s. tabu, yasak, dokunulmaz, memnu
    • f. yasaketmek.
  177. tabor , taber, tabour İng.
    • i., f. dümbelek
    • zilli tef
    • f. dümbelek çalmak .
  178. taboret , tabouret İng.
    • i. ufak dümbelek
    • arkasız iskemle, tabure
    • elişi için kasnak.
  179. taborine , tabourine İng.
    • i. dümbelek.
  180. tabu Tür.
    • taboo, tapu, taboo, tabu.
  181. tabu Tür.
    • taboo. tabu. taboo. tabu.
  182. tabu Tür.
    • taboo.
  183. tabu Tür.
    • taboo.
  184. tabu Tür.
    • See Taboo.
  185. tabu Tür.
    • a prejudice that prohibits the use or mention of something because of its sacred nature. an inhibition or ban resulting from social custom or emotional aversion. forbidden to profane use especially in South Pacific islands. excluded from use or mention
    • "forbidden fruit"
    • "in our house dancing and playing cards were out"
    • "a taboo subject".
  186. tabu İng.
    • bak. taboo.
  187. tabular İng.
    • s. masa şeklindeki, masa gibi düz
    • cetvel şeklindeki
    • cetvele göre hesap olunmuş. tabularly z. masa şeklinde.
  188. tabularasa İng.
    • Lat. üzerine hiç yazı yazılmamış levha
    • yeni doğan çocuğun hiç bir eser taşımayan beyni.
  189. tabulaşmak Tür.
    • to be tabooed.
  190. tabulate İng.
    • f., s. cetvel haline koymak
    • s. üstü düz
    • tabaka halindeki. tabula'tion i. cetvel haline koyma. tabulator i. cetvel haline koyan kimse veya alet: cetvelleyici, tabulatör.
  191. tabur Tür.
    • battalion. troop. line. row. file.
  192. tabur Tür.
    • battalion. line. row. file. troop.
  193. tabur Tür.
    • battalion.
  194. taburcu Tür.
    • discharged from a hospital.
  195. taburcu Tür.
    • discharged / dismissed from a hospital. released from jail. person who has been discharged from a hospital.
  196. tabure Tür.
    • stool. footstool. taboret. tabouret.
  197. tabure Tür.
    • stool. footstool.
  198. tabure Tür.
    • stool.
  199. tabut Tür.
    • coffin. bier. burial case.
  200. tabut Tür.
    • coffin.
  201. tabut Tür.
    • bier. casket. coffin.
  202. tabya Tür.
    • protected emplacement. bastion. citadel. fort.
  203. tabya Tür.
    • bastion. redoubt.
  204. tabya Tür.
    • bastion.
  205. taç Tür.
    • crown. tiara. petal. crest.
  206. taç Tür.
    • crown. diadem. coronet. circlet.
  207. taç Tür.
    • crest. touch. crown. corolla.
  208. taç giyme töreni Tür.
    • coronation.
  209. tacamahac , tacamahaca İng.
    • i. Kuzey Amerika'da bazı ağaçlardan çıkarılan reçineli madde (ilâç veya tütsü olarak kullanlılır).
  210. tacet İng.
    • Lat., müz. susacak.
  211. tachometer İng.
    • i. takometre.
  212. tachycardia İng.
    • i., tıb. kalp çarpıntısı, taşikardi.
  213. tachygraphy İng.
    • i. eski Yunan ve Roma stenografisi
    • steno tachygraph'ic s. steno ile ilgili. tachygrapher i. stenograf.
  214. tachylyte İng.
    • i. cama benzeyen ve asitle ayrışan bir çeşit bazalt.
  215. tachymeter İng.
    • i. takimetre.
  216. Tacikistan Tür.
    • Tajikistan.
  217. Tacikistan Tür.
    • tadzhikistan.
  218. Tacikistan Tür.
    • tadjikistan. tadzhikistan. tajikistan.
  219. tacir Tür.
    • tradesman.
  220. tacir Tür.
    • trader. merchant. commercant. dealer. monger.
  221. tacir Tür.
    • merchant. trader.
  222. tacit İng.
    • s. hal ile ifade olunan, sözsüz ifade olunan, zımnî
    • kontratse yapılan. tacitly z. zımnen, söylenmeden anlaşılan .tacitness i. söylenmeden anlaşılma .
  223. taciturn İng.
    • s. konuşmaz, sessiz, suskun. tacitur'nity i. sessizlik, suskunluk. taciturnly z. sükutla, suskunlukla.
  224. taciz Tür.
    • annoyance. harrassement. disturbing. harassment.
  225. taciz Tür.
    • annoyance. harassment. importunity. imposition.
  226. taciz Tür.
    • abuse. molestation.
  227. taciz etmek Tür.
    • to harass. to annoy. to bother. ail. beleaguer. disturb. dog. harry. haunt. haze. incommode. molest. pester. ply.
  228. tack İng.
    • i., f. ufak çivi, pünez
    • den. kuntra
    • karula yakası
    • bir geminin yelkenlerinin vaziyetine göre gittiği yol
    • yelkenli geminin rüzgâr sebebiyle yol değiştirmesi
    • dengi diş, yol
    • tedbir
    • teyel
    • f. çivi ile iliştirmek veya pekiştirmek
    • iliştirmek
    • den. orsa etmek. tack on den. gemiyi çevirmek
    • ilave etmek. get down to brass tacks asıl konuya dönmek. port tack den. kuntralar iskeleden seyir. starboard tack kuntralar sancaktan seyir.
  229. tack İng.
    • i., den. yiyecek, gıda.
  230. tackle İng.
    • i., f. palanga, takım
    • tutma, zapt etme
    • Amerikan futbolunda belirli yerde oynayan iki oyuncudan her biri
    • den. halat takımı
    • f. tutmak, zapt etmek
    • Amerikan futbolunda topu taşıyan hasmı tutup durdurmak
    • başarmak
    • uğraşmak, çaresine bakmak, hakkından gelmek. tackling i. halat takımı.
  231. tacky İng.
    • s.,(A.B.D.), k.dili. dökük (saç)
    • yırtık pırtık, pejmürde .
  232. tacky İng.
    • s. yapışkan (boya, zamk).
  233. tacmahack İng.
    • bak. tacamahac.
  234. taçsız kral Tür.
    • uncrowned king.
  235. tact İng.
    • i. incelik, zarafet
    • nezaket
    • dokunma duyusu
    • vakit ve halin icabına göre hareket.
  236. tactful İng.
    • s. incelikli, anlayışlı, ince, nazik, zarif. tactfully z. zarifçe. tactfulness i. incelik, zarafet.
  237. tactical İng.
    • s. tabiyeye ait
    • tedbirli, tedbir ve intizama ait. tactically z. tabiye bakımından.
  238. tactician İng.
    • i. tabiyeci.
  239. tactics İng.
    • i., ask. muharebe usulü, tabiye
    • bir usul dairesinde hareket, manevra.
  240. tactile İng.
    • s. dokunma duyusuna ait
    • dokunulur, el ile tutulur. tactil'ity i. el ile tutulabilme, dokunulma.
  241. tactless İng.
    • s. nezaketsiz, inceliksiz, patavatsız, kaba. tactlesslyz nezaketsizce. tactlessness i. kabalık, nezaketsizlik.
  242. tactual İng.
    • s. dokunma hissine veya uzuvlarına ait. tactually z. dokunarak.
  243. tad İng.
    • i., (A.B.D.), k.dili. küçük çocuk.
  244. tadat etmek Tür.
    • to count. to enumerate.
  245. tadil Tür.
    • amendment. changing. altering. moderating. tempering. modulation. qualification.
  246. tadilat Tür.
    • design conversion. remodeling. modifications. alterations. change.
  247. tadilat Tür.
    • amendment. amendments. modifications. alterations. changes. reform.
  248. tadilat Tür.
    • alteration.
  249. tadım Tür.
    • taste. the sense of taste.
  250. tadım Tür.
    • taste. small amount tasted. the sense of taste.
  251. tadımlık Tür.
    • just enough of sth to let one discover its taste.
  252. tadına bakmak Tür.
    • to taste. to sample a food. sample. score.
  253. tadına bakmak Tür.
    • taste.
  254. tadını çıkarmak Tür.
    • to make the most of. to get the utmost enjoyment out of sth. savour.
  255. tadını çıkarmak Tür.
    • bask. savour.
  256. tadpole İng.
    • i., zool. iribaş, tetari.
  257. tael İng.
    • i. Çin'de 2870 gramlık tartı
    • bu ağırlıktaki Çin gümüş parası.
  258. taenia İng.
    • i. (çoğ. niae) kadınların baş sargısı, file
    • mim. Dorik tarzı binalarda çatı frizini altındaki taş tabandan ayıran pervaz
    • zool. şerit, tenya, bağırsak kurdu, solucan
    • anat. beyinde şerit şeklinde sinir cümlesi, tenya.
  259. taeniacide İng.
    • bak. teniacide.
  260. taeniafuge İng.
    • bak. teniafuge.
  261. taffeta İng.
    • i. tafta
  262. taffrail İng.
    • i., den. kıç küpeştesi, morfidar.
  263. taffy, toffee İng.
    • i. kaynamış şekerle tereyağından yapılan şekerleme, karamela
    • k.dili. kompliman, dalkavukluk.
  264. tafra Tür.
    • pomposity. talking big.
  265. tafra Tür.
    • conceit. pride.
  266. tafracı Tür.
    • big talker.
  267. tafsilatlı Tür.
    • detailed. prolix.
  268. tafta Tür.
    • taffeta.
  269. tafta Tür.
    • taffeta.
  270. tag İng.
    • i., f. (-ged,- ging) çocukların elim sende oyunu
    • f. bu oyunda birinin arkasından koşup dokunmak
    • seçmek.
  271. tag İng.
    • i., f. (-ged, -ging) ufak sarkık uç
    • yafta, pusula, fiş, etiket: elbisenin yırtık parçası
    • piyes veya kitapta gereksiz ilâve
    • şeridi kuvvetlendirmek için ucuna takılan maden parçası
    • meşhur söz
    • köpeğe takılan künye
    • püskül, saçak
    • rozet
    • saç perçemi
    • artık
    • ceza kâğıdı
    • f. üzerine etiket iliştirmek
    • peşi sıra gitmek. tag after tag along peşini bırakmamak. tag day hayır işi için rozet takılan gün. tag end sarkık uç
    • bir şeyin son ve adi kısmı
    • artık. tag line şüpheli noktayı açığa kavuşturan veya dramatik etki yaratmak için yapılan açıklama
    • fazla tekrardan dolayı kişinin özelliği olan söz
    • slogan. rag tag, and bobtail ayak takımı.
  272. tagger İng.
    • i. etiket yapıştıran kimse
    • çoğ. ince teneke levha.
  273. tağşiş Tür.
    • adult. adulterating. adulteration. falsification. debasing. dabasement.
  274. tahakkuk Tür.
    • realization. realization gerçekleşme.
  275. tahakkuk Tür.
    • assessment.
  276. tahakkuk Tür.
    • accrual. realization. becoming a reality. turning out to be true. accrument. falling due. assessment.
  277. tahakkuk etmek Tür.
    • accrue.
  278. tahakküm Tür.
    • domination. tyranny baskı. zorbalık.
  279. tahakküm Tür.
    • domination. tyranny.
  280. tahammül Tür.
    • tolerance. patience. endurance. resistance. fortitude. hardihood. hardiness. sufferance.
  281. tahammül Tür.
    • endurance. tolerance. forbearance. long- suffering. patience.
  282. tahammül Tür.
    • endurance. patience. toleration. durability. stamina. stress.
  283. tahammül etmek Tür.
    • to resist. to tolerate. to put up with. to bear. to suffer. to endure. abide. brook. stand. support. sustain. swallow.
  284. tahammül etmek Tür.
    • abide. brook. endure. tolerate.
  285. tahammülsüz Tür.
    • impatient. intolerant.
  286. tahammülsüz Tür.
    • impatient.
  287. tahammülsüzlük Tür.
    • impatience.
  288. tahammür Tür.
    • fermentation. ferment.
  289. taharet Tür.
    • cleanliness. purity.
  290. taharetlenmek Tür.
    • to cleanse oneself (especially after urinating or defecating.
  291. taharri memuru Tür.
    • plainclothes policeman. plainclothesman. police detective.
  292. tahayyül Tür.
    • imagining. imagination. fantasizing. daydreaming. apprehension. visualisation.
  293. tahayyül Tür.
    • idea. notion. fancy. imagination. fancy imgeleme.
  294. tahdidat Tür.
    • limitations. restrictions. demarcations. delimitations.
  295. tahdit Tür.
    • restriction. limitation. restraint.
  296. tahdit Tür.
    • limitation. circumscription. restriction. delimitation.
  297. tahdit Tür.
    • demarcation. circumscription. absolute definition. delimitation. determination. restraining. restraint. restriction. string.
  298. tahdit etmek Tür.
    • to limit. to restrict. to delimit. to demarcate. astrict. contain. determine.
  299. tahin Tür.
    • tahini.
  300. tahin Tür.
    • sesame oil.
  301. tahin Tür.
    • crushed sesame seeds.
  302. tahini Tür.
    • Tahini is a thick paste made of ground sesame seeds and used primarily in Middle Eastern cooking It is used as a base for many sauces and dips served with vegetables, meat, chicken, fish, shellfish, and pita bread You can use tahini straight out of the jar, but it will be lighter and creamier with a bit of lemon juice.
  303. tahini Tür.
    • Sesame seed paste used in Middle Eastern cooking.
  304. tahini Tür.
    • Rich and creamy, with a nutty flavor, tahini is made from hulled toasted sesame seeds Tahini enriches savory dishes, dressings, sauces, and desserts in the the cuisines of Mediterranean Africa and the Middle East Store refrigerated Available in natural food stores and well-stocked supermarkets.
  305. tahini Tür.
    • A thick paste made of ground sesame seed Popular in the Middle East in a number of specialties, including "hummus" and "babghanoush ".
  306. tahini Tür.
    • A thick paste made from ground sesame seeds Tahini is used in Middle Eastern cooking to flavor dishes such as hummus and baba ghanoush.
  307. tahini Tür.
    • a thick Middle Eastern paste made from ground sesame seeds.
  308. tahini Tür.
    • A thick, creamy paste or butter made from ground sesame seeds Used as a seasoning for dips, sauces, spreads, and other dishes.
  309. tahini Tür.
    • A smooth paste made from sesame seeds Also called sesame butter Refrigerate after opening to prevent rancidity Joyva brand tahini is available from most grocery stores Other brands can be found in Indian or Middle Eastern groceries. a thick Middle Eastern paste made from ground sesame seeds.
  310. tahini Tür.
    • A smooth, oily paste made from sesame seeds.
  311. tahini Tür.
    • A paste of ground sesame seeds and a flavor similar to peanut butter Recipe: Garlicky Bean Spread. a thick, smooth paste made of ground sesame seeds
    • a staple of Middle Eastern cuisine.
  312. tahini Tür.
    • A paste made from sesame seeds common in Middle Eastern cooking.
  313. tahini Tür.
    • A light creamy paste made of toasted sesame seeds and sesame oil -- almost like peanut butter Used in many Middle Eastern dishes, it can be found in Middle Eastern delicatessens or larger supermarkets.
  314. tahini Tür.
    • A light creamy paste made of toasted sesame seeds and sesame oil - almost like peanut butter Used in many Middle Eastern dishes, it can be found in Middle Eastern delicatessens or larger supermarkets.
  315. tahini Tür.
    • A high protein spread made from hulled sesame seeds ground into a paste. crushed sesame seed paste.
  316. tahıl Tür.
    • cereal. grain. corn.
  317. tahıl Tür.
    • cereal. corny. cereals. cereal. grain. corn.
  318. tahıl Tür.
    • cereal. corn. grain. cereals. produce.
  319. tahıl ambarı Tür.
    • granary.
  320. tahıl ambarı Tür.
    • bread basket. cornloft. garner. granary.
  321. tahkik Tür.
    • verification.
  322. tahkik Tür.
    • investigating. investigation. inquiry. ascertainment. quest. verification.
  323. tahkik etmek Tür.
    • to investigate. to verify. to inquire after sth. to seek information from sb about sth.
  324. tahkikat Tür.
    • investigation. research. inquiry. examination. investigations. inquiries. inquest soruşturmalar.
  325. tahkikat Tür.
    • investigation. inquiry. inquest. probe. examination.
  326. tahkikat komisyonu Tür.
    • commission of inquiry.
  327. tahkim Tür.
    • fortification. strengthening.
  328. tahkim Tür.
    • arbitration. commercial arbitration. strengthing. fortifying. fortification. appointment of sb as an arbitrator. resolution of a dispute by arbitration. arbitrage.
  329. tahkim kurulu Tür.
    • arbitration tribunal.
  330. tahkimat Tür.
    • intrenchment.
  331. tahkimat Tür.
    • fortifications.
  332. tahlil Tür.
    • Uttering the formula of faith: "La ilaha illa Allah" i e.
  333. tahlil Tür.
    • analysis. assay. dissection. test.
  334. tahlil Tür.
    • analysis.
  335. tahlisiye Tür.
    • lifeboat service.
  336. tahlisiye sandalı Tür.
    • lifeboat.
  337. tahliye Tür.
    • evacuation. emptying. discharge. ejection. ejectment. eviction. vacation. voidance.
  338. tahliye Tür.
    • emptying. unloading. discharging. evacuation. vacating. ejection. releasing. setting free. dashboard. discharge. dispossession. ejectment. eviction. release. surrender of lease. surrender of possession. voidance.
  339. tahliye Tür.
    • discharge. release. releasement. emptying. evacuation. unloading.
  340. tahmin Tür.
    • estimate. conjecture. guess. estimation. approximation. calculation. divination. forecast. judgement. outlook. prediction. presumption. presupposition. prognostication. prophecy. shot. speculation. supposition. surmise.
  341. tahmin Tür.
    • conjecture. estimate. forecast. guess. guesswork. prediction. presumption. prognosis. speculation. supposition.
  342. tahmin Tür.
    • appraisement. forecast. conjecture. estimation. guess. prediction. reckoning. judging. forecasting. appraisal. approximation. boss-shot. calculation. guesswork. idea. opinion. presumption. prevision. prophecy. rating. supposition. surmise.
  343. tahmin etmek Tür.
    • to appraise. to estimate. to guess. to conjecture. to reckon. to judge. to predict. to forecast. anticipate. contemplate. expect. fancy. gauge. presume. project. prophesy. suppose. surmise. understand.
  344. tahmin etmek Tür.
    • estimate. forecast. foresee. guess. judge. reckon. speculate. surmise. tell. think.
  345. tahminci Tür.
    • forecaster. taxer.
  346. tahminci Tür.
    • forecaster.
  347. tahminci Tür.
    • estimator.
  348. tahminen Tür.
    • presumably.
  349. tahminen Tür.
    • circa. presumably. approximately. roughly. at a guess.
  350. tahminen Tür.
    • by guess. presumably. by rule of thumb.
  351. tahmini Tür.
    • conjectural. approximate.
  352. tahmini Tür.
    • approximative. estimated. conjectural. calculated. general. pro forma.
  353. tahmini Tür.
    • appraisal. approximate. conjectural. appraised. in conjectures. in approximations.
  354. tahnit Tür.
    • embalming.
  355. tahnit Tür.
    • embalming.
  356. tahribat Tür.
    • ravages. destruction. devastation.
  357. tahribat Tür.
    • destroying. destruction. devastation. havoc.
  358. tahribat Tür.
    • damage. destruction. depredation. havoc. ravages.
  359. tahrif Tür.
    • falsification. distortion.
  360. tahrif Tür.
    • falsification. defacement. manipulation.
  361. tahrif Tür.
    • alteration. fraudulent alteration. distortion. falsification. garble. gloss. tampering.
  362. tahrik Tür.
    • turning on. excitation. incitement. instigation. provocation. agitation. fomentation. impellent. incitation. sedition. stimulation. whetstone.
  363. tahrik Tür.
    • incitement. instigation. provocation. fomentation. setting in motion. driving. propelling. exciting. stimulating. arousing. disturbance. excitement. flagwaving. impulse. impulsion. inducement. prompting. propulsion. solicitation.
  364. tahrik Tür.
    • agitation. incitement. provocation. instigation. excitement. stimulation. drive. propulsion. actuation.
  365. tahrik etmek Tür.
    • to agitate. to instigate. to provoke. to incite. to foment. arouse. disturb. drive. egg sb on. excite.
  366. tahrik etmek Tür.
    • excite. incite. provoke. rouse. stimulate.
  367. tahrikçi Tür.
    • instigator. fomenteur. provocator.
  368. tahrip Tür.
    • slashing. destroying. destruction. ruination. demolition. ravage.
  369. tahrip Tür.
    • devastation. demolition. destruction. subversion.
  370. tahrip Tür.
    • destruction. demolition. devastation.
  371. tahrip etmek Tür.
    • to destroy. to devastate. batter. blast. bust. carve up. cast down. demolish. dilapidate. level. mine. raze. shatter. unbuild. vandalize. zap.
  372. tahrir Tür.
    • writing. composition. essay.
  373. tahrir Tür.
    • composition. writing down. composing. drafting. piece of writing. essay. population census. cadastral survey.
  374. tahriri Tür.
    • written.
  375. tahriş Tür.
    • irritation.
  376. tahriş Tür.
    • irritation.
  377. tahriş etmek Tür.
    • to irritate. lacerate. scratch.
  378. tahriş etmek Tür.
    • irritate.
  379. tahsil Tür.
    • study.
  380. tahsil Tür.
    • education. being educated. learning. collecting. collection.
  381. tahsil Tür.
    • course. education. study. collection of taxes. study öğrenim. collecting toplama. alma.
  382. tahsilat Tür.
    • revenues. collection of revenues.
  383. tahsilat Tür.
    • collection. collections. revenue. money received. cash receipts. payments-in.
  384. tahsilat Tür.
    • collecting.
  385. tahsildar Tür.
    • tax collector.
  386. tahsildar Tür.
    • collector. tax-collector. person who receives / collects money for an organization. cash collector. collecting clerk. outside collector. receiver. taker.
  387. tahsildar Tür.
    • collector. receiver. tax collector.
  388. tahsildarlık Tür.
    • work of one who receives or collects payments. tax collecting. being a tax collector. collecting business. collectorship.
  389. tahsis Tür.
    • assignment. allocation. allotment. designation. disposition.
  390. tahsis Tür.
    • allotment.
  391. tahsis Tür.
    • allocation. assignment. appropriation. allotment.
  392. tahsis etmek Tür.
    • allot. allow. to allocate. to allot. to assign. to appropriate. to consecrate. to devote. to earmark. to set aside. consign. dedicate. destine. given over to. set apart. ticket.
  393. tahsis etmek Tür.
    • allocate. appropriate. assign. consign. reserve.
  394. tahsisat Tür.
    • appropriation.
  395. tahsisat Tür.
    • allotment. allowance. grant. special appropriation. money earmarked for a special purpose. appropriations.
  396. tahsisat Tür.
    • allocation. allowance. appropriation. allotment. money designed for a special purpose.
  397. tahsisli yol Tür.
    • a lane in a road set aside for the exclusive use of one type of vehicle.
  398. taht Tür.
    • throne. sovereign"s throne.
  399. taht Tür.
    • throne. crown.
  400. taht Tür.
    • throne.
  401. tahta Tür.
    • wooden. wood. board. wood. plank.
  402. tahta Tür.
    • board. plank. batters. wooden. industrial arts. wood.
  403. tahta Tür.
    • blackboard. board. wood. wooden. plank. piece of wood. flat surface. garden-bed.
  404. tahtaboş Tür.
    • wooden balcony.
  405. tahtakurusu Tür.
    • bedbug. bug. chinch.
  406. tahtakurusu Tür.
    • bedbug. bug.
  407. tahtakurusu Tür.
    • bedbug.
  408. tahtalı Tür.
    • boarded. planked.
  409. tahterevalli Tür.
    • seesaw. tilt.
  410. tahterevalli Tür.
    • seesaw.
  411. tahteşşuur Tür.
    • subconscious.
  412. tahtırevan Tür.
    • palanquin. howdah.
  413. tahtırevan Tür.
    • palanquin.
  414. tahtırevan Tür.
    • litter. palanquin. sedan. sedan-chair.
  415. tahvil Tür.
    • debenture. obligation. bond. equity security. transforming. tranformation. conversion. transfer. equity. equity securities. reinvestment.
  416. tahvil Tür.
    • bill. holding. transformation. conversion. bond. debenture. faiz getirmeyen tahvil. passive bond. faizli. active bond. hisse senedi ile değiştirilebilen. convertible bond. ihbarlı. callable bond. ikramiyeli. prize bond. kara iştirakli. participating bond. primli. premium bond. teminatlı. collateral trust bond. teminatsız. debenture bond.
  417. tahvil Tür.
    • bill. bond. bill of exchange. stock.
  418. tail İng.
    • i., s., f. kuyruk
    • eskiden paşalık alameti olan at kuyruğu
    • tuğ
    • kuyruğa benzer şey
    • ceket ucu veya kuyruğu
    • arka, nihayet
    • çoğ. k.dili. parada resimsiz taraf, yazı
    • saç örgüsü
    • uçağın kuyruğu
    • çoğ. k.dili. frak
    • k.dili. iz
    • k.dili. kıç, popo
    • sayfa altımdaki boşluk
    • s. son
    • arka
    • takibenden
    • peşinden gelen
    • f. kuyruk takmak veya yapmak
    • kuyruğunu kesmek veya koparmak
    • ucuna takılmak
    • mim. ucunu duvara yerleştirmek
    • den. kıç taraftan dönmek
    • kıç taraftan karaya oturmak
    • k.dili. gizlice takip etmek
    • peşinden gitmek. tail away geride kalmak, geride kalarak dağılmak. tail behind arkasından gitmek. tail end kıç, arka
    • son. tail off yavaş yavaş bitmek, azalmak. tail wind arkadan rüzgâr. turn tail tehlikeden kaçmak. with his tail between his legs süklüm püklüm, korkmuş olarak. I can't make head or tail of it içinden çıkamıyorum Hiç anlayamıyorum .
  419. tail İng.
    • i., s., huk. şarta bağlı tasarruf, meşrut vakıf
    • s., huk. mahdut, meşrut, koşullu.
  420. tailgate İng.
    • f. (A.B.D.), (argo) öndeki arabanın dibinden gitmek.
  421. tailgate , tailboard İng.
    • i. yük arabasının arkasındaki menteşeli veya sürme kapak, arka kapak.
  422. tailing İng.
    • i., mim. yarısı dışarıda yarısı içeride bulunan taş veya tuğlanın duvar içindeki kısmı
    • çoğ. posa, tortu
    • maden filizi ayıldıktan sonra kalan kir
    • harmandan kalan saman.
  423. taillight İng.
    • i. arka lamba.
  424. tailor İng.
    • i., f. terzi
    • f. terzilik yapmak
    • uydurmak. tailor's tack bol teyel. tailor's twist terzilerin kullandıkları sağlam ibrişim. merchant tailor tüccar terzi.
  425. tailorbird İng.
    • i. terzi kuşu.
  426. tailormade İng.
    • s. terzi elinden çıkmış, iyi dikilmiş.
  427. tailpiece İng.
    • i. arkaya ilave edilen parça
    • kitabın sonuna gelen resim veya süslü şekil
    • kemanın kuyruk tarafında tellerin bağlandığı ağaç parçası.
  428. tailrace İng.
    • i. suyu değirmen çarkından alıp götüren kanal
    • ark, azmak.
  429. tailspin İng.
    • i., hav. kuyruk çevrintisi
    • k.dili. ruhi bunalım. go into a tailspin ruhi bunalım geçirmek.
  430. taint İng.
    • i., f. leke, nokta, iz, nişan
    • ayıp, kusur: sirayet, bulaşma
    • f. lekelemek
    • bozmak
    • zehirlemek, bulaştırmak
    • pis kokutmak
    • ahlakını bozmak
    • bozulmak.
  431. taipei ,taipeh İng.
    • i. Taype, Formoza'nın başkenti.
  432. taiping İng.
    • i. 1850-1864 Çin isyanına katılan kimse.
  433. taiwan İng.
    • i. Tayvan, Formoza.
  434. tajmahal İng.
    • Tac Mahal.
  435. tak Tür.
    • tock. tack. knock. arch. vault. triumphal arch.
  436. tak Tür.
    • reassemble.
  437. taka Tür.
    • the basic unit of money in Bangladesh
    • equal to 100 paisas.
  438. taka Tür.
    • the basic unit of money in Bangladesh
    • equal to 100 paisas.
  439. taka Tür.
    • a small. single-masted boat.
  440. takaddüm Tür.
    • antecedence. precedence.
  441. takallüs Tür.
    • contraction.
  442. takarrüp Tür.
    • approaching. drawing near.
  443. takarrür Tür.
    • established. being established. being decided. being fixed.
  444. takas Tür.
    • interchange. exchange. swop. swap. clearing. barter. dicker. truck.
  445. takas Tür.
    • barter. interchange. swap. clearing. exchange. clearing kliring.
  446. takas Tür.
    • barter. clearing. exchange. exchange. settling with each other. clearance. compensation. clearing ratio. swap. trade.
  447. takat Tür.
    • strength. energy güç. hal. derman. power. capacity. potency. energy.
  448. takat Tür.
    • power. strength. fund of strenght. energy. force. capacity. might. endurance.
  449. takatsiz Tür.
    • weak. feeble. prostrate.
  450. takatuka Tür.
    • noise. tumult. commotion.
  451. takayyüt Tür.
    • giving careful attention to. attentiveness. vigilance.
  452. takdim Tür.
    • presentation. presenting. offering. introducing sb to sb else. introduction. offer. presentment. submission.
  453. takdim Tür.
    • presentation. introduction. presenting.
  454. takdim Tür.
    • introduction. offer. presentation. presentment.
  455. takdim etmek Tür.
    • to introduce. to offer. to present. to submit / to tender. extend. feature. herald. lay before. lodge. prefer. send in. weigh in with.
  456. takdim etmek Tür.
    • present.
  457. takdimcilik Tür.
    • being a master of ceremonies. emceeing. compèring.
  458. takdir Tür.
    • appreciation. estimation. recognition of the worth / merit / importance of sb / sth. assessment. understanding fully. approval. commendation. applause. distillation. critical appraisal. discretion. estimate n. evaluation. fate. front. plaudit. predestinat.
  459. takdir Tür.
    • appreciation. admiration. recognition. estimation. approbation. commendation. discretion. estimate. opinion. regard. tribute.
  460. takdir Tür.
    • admiration. appreciation. approbation. commendation. estimate. estimation. tribute. predestination. fate. understanding. case. prearrangement.
  461. takdir etmek Tür.
    • to estimate. to appreciate. to recognize the worth / merit / importance of sb / sth. to understand fully. to approve. to appraise. to assess. to distill. consecrate. get the hang of. ordain. to carry a tribute. upbear.
  462. takdir etmek Tür.
    • admire. appreciate. commend. esteem. recognize.
  463. takdir hakkı Tür.
    • judicial discretion. right to exercise judicial discretion. discretionary right.
  464. takdir yetkisi Tür.
    • judicial discretion. discretionary authority.
  465. takdire değer Tür.
    • admirable.
  466. takdirname Tür.
    • testimonial. certificate of merit. letter of appreciation.
  467. takdirname Tür.
    • certificate / letter of commendation.
  468. takdis Tür.
    • sanctification.
  469. takdis Tür.
    • blessing. conservation. sanctification. hallowing. glorifying. benediction. consecration.
  470. takdis Tür.
    • benediction. blessing. sanctification. consecration.
  471. takdis etmek Tür.
    • to bless. to consecrate. to sanctify. to hallow. to glorify. dedicate.
  472. take İng.
    • i. alma, alış
    • tutma, tutuş
    • sin. çekim
    • bir seferlik av miktarı
    • (A.B.D.), k.dili. hasılat
    • (çalınan) parti
    • (İng.) kiralanmış arazi
    • (ası) tutma
    • kavrama.
  473. take İng.
    • f. (took, taken) almak
    • götürmek
    • kapmak
    • yakalamak, gasp etmek
    • tuzağa düşürmek
    • kazanmak
    • seçmek
    • satın almak
    • kiralamak
    • olmak
    • abone olmak
    • çıkarmak
    • uğramak
    • karşılamak
    • farz etmek, saymak
    • anlamak, kavramak
    • yapmak
    • faydalanmak
    • ile gitmek
    • duymak, hissetmek
    • tutmak
    • da yanmak
    • (argo) aldatmak, kandırmak
    • kenetlenmek
    • sin. çevirmek. take aback şaşırtmak. take a beating dayak yemek
    • bozguna uğramak. take about gezdirmek. take a bow tebrikleri kabul etmek. take a breath nefes almak, dinlenmek. take account of hesaba almak veya katmak .take a chair oturmak. take a course ders almak
    • den. belirli bir yönde gitmek. take a dare meydan okumaya aldırış etmemek
    • meydan okuyana karşı koymak. take advantage of faydalanmak, istifade etmek
    • istismar etmek. take affront alınmak, darılmak .take after benzemek:yolunu tutmak, izinde yürümek. take aim nişan almak. take a joke şakadan anlamak, şakaya gelmek. take alarm korkmak. take along beraber götürmek. take amiss yanlış anlamak
    • darılmak. take an examination sınava girmek. take apart ayırmak, koparmak
    • soruşturmak. take a picture resim çekmek. take a powder (argo) toz olmak, tüymek. take arms silâha sarılmak. take a shot nişan almak
    • resim çekmek .take at one's word sözüne inanmak. take away alıp götürmek. take back geri almak .take care dikkat etmek, ihtiyatlı davranmak. take care of bakmak
    • rüşvet alarak halletmek
    • (argo) öldürmek. take caution against bir şeye karşı tedbir almak. take charge idaresini üzerine almak. take counsel danışmak
    • ölçünmek. take cover sığınmak. take dictation dikte almak. take down indirmek
    • sökmek, parçalara ayırmak
    • kibrini kırmak, alçaltmak
    • yazmak, kaydetmek, dikte almak. take effect yürürlüğe girmek, muteber olmak
    • tesir etmek. take fire tutuşmak, ateş almak, alevlenmek .take for diye almak, sanmak, zannetmek. take French leave izinsiz savuşmak. take from almak
    • çıkarmak. take from the table ertelenmiş bir tasarıyı yeniden ele almak. take heart yüreklenmek, cesaret almak, kuvvet almak .take heed kulak asmak, dinlemek, önem vermek. take hold tutmak, ele geçirmek, işi yürütmek. take in almak, içeriye almak
    • daraltmak
    • yelken sarmak
    • kapsamak
    • anlamak
    • k.dili. aldatmak, yutturmak
    • (A.B.D.), k.dili. gezmek, görmek. take in hand avuncunun içine almak, idaresini ele almak. take into account hesaba katmak. take into one's head tutturmak. take in tow yedeğe almak
    • yol göstermek. take in vain küfür etmek. take issue with aksi tarafı tutmak. take it anlamak
    • katlanmak, dayanmak. take it easy işin kolayına bakmak, aldırmamak. Take it easy ! Sakin ol ! take it hard çok etkilenmek. take it on the chin yenilmek
    • dayanmak. Take it or leave it ister al, ister alma. take it out in para yerine kabul etmek (mal). take it out on (A.B.D.), k.dili. öfkesini birisinden çıkarmak, çatmak, hırsını çıkarmak. take kindly to hoşlanmak, hoşuna gitmek. take leave ayrılmak, gitmek. take lying down katlanmak, hazmetmek. take measures tedbir almak. Take my word for it Bana inanınız Sizi temin ederim. take notice of dikkat etmek, farkına varmak, ehemmiyet vermek. take oath yemin etmek, ant içmek. take occasion fırsattan faydalanmak. take off çıkarmak: kopya etmek
    • indirmek
    • ölümüne sebep olmak
    • k.dili. taklit etmek
    • (uçak) havalanmak
    • (A.B.D.), k.dili. kalkmak. take office göreve başlamak. take on ele almak
    • üstüne almak
    • vazife vermek, işe almak
    • k.dili. sızlanmak. take one's fancy hoşuna gitmek. take one's life in one's hands kellesini koltuğuna almak. take out çıkarmak
    • çıkartmak
    • götürmek, eşlik etmek. take over teslim almak
    • idareyi elinde tutmak. take pains with çok uğraşmak, didinmek. take part katılmak, iştirak etmek. take place vaki olmak, vuku bulmak .take potluck Allah ne verdiyse beraber yemek. take possession kullanmak, sahip çıkmak. take pride gurur duymak. take root kökleşmek, tutmak. take shape şekil almak, teşekkül etmek. take sick hastalanmak. take sides taraf tutmak. take steps tedbir almak. take stock depo mevcudunu saymak, malın mevcudunu hesap etmek
    • hesaplamak. take the chair başkan olmak .take the field bir sahaya atılmak
    • savaşa başlamak. take the stage dikkati üzerine çekmek. take the veil rahibe olmak. take the wind out of one's sails k.dili. öfkesini yatıştırmak, yelkenleri suya indirmek. take time vakit almak, vakit istemek. take to çare olarak kullanmak
    • alışmak
    • hoşlanmak. take to heart etkilenmek. take to one's heels tabanları kaldırmak, kaçmak. take to task azarlamak, paylamak . take up yukarı çekmek, kaldırmak
    • tutmak
    • üzerine almak, karışmak
    • poliçeyi ödemek
    • almak
    • kısaltmak
    • başlamak
    • ele almak
    • kabul etmek .take up arms silâha sarılmak. take up the gauntlet meydan okumasını kabul etmek .take up with k.dili. arkadaşlık kur- mak. take walks dolaşmak, gezmek, yürüyüşe çıkmak .take water su almak (gemi). Take your time Acele etmeyin. be taken with çok hoşuna gitmek. He has been taken from us Onu ölüm bizden ayırdı. I have taken your time Vaktinizi aldım Sizi meşgul ettim.
  474. takedown İng.
    • s., i. sokulur takılır, portatif
    • i. portatif alet
    • (A.B.D.), k.dili. gururunu kırma.
  475. takehomepay İng.
    • ( A.B.D.) net maaş.
  476. takeoff İng.
    • i. havalanma
    • taklit
    • karikatür
    • (spor) atlamaya başlanılan yer.
  477. takeometre Tür.
    • tacheometer. speedometer.
  478. takeover İng.
    • i. ele geçirme .
  479. takeup İng.
    • i. ip germe aleti
  480. takibat Tür.
    • prosecution kovuşturma.
  481. takibat Tür.
    • proceedings. legal action. prosecution of a case.
  482. takibat Tür.
    • proceedings.
  483. takiben Tür.
    • subsequent to.
  484. takiben Tür.
    • following. after.
  485. takimetre Tür.
    • tachymeter.
  486. takimetre Tür.
    • tachometer. tachymeter.
  487. taking İng.
    • i., s. alma, alış
    • s. cazip, sevimli
    • sari, bulaşıcı. the takings ele geçen para. takingly z. alıcı tavırla
    • hoşa gidecek surette.
  488. takip Tür.
    • pursuit. tracing. chase. chasing. follow-up. hunting. prosecution. pursuance.
  489. takip Tür.
    • following. trailing. succeeding. watching closely. legal proceedings. prosecution.
  490. takip Tür.
    • chase. pursuance. pursuit. prosecution. follow-up. persecution.
  491. takip etmek Tür.
    • to follow. to pursue. excuss. heel. hound. prosecute. recover. to keep tab on. track.
  492. takip etmek Tür.
    • follow.
  493. takipçi Tür.
    • persecutor. pursuer.
  494. takipçi Tür.
    • follower. tracker. pursuer.
  495. takipçi Tür.
    • follower. pursuer.
  496. takipsizlik Tür.
    • not being pursued. lack of grounds for legal action. dismissal of proceedings.
  497. takipsizlik kararı Tür.
    • judicial decision to abate an action or quash a charge or indictment. decree whereby the indictment is quashed.
  498. takı Tür.
    • piece of jewellery pinned or otherwise attached to a girl at her engagement. suffix.
  499. takı Tür.
    • jewelery. ornament. affix. ending. formative. garniture. ornamentation. particle. postposition. trappings.
  500. takı Tür.
    • colours. jewel. particle. wedding present. suffix. case ending. gift of jewelry.
  501. takılı Tür.
    • attached to. fastened to. affixed to. pinned to. stuck on. hung up on.
  502. takılı Tür.
    • affixed. attached.
  503. takılma Tür.
    • lark. trip.
  504. takılma Tür.
    • banter. chaff. leg pulling. leg pull. persiflage. tease.
  505. takılmak Tür.
    • to be fastened to. to be attached to. to be affixed to. to be put on. to be pinned to. to be hung on. to tease. to kid plat.
  506. takılmak Tür.
    • pull smb."s leg. be attached. be affixed. catch. hook. hang out. stick. stick around. chip. tease. banter. kid. chaff. guy. haunt. impose oneself on. jam. jam in. jolly. josh. lark. lark about. lark around. lock. lock on. rally. rib. rot. snag. sport.
  507. takılmak Tür.
    • catch. consort. dabble. jest. joke. kid. lodge. rally. rib. tag. tease. trip. to be tangled up. to attach oneself to a person. to annoy with ridicule. to deride. banter. to be attached. to be fastened. to get caught. to catch. to banter. to chaff. to josh. to tease. to jest. to joke. to kid. to hang out. to frequent. to haunt. to go round with sb. to go about with sb. to hobnob. to consort. to dabble.
  508. takım Tür.
    • set. suit. suite. team. group. clique. gear. fitment. band. battery. brigade. bunch. covey. gang. outfit. posse. squad. tackle. tribe. ensemble. parcel. platoon. pool. range. togs. troop. unit.
  509. takım Tür.
    • set. suit. suite. team. group. clique. gear. fitment. band. battery. brigade. bunch. covey. gang. outfit. posse. squad. tackle. tribe.
  510. takım Tür.
    • set. battery. gang. kit. layout. platoon. set. suite. tackle. team. train. group. new. troop. band or bunch of people. set of things. team. unit. crew. series. party. tool. fixture. system. implement. assembly. instrument. aggregate. device. h.
  511. takımada Tür.
    • archipelago. group of chain of islands.
  512. takımyıldız Tür.
    • constellation.
  513. takımyıldız Tür.
    • constellation.
  514. takınak Tür.
    • obsession. hang up.
  515. takınmak Tür.
    • to assume. to put on.
  516. takıntı Tür.
    • thing that is connected with or related to sth else. outstanding debt / obligation. relationship. relations. dealing with sb. piece of jewelry. subject which a student has flunked.
  517. takıntı Tür.
    • relation. affair. small debt. condition. subject which a student has flunked. hang-up.
  518. takıntılı Tür.
    • person having outstanding debt. student who has flunked a subject. obsessed.
  519. takırdamak Tür.
    • clatter. rattle.
  520. takırdatmak Tür.
    • to rattle. to clatter. to bang.
  521. takırdatmak Tür.
    • clatter.
  522. takırtı Tür.
    • clatter. rattle. bang. clack.
  523. takırtı Tür.
    • clatter. clack. rattle.
  524. takırtı Tür.
    • chatter. clatter. clack.
  525. takke Tür.
    • skullcap. coif. cap.
  526. takke Tür.
    • skullcap. coif.
  527. takke Tür.
    • skullcap.
  528. takla Tür.
    • somersault.
  529. takla Tür.
    • handspring.
  530. takla Tür.
    • cartwheel. somersault. tumble.
  531. taklit Tür.
    • making an imitation of. copying. duplicating. imitating. aping. mimicking. impersonating. mocking. faking. counterfeiting. forgery. artificial. bogus. counterfeit. ersatz. fake. false. imitated. imitation. mime. mock. mockery. phony. sham. shoddy. show. s.
  532. taklit Tür.
    • imitation. counterfeit. dummy. fake. false. impression. sham. simulated. spurious. takeoff. imitated. colorable imitation.
  533. taklit Tür.
    • imitated. imitative. fake. false. counterfeit. sham. bogus. mock. pinchbeck. simulated. snide. imitation. fake. sham. mimicry. mockery. mimic. mock. simulation. simulacrum. affectation. bastard. echo. gold brick. hit-off. impression. mimesis. repetit.
  534. taklit etmek Tür.
    • to copy. to reproduce. to duplicate. to imitate. to make an imitation of sth. to try to act like. to ape. to mimic. to impersonate. to mock. to fake. to counterfeit. to sham. act. echo. feign. follow. pretend. simulate. take off.
  535. taklit etmek Tür.
    • ape. copy. counterfeit. do. echo. imitate. mimic. simulate.
  536. taklitçi Tür.
    • imitator. mimic. copier. sb who imitates or copies.
  537. taklitçi Tür.
    • ape. apish. copycat. mimic. imitator. copy-cat.
  538. taklitçi Tür.
    • affected. imitator. copyist. forger. ape. copycat. mimic. mime. impersonator.
  539. taklitçilik Tür.
    • mimicry. imitating. copying. being an imitator or copier. mimicking. mocking. being a mimic or mocker.
  540. taklitçilik Tür.
    • apery.
  541. takma Tür.
    • fixing. attaching. fastening. affixing. putting on. pinning to. hanging on. artificial. glass. false. attachment. connection. loose. hanging. attachable. attached. wearing. mounting. artificier. assembl.
  542. takma Tür.
    • attachment. false. fixation. mounting. stuck on. attached. attaching. fastening. artificial.
  543. takma Tür.
    • artificial. false. attachable. postiche. assumed. by-. bye-. pseudo-.
  544. takma ad Tür.
    • pen name. nickname. alias. assumed name. pseudonym. stage name.
  545. takma ad Tür.
    • pen name.
  546. takma ad Tür.
    • nickname. pseudonym.
  547. takma diş Tür.
    • denture.
  548. takma diş Tür.
    • dental plate. denture.
  549. takma dişler Tür.
    • false teeth. dentures.
  550. takma isim Tür.
    • false name.
  551. takma isim Tür.
    • alias.
  552. takma saç Tür.
    • wig. toupee.
  553. takmak Tür.
    • mount. to attach. to fasten. to affix. to put sth on. to pin sth to. to hang sth on. to pick on. to single sb out for harassment. to nickname. to do or diddle sb out of a certain amount of money. to fail. to flunk. to couple. t.
  554. takmak Tür.
    • give a damn. fixate. affix. attach. fix. stick. hook. set. wear. bother. hang. hang on. hitch. infix. snag.
  555. takmak Tür.
    • attach. hitch. mount. stick. wear. to attach. to affix. to fasten. to hitch. to set. to put on. to wear. to put sth on. to give. to incur. not to pay. to have it in for sb. to have a down on. to make a dead set at. to care. to give a damn/shit. to. to give as a present. to give.
  556. takograf Tür.
    • tachograph.
  557. takometre Tür.
    • tachometer. speedometer. tacheometer. tachymeter. transit compass. speed counter. speed indicator.
  558. takometre Tür.
    • tachometer.
  559. takometre Tür.
    • tacheometer.
  560. takoz Tür.
    • wedge. skid. scotch. chock. batten. chump. dowel. nog. sprag.
  561. takoz Tür.
    • chock. trig. wedge. plug. stock. skid. slug. holdfast. nog. backstop. wood-block. key. headstock. underlay. cleat. glut. chunk. chump. batten. template.
  562. takoz Tür.
    • chock. chump. quoin. skid. template. wedge. wooden wedge. log. block. cleat. billet.
  563. takozlamak Tür.
    • chock.
  564. takriben Tür.
    • almost. approximately. about.
  565. takriben Tür.
    • about. approximately. almost. circa. nearly. roughly.
  566. takribi Tür.
    • approximate.
  567. takrir Tür.
    • motion. proposal.
  568. takrir Tür.
    • motion. presenting. expounding. explaining. setting forth. proposal. official note. memorandum. conveyance. official transfer of the title to a piece of real estate. establishment. securing. declaration. report. representation. statement.
  569. taksa Tür.
    • the amount of postage due on a letter bearing insufficient postage. coupled with fine (it is collected from the addressee.
  570. taksa pulu Tür.
    • postage-due stamp.
  571. taksi Tür.
    • taxi. cab. taxicab. hack.
  572. taksi Tür.
    • cab. taxi. taxicab. taxi-cab.
  573. taksi Tür.
    • cab. taxi. taxicab. carfare. motor cab. motorcab.
  574. taksim Tür.
    • shareout.
  575. taksim Tür.
    • division. partition. distribution. an instrumental improvisation. improvisation. instrumental solo.
  576. taksim Tür.
    • division. dividing sth up. slash mark. slash. partition.
  577. taksimat Tür.
    • scale. divisions.
  578. taksimat Tür.
    • divisions. sections.
  579. taksimetre Tür.
    • taximeter. speedometer.
  580. taksimetre Tür.
    • taximeter.
  581. taksir Tür.
    • curtailing. negligence.
  582. taksirat Tür.
    • sins. negligences. fate.
  583. taksirli suç Tür.
    • crime committed by imprudence.
  584. taksit Tür.
    • instalment. installment.
  585. taksit Tür.
    • instal lment. payment. instal l ment.
  586. taksit Tür.
    • hire-purchase. instalment. installment. hire purchase.
  587. taksitlendirmek Tür.
    • to make a sum due payable on the installment plan.
  588. takt Tür.
    • bar, beat, clock, clock pulse, gating, measure, meter, rhythm, savoir faire, stroke, tact, time.
  589. taktik Tür.
    • tactic. tactical. tactics. tactics tabiye.
  590. taktik Tür.
    • tactics. maneuver. strategem. tactic. tactical.
  591. taktik Tür.
    • policy, tactic, tactics.
  592. taktik Tür.
    • diversionary. tactical. tactics. strategy. tip.
  593. taktikçi Tür.
    • tactician.
  594. taktikçi Tür.
    • tactician.
  595. taktırmak Tür.
    • to have sb attach. to fasten. to affix or pin sth to. to have sb hang sth on.
  596. takunya Tür.
    • patten.
  597. takunya Tür.
    • clog. sabot.
  598. takunya Tür.
    • clog. patten.
  599. takunyacı Tür.
    • reactionary fundamentalist.
  600. takvim Tür.
    • calendar. almanac. date block.
  601. takvim Tür.
    • calendar. almanac.
  602. takvim Tür.
    • calendar. almanac.
  603. takviye Tür.
    • reinforcement. support. backing. strengthening. consolidation. fortification. fortifier. recruitment.
  604. takviye Tür.
    • reinforcement. strengthening. ramification. stiffening. fortification. consolidation.
  605. takviye Tür.
    • fortification. reinforcement.
  606. tal Tür.
    • Thick ascending limb.
  607. tal Tür.
    • Target Analyte List. nIII: village.
  608. tal Tür.
    • Tag Attribute Language TAL Wiki.
  609. tal Tür.
    • pharmaceutical abbreviation, of such.
  610. tal Tür.
    • Former World Champion who defeated Botvinnik, but lost the rematch His fans idolized him and he was probably the most loved world champion in history He had a speculative attacking style.
  611. tal Tür.
    • dale, vale, valley.
  612. tal Tür.
    • A Martian second.
  613. talak Tür.
    • divorce of a wife by her husband.
  614. talakat Tür.
    • eloquence.
  615. talan Tür.
    • sack. plunder. raid. tha sack. pillage.
  616. talan Tür.
    • pillage. plundering. sack. looting. plunder. spoliation.
  617. talaria İng.
    • i., çoğ., mit. ayak bileğine bağlı küçük kanatlar veya kanatlı sandallar.
  618. talaş Tür.
    • wood shavings. sawdust. metal filings. marble clippings. chips. shaving (s. tailing. chipping. flake. trimming. wad. shave. bite. sliver. splinter. splint. excelsior. swarf.
  619. talaş Tür.
    • shavings. wood shavings. sawdust. excelsior. rasping. shiver. swarf.
  620. talaş Tür.
    • sawdust. shavings. swarf. wood shavings. filings.
  621. talaşlamak Tür.
    • to cover with sawdust.
  622. talazlık Tür.
    • washboard. washtroke. wasteboard.
  623. talc İng.
    • i. talk.
  624. talcose , talcous İng.
    • s. talklı.
  625. talcumpowder İng.
    • talk pudrası.
  626. tale İng.
    • i. hikaye, masal
    • dedikodu
    • yalan
    • eski sayı, toplam. tell tales dedikodu çıkarmak.
  627. talebe Tür.
    • student. pupil öğrenci. pupil.
  628. talebe Tür.
    • pupil. student.
  629. talebe Tür.
    • disciple.
  630. talebearer İng.
    • i. dedikoducu kimse.
  631. talent İng.
    • i. kabiliyet, yetenek, hüner, Allah vergisi
    • yetenekli kimseler
    • eski ibrani veya Yunan altın veya gümüş parası
    • tarb a talent for music müzik kabiliyeti. talent scout sin. yıldız adayı seçen kimse. local talent bir mahallin yerlilerinden olan kabiliyetli kimseler. talented s. kabiliyetli, hünerli.
  632. talep Tür.
    • demand. request. claim. application. charge. petition. plea. requisition. run. sale. solicitation. market. rush.
  633. talep Tür.
    • demand. request. claim. application. charge. petition. plea. requisition. run. sale. solicitation.
  634. talep Tür.
    • demand. claim. wanting. requiring. demanding. formal request. application. caption. exigency exigence. major concern. postulation. requisition. solicitation. support. waiver of demand, notice and protest.
  635. talep etmek Tür.
    • to ask. to demand. to claim. to request. to require. to wish. active demand. bound up. call for. call upon. move for. postulate. put in requisition. sue.
  636. talep etmek Tür.
    • ask. demand. petition. solicit.
  637. tales İng.
    • i. (çoğ. tales) huk. yedek jüri üyeleri
    • yedek jüri üyelerine yazılan celpname.
  638. talesman İng.
    • i., huk. yedek jüri üyesi .
  639. taleteller İng.
    • i. masalcı
    • yalancı kimse
    • jurnalci kimse.
  640. tali Tür.
    • subsidiary. secondary. subordinate.
  641. tali Tür.
    • collateral. collateral power. secondary. subordinate. ancillary.
  642. talih Tür.
    • chance. luck. fortune.
  643. talih Tür.
    • chance. fortune. lot. luck. star. good fortune.
  644. talih kuşu Tür.
    • strike.
  645. talihli Tür.
    • lucky.
  646. talihli Tür.
    • fortunate. lucky.
  647. talihsiz Tür.
    • unlucky.
  648. talihsiz Tür.
    • hapless.
  649. talihsiz Tür.
    • bad. poor. rough. tough. tragic. unfortunate. unlucky. untoward.
  650. talihsizlik Tür.
    • mischance.
  651. talihsizlik Tür.
    • disaster. misadventure. mischance. misfortune. mishap. bad luck.
  652. talihsizlik Tür.
    • bad luck.
  653. talik Tür.
    • adjournment. postponing.
  654. talim Tür.
    • drill. instruction. teaching. instructing. practicing sth. practice. exercise. education. training.
  655. talim Tür.
    • drill. exercise. teaching. instruction öğretim. practice. training. instruction.
  656. talim Tür.
    • drill. exercise. drilling.
  657. talimat Tür.
    • instructions. directions. acting order. body regulations. direction. directive. letter rogatory. guiding line. policies. precept. prescription. regulation. rules of action. terms of reference. working guides. instruction.
  658. talimat Tür.
    • instruction. instructions. direction. rule. directive. charge. commission. precept.
  659. talimat Tür.
    • charge. direction. instruction. instructions. directions.
  660. talimatname Tür.
    • regulations yönetmelik.
  661. talimatname Tür.
    • regulations book. regulations. rules. by-laws. guide. instruction manual. instruction sheet. letter of instruction. standing rules. regulatory statute.
  662. talimhane Tür.
    • drill field.
  663. talion İng.
    • i., huk kısas .
  664. talip Tür.
    • suitor. claimant. aspirant. pretender.
  665. talip Tür.
    • solicitor. desirous. wishful. suitor. customerdesirous. seeking. candidate.
  666. talip Tür.
    • sb who wants sth. suitor. wooer. customer. applicant. aspirant. candidate.
  667. talip olmak Tür.
    • to want. to desire. to seek. to apply for. to seek the hand of a woman in marriage. aspire.
  668. taliped İng.
    • i., s. yumru ayaklı kimse
    • s. yumru ayaklı.
  669. talipes İng.
    • i., tıb. yumru ayak.
  670. talipot İng.
    • i. yelpaze şeklinde iri yapraklı bir çeşit hurma ağacı, bot. Corypha umbraculifera.
  671. talisman İng.
    • i. (çoğ. -mans) tılsım. talismanic(al) s. tılsımlı.
  672. talk Tür.
    • When a handset is powered on, and is engaged in a voice or data call Talk time is the approximate length of time that a fully charged battery will last while on a continuous call, under ideal conditions, before needing to be recharged.
  673. talk Tür.
    • USENET"s version of talk radio.
  674. talk Tür.
    • To utter words
    • esp., to converse familiarly
    • to speak, as in familiar discourse, when two or more persons interchange thoughts.
  675. talk Tür.
    • To speak freely
    • to use for conversing or communicating
    • as, to talk French.
  676. talk Tür.
    • To prate
    • to speak impertinently.
  677. talk Tür.
    • To deliver in talking
    • to speak
    • to utter
    • to make a subject of conversation
    • as, to talk nonsense
    • to talk politics.
  678. talk Tür.
    • To consume or spend in talking
    • often followed by away
    • as, to talk away an evening.
  679. talk Tür.
    • To confer
    • to reason
    • to consult.
  680. talk Tür.
    • To cause to be or become by talking.
  681. talk Tür.
    • The act of talking
    • especially, familiar converse
    • mutual discourse
    • that which is uttered, especially in familiar conversation, or the mutual converse of two or more.
  682. talk Tür.
    • Text telephone: a service that permit two people who are logged in to host computers to engage in a split-screen "conversation," in which what one user types is presented on the top half of both screens while the other user"s typing is presented on the bottom half of both screens Available on OAK.
  683. talk Tür.
    • Talk is a UNIX protocol that lets two people conduct a real-time, text-based "conversation" over the Internet A conversation can be initiated by using the command "talk" followed by the e-mail address of the person with whom you wish to speak at the UNIX command line. an internet command to have a 1-to-1 exchange of messages with another internet user
    • similiar to a phone conversation.
  684. talk Tür.
    • talc. talcum.
  685. talk Tür.
    • talc.
  686. talk Tür.
    • Subject of discourse
    • as, his achievment is the talk of the town. the act of giving a talk to an audience
    • "I attended an interesting talk on local history" an exchange of ideas via conversation
    • "let"s have more work and less talk around here" discussion
    • "his poetry contains much talk about love and anger" idle gossip or rumor
    • "there has been talk about you lately" express in speech
    • "She talks a lot of nonsense"
    • "This depressed patient does not verbalize" exchange thoughts
    • talk with
    • "We often talk business"
    • "Actions talk louder than words".
  687. talk Tür.
    • Report
    • rumor
    • as, to hear talk of war.
  688. talk Tür.
    • Like the talk in an IRC chat, this is the simplest method of communication, and is used for speaking with people in the same room See the MOOing 101 tutorial for more information.
  689. talk Tür.
    • Discussion and debate. talk to another user - two way screen-oriented communication program. chatty topic Groups that discuss controversial topics such as politics, religion, and current affairs Opinions can be very explicit and extreme because there are no hold backs.
  690. talk Tür.
    • Board.
  691. talk Tür.
    • A UNIX utility that allows one user to communicate instantaneously with another user. any noise a prop makes, such as two coins clinking.
  692. talk Tür.
    • A UNIX program which allows two users on different machines to carry on a dialogue in real time by typing messages into a split screen.
  693. talk Tür.
    • A UNIX command that enables users to talk in real-time similar to Internet Relay Chat. a program that lets you speak to someone elsewhere in the world using your modem and Internet connection instead of your telephone You need a soundcard and microphone, and the other person must be using the same program you are Also known as Voice On the Net The term "talk" is also used to describe the kind of typed chat that takes place between two people rather than a group in a chat room.
  694. talk Tür.
    • A protocol which allows two people on remote computers to communicate in real-time.
  695. talk Tür.
    • A protocol which allows two people on remote computers to communicate in a real-time fashion.
  696. talk Tür.
    • A program that allows two users to communicate using keyboards and display screens Each user"s screen is divided in half
    • one half shows what the user types, while the other half shows what the other person types.
  697. talk Tür.
    • an exchange of ideas via conversation
    • "let"s have more work and less talk around here". discussion
    • "his poetry contains much talk about love and anger". the act of giving a talk to an audience
    • "I attended an interesting talk on local history". a speech that is open to the public
    • "he attended a lecture on telecommunications". idle gossip or rumor
    • "there has been talk about you lately". exchange thoughts
    • talk with
    • "We often talk business"
    • "Actions talk louder than words". express in speech
    • "She talks a lot of nonsense"
    • "This depressed patient does not verbalize". use language
    • "the baby talks already"
    • "the prisoner won"t speak"
    • "they speak a strange dialect". reveal information
    • "If you don"t oblige me, I"ll talk!"
    • "The former employee spilled all the details". divulge confidential information or secrets
    • "Be careful--his secretary talks". deliver a lecture or talk
    • "She will talk at Rutgers next week"
    • "Did you ever lecture at Harvard?". talk to a user.
  698. talk İng.
    • f., i. konuşmak, söylemek
    • lakırdı etmek, laf etmek
    • müzakere etmek, görüşmek
    • (A.B.D.), k.dili. gammazlamak
    • k.dili. hükmü geçmek
    • i. konuşma
    • laf, lakırdı, söz
    • söz konusu: boş laf
    • müzakere, görüşme
    • ağız, (argo) talk about, talk of hakkında konuşmak, bahsetmek .talk around meselenin aslına temas etmeden müzakere etmek. talk at boşuna konuşmak. talk away durmadan konuşmak, konuşarak vakit geçirmek. talk back karşılık vermek .talk big (argo) övünmek. talk down daha fazla veya daha yüksek sesle konuşarak susturmak
    • hav. konuşma yoluyla kör iniş yaptırmak. talk down to hor görmek. talk nonsense boş laf etmek, saçmalamak. talk one into ikna etmek. talk one's head off kafasını şişirmek, bıktırıncaya kadar söylemek, dır dır etmek. talk one's way into dil dökerek yolunu yapmak .talk out bütün ayrıntılarıyla görüşmek
    • konuşulacak şeyleri tüketmek. talk over bir mesele hakkında konuşmak. talk sense makul konuşmak. talk shop sohbet esnasında iş konularına dönmek .talk through etraflıca konuşmak. talk through one's hat (argo) atmak, kafadan atmak. talk up methetmek, bir meseleyi kabul ettirmek için överek bahsetmek. be talked out söyleyecek sözü kalmamak. have a talk konuşmak. small talk hoşbeş, sohbet, yarenlik .tall talk inanılmayacak hikaye veya masal. the talk of the town herkesin konuştuğu mesele, dillerde dolaşan söz.
  699. talk pudrası Tür.
    • talcum powder.
  700. talk pudrası Tür.
    • talcum / dust powder. talc. talcum powder.
  701. talkative İng.
    • s. konuşkan. talkativeness i. konuşkanlık.
  702. talking İng.
    • s., i konuşan, konuşabilen
    • konuşkan
    • i. konuşma. talking machine eski gramofon. talking point üstünde durulacak nokta.
  703. talkingto İng.
    • i., k.dili. azarlama, paylama.
  704. talky İng.
    • s. konuşkan
    • geveze, çenesi düşük
    • palavrası bol.
  705. tall İng.
    • s. uzun boylu, uzun
    • yüksek
    • k.dili. mübalağalı, abartmalı
    • k.dili. büyük. tallness i. uzun boyluluk
    • yükseklik.
  706. tallage İng.
    • i. eski İngiltere'de bir çeşit vergi.
  707. tallboy İng.
    • i., (İng.) şifoniyer, konsol
    • baca külâhı.
  708. tallith İng.
    • i. Musevilerin bilhassa ibadet zamanında kullandıkları atkı.
  709. tallow İng.
    • i., f. donyağı
    • mum yağı
    • f. mum yağı ile yağlamak. tallowy s. yaglı
    • mum yağına benzer
  710. tally İng.
    • i., f. çetele
    • çetele ile hesap tutma
    • çentik, kertik
    • seri numarası, seri işareti
    • etiket
    • f. çeteleye yazmak veya işaret etmek
    • uydurmak
    • uymak
    • sayım yapmak.
  711. tallyho İng.
    • (ünlem), f. Haydi ! Yallah ! (köpekleri ileri sürmek için avcının seslenmesi)
    • f. Yallah ! diyerek köpekleri koşturmak.
  712. talmud İng.
    • i. Musevilerin Talmud denilen kanun ve tefsir kitabı. Talmud'ic(al) s. Talmud kitabına ait. Talmudist i. Talmud alimi.
  713. talon İng.
    • i. pençe
    • kilit anahtar yatağı.
  714. taltif Tür.
    • rewarding sb.
  715. taltif Tür.
    • gratifying. rewarding.
  716. taluk İng.
    • i. Hindistan'da yerli kesimcinin vergi topladığı bölge
    • Hindistan'da mali kane. talukdar i .yerli kesimci.
  717. talus İng.
    • i., anat. aşık kemiği
    • jeol. tepe veya uçurum dibinde biriken kaya parçalan
    • meyil.
  718. tam Tür.
    • Total Available Market.
  719. tam Tür.
    • Telecommunications Automation Model.
  720. tam Tür.
    • Early Fon of Bum. abbr Test and Administration Manual.
  721. tam Tür.
    • complete. full. whole. entire. just. exact. precise. perfect. integral. absolute. accurate. true. trueborn. very. accomplished. all-out. blank. clear. consummate. correct. dead. downright. engrained. even. factual. implicit. ingrained. intact. intima.
  722. tam Tür.
    • complete. full. perfect. whole. absolute. on the button. consummate. correct. direct. directly. entire. exact. exactly. express. implicit. mathematical. orthodox / adj. outright payment. precise. proper. resounding. ripe. solid. stark. strict. thorough. t.
  723. tam Tür.
    • a woolen cap of Scottish origin.
  724. tam Tür.
    • a woolen cap of Scottish origin.
  725. tam Tür.
    • absolute. accurate. bang. complete. consummate. crass. dead. definitive. direct. due. entire. exact. exactly. finished. flat. good. grand. graphic. immaculate. implicit. intact. just. literal. literally. outright. particular. perfect. positive. precise. precisely. prompt. proper. regular. sharp. square. strict. total. true. truly. unabridged. unadulterated. undivided. unqualified. unrelieved. utter. veritable. very. completely.
  726. tam gaz Tür.
    • at full lick. full throttle. gas full. throttle full open. perfect gas.
  727. tam gün Tür.
    • full time.
  728. tam mesai Tür.
    • full time.
  729. tam olarak Tür.
    • in extenso. literally. perfectly. precisely.
  730. tam olarak Tür.
    • exactly.
  731. tam olarak Tür.
    • due. duly. exactly. faithfully. fully. literally. perfectly. precisely. prompt. quite. truly.
  732. tam otomatik Tür.
    • fully automatic.
  733. tam pansiyon Tür.
    • full board. full board.
  734. tam pansiyon Tür.
    • American plan. board residence.
  735. tam sayı Tür.
    • whole number. integer.
  736. tam sayı Tür.
    • integer.
  737. tam yol Tür.
    • full speed.
  738. tam zamanında Tür.
    • just in time. duly.
  739. tamable İng.
    • bak. tameable.
  740. tamah Tür.
    • greed. cupidity. avarice. rapacity.
  741. tamale İng.
    • i. mısır ile kıyma ve kırmızı biberle yapılan Meksika yemeği.
  742. tamam Tür.
    • OK. righto. tush.
  743. tamam Tür.
    • complete. done. finished. mature. exactly. precisely. according to hoyle. yeah. okay.
  744. tamam Tür.
    • complete. done. finished. mature. exactly. precisely. according to hoyle. yeah.
  745. tamamen Tür.
    • completely. entirely. fully. exactly. properly. thoroughly. wholly. perfectly. precious. absolutely. all. altogether. bang. bang-on. chock. clean. clear. dead. definitely. in the highest degree. downright. fair. heart and soul. up to the hilt. hollow.
  746. tamamen Tür.
    • altogether. completely. entirely. wholly. all over. to a crumb. diametrically. down to the ground. exactly. faithfully. in toto. off. out. outright. perfectly. purely. quite. roundly. up. well. for all the world.
  747. tamamen Tür.
    • absolutely. all. altogether. completely. dead. diametrically. downright. exactly. finally. flatly. fully. off. outright. perfectly. purely. quite. roundly. totally. truly. wholly. wide. entirely. clean. clear. in full. to the core. bang.
  748. tamamı Tür.
    • complete. in all. every bit. out-and-outer.
  749. tamamıyla Tür.
    • wholly. completely. entirely. all. clean. ex. to the full. lock stock and barrel. neck and crop. nicely. out and out. through and through.
  750. tamamıyla Tür.
    • absolutely. out. roundly.
  751. tamamlama Tür.
    • consummation. perfection. completion. integration.
  752. tamamlama Tür.
    • completion. integration. finishing. finish. perfection. accomplishment. consummation. follow-through. fulfillment. fulfilment.
  753. tamamlama Tür.
    • completion. finishing.
  754. tamamlamak Tür.
    • to complete. to finish. to make sth complete or whole. accomplish. carry out. complement. consummate. dispose. fulfil. implement. integrate. make. to raise to full number. pack in. perfect. to bring to perfection. round off. satisfy. sew up. to make short.
  755. tamamlamak Tür.
    • complete. serve out. finish. integrate. fulfill. button up. catch up on. clear up. complement. bring to completion. consummate. do. eke out. finalize. fulfil. go through with. implement. perfect. round off. round out. supplement. take up. work off. w.
  756. tamamlamak Tür.
    • complement. complete. consummate. crown. finish. implement. to complete. to consummate. to complement. to finish. to perfect.
  757. tamamlanmak Tür.
    • to be completed. to be finished. to be complemented.
  758. tamamlanmak Tür.
    • be done. round.
  759. tamamlatmak Tür.
    • to have sb complete sth.
  760. tamamlayıcı Tür.
    • Supplemental.
  761. tamamlayıcı Tür.
    • complementary. complemental. integral. supplemental. supplementary. collateral. component. expletive. follow-up. integrant. complement. modifier. supplement. processor. adjunct.
  762. tamamlayıcılık Tür.
    • complementarity.
  763. tamandua İng.
    • i. karınca yiyengillerden tamandua, zool. Tamandua tetradactyla .
  764. tamarack İng.
    • i. Amerika'ya mahsus bir çeşit çam, lariks, bot. Larix laricina.
  765. tamarin İng.
    • i. ipek maymun, zool. Leontocebus rosalia.
  766. tamarind İng.
    • i. demirhindi, bot. Ta marindus indica
    • demirhindinin meyvası.
  767. tamarisk İng.
    • i. Ilgın, bot. Tamarix.
  768. tambour İng.
    • i., f. trampet, ufak davul
    • kasnak
    • kasnak işi
    • f. kasnağa gerip işlemek.
  769. tambourine İng.
    • i. tef.
  770. tambur Tür.
    • drum. classical lute.
  771. tame İng.
    • s., f. evcilleştirilmiş, ehlileştirilmiş, alıştırılmış
    • uysal, munis, yumuşak huylu
    • zararsız
    • tatsız, yavan, manasız
    • f. ehlileştirmek, evcilleştirmek
    • uysallaştırmak, uslandırmak
    • yumuşatmak, hafifleştirmek. tame'ly z. uysalca. tame'ness i. evcillik
    • uysallık .
  772. tameable İng.
    • s. evcilleştirilebilir, ehlileşme kalileştirilebilir tameability biliyeti.
  773. tamer İng.
    • i. terbiyeci.
  774. tamerlane İng.
    • i. Timur.
  775. tamim Tür.
    • circular genelge. sirküler. generalization genelleme. written general order. circular.
  776. tamim Tür.
    • circular. circular letter. generalizing. generalization. making sth generally known. diffusing. circularization. circular order.
  777. tamir Tür.
    • wrecking. repair. overhaul. mending. fixing. mend. refit. refitment. reparation.
  778. tamir Tür.
    • repair. repairing. fixing. mending. to make amends for. refection. refit. renewal.
  779. tamir Tür.
    • repair onarım. overhaul. maintenance. restoration. repair.
  780. tamirat Tür.
    • repairs. repair. renovation.
  781. tamirat Tür.
    • repairs.
  782. tamirat Tür.
    • repair. repairs.
  783. tamirci Tür.
    • repairman. serviceman. mechanic. wrecker.
  784. tamirci Tür.
    • repairer. serviceman. repairman. mender. fault finder. fault tracer. rebuilder.
  785. tamirci Tür.
    • mechanic. repairman. repairer.
  786. tamirhane Tür.
    • repair shop. repair-shop.
  787. tamirhane Tür.
    • repair shop.
  788. tamis , tammy İng.
    • i. süzgeç yapımında kullanılan bir çeşit kumaş
    • kumaştan süzgeç.
  789. tamlama Tür.
    • noun phrase. propositional phrase.
  790. tamlama Tür.
    • noun phrase. prepositional phrase.
  791. tamlamak Tür.
    • modify.
  792. tamlanan Tür.
    • modified. determined. defined.
  793. tamlayan Tür.
    • genitival.
  794. tamlayan Tür.
    • determinative. modifying. determining. defining.
  795. tamlık Tür.
    • exactness. perfection. plenitude.
  796. tamlık Tür.
    • accuracy. integrity. precision. totality. completeness.
  797. tamoshanter İng.
    • i. tepesi geniş ve püsküllü İskoç beresi.
  798. tamp İng.
    • f. bastırıp sıkıştırmak .
  799. tamper İng.
    • i. hafifçe vurarak bastıran kimse veya alet, sıkmaç.
  800. tamper İng.
    • f., with ile birinin işine karışmak
    • dokunmak
    • değiştirip bozmak, oynamak
    • kurcalamak
    • hile karıştırmaki
  801. tampion İng.
    • i. top ağzı tapası.
  802. tampon Tür.
    • To plug with a tampon. plug of cotton or other absorbent material
    • inserted into wound or body cavity to absorb exuded fluids.
  803. tampon Tür.
    • plug of cotton or other absorbent material
    • inserted into wound or body cavity to absorb exuded fluids. plug with a tampon.
  804. tampon Tür.
    • plug.
  805. tampon Tür.
    • buffer. cushion. pack. plug. tampon. bumber. buffer. bumper. compress. crash pad. anti-impact dashboard. dead block. ink pad. wad. wadding.
  806. tampon Tür.
    • buffer. bumper. fender. shock absorber. cushion. tampon. packing. wad.
  807. tampon Tür.
    • A plug introduced into a natural or artificial cavity of the body in order to arrest hemorrhage, or for the application of medicine.
  808. tampon İng.
    • i., f., tıb. tampon
    • f. tampon ile tıkamak.
  809. tampon bölge Tür.
    • buffer zone.
  810. tampon devlet Tür.
    • buffer state.
  811. tamponlama Tür.
    • buffering. cushioning.
  812. tamtam Tür.
    • tom-tom.
  813. tamtam Tür.
    • tom tom.
  814. tamtam Tür.
    • See Gong, n., 1.
  815. tamtam Tür.
    • fuss, to-do, tam-tam, noise, hype, tomtom, tom-tom, carry-on.
  816. tamtam Tür.
    • bongo drum.
  817. tamtam Tür.
    • A kind of drum used in the East Indies and other Oriental countries
    • called also tom- tom.
  818. tamtam Tür.
    • A gong.
  819. tamtam İng.
    • i. tamtam.
  820. tamu Tür.
    • hell.
  821. tan Tür.
    • Traditional Access Nation.
  822. tan Tür.
    • To thrash or beat
    • to flog
    • to switch. a light brown a browning of the skin resulting from exposure to the rays of the sun get a tan, from wind or sun treat skins and hides with tannic acid so as to convert them into leather of a light yellowish-brown color.
  823. tan Tür.
    • Total Acid Number.
  824. tan Tür.
    • To make brown
    • to imbrown, as by exposure to the rays of the sun
    • as, to tan the skin.
  825. tan Tür.
    • To get or become tanned.
  826. tan Tür.
    • To convert into leather, as by usual process of steeping it in an infusion of oak or some other bark, whereby it is impregnated with tannin, or tannic acid, and is thus rendered firm, durable, and in some degree impervious to water.
  827. tan Tür.
    • The bark of the oak, and some other trees, bruised and broken by a mill, for tanning hides
    • so called both before and after it has been used.
  828. tan Tür.
    • Temporary Authorization Number TRA: Threat and Risk Assessment.
  829. tan Tür.
    • Tax Anticipation Note. acid number.
  830. tan Tür.
    • See Picul.
  831. tan Tür.
    • Raised platform seats in the zendo upon which people sit for zazen. a variable color that is a light yellowish brown Plural tense: tan-colored articles of clothing. - tangent.
  832. tan Tür.
    • Of the color of tan
    • yellowish- brown.
  833. tan Tür.
    • Name or designation. total ammonia nitrogen.
  834. tan Tür.
    • Line activated telephone recorder.
  835. tan Tür.
    • down. daybreak. dawn. first light.
  836. tan Tür.
    • dawn. daybreak. twilight. aurora. sunglow.
  837. tan Tür.
    • dawn. daybreak.
  838. tan Tür.
    • Computes a tangent.
  839. tan Tür.
    • Called also tan bark.
  840. tan Tür.
    • Body.
  841. tan Tür.
    • A yellowish-brown color, like that of tan.
  842. tan Tür.
    • Allotted seat on the platform for zazen. when the message pertains only indirectly to Photoshop.
  843. tan Tür.
    • a browning of the skin resulting from exposure to the rays of the sun. a light brown. ratio of the opposite to the adjacent side of a right-angled triangle. treat skins and hides with tannic acid so as to convert them into leather. get a tan, from wind or sun. of a light yellowish-brown color.
  844. tan Tür.
    • A brown color imparted to the skin by exposure to the sun
    • as, hands covered with tan.
  845. tan Tür.
    • Abbreviation for the Trust Assurance Network. stay.
  846. tan İng.
    • (kıs.) tangent.
  847. tan İng.
    • f. (-ned, -ning) i., s. tabaklamak, de bagat etmek
    • güneşe göstererek karartmak
    • k.dili. kamçılamak, dayak atmak
    • güneşte yanıp esmerleşmek
    • i. sarımsı kahverengi
    • güneşte yanmış ten rengi
    • tanen, mazı tozu
    • s. açık kahverengi
    • sepicilikte kullanılan. tan pit, tan vat debbağhane kuyusu. tan yard i. debbağhane, tabakhane.
  848. tanager İng.
    • i. ispinoza benzer parlak tüylü ve Amerika'ya mahsus bir çeşit kuş.
  849. tanbark İng.
    • i. meşe kabuğu.
  850. tandem Tür.
    • Two pins, one behind the other.
  851. tandem Tür.
    • Two person payload on a single skydiving system Tandem master knows what is going on, tandem student doesn"t Common route of entry into the sport for civilians Many do not wish to progress beyond the one or two tandem dives. a bicycle with two sets of pedals and two seats. one behind the other
    • "ride tandem on a bicycle built for two"
    • "riding horses down the path in tandem".
  852. tandem Tür.
    • Two-person canoe or kayak.
  853. tandem Tür.
    • Same as barmaid.
  854. tandem Tür.
    • Parachute jumps in which two skydivers, usually an instructor and student, share one parachute system The student is in a separate harness that attaches to the front of the instructor"s harness.
  855. tandem Tür.
    • One behind the other, together.
  856. tandem Tür.
    • One after another
    • said especially of horses harnessed and driven one before another, instead of abreast.
  857. tandem Tür.
    • Central computer of the Exchange.
  858. tandem Tür.
    • A truck that has two drive axles or a trailer that has two axles.
  859. tandem Tür.
    • At length A pun applied to two horses driven one before the other This Latin is of a similar character to plenum sed.
  860. tandem Tür.
    • A team of horses harnessed one before the other.
  861. tandem Tür.
    • A tandem bicycle or other vehicle. one behind the other
    • "ride tandem on a bicycle built for two"
    • "riding horses down the path in tandem".
  862. tandem Tür.
    • A switching arrangement in which the trunk from the calling office is connected to a trunk at the called office through an intermediate point
    • serves to interconnect central offices when direct interoffice trunks are not available.
  863. tandem Tür.
    • A specific group of two piece productsd from Hollister, incorporating the revolutionary Tandem CenterPoint Lock system This patented closure mechanism eliminates any possibility of accidental pouch detachment Available in a variety of pre-cut, cut-to-fit and convexed flanges to use with the closed, drainable and urostomy pouches.
  864. tandem Tür.
    • An arrangement of two or more AISwitches where the AISwitches are directly interconnected In this configuration you may call a remote AISwitch and then place a second call on that remote AISwitch.
  865. tandem Tür.
    • A bi-place wing for a pilot and a passenger The wing size is almost double that of a solo wing A tandem wing must be specifically certified as bi-place The pilot and passenger are suspended from spreader bars which ensure leg room for the pilot who sits behind. a kayak that is designed to be paddled by two people.
  866. tandem Tür.
    • A bicycle or other vehicle which accommodates two or more riders, one in front of the other Tandems for three riders are called "triplets" for four: "quadruplets" or "quads" etc This site contains several different articles about tandem bicycles.
  867. tandem İng.
    • z., i., s. birbiri ardına koşulmuş halde
    • i. birbiri ardına koşulmuş atlar
    • iki kişilik bisiklet: s. birbiri arkasına dizilmiş .
  868. tandır Tür.
    • oven made in a hole in the earth.
  869. tandır Tür.
    • oven consisting of a clay-lined pit or a large earthen jar buried in the. tandoor. tandoori.
  870. tane Tür.
    • piece. grain. seed. bead. bean. kernel. legume.
  871. tane Tür.
    • grain. a single thing. item. piece. individual. pellet.
  872. tane Tür.
    • corn. grain. item. particle. piece. seed. pip. berry. a single thing.
  873. tanecik Tür.
    • granule. tiny grain / kernel. granular. particle.
  874. tanecik Tür.
    • granule. particle. grain.
  875. tanecikli Tür.
    • granular.
  876. tanecikli Tür.
    • granular.
  877. tanelemek Tür.
    • to shell. to strip the kernels from an ear of (wheat, corn, etc. to remove the pulpy seeds from (a pomegranate. to granulate.
  878. tanelenmek Tür.
    • granulate.
  879. taneli Tür.
    • granulated. granular. granulous. graniferous.
  880. taneli Tür.
    • granular. granulated.
  881. taneli Tür.
    • grainy. composed of distinct grains. which bears or has kernels. seeds. granular.
  882. tanen Tür.
    • tannin. tan.
  883. tanen Tür.
    • tannin.
  884. tang İng.
    • i. bıçağın sapa giren kuyruğu, berazban, pırazvana.
  885. tang İng.
    • i. bir çeşit su yosunu.
  886. tang İng.
    • i. acı tat veya koku, keskin çeşni.
  887. tang İng.
    • f., i. madeni ses çıkarmak, tangırdamak
    • i. madeni ses, tangırtı.
  888. tanganyika İng.
    • i .Tanganika.
  889. tangent İng.
    • s., i. dokunan
    • geom. teğet kabilinden
    • i., geom. teğet
    • tanjant. go off at a tangent birden konu değiştirmek. tangency i. teğet geçme
    • konuya bağlı kalma.
  890. tangential İng.
    • s. teğet halindeki
    • yüzeysel. tangentially z. yüzeysel olarak.
  891. tangerine İng.
    • i. mandalina, bot. Citrus reticulata.
  892. tangible İng.
    • s. dokunulur, tutulur
    • anlaşılır, akla yakın, kavranabilir
    • gerçek
    • maddi
    • duyulur, hissedilir. tangible assets maddi kıymetler. tangiblos i. mal, mülk, servet. tangibil'ity, tangibleness i. tutulabilme. tangibly z. gerçek olarak
    • dokunulur halde.
  893. tangier İng.
    • i. Fas'ta Tanca şehri.
  894. tangır tungur Tür.
    • with a rude clatter.
  895. tangırdamak Tür.
    • to clatter. to clang. to make a clattering noise.
  896. tangırdatmak Tür.
    • to clatter. to clang.
  897. tangırtı Tür.
    • clatter. clang. racket. plonk.
  898. tangle İng.
    • f., i. dolaştırmak, karıştırmak, karmakarışık etmek, arap saçına çevirmek
    • başına iş açmak
    • karışık vaziyete düşmek
    • girişmek
    • tartışmak
    • i. karmakarışık şey, düğüm olmuş şey
    • karışıklık, muğlâklık
    • deniz dibindeki hayvanlar tarayarak yakalama aleti. a tangle of weeds sarmaşık örgüsü, sarmaşık ağı.
  899. tangle İng.
    • i .yenilebilen bir çeşit su yosunu, bot. Laminaria saccharina.
  900. tango Tür.
    • The Tango began in the West Indies and found its way to Argentina where it was stylised by the Gauchos to its present form Tango is a very dramatic, exciting dance Most people recognise Tango from the days of "Valentino" to the "Tango Argentina" Tango is still very popular today as movies like, "Scent of a Woman" and "True Lies" demonstrate.
  901. tango Tür.
    • The dance is of Spanish origin, and is believed to have been in its original form a part of the fandango.
  902. tango Tür.
    • tango.
  903. tango Tür.
    • A scripting application that allows servers to search a database and deliver the requested information to a client.
  904. tango Tür.
    • Any of various popular forms derived from this. a ballroom dance of Latin-American origin music written in duple time for dancing the tango dance a tango.
  905. tango Tür.
    • A fun dance - also the name of our scanner--a Heidelberg Tango Drum Scanner.
  906. tango Tür.
    • A difficult dance in two-four time characterized by graceful posturing, frequent pointing positions, and a great variety of steps, including the cross step and turning steps.
  907. tango Tür.
    • A dance originated in the streets and salons of Buenos Aires, Argentine Its is characterised as very aspassionate [back].
  908. tango Tür.
    • A dance craze of Argentine origin, popular throughout the world in the 1910"s and 1920"s, featuring a couple gliding across the room to a moderate quadruple meter. a ballroom dance of Latin-American origin. music written in duple time for dancing the tango. dance a tango.
  909. tango İng.
    • i. tango.
  910. tangram İng.
    • i. bir kare teşkil etmek üzere kesilmiş yedi parçadan ibaret bir Çin bulmacası.
  911. tangy İng.
    • s. hasiyetli, keskin.
  912. tanist İng.
    • i., tar. Kelt kabile reisinin hayattayken seçilen veliahdı. tanistry i. Keltlerde cülus kanunu.
  913. tanı Tür.
    • diagnosis. diagnostic.
  914. tanı Tür.
    • diagnosis. diagnosis teşhis.
  915. tanı Tür.
    • diagnosis.
  916. tanıdık Tür.
    • familiar. friend at court. acquaintance. contact. friend. contact man.
  917. tanıdık Tür.
    • acquaintance. speaking acquaintance.
  918. tanıdık Tür.
    • acquaintance. familiar.
  919. tanık Tür.
    • witness. eyewitness şahit.
  920. tanık Tür.
    • witness. evidence. attester. deponent.
  921. tanık Tür.
    • eyewitness.
  922. tanık olmak Tür.
    • witness.
  923. tanıklık Tür.
    • evidence. testimony. witness. evidence şahitlik.
  924. tanıklık Tür.
    • evidence. testimonial proof. testimony. witness. witnessing.
  925. tanıklık etmek Tür.
    • to bear witness to sth. to testify. attest. bear evidence. bear testimony. bear witness. to give evidence. to state in evidence. to bear record. to bear testimony.
  926. tanıklık etmek Tür.
    • testify. witness.
  927. tanılamak Tür.
    • diagnose.
  928. tanım Tür.
    • definition. description. illustration.
  929. tanım Tür.
    • definition.
  930. tanım Tür.
    • account. definition. description. description tarif.
  931. tanıma Tür.
    • recognition. acknowledgement. recognizance. identification. spotting. familiarization. acquaintance.
  932. tanıma Tür.
    • identification. recognition.
  933. tanıma Tür.
    • acknowledge. acknowledgment. recognition. acknowledgement.
  934. tanımak Tür.
    • to know. to recognize. to be acquainted with. to know well. to distinguish between. to acknowledge. to respect. to listen to. to pay attention to. to hold sb responsible. recognise. to make acquaintance. approve. familiarize. give scope for. note. own. pl.
  935. tanımak Tür.
    • know. recognize. identify. get to know. be recognizant of. own. legitimize. legitimatize. acknowledge. be acquainted with. affiliate. ken. spot.
  936. tanımak Tür.
    • acknowledge. distinguish. give. identify. know. own. recognize. spot.
  937. tanımama Tür.
    • disavowal. disclamation. nonacknowledgement. nonrecognition.
  938. tanımlama Tür.
    • description. definition. description tarif.
  939. tanımlama Tür.
    • definition. description. portrayal. portraiture. characterization. specification. explanation. collation.
  940. tanımlama Tür.
    • definition.
  941. tanımlamak Tür.
    • define. describe. portray. characterize. be descriptive of. designate. diagnose. illustrate. qualify.
  942. tanımlamak Tür.
    • define.
  943. tanımlamak Tür.
    • answer. characterize. define. describe. label. to define. to describe tarif etmek.
  944. tanımlık Tür.
    • article. particle. article artikel.
  945. tanınma Tür.
    • recognition. acknowledgement.
  946. tanınmak Tür.
    • to be known. to be well-known. to be known for. to be recognized. to be acknowledged. to earn a fame. come into prominence. come to the fore. to gain currency. cut it fat. cut a shine. to come to be known.
  947. tanınmak Tür.
    • to become known. gain fame. to be known. to be well-known. to win fame. to be recognized. to be acknowledged.
  948. tanınmış Tür.
    • known. notable. noted. reputable.
  949. tanınmış Tür.
    • famous. well-known. approved. distinguished. famed. granted. noted. proven. recognized. well- known.
  950. tanış Tür.
    • an acquaintance. acquaintance.
  951. tanış Tür.
    • acquaintance.
  952. tanışık Tür.
    • used in.
  953. tanışıklık Tür.
    • mutual acquaintance. acquaintance. acquaintanceship.
  954. tanışıklık Tür.
    • acquaintanceship.
  955. tanışıklık Tür.
    • acquaintance. acquaintanceship.
  956. tanışma Tür.
    • getting acquainted with sb.
  957. tanışma Tür.
    • acquaintance.
  958. tanışmak Tür.
    • to get acquainted with sb. to be acquainted with each other. to know one another. meet. pick up with sb.
  959. tanışmak Tür.
    • meet. make acquainted with. become acquainted with. make oneself acquainted with.
  960. tanıştırma Tür.
    • introduction. introduction takdim.
  961. tanıştırma Tür.
    • introduction.
  962. tanıştırmak Tür.
    • to introduce to (another. introduce. present.
  963. tanıştırmak Tür.
    • introduce. present.
  964. tanıştırmak Tür.
    • give smb. a knockdown to smb. introduce.
  965. tanıt Tür.
    • proof. piece of evidence.
  966. tanıt Tür.
    • proof. evidence.
  967. tanıtıcı Tür.
    • introductory. introducer. presenter. advertiser. promotional. informative.
  968. tanıtıcı Tür.
    • introductory.
  969. tanıtıcı Tür.
    • identifier. sth which gives knowledge about sb / sth. advertiser. initiatory.
  970. tanıtılmak Tür.
    • to be introduced.
  971. tanıtım Tür.
    • introduction. presentation. advertising. advertisement.
  972. tanıtım Tür.
    • introduction. advertisement. publicity. promotion.
  973. tanıtım Tür.
    • display. introduction. presentation. introducing. promotion. publicity.
  974. tanıtlama Tür.
    • demonstration.
  975. tanıtlamak Tür.
    • to prove.
  976. tanıtlanmak Tür.
    • to be proved.
  977. tanıtma Tür.
    • overview.
  978. tanıtma Tür.
    • introduction. presentation. publicity. presentation takdim.
  979. tanıtma Tür.
    • introduction. presentation. advertising. dash. publicity.
  980. tanıtma filmi Tür.
    • previous notice.
  981. tanıtma kartı Tür.
    • identification card.
  982. tanıtmacı Tür.
    • salesman. sales representative.
  983. tanıtmak Tür.
    • to acquaint with. to introduce to. to present and explain sb / sth to sb. to advertise. to introduce. to present sb to a group. establish. familiarize. make known.
  984. tanıtmak Tür.
    • introduce. present. acquaint. familiarize. hold out.
  985. tanıtmak Tür.
    • advertise. establish. familiarize. introduce. popularize. present.
  986. tanıtmalık Tür.
    • prospectus.
  987. tank Tür.
    • Vessel inside the dewar which contains liquid nitrogen.
  988. tank Tür.
    • Usually when you are struck by a single projectile, esp from a 9mm or 357, and it is just enough force to make you shudder, but not seriously harm you.
  989. tank Tür.
    • The fixture reservoir for flush water On a conventional toilet, the ballcock, flush valve and trip lever are installed in the tank A tank lid closes the top tank opening. An artificial pool, pond, reservoir, cistern, or large container for holding and storing water for drinking or irrigation.
  990. tank Tür.
    • The fixture reservoir for flush water On a conventional toilet, the ballcock, flush valve, and trip lever are installed in the tank A tank lid closes the top tank opening.
  991. tank Tür.
    • tank. armed combat car. land cruiser.
  992. tank Tür.
    • tank.
  993. tank Tür.
    • Container for the fuel used by the kart engine The tank is usually located below the steering column, i e between the driver"s legs It may be made from metal or plastic A fuel line is connected to the bottom of the tank and leads to the engine See also: sump. 1 A container incorporated into the structure of a liquid propellant rocket from which a liquid propellant or propellants are fed into the firing chamber or chambers.
  994. tank Tür.
    • A vessel of large size to contain liquids.
  995. tank Tür.
    • A unit that is designated to take the hits, while other weaker units attack or cast their spells Summoned units are often effective tanks early in the game However, "tank" can also refer to the Steam Tank, a Human siege unit.
  996. tank Tür.
    • A small Indian dry measure, averaging 240 grains in weight
    • also, a Bombay weight of 72 grains, for pearls.
  997. tank Tür.
    • A SCUBA breathing gas cylinder.
  998. tank Tür.
    • A pond, pool, or small lake, natural or artificial. a large vessel for holding gases or liquids an enclosed armored military vehicle
    • has a cannon and moves on caterpillar treads as much as a tank will hold treat in a tank
    • "tank animal refuse" store in a tank by causing to flow into it.
  999. tank Tür.
    • A player or NPC who absorbs the damage a mob inflicts, normally while other players or NPCs provide assistance. means any stationary device, designed to contain an accumulation of used oil which is constructed primarily of non-earthen materials, which provides structural support.
  1000. tank Tür.
    • Any melee class, but more specifically, Warriors, Shadow Knights, and Paladins--all heavy AC classes. means a container for holding gases, liquids, or solids. tank A 210,000-gallon, collapsible, fabric tank in the IPDS, for storage of petroleum products
    • there are two tanks per tank-farm assembly, with three tank-farm assemblies per fuel unit and three fuel units per TPT. huddle
    • not act for a long time. square shape usually smooth or with a motif.
  1001. tank Tür.
    • An Enforcer or other character with good armor and melee expertise Used as humanshield for nano wielders, who are more vulnerable to melee attack Also known as a Meatshield.
  1002. tank Tür.
    • an enclosed armored military vehicle
    • has a cannon and moves on caterpillar treads. a large vessel for holding gases or liquids. as much as a tank will hold. a freight car that transports liquids or gases in bulk. a cell for violent prisoners. store in a tank by causing to flow into it. treat in a tank
    • "tank animal refuse".
  1003. tank Tür.
    • An artificial reservoir for stock water
    • local in Southwest.
  1004. tank Tür.
    • A large receptacle constructed in a furnace for melting the batch Tanks replaced pots in larger glass factories in the 19th century. syn Bath, q v, or any container holding a body of liquid, especially an ultrasonically-activated container or tank.
  1005. tank Tür.
    • A large basin or cistern
    • an artificial receptacle for liquids.
  1006. tank Tür.
    • A Heavy Weapons expert. furnace used to make glass.
  1007. tank Tür.
    • A combat vehicle armed with machine-guns.
  1008. tank İng.
    • i., f. sarnıç, su deposu
    • depo, tank
    • havuz, golcük
    • ask. tank
    • f. sarnıca koymak. tank town (A.B.D.), k.dili. eskiden trenlerin su aldığı ara istasyon. tank up k.dili. istimini almak
    • yakıt almak.
  1009. tankage İng.
    • i. havuz veya depoya doldurma
    • havuz doldurma ücreti
    • havuz veya depo istiap hacmi
    • mezbaha artıkları.
  1010. tankard İng.
    • i. kapaklı büyük içki maşrapası.
  1011. tankçı Tür.
    • tanker (member of a military tank crew.
  1012. tankçı Tür.
    • tanker.
  1013. tanker Tür.
    • tanker. tankship. oil tanker. tank ship.
  1014. tanker Tür.
    • tanker, tankers.
  1015. tanker Tür.
    • tanker. oil tanker. petrol tanker.
  1016. tanker Tür.
    • tanker.
  1017. tanker Tür.
    • A vessel designed for transporting fluid cargoes in bulk but also used for the transport of grain.
  1018. tanker Tür.
    • A tanker is a bulk carrier designed to transport liquid cargo, most often petroleum products Oil tankers vary in size from small coastal vessels of 1,500 tons deadweight, through medium-sized ship of 60,000 tons, to the giant VLCCs.
  1019. tanker Tür.
    • A steamer or motor vessel in which oils or molasses are transported in bulk.
  1020. tanker Tür.
    • a soldier who drives a tank.
  1021. tanker Tür.
    • A ship designed to carry liquid bulk cargo.
  1022. tanker Tür.
    • Any player who is not the Linker. a cargo ship designed to carry crude oil in bulk. a soldier who drives a tank.
  1023. tanker Tür.
    • An ocean going ship which hauls crude oil.
  1024. tanker Tür.
    • An oceangoing ship specially designed to haul liquid bulk cargo in world trade.
  1025. tanker Tür.
    • An oceangoing ship designed to haul liquid bulk cargo in world trade.
  1026. tanker İng.
    • i. tanker.
  1027. tanner İng.
    • i. debbağ, tabak, sepici
    • (İng),( argo )altı penilik para. tannery i. debbağ hane, tabakhane.
  1028. tannic İng.
    • s. tanenli.
  1029. tannin İng.
    • i. tanen, mazı tozu.
  1030. tanning İng.
    • i. sepileme, tabaklama, debagat
    • güneşte esmerleşme.
  1031. Tanrı Tür.
    • God. heaven. lord.
  1032. Tanrı Tür.
    • god. father. the almighty. the creator. deity. the deity. divinity. the divinity. the eternal. the godhead. heaven. the i infinite. the providence.
  1033. Tanrı Tür.
    • god. creator. godhead. lord. supreme being.
  1034. Tanrı Tür.
    • deity. divinity. father.
  1035. Tanrı vergisi Tür.
    • gift.
  1036. tanrıbilim Tür.
    • theology.
  1037. tanrıça Tür.
    • goddess. the deity.
  1038. tanrıça Tür.
    • goddess.
  1039. tanrıça Tür.
    • deity. divinity. goddess.
  1040. tanrıcılık Tür.
    • theism.
  1041. tanrılaşmak Tür.
    • to become a God.
  1042. tanrılaşmak Tür.
    • to become a God.
  1043. tanrılaştırma Tür.
    • deification.
  1044. tanrılaştırmak Tür.
    • to deify.
  1045. tanrılık Tür.
    • godhead. divinity. deity.
  1046. tanrısal Tür.
    • godlike.
  1047. tanrısal Tür.
    • divine. godlike. heavenly. relating to God. celestial.
  1048. tanrısal Tür.
    • celestial.
  1049. tanrısız Tür.
    • atheistic. godless. atheist.
  1050. tanrısızlık Tür.
    • atheism. godlessness.
  1051. tanrıtanımaz Tür.
    • atheistic. atheist.
  1052. tanrıtanımazlık Tür.
    • atheism.
  1053. tansiyon Tür.
    • blood pressure. tension. tense state.
  1054. tansiyon Tür.
    • blood pressure. tension. stress.
  1055. tansiyon Tür.
    • blood pressure.
  1056. tansık Tür.
    • miracle.
  1057. tansy İng.
    • i. solucan otu, bot. Tanacetum vulgare.
  1058. tantal Tür.
    • tantalum.
  1059. tantalize, (ıng.) -lise İng.
    • f. boşuna ümit vermek, hayal kırıklığına uğratmak, bir şeyi gösterip vermemek, colloq. kuyruk sallamak .tantaliza'tion i. boşuna ümit verme, kuyruk sallama. tantalizingly z. hayal kırıklığına uğratarak.
  1060. tantalum İng.
    • i., kim. tantal.
  1061. tantalus İng.
    • i., Yumit kral Tantalus.
  1062. tantamount İng.
    • s., to ile eşit, müsavi, aynı.
  1063. tantana Tür.
    • pomp. display. show. pomp and circumstances. array. flamboyance. pageant. pomp and circumstance. splendour splendor. wampum.
  1064. tantana Tür.
    • fanfare. pomp. rampage. flatulence.
  1065. tantana Tür.
    • ado. array. pandemonium. pomp. splendour. state. display. magnificence. splendor görkem. şaşaa. to-do.
  1066. tantanalı Tür.
    • pompous. grand. grandiose. sumptuous. tumid.
  1067. tantara İng.
    • i. boru sesi.
  1068. tantivy İng.
    • i., s., z .av narası
    • s. acele, hızlı
    • z. hızla, acele ile
    • dörtnala.
  1069. tanto İng.
    • z., it., müz. o kadar.
  1070. tantrum İng.
    • i. huysuzluk nöbeti, aksilik, terslik fly. into a tantrum. hiddetten ter ter tepinmek.
  1071. tanyeri Tür.
    • the daybreak sky. dawn. daybreak.
  1072. tanyeri Tür.
    • dawn.
  1073. tanzania İng.
    • i. Tanzanya.
  1074. tanzim Tür.
    • regulation. putting in order. organizing. arrangement. regulating.
  1075. tanzim Tür.
    • collocation.
  1076. tanzim Tür.
    • a terrorist group organized by Yasser Arafat in 1995 as the armed wing of al-Fatah
    • serves a dual function of violent confrontation with Israel and serves as Arafat"s unofficial militia to prevent rival Islamists from usurping leadership.
  1077. tanzim Tür.
    • arranging. organizing. determining. putting sth in order. regulating. reorganizing. preparing. drawing up. drafting. framing. arrangement. disposal.
  1078. Tanzimat Tür.
    • administrative reforms. reforms. reorganizations.
  1079. Tanzimat Tür.
    • administrative reforms (1839.
  1080. taoism İng.
    • i. Taoizm, Tao mezhebi. Taoist s., i. Taoist.
  1081. tap İng.
    • f., i. hafifçe vurmak
    • tıkırdatmak
    • pençe vurmak (ayakkabı)
    • i. hafif vuruş
    • tıkırtı,tıpırtı
    • pençe
    • ayakkabı demiri. tap on the shoulder seçmek
    • omzuna hafifçe vurmak. tap dance ayak uçlarını veya topuklan yere vurarak yapılan bir dans.
  1082. tap İng.
    • i., f. (-ped,- ping) musluk
    • tıkaç
    • fıçı tapası
    • fıçıdan alınmış içki
    • (İng.), k.dili. meyhane
    • kılavuz, burgu
    • elektrik bağlantısı
    • f. delip sıvıyı akıtmak
    • kaçak veya gizli bağlantı kurmak
    • kılavuzla vida yuvası açmak
    • bağlantı kurmak, bağlamak
    • (argo) sızdırmak. on tap fıçıdan alınıp satılmaya hazır
    • k.dili hazır .
  1083. tapa Tür.
    • fuze. stopper. plug. wad. bung. cap.
  1084. tapa Tür.
    • bung. fuse. plug. stopper. tap. wad.
  1085. tapa Tür.
    • Any type of food can be a tapa - anything which is easy to eat so that the natural flow of conversation is not interrupted It is Spanish food served in small appetizer-sized portions The word translates as "cover" In Spain, tapas are served between meals, or maybe before that late dinner that begins at 10:00 p m, in tapas bars Lunch in Spain is traditionally served at 2:00 p m and dinner no earlier than 10:00 p sm Tapas can be as simple as a bowl of olives or something more hearty such as stuffed potatoes In many Spanish restaurants, tapas are served free with a drink, the purpose being to keep you sober, and keep you going After all, when you went back to sip your drink you weren"t going to throw what covered the glass away Just eat it! And get another tapa in the process. dried meat cured with salt and vinegar. austerity. bark cloth, made from the mahute tree. thin fibrous bark of the paper mulberry and Pipturus albidus. a paperlike cloth made in the South Pacific by pounding tapa bark.
  1086. tapa Tür.
    • - Any type of food can be a tapa - anything that is easy to eat so that the natural flow of conversation is not interrupted It is Spanish food served in small appetizer-sized portions The word translates as "cover" In Spain, tapas are served between meals, or maybe before that late dinner that begins at 10:00 p m, in tapas bars Lunch in Spain is traditionally served at 2:00 p m and dinner no earlier than 10:00 p m Tapas can be as simple as a bowl of olives or something more hearty such as stuffed potatoes In many Spanish restaurants, tapas are served free with a drink, the purpose being to keep you sober, and keep you going After all, when you went back to sip your drink you weren"t going to throw what covered the glass away Just eat it! And get another tapa in the process.
  1087. tapa Tür.
    • A kind of cloth prepared by the Polynesians from the inner bark of the paper mulberry
    • sometimes called also kapa. a paperlike cloth made in the South Pacific by pounding tapa bark thin fibrous bark of the paper mulberry and Pipturus albidus.
  1088. tapalamak Tür.
    • to stopper. to put a stopper on. to fuze. to attach a fuze to.
  1089. tapan Tür.
    • wooden harrow.
  1090. tape İng.
    • i., f. bant, şerit, kurdele
    • metre şeridi
    • f.. şeritle bağlamak
    • şeritle ölçmek
    • banda almak. tape deck, tape player amplifikatörü olmayan teyp. tape recorder teyp. tapeline i., tape measure metre şeridi, mezura, mezür .red tape kırtasiyecilik, lüzumsuz resmi muamele. have something taped sardırmak
    • içyüzünü bilmek
    • banda almak.
  1091. taper İng.
    • i., s., f. çok ince mum
    • gittikçe incelen şey
    • s. gittikçe incelen
    • f. gittikçe incelmek veya inceltmek, sivrilmek, sivriltmek
    • azalmak, eksilmek. tapering s. gittikçe incelen.
  1092. tapestry İng.
    • i. goblen, resim dokumalı duvar örtüsü. tapestried s. goblenle kaplı.
  1093. tapeworm İng.
    • i. bağırsak kurdu, şerit, tenya, zool. Taenia.
  1094. tapioca İng.
    • i .tapyoka.
  1095. tapir Tür.
    • They have three toes on the hind feet, and four toes on the fore feet, but the outermost toe is of little use. large inoffensive chiefly nocturnal ungulate of tropical America and southeast Asia having a heavy body and fleshy snout.
  1096. tapir Tür.
    • They have a long prehensile upper lip, short ears, short and stout legs, a short, thick tail, and short, close hair.
  1097. tapir Tür.
    • large inoffensive chiefly nocturnal ungulate of tropical America and southeast Asia having a heavy body and fleshy snout.
  1098. tapir Tür.
    • Any one of several species of large odd-toed ungulates belonging to Tapirus, Elasmognathus, and allied genera.
  1099. tapir İng.
    • i. tapir, zool. Tapiridae.
  1100. tapis İng.
    • i. goblen örtü. on the tapis müzakere halinde.
  1101. tapınak Tür.
    • temple. place of worship. chapel. fane. sanctuary. shrine. tabernacle.
  1102. tapınak Tür.
    • sanctuary. temple. place of worship. sanctuary mabet. ibadethane.
  1103. tapınak Tür.
    • place of worship. temple. house of worship. sanctuary. shrine.
  1104. tapıncak Tür.
    • fetish. idol. image. idol fetiş.
  1105. tapınma Tür.
    • worship. adoration. cult.
  1106. tapınma Tür.
    • adoration. cult. liturgy. service. worship.
  1107. tapınma Tür.
    • adoration.
  1108. tapınmak Tür.
    • to worship. to pay homage to. to adore. to idolize.
  1109. tapınmak Tür.
    • to bow down in worship. to worship. adore. to adore.
  1110. tapınmak Tür.
    • adore. worship.
  1111. tapmak Tür.
    • worship. adore. idolize. make an idol of. deify. glorify. grovel. hero-worship. revere. venerate.
  1112. tapmak Tür.
    • to worship. to regard sb / sth as divine. to adore. to idolize sb. deify.
  1113. tapmak Tür.
    • adore. deify. idolize. venerate. worship. to worship. to adore. to defiy.
  1114. tapon Tür.
    • shoddy. sorry. crummy. rubbishy. trumpery wares.
  1115. tapon Tür.
    • shoddy. second-rate. crummy.
  1116. tapon mal Tür.
    • job goods. shoddy goods. cast goods. job line.
  1117. tapper İng.
    • i. hafifçe vuran kimse veya şey
    • maniple.
  1118. tappet İng.
    • i., mak kol, manivela .
  1119. tapping İng.
    • i. hafifçe vurma
    • musluktan alınan şey.
  1120. taproom İng.
    • i.. meyhane, bar.
  1121. taproot İng.
    • i. bitkinin toprağa inen ana kökü.
  1122. taps İng.
    • i., (çoğ.) ask. yat borusu.
  1123. tapster İng.
    • i. meyhane tezgâhtarı, barmen.
  1124. taptaze Tür.
    • very fresh.
  1125. taptaze Tür.
    • very fresh.
  1126. taptırmak Tür.
    • to cause sb to worship sb / sth.
  1127. tapu Tür.
    • title deed. land registry. register office. deed office. title.
  1128. tapu Tür.
    • title deed.
  1129. tapu Tür.
    • Maori word for something that is sacred. sacred.
  1130. tapu Tür.
    • deed. land register. title deed.
  1131. tapu kütüğü Tür.
    • register of title deeds.
  1132. tapu sicili Tür.
    • land register. land registry. record of original entry. land records. property / land register. register of title deeds. plat book. real estate records. property register.
  1133. tapulamak Tür.
    • to get title to a piece of land. to issue a title deed for a piece of land.
  1134. tapyoka Tür.
    • tapioca.
  1135. tar Tür.
    • UNIX compression program called a Tape Archiver, and produces the file extension.
  1136. tar Tür.
    • Treatment Authorization Request.
  1137. tar Tür.
    • To smear with tar, or as with tar
    • as, to tar ropes
    • to tar cloth. coat with tar
    • "tar the roof"
    • "tar the roads".
  1138. tar Tür.
    • The total particulate matter in cigarette smoke, minus the nicotine and water, that is retained on a Cambridge filter pad when smoke passes through it under specific smoking and testing conditions known as the FTC method.
  1139. tar Tür.
    • The filename extension used by files made into an archive by the Unix tar program. tar archiving utility. the Tibet Autonomous Region
    • the Tibetan area west of the Drichu and south of the Kunlun mountains This is the only area recognised by modern-day China as "Tibet" The area was formally constituted as an "autonomous region" in 1965 Tibetan: Bod rang-skyong ljongs
    • Chinese: Xizang Zizhiqu. a brown or black bituminous material, liquid or semi-solid in consistency, in which the predominating constituents are bitumens obtained as condensates in the processing of coal, petroleum, oil-shale, wood or other organic material.
  1140. tar Tür.
    • TAR is the standard Unix program to create, add, and extract files from file archives It can be used to store an entire tree of directories and files onto a magnetic tape To use it, you have to known the name of the device on which to read the tape Check Modline tape label for that. : A compression format commonly used in the transfer and storage of files residing on UNIX computers.
  1141. tar Tür.
    • Tar is a tool used for the archiving of files in so-called tar-files which you recognize by their suffix tar You"ll find KOffice source and binary distributions as gzipped tar-files However, you shouldn"t use them if there are special packages for your system and package manager See RPM, DEB. a brown or black bituminous material, liquid or semi-solid in consistency, in which the predominating constituents are bitumens obtained as condensates in the processing of coal, petroleum, oil-shale, wood, or other organic materials.
  1142. tar Tür.
    • Tar is a tool used for the archiving of files in so-called "tar-files" which you recognize by their suffix" tar" You"ll find KOffice source and binary distributions as gzipped tar-files However, you shouldn"t use them if there are special packages for your system and package manager See RPM, DEB.
  1143. tar Tür.
    • Tape Archives - based on the tape back-up devices used by early Unix platforms A useful way to transport many files without compression while retaining the original file names, data and permission settings One tar file could contain tens, hundreds or even thousands of files These files are always uploaded in binary back to install guide.
  1144. tar Tür.
    • Tape archiver, a program commonly used on UNIX systems for archiving and transporting large collections of files and/or directories.
  1145. tar Tür.
    • Short for the tape archive utility that combines a group of files into a single file with a tar extension In most cases file compression is used when a file is tarred.
  1146. tar Tür.
    • A Unix file archiving utility It is used to create a single file which contains a number of other file Oftentimes a software distribution will be tarred then compressed or gziped.
  1147. tar Tür.
    • A UNIX utility for making a single file out of a set of files that a user wishes to store together The resulting file has the extension tar Unlike PKZIP, tar does not compress files, so compress or gzip is usually run on the tar file to produce a file with extensions tar gz or tar Z.
  1148. tar Tür.
    • A thick, black, viscous liquid obtained by the distillation of wood, coal, etc., and having a varied composition according to the temperature and material employed in obtaining it.
  1149. tar Tür.
    • A sailor
    • a seaman.
  1150. tar Tür.
    • any of various dark heavy viscid substances obtained as a residue. a man who serves as a sailor. coat with tar
    • "tar the roof"
    • "tar the roads".
  1151. tar Tür.
    • A North-African frame drum, played with the fingers of both hands, while the edge of the drum rests in the upturned-palm of one hand.
  1152. tar Tür.
    • A file compression format used on UNIX and Linux systems, performs the same function as winzip on PCs, disc doubler and compact pro on Macs. A utility for bundling files and directories together into one file for archival storage on a tape or for transmission over the Internet.
  1153. tar Tür.
    • A file compression format generally found on UNIX platforms.
  1154. tar Tür.
    • A brown or black bituminous material, liquid or semi-solid in consistency, in which the predominating constituents are bitumens obtained as condensates in the processing of coal, petroleum, oil-shale, wood, or other organic materials.
  1155. tar İng.
    • i., k.dili. gemici.
  1156. tar İng.
    • i., f. (-red,- ring) katran
    • f. katranlamak, katran sürmek. tar and feather ceza olarak üzerine katran sürüp tüy yapıştırmak. tarwater i. katranlı su. tarred with the same brush aynı fikir veya huy- ları olan, aynı maldan, al birini vur ötekine.
  1157. taraça Tür.
    • terrace (flat roof or open platform.
  1158. taradiddle İng.
    • i., k.dili. yalan .
  1159. taraf Tür.
    • side. part. end. party. hand. way. contractor. facet.
  1160. taraf Tür.
    • part. side. portion. area. region. direction. party. aspect. behalf. facet. hand. quarter. way.
  1161. taraf Tür.
    • behalf. part. side. way. aspect. direction. district. edge. border. party.
  1162. tarafeyn Tür.
    • the two parties (to a contract in a legal proceeding. the plaintiff and the defendant. the prosecution and the defense.
  1163. tarafgirlik Tür.
    • partiality. biased behaviour.
  1164. tarafından Tür.
    • by. per.
  1165. tarafından Tür.
    • by. on the part of. per.
  1166. tarafından Tür.
    • by.
  1167. taraflı Tür.
    • sided. partial. partisan. tendentious. unfair. colored. coloured. biased. biassed. interested. one-sided. one-way. prejudiced. warped.
  1168. taraflı Tür.
    • sided.
  1169. taraflı Tür.
    • composed of or affecting sides. supporter.
  1170. tarafsız Tür.
    • neutral. impartial. objective. fair-minded. even-handed. non-partisan. non-party. free from bias. candid. clinical. colorless. colourless. detached. disinterested. dispassionate. equitable. judicial. non-committal. noncommittal. nonpartisan. nonparty.
  1171. tarafsız Tür.
    • even handed. impartial. neutral. unbiased. adlaphrous. candid. clinical. disinterested. dispassionate. equitable. even. on the fence. noncommittal. nonpartisan. nonparty. unprejudiced.
  1172. tarafsız Tür.
    • dispassionate. impartial. neutral. objective. unbiased. impertial. unbiassed. detached. disinterested.
  1173. tarafsız bölge Tür.
    • neutral zone.
  1174. tarafsızlık Tür.
    • impartiality. detachment.
  1175. tarafsızlık Tür.
    • disinterest.
  1176. tarafsızlık Tür.
    • detachment. disinterest. disinterestedness. equity. fair mindedness. impartiality. neutrality. objectiveness.
  1177. taraftar Tür.
    • favorable. favourable. sympathetic. fan. follower. supporter. partisan. sympathizer. adherent. advocate. pro. side.
  1178. taraftar Tür.
    • advocate. follower. partisan. supporter. adherent. partial. disciple. fan. favo u rable. people. proponent.
  1179. taraftar Tür.
    • adherent. advocate. follower. partisan. pro. supporter.
  1180. taraftarlık Tür.
    • favour.
  1181. taraftarlık Tür.
    • advocacy. partiality. adherence. partisanship. discipleship.
  1182. tarak Tür.
    • comb. rake. scallop. card. hackle. harrow. reed. metacarpus. metatarsus. gill. crest. dredge.
  1183. tarak Tür.
    • comb. drag. scallop. card. comber. doffer. rake. harrow. instep. scollop. reed.
  1184. tarak Tür.
    • comb. drag. dredger.
  1185. tarak dubası Tür.
    • dredger.
  1186. tarak otu Tür.
    • teasel.
  1187. tarakçı Tür.
    • comber. maker or seller of combs. carder. hackler.
  1188. taraklama Tür.
    • raking. harrowing. combing.
  1189. taraklı Tür.
    • crested. embroidered in a striped pattern. wide. big.
  1190. tarama Tür.
    • sweep. combing. carding. line drawing. hatch. crosshatching. scanning. screening. hachure. hachures.
  1191. tarama Tür.
    • hatch. combing. hatching. cross-hatching. hachure. a spread made with fish return. carding. rabbing. dredging. raking. sweep. sweeping. lining. lineated. scoop. scarification. grating. ruling. trawling. rippling. gilling. comb. cross hatchin.
  1192. taramak Tür.
    • scan. to comb. to rake. to harrow. to card. to hackle. to dredge. to rake strafe. to search thoroughly. to scan. to hachure. to rabble. to hatch. to rule. to sweep. to scoop. to skim. to survey. to break. to trawl. to ripple. to garnett. comb out. drag. d.
  1193. taramak Tür.
    • comb. groom. drag. sweep. scan.
  1194. taramak Tür.
    • comb. drag. dredge. rake. sift. to comb. to rake. to harrow. to tease. to card. to heckle. to rove. to drag. to scan. to rake. to rake about/around. to hackle. to search.
  1195. taranmak Tür.
    • to be combed. to comb one"s hair. to be racked. to be harrowed. to be carded. to be hackled. to be dredged. to be raked or strafed. to be hatched. to be hachured. comb.
  1196. taranmak Tür.
    • to be combed. to be raked. to comb oneself.
  1197. taranmak Tür.
    • comb oneself. primp.
  1198. tarantella İng.
    • i. Napoliye mahsus oynak bir dans
    • bu dansın havası.
  1199. tarantism İng.
    • i., tıb. dans ve müzik manisi husule getiren sinir hastalığı.
  1200. tarantı Tür.
    • combings. rakings. dredgings.
  1201. tarantula İng.
    • i. rüteyla, bir çeşit büyük örümcek, zool. Lycosa tarentula.
  1202. tarassut Tür.
    • observation. surveillance. close watch.
  1203. taratmak Tür.
    • to have sb comb / rake / card / hackle / dredge / strafe / hatch / crosshat.
  1204. tarator Tür.
    • nut and garlic sauce.
  1205. tarator Tür.
    • a rich sauce made with walnuts. bread. garlic. olive oil and vinegar.
  1206. taraxacum İng.
    • i., ecza. hindiba kökü .
  1207. tarayıcı Tür.
    • sweep. scanner.
  1208. tarayıcı Tür.
    • scanner. scanning.
  1209. tarayıcı Tür.
    • scanner. comber.
  1210. taraz Tür.
    • raveled threads on the surface of a fabric. ravels. ravelings. fuzz.
  1211. tarazlanmak Tür.
    • to ravel. to fuzz. to frizz. to become frizzy.
  1212. tarboard İng.
    • i. hamuruna katran karıştırılan bir çeşit sağlam mukavva.
  1213. tarboosh İng.
    • i., Ar. fes.
  1214. tarbrush İng.
    • i. katran fırçası.
  1215. tarçın Tür.
    • cinnamon.
  1216. tarçın Tür.
    • cinnamon.
  1217. tardigrade İng.
    • s., i. yavaş yürüyen
    • i. suda veya yosunda bulunan mikroskobik hayvan, tardigrad.
  1218. tardo İng.
    • s., z., it., müz. yavaş.
  1219. tardy İng.
    • s. yavaş hareket eden
    • geç kalan veya gelen, geciken. tardily z. gecikerek. tardiness i. gecikme.
  1220. tare İng.
    • i. delice, bot. Lolium temulentum
    • burçak cinsinden bir ot, bot. Vicia sativa.
  1221. tare İng.
    • i., f. dara
    • f. darasını düşmek .
  1222. target İng.
    • i. hedef
    • nişangâh
    • tenkide hedef olan kimse
    • demiryolu makası üzerinde hattın açık veya kapalı olduğunu gösteren işaret
    • yuvarlak kalkan. on target hedefe yöneltilmiş. target date hedef edinilen tarih.
  1223. targum İng.
    • i. eskiden Musevilerin kullandığı Arami diline tercüme olunan Tevrat kısımlarından biri.
  1224. tarh Tür.
    • flower bed. border. subtraction. imposition.
  1225. tarh Tür.
    • bed. flower bed. garden border.
  1226. tarh Tür.
    • bed. drill. border.
  1227. tarh etmek Tür.
    • assess. to subtract. to impose.
  1228. tarhana Tür.
    • dried yoghurt and dough for soup. soup with dried yoghurt. tomato and pimento.
  1229. tarhana Tür.
    • a dried food stuff made chiefly of curds and flour (used for making soup.
  1230. tarhun Tür.
    • tarragon.
  1231. tarif Tür.
    • description. definition. description tanım. recipe.
  1232. tarif Tür.
    • definition. description. specification. characterization. delineation. depiction.
  1233. tarif Tür.
    • definition. description. recipe. account. characterization. depiction. direction. elucidation. explanation. portraiture.
  1234. tarif Tür.
    • charge, tariff, rate, scale of charges.
  1235. tarife Tür.
    • tariff. schedule. schedule of rates. prices or charges. timetable. directions. recipe.
  1236. tarife Tür.
    • tariffs.
  1237. tarife Tür.
    • tariff. price list. schedule. timetable. recipe. prospectus. receipt. scale. statement.
  1238. tarife Tür.
    • rate. tariff. price list. timetable. schedule. directions. instructions. instruction sheet.
  1239. tariff İng.
    • i., f. ithalât veya ihracat üzerine hükümetin koyduğu vergi
    • tarife
    • f. gümrük tarifesi yapmak
    • vergi koymak. preferential tariff dost memleketlere uygulanan indirimli gümrük tarifesi.
  1240. tarifname Tür.
    • information kit.
  1241. tarifsiz Tür.
    • untold.
  1242. tarifsiz Tür.
    • unspeakable.
  1243. tarifsiz Tür.
    • indefinable. indescribable. ineffable.
  1244. tarih Tür.
    • date. history. annals.
  1245. tarih Tür.
    • date.
  1246. tarih öncesi Tür.
    • prehistory.
  1247. tarih öncesi Tür.
    • prehistoric.
  1248. tarihçe Tür.
    • short history. brief historical account.
  1249. tarihçe Tür.
    • short history.
  1250. tarihçe Tür.
    • historically.
  1251. tarihçi Tür.
    • historian. history teacher.
  1252. tarihçi Tür.
    • historian. historiographer. annalist. chronicler.
  1253. tarihçi Tür.
    • historian. historiographer.
  1254. tarihçilik Tür.
    • historiography.
  1255. tarihi Tür.
    • historic. historical.
  1256. tarihi Tür.
    • historical. historic. diachronic. historied.
  1257. tarihi coğrafya Tür.
    • historical geography.
  1258. tarihi film Tür.
    • historical film.
  1259. tarihi roman Tür.
    • historcal novel.
  1260. tarihlendirmek Tür.
    • to put a date on.
  1261. tarihli Tür.
    • dated. bear the date of. bearing date of. bearing date.
  1262. tarihli Tür.
    • dated.
  1263. tarihsel Tür.
    • historic. historical.
  1264. tarihsel Tür.
    • historical.
  1265. tarihsel Tür.
    • historic.
  1266. tarik Tür.
    • road. profession. path. line.
  1267. tarik Tür.
    • road.
  1268. tarikat Tür.
    • sect. dervish order. religious order. denomination. order of dervishes.
  1269. tarikat Tür.
    • religious order. order of dervishes. sect. hierarchy. mysticism. way. path. road.
  1270. tarikat Tür.
    • order. sect. religious order. cult. denomination. religion.
  1271. tarikatçı Tür.
    • member of a religious order.
  1272. tarım Tür.
    • agriculture. farming ziraat. agrarian.
  1273. tarım Tür.
    • agriculture. farming. carrying out of agriculture / forestry and of fishing operations. terraculture.
  1274. tarım Tür.
    • agricultural. agrarian. cultivation. agriculture. farming. growing. husbandry. tillage. tilth.
  1275. tarımcılık Tür.
    • agriculture. farming. farming business. agricultural occupation.
  1276. tarımsal Tür.
    • agricultural. agrarian.
  1277. tarımsal Tür.
    • agrarian. agricultural zirai.
  1278. tarımsal Tür.
    • agrarian.
  1279. tarla Tür.
    • field. arable field. infield.
  1280. tarla Tür.
    • field. arable field. garden bed.
  1281. tarla Tür.
    • arable field. grounds. plantation.
  1282. tarla faresi Tür.
    • vole.
  1283. tarla faresi Tür.
    • vole.
  1284. tarla faresi Tür.
    • harvest mouse.
  1285. tarlakuşu Tür.
    • skylark.
  1286. tarlatan Tür.
    • tarlatan.
  1287. tarlatan Tür.
    • A kind of thin, transparent muslin, used for dresses.
  1288. tarlatan İng.
    • i. ince ve şeffaf muslin, tarlatan.
  1289. tarmac İng.
    • i., (İng.) asfalt yol
    • hav. asfalt iniş meydanı.
  1290. tarn İng.
    • i. dağda bulunan ufak göl.
  1291. tarnation İng.
    • i., (ünlem), (A.B.D.), leh. lânet.
  1292. tarnish İng.
    • f., i. kirletmek, lekelemek
    • lekelenmek
    • donuklaştırmak, karartmak
    • kararmak, donuklaşmak
    • i. leke, kir
    • kararma, donuklaşma .
  1293. taro İng.
    • i. kulkas, bot. Colocasia escu lenta
    • kulkas kökü.
  1294. tarot İng.
    • i. eski zaman iskambil kâğıdı.
  1295. tarp İng.
    • i., k.dili. katranlı muşamba tente.
  1296. tarpan Tür.
    • European wild horse extinct since the early 20th century.
  1297. tarpan Tür.
    • A wild horse found in the region of the Caspian Sea.
  1298. tarpaper İng.
    • i. katranlı kâğıt.
  1299. tarpaulin İng.
    • i. katranlı veya boyalı muşamba
    • katranlı muşambadan yapılmış şapka veya ceket
    • gemici.
  1300. tarpon İng.
    • i. Meksika körfezinde bulunan iri bir av balığı.
  1301. tarradiddle İng.
    • bak. taradiddle.
  1302. tarragon İng.
    • i. tarhun, bot. Artemisia dracunculus.
  1303. tarry İng.
    • s. katran kaplı, katrana benzer, katranlı.
  1304. tarry İng.
    • f. i. oyalamak
    • geç kalmak, gecikmek
    • kalmak, durmak
    • i. bekleme, durma.
  1305. tarsal İng.
    • s. ayak bileğine ait.
  1306. tarsier İng.
    • i. cadı maki, zool. Tarsius spectrum.
  1307. Tarsus Tür.
    • The most distal segment of the legs and pedipalps In tarantulas the tarsus bears two claws. - cartilage-like stiffeneing layer extending across the eyelid. the part of the foot of a vertebrate between the metatarsus and the leg
    • in human beings the bones of the ankle and heel collectively.
  1308. Tarsus Tür.
    • The hock joint. : Last section of insect legs which are made up of several segments called tarsomeres.
  1309. Tarsus Tür.
    • The foot of an insect or a crustacean.
  1310. Tarsus Tür.
    • The ankle
    • the bones or cartilages of the part of the foot between the metatarsus and the leg, consisting in man of seven short bones.
  1311. Tarsus Tür.
    • Part of the leg between the knee and the foot. : the "foot" of an insect consisting of from 1 to 5 segments attached to the tibia. the chief city of Cilicia It was distinguished for its wealth and for its schools of learning, in which it rivalled, nay, excelled even Athens and Alexandria, and hence was spoken of as "no mean city" It was the native place of the Apostle Paul It stood on the banks of the river Cydnus, about 12 miles north of the Mediterranean It is said to have been founded by Sardanapalus, king of Assyria It is now a filthy, ruinous Turkish town, called Tersous. distal segment of an arthropod limb, may be divided into subsegments. The ankle. cartilage-like stiffening layer extending across the eyelid tear trough deformity - deeper than normal hollow between the nose and lower eyelid temporal - located towards the temple side of the eyelids transconjunctival - surgical entry into the eyelid by going through the back of the lid transcutaneous - surgical entry into the eyelid by going through the skin.
  1312. Tarsus Tür.
    • It usually consists of form two to five joints. the part of the foot of a vertebrate between the metatarsus and the leg
    • in human beings the bones of the ankle and heel collectively.
  1313. Tarsus Tür.
    • Dense, plate-like framework within upper and lower eyelids that provides stiffness and shape.
  1314. Tarsus Tür.
    • A plate of dense connective tissue or cartilage in the eyelid of man and many animals
    • called also tarsal cartilage, and tarsal plate.
  1315. tarsus İng.
    • i.(çoğ.. si) ayak bileği.
  1316. tart Tür.
    • Wine whose taste is similar to that of vinegar.
  1317. tart Tür.
    • weighout.
  1318. tart Tür.
    • Synonym for "acidic".
  1319. tart Tür.
    • Synonym for "acidic".
  1320. tart Tür.
    • Sharp to the taste
    • acid
    • sour
    • as, a tart apple.
  1321. tart Tür.
    • Sharp-tasting because of acidity Occasionally used as a synonym for acidic.
  1322. tart Tür.
    • Sharp-tasting because of acidity.
  1323. tart Tür.
    • pie.
  1324. tart Tür.
    • Pastry shell with shallow sides and no top crust that is filled with a savory or sweet filling.
  1325. tart Tür.
    • Fig.: Sharp
    • keen
    • severe
    • as, a tart reply
    • tart language
    • a tart rebuke.
  1326. tart Tür.
    • dismissal. discharge. debarment. exclusion. flan. pie.
  1327. tart Tür.
    • a woman who engages in sexual intercourse for money. a small open pie with a fruit filling. pastry cup with a filling of fruit or custard and no top crust. tasting sour like a lemon. harsh
    • "sharp criticism"
    • "a sharp-worded exchange"
    • "a tart remark".
  1328. tart Tür.
    • A taste due to an excess of acidity, or low pH.
  1329. tart Tür.
    • A sweet- or savory-filled baked pastry with no top crust.
  1330. tart Tür.
    • A species of small open pie, or piece of pastry, containing jelly or conserve
    • a sort of fruit pie. pastry cup with a filling of fruit or custard and no top crust a small open pie with a fruit filling.
  1331. tart Tür.
    • A shallow open-face savory or sweet pie, or similarly shaped dessert.
  1332. tart Tür.
    • A secondary coffee taste sensation characterized by a predominantly puckering, sour sensation along the sides of the tongue Caused by higher-than-normal percentage of sour acids, almost giving the taste a puckering sensation. sharp
    • acceptable if not too acidic.
  1333. tart Tür.
    • A pastry crust with shallow sides but no top crust It is filled with French cream and topped with fresh fruit.
  1334. tart Tür.
    • A pastry crust with shallow sides, a filling and no top crust.
  1335. tart Tür.
    • Also referred to as acidic Young white wines often have this characteristic.
  1336. tart Tür.
    • A descriptor for wines with high acid content and unripe fruit flavors Not a compliment Thin: It is said of wines that lack substance and structure.
  1337. tart Tür.
    • Acidic
    • sharp tasting.
  1338. tart İng.
    • i. turta
    • (argo) fahişe, sokak kadını.
  1339. tart İng.
    • s. ekşi, mayhoş
    • ters, keskin, acı. tart'ly z. terslikle
    • ekşice .tart'ness i. ekşilik
    • keskinlik.
  1340. tart etmek Tür.
    • to expel sb from. to dismiss. to discharge sb from. to repulse. to drive back.
  1341. tartaklamak Tür.
    • to tease. to worry. to harass. to torment. to tease out.
  1342. tartaklanmak Tür.
    • to be harassed.
  1343. tartan İng.
    • i. Latin yelkeni olan tek direkli ve Akdeniz'e mahsus bir gemi.
  1344. tartan İng.
    • i., s. kareli ve yünlü İskoç kumaşı
    • s. bu kumaştan yapılan.
  1345. tartar Tür.
    • See Tartarus. an incrustation that forms on the teeth and gums.
  1346. tartar Tür.
    • Of or pertaining to Tartary in Asia, or the Tartars.
  1347. tartar Tür.
    • a salt used especially in baking powder. a fiercely vigilant and unpleasant woman. a member of the Mongolian people of central Asia who invaded Russia in the 13th century. an incrustation that forms on the teeth and gums.
  1348. tartar Tür.
    • A reddish crust or sediment in wine casks, consisting essentially of crude cream of tartar, and used in marking pure cream of tartar, tartaric acid, potassium carbonate, black flux, etc., and, in dyeing, as a mordant for woolen goods
    • called also argol, wine stone, etc.
  1349. tartar Tür.
    • A person of a keen, irritable temper.
  1350. tartar Tür.
    • A native or inhabitant of Tartary in Asia
    • a member of any one of numerous tribes, chiefly Moslem, of Turkish origin, inhabiting the Russian Europe
    • written also, more correctly but less usually, Tatar.
  1351. tartar Tür.
    • A correction which often incrusts the teeth, consisting of salivary mucus, animal matter, and phosphate of lime.
  1352. tartar İng.
    • i .şarap tortusu
    • kefeki pesek.
  1353. tartar İng.
    • i. Tatar
    • düzenbaz kimse, çetin ceviz.
  1354. tartaricacid İng.
    • asit tartarik, tar tar asidi.
  1355. tartarous İng.
    • s. şarap tortusuna ait
    • şarap tortusu cinsinden
    • kefeki kabilinden.
  1356. tartarus İng.
    • i., Yu. mit. ölüler diyarı ''Hadesten aşağıda bulunan derin uçurum.
  1357. tartary , tatary İng.
    • i. Tataristan.
  1358. tartish İng.
    • s. ekşice
    • tersçe.
  1359. tartı Tür.
    • weight. weighing. weigher. weighing machine.
  1360. tartı Tür.
    • weight. a weighing. balance. scale. measure.
  1361. tartı Tür.
    • weight.
  1362. tartıcı Tür.
    • weigher. reflector. ponderer.
  1363. tartılı Tür.
    • weighed. balanced. ponderable. well-pondered.
  1364. tartılmak Tür.
    • to be weighed. to weigh oneself.
  1365. tartılmak Tür.
    • to be weighed. to totter. to hesitate.
  1366. tartım Tür.
    • rhythm.
  1367. tartışılmak Tür.
    • to be discussed. to be disputed. to be argued.
  1368. tartısız Tür.
    • unweighted. unbalanced. imponderable.
  1369. tartışma Tür.
    • argument. discussion. dispute. quarrel. cross talk. altercation. argumentation. bickering. brawl. breeze. broil. bust-up. contention. contest. contestation. controversy. debate. disagreement. disputation. hassle. jangle. moot. parley. rap. row. set-t.
  1370. tartışma Tür.
    • argument. contention. controversy. debate. discussion. dispute. dustup. fray. hassle. tiff.
  1371. tartışma Tür.
    • arguing. debate. deliberation. discussion. argument. argumentation. barney. brawl. breeze. confab or conflab. contest. controversy. debating. disputation. free for all. fuss. hassle. parley. rixation. set to.
  1372. tartışmacı Tür.
    • arguer.
  1373. tartışmacı Tür.
    • arguer.
  1374. tartışmak Tür.
    • to discuss. to dispute. to argue. to deliberate.
  1375. tartışmak Tür.
    • bat around. argue. discuss. dispute. debate. negotiate. wrangle. have words with smb. altercate. bicker. brawl. bust. canvass. contend. controvert. join issue with smb. take issue with smb. jangle. moot. have a row with. set to. have a set-to. spa.
  1376. tartışmak Tür.
    • argue. debate. deliberate. discuss. dispute. fight. haggle. reason. spar. to dispute. to discuss. to argue. to have words. to have a tiff. to have a row. to debate. to talk sth over.
  1377. tartışmalı Tür.
    • controversial. polemic. contentious. explosive. moot. vexed. eristic.
  1378. tartışmalı Tür.
    • controversial.
  1379. tartışmalı Tür.
    • contentious. argumentative. controversial.
  1380. tartışmasız Tür.
    • without dispute. without arguing. as sure as eggs is eggs. beyond controversy. beyond debate. beyond dispute. noncontestable. on the nod. unargued. unquestioning.
  1381. tartışmasız Tür.
    • indisputable. beyond question.
  1382. tartma Tür.
    • weighing. pondering in the mind. assay.
  1383. tartmak Tür.
    • weigh. weight. to weigh. to ponder. to consider carefully. to weigh sth out. to evaluate. to think sth over.
  1384. tartmak Tür.
    • weigh. weigh out. measure. scale. balance. debate with oneself. deliberate. gage. gauge.
  1385. tartmak Tür.
    • to weigh. to weigh. to sound out. to feel out. to size up. to evaluate. balance. deliberate. gauge. measure. scale.
  1386. tartrate İng.
    • i., kim tartar asidinin tuzu.
  1387. tartuffe İng.
    • i. Moliere in bir piyesinde ikiyüzlü papaz
    • dindarlık taslayan kimse.
  1388. tarz Tür.
    • way. manner. sort. kind. style. fashion. form. genre. method. modalities. mode. plan. tone. turn.
  1389. tarz Tür.
    • style. method. way. manner. form. angle. brand. fashion. genre. modality. mode. modus. school. stroke.
  1390. tarz Tür.
    • fashion. manner. mode. strain. style. tone. way. style stil. üslup. biçem. sort.
  1391. tarzan İng.
    • i. tarzan.
  1392. tas Tür.
    • Tuition Assurance Scheme The objective of this scheme is to ensure that overseas students receive the education or training for which they have paid.
  1393. tas Tür.
    • True Airspeed Rectified airspeed corrected for altitude and outside air temperature.
  1394. tas Tür.
    • True Airspeed.
  1395. tas Tür.
    • True Air Speed.
  1396. tas Tür.
    • Traceable author statement: Anything in a review article where the original experiments are traceable through that article, or in a textbook or dictionary [e.g "everybody" knows that enolase is a glycolytic enzyme].
  1397. tas Tür.
    • To tassel.
  1398. tas Tür.
    • Toll Administration Subsystem.
  1399. tas Tür.
    • Tolerance Assessment System Source: US EPA. true airspeed.
  1400. tas Tür.
    • Tasmania.
  1401. tas Tür.
    • Tasmania.
  1402. tas Tür.
    • Targeted Assistance School Title I programs providing supplementary services to eligible educationally disadvantaged students.
  1403. tas Tür.
    • Tanzania Assistance Strategy.
  1404. tas Tür.
    • porringer. bowl. stoup. vessel.
  1405. tas Tür.
    • bowl. vessel.
  1406. tas Tür.
    • basin. bowl.
  1407. tas Tür.
    • A heap.
  1408. tas Tür.
    • Abbreviation for Tropical Atlantic Study, a part of the TTO program.
  1409. taş Tür.
    • stone. lapidary. stone. rock. flint. allusion. concretion. dig. gem. gibe. hit. innuendo. jeer. jibe.
  1410. taş Tür.
    • rock. stone. stone. gem. playing piece. dig. barbed allusion. stone. calculus. made of stone.
  1411. taş Tür.
    • masonry. scale. stone.
  1412. taş bebek Tür.
    • dolly bird.
  1413. taş bebek Tür.
    • doll.
  1414. taş bilimi Tür.
    • paleontology.
  1415. Taş Devri Tür.
    • stone age.
  1416. Taş Devri Tür.
    • stone age.
  1417. taş kalpli Tür.
    • stonyhearted.
  1418. taş kömürü Tür.
    • coal.
  1419. taş ocağı Tür.
    • stock quarry. stone quarry.
  1420. taş ocağı Tür.
    • quarry.
  1421. taş yürekli Tür.
    • hardhearted. stonyhearted.
  1422. taş yüreklilik Tür.
    • hardheartedness.
  1423. tasa Tür.
    • worry. concern. preoccupation.
  1424. tasa Tür.
    • care. concern. mopes. sorrow.
  1425. tasa Tür.
    • anxiety. preoccupation. worry. grief. care. affliction.
  1426. taşak Tür.
    • testicle.
  1427. taşak Tür.
    • rocks. testicle. testis.
  1428. taşak Tür.
    • nut. testicle. ball. bollocks. nuts.
  1429. taşaklı Tür.
    • who has nuts. bold. fearless.
  1430. taşaklı Tür.
    • virile. bold. influential. big.
  1431. tasalanmak Tür.
    • to worry.
  1432. tasalanmak Tür.
    • to regret. be sad. to worry. be anxious.
  1433. tasalı Tür.
    • worried. troubled.
  1434. tasallut Tür.
    • molestation. attack made on sb.
  1435. tasallut etmek Tür.
    • to molest. to attack sb violently.
  1436. tasar Tür.
    • drawing. plan. project.
  1437. tasarı Tür.
    • project. plan. scheme. bill. draught. design. proposal. set-up.
  1438. tasarı Tür.
    • project. bill. draft of a proposed law. written proposal. plan. scheme. blueprint for action. draft. egg. projection. schema.
  1439. tasarı Tür.
    • idea. project. scheme.
  1440. tasarı geometri Tür.
    • descriptive geometry.
  1441. tasarım Tür.
    • planning. projection.
  1442. tasarım Tür.
    • design. imagination tasavvur. design tasarçizim. representation.
  1443. tasarım Tür.
    • design.
  1444. tasarımcı Tür.
    • planner. draughtsman. draftsman. designer. drafter.
  1445. tasarımcı Tür.
    • designer.
  1446. tasarımcı Tür.
    • designer.
  1447. tasarımlamak Tür.
    • to design.
  1448. tasarlama Tür.
    • planning. designing.
  1449. tasarlama Tür.
    • planning. cogitation. contemplation. laying out. premeditation.
  1450. tasarlamak Tür.
    • plan. project. design. contrive. propose. purpose. think up. think out. architect. blue-print. calculate. cast about. cast around. contemplate. devise. draft. draught. fix. forecast. incubate. mean. meditate. premeditate. ruminate. scheme. skeletoniz.
  1451. tasarlamak Tür.
    • design.
  1452. tasarlamak Tür.
    • calculate. conceive. contemplate. design. hatch. intend. map. plan. project. schedule. scheme. to plan. to project. to design. to draft. to sketch out. to intend.
  1453. tasarlanmak Tür.
    • to be envisaged. to be envisioned. to be planned. to be projected.
  1454. tasarruf Tür.
    • savings. disposal. disposition. thrift. administration. management. possession. conservation. careful use of a resource. saving. economy. money saved. economies. economization. entry. retrenchment.
  1455. tasarruf Tür.
    • provident. saving. economy. possession. austerity. providence. retrenchment. thriftiness.
  1456. tasarruf Tür.
    • economy. saving. savings. possession. use. power of disposal. frugality.
  1457. tasarruf bonosu Tür.
    • saving bond. savings bond. savings bond. national bond certificate. treasury bond certificate.
  1458. tasasız Tür.
    • carefree. lighthearted. blithe.
  1459. tasasız Tür.
    • carefree. happy-go-lucky. light-hearted.
  1460. tasasızlık Tür.
    • carefreeness. lightheartedness.
  1461. tasavvuf Tür.
    • sufism.
  1462. tasavvuf Tür.
    • mysticism. islamic mysticism. sufism.
  1463. tasavvuf Tür.
    • mysticism.
  1464. tasavvuf Tür.
    • Islamic mysticism.
  1465. tasavvufi Tür.
    • mystical. sufistic.
  1466. tasavvur Tür.
    • vision. idea. conception. imagination. plan.
  1467. tasavvur Tür.
    • imagination. thinking. concept. proposal.
  1468. tasavvur Tür.
    • idea. conception. conceiving. imagining. envisagement. concept. representation. edifice. mental image. realization.
  1469. tasavvur etmek Tür.
    • to conceive. to imagine. to envisage. to represent. fancy. suppose.
  1470. taşçı Tür.
    • stonemason. quarryman. quarrier. stonecutter.
  1471. taşçı Tür.
    • stonemason. knapper.
  1472. taşçılık Tür.
    • quarrying. stonecutting. stonemansory.
  1473. tasdik Tür.
    • confirmation. ratification. attestation. ok. okay. validation.
  1474. tasdik Tür.
    • acknowledgment. sanction. confirmation. affirmation. assertion. ratification.
  1475. tasdik Tür.
    • acknowledgment. affirmance. certification. ratification. certification. bearing sb out. attesting the truth of. acceptance. acknowledgement. affirmation. assent. authentication. avowal. confirmation. recognition. sanction. suffrage. witnessing.
  1476. tasdik etmek Tür.
    • sanction. validate.
  1477. tasdik etmek Tür.
    • affirm. certify. to affirm. to approve. to attest. to ratify. to sanction. to verify. to authenticate.
  1478. tasdikli Tür.
    • certified. attested.
  1479. tasdikli Tür.
    • certified.
  1480. tasdikname Tür.
    • attestation. certificate. certification. certificate which formally attests sth. certificate of attendance (given to a student who has attended, but not gr. acknowledgement. school leaving certificate. instrument of ratification. instrument of signature.
  1481. tasdikname Tür.
    • attestation. certificate.
  1482. taşeron Tür.
    • subcontractor. sub contractor. little master.
  1483. taşeron Tür.
    • subcontractor.
  1484. taşeronluk Tür.
    • incentive operation. subcontract work.
  1485. tasfiye Tür.
    • settlement. winding-up. liquidation. refinement. winding up. purification. refining. liquidation. discharge. elimination. doing away with. clarification. freshening. distillation. sublimation. salvage. clearing. reducing. redu.
  1486. tasfiye Tür.
    • liquidation. purge. rectification. refinement. purification. discharge. elimination.
  1487. tasfiye Tür.
    • clearance. liquidation. close-out. purification. settlement. refinement. cleanup. combout. dissolution. house-cleaning. purge. takeout. winding-up.
  1488. tashih Tür.
    • correction. revision. revise.
  1489. tashih Tür.
    • correction.
  1490. tashih Tür.
    • amendment. rectification. connection. correction. revision.
  1491. taşikardi Tür.
    • tachycardia.
  1492. tasimeter İng.
    • i. ısı değişikliklerini ölçmeye mahsus elektrikli cihaz, tasimetre. tasimetry i. tasimetre ile ölçme .
  1493. taşıl Tür.
    • fossil.
  1494. taşıllaşmak Tür.
    • to fossilize. to turn into a fossil.
  1495. tasım Tür.
    • syllogism.
  1496. taşım Tür.
    • used in :.
  1497. taşıma Tür.
    • to carry. to transport from one place to another. to bear. to support. bearing. carriage. carrying. conveyance. conveying. exchange order. haulage. hauling. hotel package. tote. transmission. uninsured working expenses.
  1498. taşıma Tür.
    • carrying. carriage. transportation. transport. shipping. conduction. conveyance. freight. haulage. portage. removal. traction. transfer.
  1499. taşıma Tür.
    • bearing. carriage. conduction. freight. haulage. portage. shipping. take. transit. transmission. transport. transportation.
  1500. taşımacı Tür.
    • carrier. transporter. shipping agent. forwarder.
  1501. taşımacılık Tür.
    • transport. transportation. transporting. carrying. shipping nakliyecilik. nakliyat.
  1502. taşımacılık Tür.
    • transportation. carrying trade.
  1503. taşımacılık Tür.
    • the transport business. shipping. the forwarding business.
  1504. taşımak Tür.
    • move. transport. to carry. to transport sth from one place to another. to bear. to support. cart. catch up. convey. haul. mount. pack. receive. sustain. tote. wear.
  1505. taşımak Tür.
    • carry. transport. bear. wear. bear away. carry away. convey. haul. put across. relocate. remove. run. stanchion. sustain. tote.
  1506. taşımak Tür.
    • bear. carry. cart. conduct. convey. ease. ferry. haul. lug. receive. tote. transfer. transport.
  1507. tasımlamak Tür.
    • to plan. to estimate. to reckon.
  1508. tasımsal Tür.
    • syllogistic. syllogistical.
  1509. taşınabilir Tür.
    • portable. movable. transportable. removable.
  1510. taşınabilir Tür.
    • portable.
  1511. taşınabilir Tür.
    • bearable. carriageable. fit for transport. portable. removable. transferable. transportable.
  1512. taşınır Tür.
    • movable. portable. conveyable. transferable. movable possession.
  1513. taşınır Tür.
    • movable. portable.
  1514. taşınma Tür.
    • removal.
  1515. taşınma Tür.
    • moving. move. flit. remove.
  1516. taşınma Tür.
    • moving from one place to another. being carried. flit. moving in. moving out. shift. transport.
  1517. taşınmak Tür.
    • to move to / to remove to a new place of residence or business. to be carried to. to be transported to. to be borne. to be supported. to take lodgings with sb. move. move away. move in.
  1518. taşınmak Tür.
    • move. remove. transfer.
  1519. taşınmak Tür.
    • move. move out. move in. move house. relocate. flit. remove.
  1520. taşınmaz Tür.
    • real property. immovable property. immovable. real chattels.
  1521. taşınmaz Tür.
    • immovable. unmovable. real.
  1522. taşınmaz Tür.
    • immovable.
  1523. taşınmaz mal Tür.
    • real property.
  1524. taşırmak Tür.
    • to cause sth to overflow. to cause sth to boil over. to cause sb to lose his patience completely. overfill. slop.
  1525. taşıt Tür.
    • vehicle. transport. conveyance. transportation.
  1526. taşıt Tür.
    • vehicle. conveyance. means.
  1527. taşıt Tür.
    • transport. vehicle. means of transportation. conveyance.
  1528. taşıtçı Tür.
    • operator of a vehicle.
  1529. taşıyıcı Tür.
    • carrier. porter. bearer. conveyor. transporter.
  1530. taşıyıcı Tür.
    • carrier. conveyor. transporter. bearer. germ carrier. contact. conveyer. haulier. mover. vector. vehicle.
  1531. taşıyıcı Tür.
    • carrier. bearer. transporter. stevedore. conveyor. carrier. supporter. hauler. carrying. conveying. live. conveyer.
  1532. task İng.
    • i., f. iş, görev, vazife
    • ödev
    • hizmet
    • külfet
    • f. iş vermek, görevlendirmek
    • külfet yüklemek
    • itham etmek, suçlamak. task force geçici işbirliği. take one to task azarlamak, paylamak .
  1533. taşkın Tür.
    • overflowing. excessive. boisterous. ebullient. effusive. expansive. exuberant. gushing. intemperate. rambunctious. rumbustious. volcanic. disorderly. flood.
  1534. taşkın Tür.
    • effusive. exuberant. frenzied. full. irrepressible. overflow. overflowing. excessive. flood seylap. feyezan. boisterous.
  1535. taşkın Tür.
    • boisterous. effusive. excessive. flood. flooding. overflow. overflowing.
  1536. taşkınlık Tür.
    • marked lack of restraint. rowdiness. boisterousness. impetuousness. excessive exuberance. rowdy and unrestrained behaviour. abandon. frenzy. intemperance.
  1537. taşkınlık Tür.
    • frenzy. furore. rampage. overflowing. flooding. excess. impetuosity.
  1538. taşkınlık Tür.
    • effusiveness.
  1539. taskmaster İng.
    • i. başkasına iş yükleyen kimse, angaryacı .
  1540. taskwork İng.
    • i. götürü iş
    • külfetli iş.
  1541. taslak Tür.
    • sketch. outline. schema. roughcast. rough. drawing. study. conspectus. design. diagram. draft. draft plan. draught. plan. silhouette. skeleton. tracing. visual.
  1542. taslak Tür.
    • draft.
  1543. taslak Tür.
    • design. draft. outline. plan. rough. skeleton. sketch. study. wishy-washy person. rough draft. model.
  1544. taslak yapmak Tür.
    • to sketch.
  1545. taşlama Tür.
    • stoning. satire. lampoon. epigram. burlesque. squib.
  1546. taşlama Tür.
    • lampoon. satire. stoning. satirizing. removing the stones from of stones. making a critical allusion. burlesque. satirical.
  1547. taşlama Tür.
    • burlesque. lampoon. satire. stoning. grinding.
  1548. taslamak Tür.
    • to make others think one is (sth one is not. to act as if one were (sth one is not. affect. play act. pretend. profess.
  1549. taşlamak Tür.
    • to stone. to throw stones at. to satirize. to lampoon. to have. to pave with stones. to get in a dig at. to make a critical allusion about sb. lapidate. pelt.
  1550. taşlamak Tür.
    • satirize. stone. to stone. stone to death. to malign. to grind. to satirize.
  1551. taşlanmak Tür.
    • to be stoned. to be stoned to death.
  1552. taşlatmak Tür.
    • to have sb throw stones at sb / sth. to have sb stone sb to death.
  1553. taşlı Tür.
    • stony. full of stones or stony bits. paved with stones. set with a stone.
  1554. taşlı Tür.
    • stony.
  1555. taşlı Tür.
    • broken. stony.
  1556. taşlık Tür.
    • stony place. courtyard or entrance hall paved with stones. gizzard of a bird. yard. entrance yard. boulder flat. stone paving.
  1557. taşlık Tür.
    • gizzard.
  1558. tasma Tür.
    • collar. strap. collet.
  1559. tasma Tür.
    • collar (on animal"s neck. collar.
  1560. tasma Tür.
    • collar. leash. collar. strap.
  1561. taşma Tür.
    • overflow. overflowing. overbrimming. running over. flush. flushing. outburst. boilover. surve. streaming. flux. super flux. lap. effusion. efflux. projection. project. backup. overhanging. gush. high water.
  1562. taşma Tür.
    • overflowing. outpouring. overflow. outpour. outburst. gush. ebullition. surge.
  1563. taşmak Tür.
    • to run over. to boil over. to overflow. to overflow its banks. to spill over into a place. to project or extend over the edge of or edges of sth. to lose one"s patience. to blow one"s stack. to give vent to one"s excitement. to inund.
  1564. taşmak Tür.
    • overflow. run over. boil over. pour out. spill over. brim over. flow. get over. gush. overbrim. pour forth. slop over. swell. swim. well over.
  1565. taşmak Tür.
    • bubble. cascade. flood. overflow. slop.
  1566. tasnif Tür.
    • classification. assortment. rating.
  1567. tasnif Tür.
    • classification.
  1568. tasnif Tür.
    • assortment. classification. classification bölümleme. sınıflama.
  1569. taşra Tür.
    • the provinces. the parts of a country outside the big cities. country. sticks. / n.
  1570. taşra Tür.
    • country. the provinces. the country. the outside.
  1571. taşra Tür.
    • country. provincial. backwoods. bush-league. freshwater. backwoods. country. boondocks. the provinces. back country. jerkwater. jerkwater town. upcountry. upstate.
  1572. taşralı Tür.
    • provincial. upcountry. provincial. countryman. backwoodsman. rustic. hick.
  1573. taşralı Tür.
    • provincal. person from the provinces. countryman. country people. provincial. upstater.
  1574. tasrih Tür.
    • explaining sth very clearly. making sth perfectly clear.
  1575. tassel İng.
    • i., f. püskül
    • f püsküllerle süslemek
    • püskül vermek, püskül haline gelmek.
  1576. taste İng.
    • i. lezzet, tat, çeşni
    • tat alma duyusu
    • uyum
    • üslûp
    • az miktarda şey
    • yudumluk, tadımlık miktar
    • tatma a taste for hoşlanma, hazzetme, beğeni, zevk. in good taste uygun .in bad taste uygunsuz. leave a bad taste kötü etki bırakmak. out of taste zevksiz. to one's taste zevkine uygun. taste bud anat. papilla.
  1577. taste İng.
    • f .tatmak, tadına bakmak, çeşnisine bakmak
    • denemek
    • tadı olmak. taste blood galip gelmekten büyük bir zevk almak. taste of tatmak, görmek.
  1578. tasteful İng.
    • s. uyumlu, zarif. taste fully z. zevkle. tastefulness i. zevk
    • zevklilik.
  1579. tasteless İng.
    • s. tatssız, yavan
    • zevksiz
    • uygunsuz. tastelessly z. tatsızca. tastelessness i. tatsızlık
    • uygunsuzluk.
  1580. taster İng.
    • i. çeşnici
    • şarap tatmaya mahsus ufak bardak .
  1581. tasty İng.
    • s. tatlı, lezzetli, çeşnili, zevkli, zevke uygun .
  1582. tasvip Tür.
    • sanction. approval. affirmation. approbation. placet.
  1583. tasvip Tür.
    • approbation. approval. countenance. assent.
  1584. tasvip etmek Tür.
    • to approve of. to approve. to give one"s approval. to sanction. affirm. allow. to give approval. to give countdown to. to lend countdown to sb.
  1585. tasvip etmek Tür.
    • approve.
  1586. tasvir Tür.
    • picture. representation. description betim. betimleme. design resim. design.
  1587. tasvir Tür.
    • description. picture. portrait. portrayal. depiction. pen-portrait. portraiture. version.
  1588. tasvir Tür.
    • depiction. description. descriptive narration. image. imagery. portrait.
  1589. tasviri Tür.
    • descriptive. figurative.
  1590. tat Tür.
    • Transient Occupancy Tax
    • tax revenue created by hotels.
  1591. tat Tür.
    • TransATlantic.
  1592. tat Tür.
    • Theoretical Arrival Time. transactivator of transcription, a gene of HIV that plays a role in viral replication by regulating the transcription of viral DNA into RNA
    • also the protein produced by that gene.
  1593. tat Tür.
    • That.
  1594. tat Tür.
    • Text attribute table for an annotation subclass in a coverage In addition to user-defined attributes, the TAT contains a sequence number and text feature identifier See also feature attribute table.
  1595. tat Tür.
    • Technical Applications Team.
  1596. tat Tür.
    • Sanskrit word meaning that.
  1597. tat Tür.
    • gustatory. taste. flavor. flavour. relish. savor. savour. sapidity. sauce. savoriness. savouriness. sweet. zest.
  1598. tat Tür.
    • Gunny cloth made from the fiber of the Corchorus olitorius, or jute.
  1599. tat Tür.
    • flavour. relish. salt. savour. taste. zest.
  1600. tat Tür.
    • flavo r. sweetness. sweet taste. delight. flavour. pleasure. relish. salt. savour. spice. zest.
  1601. tat Tür.
    • did, act, action, deed, exploit, feats.
  1602. tat Tür.
    • Assumes equally spaced cells arriving at an anticipated rate Cells that arrive too early are considered non-conforming. shelf made of wire mesh or burlap used to spread the leaves out for withering and fermentation.
  1603. tat Tür.
    • A pony. make lacework by knotting or looping.
  1604. tat İng.
    • f. (-ted, -ting) mekik oyası yapmak . tatting i. mekik oyası.
  1605. tat alma duyusu Tür.
    • gustatory sense.
  1606. tat duyusu Tür.
    • sense of taste.
  1607. Tatar Tür.
    • the Turkic language spoken by the Tatar people living from the Volga to the Ural Mountains a member of the Turkic-speaking people living from the Volga to the Ural Mountains a member of the Mongolian people of central Asia who invaded Russia in the 13th century.
  1608. Tatar Tür.
    • tatar.
  1609. Tatar Tür.
    • Tatar.
  1610. Tatar Tür.
    • Tartar.
  1611. Tatar Tür.
    • a member of the Mongolian people of central Asia who invaded Russia in the 13th century. a member of the Turkic-speaking people living from the Volga to the Ural Mountains. the Turkic language spoken by the Tatar people living from the Volga to the Ural Mountains.
  1612. tatar , tartar İng.
    • i. Tatar.
  1613. Tatarca Tür.
    • Tatar. the Tatar language.
  1614. Tatarca Tür.
    • tatar.
  1615. Tatarca Tür.
    • Tartar. in Tatar.
  1616. tatarcık Tür.
    • midge.
  1617. tatarcık Tür.
    • gnat.
  1618. Tataristan Tür.
    • tatarstan.
  1619. Tataristan Tür.
    • Tatarstan.
  1620. tatbik Tür.
    • application uygulama. kılgı. utilization.
  1621. tatbik Tür.
    • application. putting sth into effect or practice. exercise.
  1622. tatbik Tür.
    • application.
  1623. tatbik etmek Tür.
    • to put sth into effect or practice. to carry sth out. to apply. to bring / to carry into effect.
  1624. tatbik imzası Tür.
    • specimen signature. signature specimen.
  1625. tatbik mührü Tür.
    • officials eal (of a person.
  1626. tatbikat Tür.
    • practice. application. maneuvers. exercises. field exercise. operation. praxis.
  1627. tatbikat Tür.
    • operation. practice. sham battle.
  1628. tatbikat Tür.
    • exercise. utilization. practice. maneuvers. application uygulama. manoeuvres. military exercises manevra.
  1629. tatbikatçı Tür.
    • person who puts sth into effect.
  1630. tatil Tür.
    • vacation. holiday. recessional. vacation. holiday. stoppage. recess. vac.
  1631. tatil Tür.
    • vacation. holiday. recessional. stoppage. recess. vac. shutdown.
  1632. tatil Tür.
    • holiday. vacation. long break for a meal. breaking-up. intermission. leave day. respite. standstill.
  1633. tatil köyü Tür.
    • holiday village. holiday camp.
  1634. tatlandırıcı Tür.
    • sweetener.
  1635. tatlandırıcı Tür.
    • flavo u ring. sweetening.
  1636. tatlandırmak Tür.
    • to improve the taste of sweet (by ripening it.
  1637. tatlandırmak Tür.
    • sweeten. to sweeten. to flavour.
  1638. tatlanmak Tür.
    • to get sweet (owing to ripening.
  1639. tatlı Tür.
    • sweet. agreeable. amiable. beautiful. blancmange. delightful. dulcet. fruity. honeyed. honied. luscious. mellifluent. mellifluous. mellow. pleasant. saccharine. sapid. smooth. soft. suave. subtile. subtle. sugary. toothsome. dessert. sweeties. afters. appealing. benign. confectionery. dainty. darling. fresh. genial. gentle. goody. gorgeous. grand. melodic. melodious. musical. nice. pleasing. prepossessing. pretty. tasty.
  1640. tatlı Tür.
    • sweet. agreeable. amiable. beautiful. blancmange. delightful. dulcet. fruity. honeyed. honied. luscious. mellifluent. mellifluous. mellow. pleasant. saccharine. sapid. smooth. soft. suave. subtile. subtle. sugary. toothsome. dessert. sweeties. afters.
  1641. tatlı Tür.
    • amiable. nice. pleasant. sweet. agreeable. genial. delicious. dulcet. gentle. mild. quiet. sociable. soft.
  1642. tatlı dilli Tür.
    • soft spoken.
  1643. tatlı dilli Tür.
    • candied. soft spoken. suave.
  1644. tatlı kaşığı Tür.
    • dessert spoon.
  1645. tatlı kaşığı Tür.
    • dessert spoon.
  1646. tatlı söz Tür.
    • sugar.
  1647. tatlı söz Tür.
    • blandishment.
  1648. tatlı su Tür.
    • fresh water. fresh water (as opposed to salt water.
  1649. tatlı su Tür.
    • freshwater.
  1650. tatlı su gelinciği Tür.
    • burbot.
  1651. tatlı tatlı Tür.
    • suavely.
  1652. tatlı tatlı Tür.
    • pleasantly.
  1653. tatlıcı Tür.
    • maker or seller of pastries soaked in syrup.
  1654. tatlılaşmak Tür.
    • to get sweet (owing to ripening. to become pleasant or genial.
  1655. tatlılaştırmak Tür.
    • to make sweet.
  1656. tatlılık Tür.
    • sweetness. sweet taste. pleasantness. agreeableness. niceness. amiability. geniality. deliciousness. melodiousness.
  1657. tatlılık Tür.
    • blandness.
  1658. tatlılıkla Tür.
    • with kindness. amicably.
  1659. tatlılıkla Tür.
    • blandly.
  1660. tatmak Tür.
    • to taste. to experience.
  1661. tatmak Tür.
    • taste. experience. try. die. extract. know. sample.
  1662. tatmak Tür.
    • sample. taste. to taste. to experience. to sample.
  1663. tatmin Tür.
    • satisfaction. satisfying. gratifying. gratification. contenting. content. contentment.
  1664. tatmin Tür.
    • satisfaction. reassurance.
  1665. tatmin Tür.
    • satisfaction. content.
  1666. tatmin etmek Tür.
    • to satisfy. to gratify. to content. fill. quench.
  1667. tatmin etmek Tür.
    • appease. content. fill. fulfil. meet. sate. satiate. satisfy.
  1668. tatminkar Tür.
    • satisfactory.
  1669. tatminsizlik Tür.
    • lack of satisfaction. dissatisfaction.
  1670. tatminsizlik Tür.
    • dissatisfaction.
  1671. tatsız Tür.
    • insipid. tasteless. unpleasant. rapid. not sweet enough to the taste. unsweet. disagreeable. boring. arid. distasteful. dreary. flat. flat footed. horrid. objectionable. prosy. raucous. seamy. in bad style. terrible. uncongenial. undesirable. unedifying.
  1672. tatsız Tür.
    • distasteful.
  1673. tatsız Tür.
    • arid. bleak. disagreeable. distasteful. dusty. grisly. hard. hateful. hellish. insipid. prosaic. tame. tasteless. ugly. unenviable. unpleasant.
  1674. tatsız tuzsuz Tür.
    • very tasteless. very insipid. very boring. flat.
  1675. tatsızlaşmak Tür.
    • to become unpleasant / disagreeable / boring. come over. pall.
  1676. tatsızlık Tür.
    • tastelessness. insipidity. unpleasantness. disagreableness. action which creates unpleasantness. platitude. vapidity.
  1677. tatsızlık Tür.
    • distastefulness.
  1678. tatter İng.
    • i., f. çaput, paçavra
    • çoğ. yıpranmış giysi
    • f. parçalayıp paçavra haline koymak
    • parçalanmak.
  1679. tatterdemalion İng.
    • i. üstü baş perişan kimse, pejmürde kimse.
  1680. tattırmak Tür.
    • to have sb taste sth. to have sb to experience sth.
  1681. tattle İng.
    • f., i. fitlemek, yerip çekiştirmek, gammazlamak
    • gevezelik etmek, boşboğazlık etmek, sırrı ifşa etmek
    • i. boşboğazlık, dedikodu
    • bebeğin gevelediği sözler. tattler i. fitneci kimse, gammaz kimse, boşboğaz kimse, zevzek kimse, dedikoducu kimse
    • çullukgillerden Amerika'ya özgü bir kuş .
  1682. tattletale İng.
    • i., s. fitneci kimse
    • s. açığa vuran. tattletale gray gri beyaz, azmış (çamaşır).
  1683. tattoo İng.
    • f., i. vücuda dövme yapmak
    • i. dövme.
  1684. tattoo İng.
    • i., ask. koğuş borusu veya trampeti. beat a tattoo trampet çalmak, parmaklarla masayı tıkırdatmak.
  1685. tau İng.
    • i. Yunan alfabesinde t. harfi.
  1686. taught İng.
    • bak. teach .
  1687. taun Tür.
    • plague. pastilence. pest.
  1688. taunt İng.
    • f., i. alay etmek, sataşmak
    • azarlamak
    • i. alay
    • iğneli söz
    • meydan okuma. taunt'ingly z. alayla
    • sataşarak.
  1689. taupe İng.
    • i. köstebek
    • köstebek derisi rengi, kahverengimsi gri renk.
  1690. taurine İng.
    • s. boğaya ait
    • astr. Boğa burcuna ait.
  1691. taurus İng.
    • i., astr. Boğa takım yıldızı
    • Boğa burcu, Sevir
    • Toros Dağları.
  1692. taut İng.
    • s .sıkı, gergin
    • düzenli, tertipli haul. taut den. aganta etmek. taut'ly z. gergince. taut'ness i. gerginlik.
  1693. tauten İng.
    • f. sıkılaştırmak, gerginleştirmek
    • den. aganta etmek.
  1694. tauto İng.
    • (önek) aynı
    • tekrar .
  1695. tautological İng.
    • s. lüzumsuz yere tekrarlayan.
  1696. tautology İng.
    • i. gereksizce tekrarlanan ifade
    • lüzumsuz söz tekrarı.
  1697. tav Tür.
    • temper. annealing. opportune moment. right time. proper condition.
  1698. tav Tür.
    • heat. annealing. anneal. opportune time. hardness. temper. tempering. heat treatment. humidity.
  1699. tav Tür.
    • correct heat. temper.
  1700. tava Tür.
    • pan. skillet. frying pan. fried food. fry-pan.
  1701. tava Tür.
    • frying pan. skillet. frypan. spider. cast iron frying pan. fried.
  1702. tava Tür.
    • fryer. frier. pan. broiler. skillet. frying pan.
  1703. tava ekmeği Tür.
    • griddle bread.
  1704. tavaf Tür.
    • circumambulation. walking around. wondering around (a place.
  1705. tavalık Tür.
    • good to be fried in a pan.
  1706. tavan Tür.
    • ceiling. plafond.
  1707. tavan Tür.
    • ceiling. cap.
  1708. tavan Tür.
    • ceiling.
  1709. tavan arası Tür.
    • garret. attic. mansard. attic story.
  1710. tavan arası Tür.
    • attic. garret. loft.
  1711. tavan arası Tür.
    • attic.
  1712. tavan fiyatı Tür.
    • ceiling price. maximum price. ceiling / maximum price. maximum fas.
  1713. tavan süpürgesi Tür.
    • long-handed broom used to clean ceilings.
  1714. tavassut Tür.
    • mediation. interposition. intervention.
  1715. tavassut etmek Tür.
    • to mediate. to act as a mediator. to interpose. to intervene.
  1716. tavcılık Tür.
    • swindling. cheating.
  1717. tavern İng.
    • i. taverna, meyhane
    • han.
  1718. taverna Tür.
    • tavern. nightclub. drinking place with music.
  1719. taverna Tür.
    • tavern.
  1720. taverna Tür.
    • nightclub. osteria. tavern.
  1721. tavik Tür.
    • postponement. delay. retardation.
  1722. taviz Tür.
    • concession. compromise. compensation.
  1723. taviz Tür.
    • concession.
  1724. taviz Tür.
    • compensation. compromise. concession. quid pro quo.
  1725. tavizcilik Tür.
    • appeasement.
  1726. tavır Tür.
    • put-on. attitude. manner. air. posture. address. aspect. behavior. behaviour. carriage. demeanor. demeanour. deportment. face. form. mien. port. pose. presence. tone.
  1727. tavır Tür.
    • manner. air. expression. airs. affectation. put-on. pose attitudinizing. assumption. attitude. bearing. behaviour. carriage. conduct. demeanour. deportment. mien. mode. plague. style. tone. walk.
  1728. tavır Tür.
    • attitude. behaviour. demeanour. fashion. front. style. tone. mode. manner. arrogant manner. bearing. arrogance. pose.
  1729. tavla Tür.
    • backgammon. tables.
  1730. tavla Tür.
    • backgammon. stable.
  1731. tavla Tür.
    • backgammon.
  1732. tavlama Tür.
    • annealing. tempering. heat treatment.
  1733. tavlama Tür.
    • annealing. dampening. bomboozling. tempering. heat treatment. annealing process. cementation. roasting. lighting. humidification. conditioning.
  1734. tavlamak Tür.
    • to dampen. to anneal. to fatten. to trick. to hoodwink. to bamboozle. to pull the wool over sb"s eye. to now. to beguile. to charm. to heat-treat. to fry. to roast. to a.
  1735. tavlamak Tür.
    • temper. to bring to its best condition. to swindle. to anneal. to dampen. to chat up. to try and pick up. to try and get off with. to cajole sb. to coax sb.
  1736. tavlamak Tür.
    • attemper.
  1737. tavlı Tür.
    • annealed. heat treated.
  1738. tavsamak Tür.
    • to moderate. to abate. to slacken. to fall off. to become easier. peter out.
  1739. tavşan Tür.
    • rabbit or hare. buck. rabbit.
  1740. tavşan Tür.
    • rabbit. hare. bunny. bun. cony. ground game.
  1741. tavşan Tür.
    • bunkum. rabbit. cabinetmaker. hare. bunny.
  1742. tavşan uykusu Tür.
    • very light sleep.
  1743. tavşancık Tür.
    • bunkum.
  1744. tavsatmak Tür.
    • to cause to moderate. to abate. to slacken. to fall off.
  1745. tavsif Tür.
    • characterization. description. qualification. designation.
  1746. tavsiye Tür.
    • recommendatory. recommendation. advice. suggestion. tip. a piece of advice. hint. commendation. counsel. exhortation. rede.
  1747. tavsiye Tür.
    • commendation. recommendation. advising (a certain course of action. advice. exhortation. lead. recommendatory letter. piece of advice. tip. a good word.
  1748. tavsiye Tür.
    • advice. counsel. recommendation. tip. suggestion.
  1749. tavsiye etmek Tür.
    • to advise. to recommend. to commend. counsel. warn.
  1750. tavsiye etmek Tür.
    • advise. counsel. prescribe. recommend.
  1751. tavsiye mektubu Tür.
    • commendatory letter. letter of recommendation. recommendatory letter. letter of commendation.
  1752. tavuk Tür.
    • hen. chicken. barbecue. fowl.
  1753. tavuk Tür.
    • chicken. hen. giblets.
  1754. tavuk Tür.
    • chicken. hen.
  1755. tavuk eti Tür.
    • chicken.
  1756. tavuk kümesi Tür.
    • hen house.
  1757. tavukçu Tür.
    • poulterer.
  1758. tavukçu Tür.
    • poulerer. poultry seller. poulterer.
  1759. tavukçuluk Tür.
    • poultry rearing. poultry husbandry.
  1760. tavukçuluk Tür.
    • chicken farming. poultry selling. poultry culture raising.
  1761. tavus Tür.
    • peacock. peacockpeacock.
  1762. tavus Tür.
    • peacock.
  1763. taw İng.
    • f. tanen yerine şap ve tuz kullanmak suretiyle kösele yapmak
    • (ing.) Leh. dövmek.
  1764. taw İng.
    • i. bilye oyunu
    • bilye
    • bu oyun için başlangıç çizgisi.
  1765. tawdry İng.
    • s. ucuz ve cafcaflı, bayağı, zevksiz.
  1766. tawny İng.
    • s.. esmer, koyu kumral, sarımsı kahverengi.
  1767. tax İng.
    • i., f. vergi, resim
    • külfet, yük
    • f. vergi koymak, vergi yüklemek
    • mahkeme masrafım tayin etmek
    • isnat etmek, yüklemek
    • külfet olmak, yormak, tüketmek. tax certificate icra yoluyla alman mülkün vergi borcunun ödendiğini belirten vesika .tax list vergi listesi. tax ones belief inancını sarsmak. tax shelter gelir vergisi indirimi için baş vurulan çare. tax ones patience sabrını tüketmek. income tax gelir vergisi. indirect tax hidden tax dolaylı vergi.
  1768. taxable İng.
    • s. vergiye tabi. taxabil'ity i. vergiye tabi tutma veya olma .taxably z . vergiye tabi olarak.
  1769. taxation İng.
    • i. vergilendirme
    • vergi
    • mahkeme masrafı.
  1770. taxdeductible İng.
    • s. vergiden düşülebilen.
  1771. taxeme İng.
    • i., dilb. en ufak gramer bölümü.
  1772. taxfree İng.
    • s. vergiden muaf.
  1773. taxgatherer İng.
    • i., tax collector vergici.
  1774. taxi İng.
    • i., f. taksi
    • f. taksi ile gitmek
    • hav. taksilemek taxi dancer.(A.B.D.) beraber dans etmek için ücretle tutulan kız .
  1775. taxicab İng.
    • i. taksi.
  1776. taxidermy İng.
    • i. hayvan postunu doldurma sanatı. taxider'mic s. hayvan postunu doldurmayla ilgili. taxidermist i. hayvan postunu dolduran sanatçı.
  1777. taximeter İng.
    • i. taksi saati, taksimetre.
  1778. taxis İng.
    • i., tıb yerinden oynamış veya çıkmış bir uzvu el ile tekrar yerine koyma
    • refleks, yansı, tepke.
  1779. taxonomy İng.
    • i. sınıflandırma ilmi.
  1780. taxpayer İng.
    • i. vergi veren kimse, vergi mükellefi.
  1781. tay Tür.
    • colt. foal. counterpoise. equal. peer.
  1782. tay Tür.
    • colt. foal.
  1783. tay Tür.
    • colt. filly.
  1784. tay Tür.
    • a branch of the Tai languages.
  1785. tay Tür.
    • a branch of the Tai languages.
  1786. taydaş Tür.
    • equal. peer.
  1787. tayf Tür.
    • spectrum.
  1788. tayf Tür.
    • ghost. spectrum. apposition. specter. image. colour chart. phantom. spectre specter. spook.
  1789. tayfa Tür.
    • ship"s crew. ship"s company. ship"s crewman. sailor. hangers-on. fawning followers. gang. bunch. troop. band. crew member. the lower deck. list of aliens. member of the crew.
  1790. tayfa Tür.
    • crew. company. deck hand. seaman recruit. swab.
  1791. tayfa Tür.
    • company. crew. mariner. rating. seaman.
  1792. tayfölçer Tür.
    • spectroscope.
  1793. tayfun Tür.
    • typhoon.
  1794. tayfun Tür.
    • typhoon.
  1795. tayin Tür.
    • appointment. designation. indication. pointing at. assignation. determination. investiture. moving. nomination. specification.
  1796. tayin Tür.
    • appointment. designation. determination. appointment atama. indication.
  1797. tayin Tür.
    • appointment. designation. assignment. investment. nomination. preferment.
  1798. tayin etmek Tür.
    • appoint. nominate. post.
  1799. tayin etmek Tür.
    • appoint. assess. to appoint. to define. to determine. to nominate. assign. commission. constitute. coopt. create. destine. give. name. to compute a period. place. relegate. state.
  1800. tayın Tür.
    • ration. loaf of bread issued to a soldier as part of his ration. food allowance. food ration.
  1801. tayın Tür.
    • ration.
  1802. tayın bedeli Tür.
    • ration allowance.
  1803. tayt Tür.
    • tights.
  1804. tayt Tür.
    • tights.
  1805. Tayvan Tür.
    • taiwan. taiwanese.
  1806. Tayvan Tür.
    • Taiwan.
  1807. Tayvan Tür.
    • republic of china.
  1808. tayyare Tür.
    • airplane. aeroplane uçak.
  1809. tayyare Tür.
    • aeroplane.
  1810. tayyareci Tür.
    • pilot. airman.
  1811. tayyör Tür.
    • tailor-made suit. tailleur.
  1812. tayyör Tür.
    • tailored suit. coat and skirt. suit.
  1813. tazammun Tür.
    • implication.
  1814. taze Tür.
    • fresh. new. young. hot. raw. spring chicken. sweet. warm. youthful.
  1815. taze Tür.
    • fresh. green. tender. new. crisp. dewy. hot. raw. warm. freshly.
  1816. taze Tür.
    • bracing. crisp. crispy. fresh. hot. late. new. young. youthful. recent. tender.
  1817. taze fasulye Tür.
    • french bean.
  1818. taze para Tür.
    • fresh money.
  1819. taze soğan Tür.
    • scallion.
  1820. tazelemek Tür.
    • to replace sth old with sth fresh. freshen. refresh. revive.
  1821. tazelemek Tür.
    • renew. to renew. freshen up. to replenish. to freshen up.
  1822. tazelemek Tür.
    • freshen. freshen up. renew. refresh. renovate. brush up. recreate. rub up. top up.
  1823. tazelik Tür.
    • freshness. newness. youth. bloom.
  1824. tazelik Tür.
    • freshness.
  1825. tazim Tür.
    • revering. homage.
  1826. taziye Tür.
    • sympathies. condolence.
  1827. taziye Tür.
    • condolence.
  1828. tazı Tür.
    • greyhound. hound.
  1829. tazı Tür.
    • greyhound. beagle. bloodhound. harrier. hound. whippet.
  1830. tazı Tür.
    • greyhound.
  1831. tazmin Tür.
    • restitution. satisfaction. indemnification. compensation.
  1832. tazmin Tür.
    • indemnification. making good or loss. compensation. restitution. satisfaction.
  1833. tazmin Tür.
    • compensation. indemnity. recovery. restitution.
  1834. tazmin etmek Tür.
    • to compensate. to indemnify. to make up for. to recoup.
  1835. tazmin etmek Tür.
    • indemnify. recompense.
  1836. tazminat Tür.
    • compensation. damages. indemnity. recompense. redress. reparation.
  1837. tazminat Tür.
    • compensation. amends. indemnity. damages. reparations. indemnification. award. guerdon. recompense. redress. return.
  1838. tazminat Tür.
    • amends. indemnity. damages. compensation or reparations. severance pay. atonement. claim. damage. indemnification. total loss. consideration money. recoupment. reparation. smart money. redress.
  1839. tazminat davası Tür.
    • suit for damages. action for damages. civil suit for damages. remedial action. action for compensation.
  1840. tazyik Tür.
    • pressure. compression.
  1841. tazyik Tür.
    • coercion. pressure. push. compression. plenum. load. exertion. weight. compulsion. crush. oppression.
  1842. tazyik etmek Tür.
    • to put pressure on. to press. to pressure. to overstrain. to exert. to compress. to squeeze. crush. oppress. persecute.
  1843. tazza İng.
    • i., it çok süslü ayaklı vazo veya kadeh.
  1844. tb ,tb İng.
    • kıs. tuberculosis.
  1845. te Tür.
    • Transverse electric The following are semiconductor materials used in the construction of lasers, laser diodes, and various devices in detectors and receivers. hand. hand.
  1846. te Tür.
    • Transportation Engineer. the hand. 39.
  1847. te Tür.
    • Topics in Education 10. The sampling time in the transverse plane A long TE is essential for the production of T2-weighted images.
  1848. te Tür.
    • TechEncyclopedia.
  1849. te Tür.
    • Hand Old name for striking arts on Okinawa. "Hand" the name of the 1000 year old art which later became Kara-Te.
  1850. te Tür.
    • Hand.
  1851. te Tür.
    • Hand.
  1852. te Tür.
    • Chemical symbol for Tellurium.
  1853. te Tür.
    • a brittle silver-white metalloid element that is related to selenium and sulfur
    • it is used in alloys and as a semiconductor
    • occurs mainly as tellurides in ores of copper and nickel and silver and gold. the syllable naming the seventh note of any musical scale in solmization.
  1854. tea İng.
    • i., f. çay fidanı, bot. Thea sinensis
    • kuru çay yaprağı
    • çay
    • demli içecek
    • çay ziyafeti
    • (İng.) akşam kahvaltısı
    • f. çay içmek: çay vermek. tea bag çay yapmak için içinde çay yapraklan bulunan kâğıt torba. tea ball içine çay yaprakları konulup kaynar suya batırılan delikli yuvarlak. top tea caddy çay kutusu. tea ceremony Japonlara özgü resmi çay servisi. tea chest içi kurşun kaplı çay sandığı. tea cosy çaydanlık külâhı, çaydanlık örtüsü .tea dealer çay tüccarı. tea drinker çay tiryakisi. tea party çay ziyafeti, çay daveti. tea rose çay gibi kokan gül, çay gülü. tea service çay takımı. tea urn semaver. tea wagon tekerlekli servis masası .
  1855. teach İng.
    • f. (taught) öğretmek, eğitmek, yetiştirmek
    • göstermek
    • ders vermek, hocalık etmek.
  1856. teachable İng.
    • s. öğrenmeye hevesli, öğrenme kabiliyeti olan
    • uysal. teachabil'ity, teachableness i. öğrenme kabiliyeti.
  1857. teacher İng.
    • i. öğretmen, hoca. teacher bird çömlekçi kuşu, zool. Furnarius teachers college. (A.B.D.) eğitim fakültesi. teachers pet öğretmenin gözde talebesi.
  1858. teaching İng.
    • i. öğretme, öğretim
    • öğretilen şey, telkin, talim. teaching machine öğretici makina.
  1859. teacup İng.
    • i. çay fincanı teacupful i bir çay fincanı dolusu.
  1860. teadül Tür.
    • being equivalent. equivalence.
  1861. teahouse İng.
    • i. çay evi.
  1862. teak İng.
    • i. gemi inşaatında kullanılan tik ağac kerestesi. teak tree tik ağacı, bot. Tec tonagrandis.
  1863. teakettle İng.
    • i. çay ibriği, çaydanlık.
  1864. teal İng.
    • i. çamurcun, zool. Anascrecca.
  1865. team İng.
    • i., f. çift hayvan takımı, arabaya koşulmuş bir veya birkaç at
    • oyuncu takımı, ekip: leh. ördek sürüsü
    • f. takım atlatı sürmek
    • takım kurmak
    • grup meydana getirmek, takıma girmek.
  1866. teamster İng.
    • i. yük arabacısı
    • kamyon şoförü .
  1867. teamül Tür.
    • precedent. custom. practice. reaction tepkime.
  1868. teamül Tür.
    • established practice. customary way of doing things. precedent. sanction by usage.
  1869. teamül hukuku Tür.
    • customary law. unwritten law. common law. traditional law.
  1870. teamwork İng.
    • i. takım halinde çalışma işbirliğiyle yapılan grup çalışması
  1871. teapot İng.
    • i. çay demliği.
  1872. tear İng.
    • f. (-tore, -torn) i. yırtmak
    • yarmak
    • koparmak
    • çok hırpalamak
    • kopmak
    • yırtılmak, yarılmak
    • çılgın gibi koşmak
    • i. yırtık, yırtık şey
    • (argo) cümbüş, çılgınca eğlence
    • çılgınca hareket. tear down k.dili. yıkmak, kötülemek. tear into k.dili. saldırmak. tear ones hair saçını başını yolmak. tear sheet bir mecmua veya kitaptan seçilip. kesilen sayfa. tear up harap etmek, colloq. köstebek yuvasına çevirmek
    • yırtmak. wear and tear yıpranmış olma.
  1873. tear İng.
    • i .gözyaşı
    • gözyaşına benzer şey
    • damla
    • çoğ. keder. tear bomb göz yaşartıcı bomba. tear gas göz yaşartıcı gaz. in tears ağlamakta .weep bitter tears acı acı ağlamak .tear'y s gözyaşları ile ıslanan, göz yaşları ile dolu.
  1874. teardrop İng.
    • i., s. gözyaşı damlası
    • s. damla şeklinde.
  1875. tearful İng.
    • s. gözyaşı dolu, ağlayan. tear fully z. ağlayarak. tearfulness i. gözyaşı ile dolu olma.
  1876. tearing İng.
    • s., k.dili. çılgınca
    • (İng.) korkunç, kocaman .
  1877. tearjerker İng.
    • i.,( A.B.D.), (argo) aşırı derecede kederli hikâye veya filim.
  1878. tearless İng.
    • s. gözyaşı kesilmiş, gözleri kurumuş, gözyaşsız. tearlessly z. ağlamadan, gözyaşı dökmeden. tearlessness i. ağlamayış.
  1879. tease İng.
    • f., i. kızdırmak, eziyet etmek, rahat vermemek, tedirgin etmek
    • durmadan rica etmek
    • takılmak
    • önce yüz verip sonra sırt çevirmek
    • ditmek, yün taramak, didiklemek, mıncıklamak
    • (saç) kabartmak
    • mikroskopla muayene için liflere ayırmak
    • i. takılmayı seven kimse
    • takılma
    • canını sıkma
    • önce yüz verip sonra sırt çeviren genç kız.
  1880. teasel , teazel İng.
    • i., f. tarakotu
    • kumaş tüyünü kabartmak için kullanılan kuru deve dikeni başı, kumaş tüyünü kabartma aleti
    • f. kumaş tüyünü kabartmak. fuller's teasel fes tarağı, bot. Dipsacus fullonum.
  1881. teaser İng.
    • i. takılmayı seven kimse
    • bulmaca
    • yün tüyünü kabartma makinası
    • gelecek programı gösteren filim
    • iştah açıcı şey
    • sahne perdesinin arkasında asılı bulunan ve tavanın görülmesini önleyen kısa perde.
  1882. teaspoon İng.
    • i. çay kaşığı. teaspoonful i. çay kaşığı dolusu.
  1883. teat İng.
    • i. meme, emcik.
  1884. teati Tür.
    • exchanging. exchange.
  1885. teati Tür.
    • exchange.
  1886. tebaa Tür.
    • subject uyruk.
  1887. tebaa Tür.
    • subject. citizens. subjects. citizen. people.
  1888. tebaiyet Tür.
    • submission. conformity. obedience.
  1889. tebarüz Tür.
    • becoming clear. becoming evident.
  1890. tebcil Tür.
    • exaltation. glorification. celebrating. observing.
  1891. tebdil Tür.
    • changing. alteration. replacement. exchange. in disguise. conversion.
  1892. tebelleş Tür.
    • importunate.
  1893. tebelleş olmak Tür.
    • to pester. to plague.
  1894. tebellüğ Tür.
    • being notifed / informed.
  1895. tebellür Tür.
    • crystallization. becoming clear or manifest.
  1896. teber Tür.
    • halberd.
  1897. teberrüken Tür.
    • for good luck. owing to its being lucky.
  1898. tebeşir Tür.
    • chalk. piece of chalk.
  1899. tebeşir Tür.
    • chalk. piece of chalk.
  1900. tebeşir Tür.
    • chalk.
  1901. tebeşirli Tür.
    • chalky.
  1902. tebessüm Tür.
    • smile. smile gülümseme.
  1903. tebessüm Tür.
    • smile.
  1904. tebessüm Tür.
    • smile.
  1905. tebliğ Tür.
    • notification. report.
  1906. tebliğ Tür.
    • notification. communication. communique. edict. manifesto. rescript. service.
  1907. tebliğ Tür.
    • communique. communiqué. notification. communicating. conveying. notifying. written notice. communication. paper (read to a congress. official statement. announcement. aviso. declaration. manifesto. rescript. service.
  1908. tebligat Tür.
    • official communication. notification. written notice. communiqué. announcement. written notices. notifications. communiqués. judgment judgement. precept. process.
  1909. tebligat Tür.
    • advice letter. -note. service. declarations. communications.
  1910. tebrik Tür.
    • congratulatory. greeting. congratulation. felicitation.
  1911. tebrik Tür.
    • congratulation. greeting.
  1912. tebrik Tür.
    • congratulation. congratulating. greeting card. congratulory card / letter / telegram. felicitation.
  1913. tebrik etmek Tür.
    • to congratulate. to felicitate.
  1914. tebrik etmek Tür.
    • compliment. congratulate.
  1915. tebrik kartı Tür.
    • greetings card. congratulation card. congratulation / greetings cards.
  1916. tebrik kartı Tür.
    • greeting card.
  1917. tebrik mesajı Tür.
    • congratulatory message.
  1918. tecahül Tür.
    • feigning ignorance.
  1919. tecanüs Tür.
    • homogeneity.
  1920. tecavüz Tür.
    • desecration.
  1921. tecavüz Tür.
    • assault. intrusion. aggression. attack. invasion. transgression. excess. rape.
  1922. tecavüz Tür.
    • aggression. infringement. transgression. violation. attack. encroachment. abuse. assault. trespass. violence.
  1923. tecdit Tür.
    • renewal. renovation. restoration. refurbishment. replacing with a new one.
  1924. teceddüt Tür.
    • renewaled. renaissance. innovation.
  1925. tecelli Tür.
    • transfiguration.
  1926. tecelli Tür.
    • manifestation. fate. luck.
  1927. tecelli Tür.
    • manifestation. becoming manifest. revelation. destiny. fate. phenomenon.
  1928. tecessüm Tür.
    • assuming a bodily form. embodiment. becoming tangible. appearance. becoming apparent.
  1929. tecessüs Tür.
    • prying curiosity. nosiness. snoopiness. spying. pry.
  1930. tech İng.
    • kıs. technical, technology .
  1931. teçhiz Tür.
    • equipping. equipment. supply.
  1932. teçhiz etmek Tür.
    • to equip. to outfit.
  1933. teçhizat Tür.
    • equipment. fittings. accoutrements. gear. accoutrement. appointments. arming. fixings. equipage. fitment. hardware. rig.
  1934. teçhizat Tür.
    • equipment. apparatus. paraphernalia. gear. material. accoutrement. appointments. armament. equipage. fitout. fittings. fixings. outfit. outfitting. overextension. plant.
  1935. teçhizat Tür.
    • armament. equipment. fitment. kit. outfit.
  1936. technic İng.
    • i. yöntem
    • teknik, bir sanatı icra usulü veya hüneri.
  1937. technical İng.
    • s. sanata ait
    • ilmi, fenni, mesleki, teknik
    • resmi, resmiyete uyan
    • kanuna göre, kurallara göre. technically z. teknik bakımından
    • resmi yönden.
  1938. technicality İng.
    • i. ilmi nitelik
    • ilmi veya fenni terimlerin kullanılması
    • fen veya sanayi ile ilgili ayrıntılar
    • incelik, ayrıntı .
  1939. technician İng.
    • i. ilim veya fen veya sanat uzmanı, teknisyen, teknikçi.
  1940. technique İng.
    • i. teknik, yordam.
  1941. technocracy İng.
    • i. uzmanların yönetimi altında hükümeti idare etme teorisi.
  1942. technological İng.
    • s. teknolojiye ait technologist i teknoloji uzmanı.
  1943. technology İng.
    • i. sınai işler ilmi
    • sanat veya meslek terimleri
    • teknoloji. institute of technology teknik üniversite.
  1944. tecil Tür.
    • postponement. delay. deferment. suspension. deferment.
  1945. tecil Tür.
    • postponement. deferment. suspension of execution.
  1946. tecil Tür.
    • delay. postponement. deferment.
  1947. tecim Tür.
    • commerce. trade.
  1948. tecimevi Tür.
    • store. shop. mercantile establishment.
  1949. tecrit Tür.
    • insulation. separation. isolation.
  1950. tecrit Tür.
    • insulation. isolation. isolating. separation. quarantining. divesting oneself / sb of (a prejudice, etc. insulating. abstracting (sth in one"s mind. lining.
  1951. tecrit etmek Tür.
    • to isolate. to separate. to set apart. to quarantine. to divest oneself / sb (of a prejudice, etc. to insulate. to abstract sth (in one"s mind. cloister. seclude. sequester.
  1952. tecrübe Tür.
    • experience. probation. shy. trial. test. experiment. experiment deney.
  1953. tecrübe Tür.
    • experience. knowledge. experimentation. tentative.
  1954. tecrübe Tür.
    • experience. experiment. experimentation. proof. test. testing. trial. direct observation of or participation in events. tryout. try. rehearsal. empirical. tentative. cut and try. trying. probation. proving. attempt.
  1955. tecrübeli Tür.
    • experienced. worldly wise.
  1956. tecrübeli Tür.
    • experienced. old. sophisticated. handsome. practised. versed. versed in. vet. veteran.
  1957. tecrübeli Tür.
    • experienced. experienced deneyimli.
  1958. tecrübesiz Tür.
    • inexperienced. inexperienced deneyimsiz.
  1959. tecrübesiz Tür.
    • inexperienced. callow. jackaroo. naive.
  1960. tecrübesiz Tür.
    • fledgling.
  1961. tecrübesizlik Tür.
    • inexperience. lack of experience.
  1962. tecrübesizlik Tür.
    • inexperience.
  1963. tecrübi Tür.
    • experimental.
  1964. tectonic İng.
    • s. inşaat veya yapıya ait
    • tektonik ile ilgili. tectonics i. mimarlık, yapı sanatı, inşaat sanatı, tektonik.
  1965. tecviz Tür.
    • allowing. permitting. sanctioning. advising. recommending.
  1966. ted İng.
    • f. (-ded, -ding) yeni biçilmiş otu kurutmak için altüst edip yaymak. ted'der i. yaş otu altüst eden kimse veya makine.
  1967. tedarik Tür.
    • provision. supply. preparation. procuring. supplying.
  1968. tedarik Tür.
    • procurement. provision. supply. procuring. getting together. accumulation. preparing. preparation. procuration.
  1969. tedarik Tür.
    • procuration. procurement. supply.
  1970. tedarik etmek Tür.
    • to procure. to provide. to get. to supply. to obtain. acquire. furnish. indent. purvey. sustain.
  1971. tedarik etmek Tür.
    • furnish. supply.
  1972. tedarikçi Tür.
    • supplier. provider.
  1973. tedarikçi Tür.
    • purveyor.
  1974. tedariklemek Tür.
    • to prepare. to make sth ready.
  1975. tedarikli Tür.
    • prepared. ready.
  1976. tedariksiz Tür.
    • unprepared. unready. lack of foresight.
  1977. tedavi Tür.
    • cure. treatment. therapy. therapeutics.
  1978. tedavi Tür.
    • cure. treatment. therapy. remedy. healer. handling.
  1979. tedavi edilebilir Tür.
    • amenable to treatment. remediable.
  1980. tedavi etmek Tür.
    • to cure. attend. treat.
  1981. tedavi etmek Tür.
    • cure. doctor. remedy. treat.
  1982. tedavül Tür.
    • currency.
  1983. tedavül Tür.
    • circulation. currency.
  1984. tedavül Tür.
    • circulation. circulation.
  1985. tedbir Tür.
    • precaution. shift. step. measure önlem. expedient.
  1986. tedbir Tür.
    • measure. precaution. step. foresight. forethought. caution. cautiousness. discretion. expedient. hedge. policy. protection. providence. sparingness.
  1987. tedbir Tür.
    • measure. action. step. precautionary measure. care. cargo lien. caution. counsel. manoeuvre manoeuver. move. policy. precaution. shift. tack.
  1988. tedbirli Tür.
    • provident. prudent.
  1989. tedbirli Tür.
    • chary. politic. wary.
  1990. tedbirli Tür.
    • cautious. prudent. prudential. well-advised. wary. careful. precautionary. advised. cagey. canny. circumspect. deliberate. deliberative. discreet. fabian. fail-proof. fail-safe. forethoughtful. guarded. politic. tactical.
  1991. tedbirlilik Tür.
    • judiciousness.
  1992. tedbirsiz Tür.
    • improvident. imprudent. lacking foresight.
  1993. tedbirsiz Tür.
    • ill advised.
  1994. tedbirsizlik Tür.
    • improvidence. imprudence.
  1995. tedbirsizlik Tür.
    • improvidence.
  1996. teddy bear İng.
    • tüylü oyuncak ayı.
  1997. tedenni Tür.
    • falling off. decline. retrogradation.
  1998. tedeum İng.
    • Lat. Hıristiyanlarda eski bir şükran ilâhisi
    • Hamt olsun
    • bu ilahinin müziği
    • bu ilahi ile yapılan dinsel tören.
  1999. tedhiş Tür.
    • terrorizing. terrorization.
  2000. tedhişçi Tür.
    • terrorist.
  2001. tedhişçilik Tür.
    • terrorism.
  2002. tedious İng.
    • s. sıkıcı, yorucu, can sıkan
    • usandırıcı. tediously z. sıkıcı bir şekilde. tediousness i. sıkıcılık.
  2003. tedirgin Tür.
    • uneasy. perturbed. irritated. agitated. doubtful. bothersome. obsessed. solicitous. in a lather.
  2004. tedirgin Tür.
    • ill at ease. uneasy. uncomfortable. apprehensive. worried. anxious. edgy. tense. nervous. on the jump. jumpy. on a knife edge. scared. troubled.
  2005. tedirgin Tür.
    • anxious. uneasy. upset. disquieted. troubled. grumbling. restless. discontented.
  2006. tedirgin etmek Tür.
    • to diquiet. to make sb feel ill at ease. to disturb. besiege. derange sb. discontent. molest. perturb. put out. ruffle. tease. unsettle. vex.
  2007. tedirginlik Tür.
    • uneasiness. perturbation. doubtfulness.
  2008. tedirginlik Tür.
    • uneasiness. disquiet. apprehension. worry. anxiety. edginess. tenseness. nervousness. distrubance. disturbance. uncomfortable feeling. uneasy feeling. flap. unease. unrest.
  2009. tedirginlik Tür.
    • discomposure. restlessness. discontent. perturbation.
  2010. tedium İng.
    • i. can sıkıntısı, bezginlik.
  2011. tediye Tür.
    • disbursement. payment ödeme.
  2012. tediye Tür.
    • acquittance. paying. payment. money paid. inpayment. overdue payments. pay. satisfaction.
  2013. tedricen Tür.
    • gradually.
  2014. tedricen Tür.
    • by degrees. gradually. by steps.
  2015. tedrici Tür.
    • gradual. gradational.
  2016. tedrici Tür.
    • gradual.
  2017. tedrisat Tür.
    • teaching. instruction.
  2018. tedvin Tür.
    • codification. codification (of laws. compilation.
  2019. tedvir Tür.
    • rotation. rotating. revolving. turning. making sth round in shape. directing. management. administration.
  2020. tee İng.
    • i., f. bazı oyunlarda hedef
    • golf her deliğe gidecek topa ilk vuruşun yapıldığı belirli yer
    • vurulmak üzere topu üzerine koydukları küçük kum yığını veya tahta çubuk
    • f. golf topunu kum yığını üstüne koymak .tee off golf topu kum yığınının üstünden vurarak oyuna başlamak. teed off kızgın, sinirlenmiş. to a tee tamam, tam .
  2021. tee İng.
    • i. T harfi
    • T şeklinde şey
    • T şeklinde boru. tee shirt bak T-shirt.
  2022. teeddüp Tür.
    • feeling too ashamed (to do sth.
  2023. teehhür Tür.
    • being delayed. delay.
  2024. teem İng.
    • f .çok yağmak (yağmur) .
  2025. teem İng.
    • f. çok olmak
    • kaynamak
    • verimli olmak
    • dolu olmak
    • doğurmak, mahsul vermek. teem'ing s. bol bol, çok
    • bereketli, verimli.
  2026. teenage İng.
    • s. on üç, ile on dokuz yaşlar arasındaki devreye ait. teenager i. on üç ile on dokuz yaşlar arasındaki kimse.
  2027. teens İng.
    • i., çoğ. on üç ile on dokuz arasındaki yaşlar. in her teens bu yaşta (ki) .
  2028. teeny İng.
    • s., k.dili. ufak, ufacık .
  2029. teenybopper İng.
    • i., (argo) on üç ile on dokuz yaşlar arasındaki hippi kız .
  2030. teenyweeny İng.
    • s. ufacık, minnacık.
  2031. teessüf Tür.
    • regret. feeling sorrow about.
  2032. teessüf Tür.
    • regret.
  2033. teessüf Tür.
    • contempt. sorrow. sadness. regret.
  2034. teessür Tür.
    • sorrow. sadness. emotion. being emotionally moved. affection.
  2035. teeter İng.
    • f., i. sendeleyerek yürümek
    • düşmek üzere olmak sallanmak
    • kararsız olmak.
  2036. teetertotter İng.
    • i. tahterevalli.
  2037. teeth İng.
    • bak. tooth.
  2038. teethe İng.
    • f. diş çıkarmak. teeth'ing i. çocuğun diş çıkarması veya diş çıkarma zamanı. teething ring bebeklerin dişlerini kaşıması için plastik halka.
  2039. teetotal İng.
    • s. alkollü içki içmemeye ait
    • Yeşilaycı
    • tamamen, bütün. teetotaller i. ağzına içki almayan kimse. teetotalism i. içki içmeme prensibi. teetotally z., k.dili. tamamen, bütün bütün.
  2040. teetotum İng.
    • i. kumar kabilinden topaç çevirme oyunu
    • el ile çevrilen topaç.
  2041. tef Tür.
    • tambourine. tambourine with cymbals.
  2042. tef Tür.
    • tambourine.
  2043. tef Tür.
    • tambourine.
  2044. tefahür Tür.
    • boasting.
  2045. tefe Tür.
    • sley. slay.
  2046. tefeci Tür.
    • usury. loan shark. usurer.
  2047. tefeci Tür.
    • usurer. pawnbroker. loan shark. moneylender. money lender. cutthroat. shylock. discount broker. broker. jew.
  2048. tefeci Tür.
    • usurer. loan shark. blood sucker. money broker. pawn broker. collybist. excess profiteer. moneymonger. pawn shop. pawnbroker. pawnbroker"s business shop. money scrivener.
  2049. tefecilik Tür.
    • usury. loan sharking. pawn brokery pawn broking. ramp. unconscionable bargain. usurious trade.
  2050. tefecilik Tür.
    • usury.
  2051. tefehhüm Tür.
    • coming to understand sth.
  2052. tefekkür Tür.
    • contemplation. meditation. thinking. though. consideration. reflection.
  2053. teferruat Tür.
    • details.
  2054. teferruat Tür.
    • appendant. appurtenance. details.
  2055. teferruat Tür.
    • accessories. details. particulars ayrıntılar.
  2056. teferruatlı Tür.
    • detailed.
  2057. tefessüh Tür.
    • rot. rotting. putrefaction. decay. degeneration.
  2058. tefhim Tür.
    • pronouncement explanation. explaining.
  2059. teflon Tür.
    • Trade name for a synthetic sometimes used to coat hard bullets to protect the rifling Other synthetics, nylon for instance, have also been used as bullet coatings None of these soft coatings has any effect on lethality.
  2060. teflon Tür.
    • Trade name for a synthetic sometimes used to coat hard bullets to protect the rifling Other synthetics, nylon for. a material used to coat cooking utensils and in industrial applications where sticking is to be avoided. not to be trusted
    • "how extraordinarily slippery a liar the camera is"- James Agee
    • "they called Reagan the teflon president because mud never stuck to him".
  2061. teflon Tür.
    • teflon.
  2062. teflon Tür.
    • teflon.
  2063. teflon Tür.
    • DuPont"s trademark for tetrafluorethylene, a tough heat and chemical-resistant thermoplastic used as conductor and jacket insulations for plenum cables Chemical designation is FEP.
  2064. teflon Tür.
    • Dupont Company trade name for fluorocarbon resins.
  2065. teflon Tür.
    • DuPont Company trademark for fluorocarbon resins. an inert polymer, sometimes used in the manufacture of conveyor belting because of its ability to resist heat.
  2066. teflon Tür.
    • Dupont Company trademark for flourocarbon resins.
  2067. teflon Tür.
    • a material used to coat cooking utensils and in industrial applications where sticking is to be avoided.
  2068. teflon Tür.
    • A DuPont Company trademark for polytetrafluoroethylene.
  2069. tefrik Tür.
    • distinguishing. differentiating. discrimination. segregation.
  2070. tefrik Tür.
    • distinction. separation.
  2071. tefrik etmek Tür.
    • to distinguish. to differentiate (between two things. define. denominate. differentiate. discriminate. make a distinction. segregate. separate.
  2072. tefrika Tür.
    • serial. serialized literary work. installment (of a serial. disagreement. discord. discursion. consecutive narrative. dissension. feuilleton.
  2073. tefriş Tür.
    • spreading out over. paving. covering. furnishing. providing with furnishing.
  2074. tefrişat Tür.
    • furnishings.
  2075. tefrit Tür.
    • tephrite.
  2076. tefsir Tür.
    • interpretation. explanation. expounding. commenting on the Koran. commentary on the Koran (in the form of a book. comment. commentary. construction. exegesis. exposition. gloss. paraphrase. rendition.
  2077. tefsir Tür.
    • interpretation. commentary.
  2078. tefsir Tür.
    • commentary.
  2079. teftiş Tür.
    • visitorial. visitatorial. inspection. examination. investigation. visitation. inspectorship. review. revisal. supervision.
  2080. teftiş Tür.
    • review. survey. visit. visitation. investigation. inquiry. inspection. control. check.
  2081. teftiş Tür.
    • examination. inspection. check. investigation. search. surveillance. survey. tour of inspection.
  2082. teftiş heyeti Tür.
    • board of examiners / examination. inspectional staff.
  2083. teftiş kurulu Tür.
    • review committee.
  2084. teftiş raporu Tür.
    • inspectional report. certificate of inspection.
  2085. teg İng.
    • i., (ing) bir yaşındaki koyun.
  2086. teğelti Tür.
    • saddle blanket.
  2087. teğet Tür.
    • tangential. tangent. tangent.
  2088. teğet Tür.
    • tangent.
  2089. teğet Tür.
    • tangent.
  2090. tegmen İng.
    • i. (çoğ. tegmina) anat. örtü, tegmentum, zartegmen'tal s. örtü kabilinden .
  2091. teğmen Tür.
    • lieutenant. second lieutenant. subaltern.
  2092. teğmen Tür.
    • lieutenant.
  2093. teğmen Tür.
    • lieutenant.
  2094. teğmenlik Tür.
    • lieutenancy.
  2095. tegucigalpa İng.
    • i. Tegucigalpa, Honduras'ın başkenti .
  2096. tegular İng.
    • s. tuğla gibi, tuğlaya ait
    • tuğla biçiminde düzenlenmiş.
  2097. tegument İng.
    • i. zar, deri, kabuk. tegumen'tal s. zar kabilinden.
  2098. tehacüm Tür.
    • concerted attack. rush. rushing.
  2099. tehdit Tür.
    • threat. menace. threatening. danger. intimidation. jawbone.
  2100. tehdit Tür.
    • constraint. menace. threat.
  2101. tehdit Tür.
    • coercion. menace. threat.
  2102. tehdit etmek Tür.
    • to intimidate. to menace. to threaten. impend.
  2103. tehdit etmek Tür.
    • menace. threaten.
  2104. tehee İng.
    • i., f.,( ünlem )kıkır kıkır gülme
    • f. kıkır kıkır gülmek
    • (ünlem )bu gülüşü belirleyen söz
    • slang. Ayvayı yedin mi ?
  2105. teheran , tehran İng.
    • i. Tahran, İran'ın başkenti.
  2106. tehir Tür.
    • postponement. delay. putoff. suspension.
  2107. tehir Tür.
    • delay. postponement.
  2108. tehir Tür.
    • deferment. delay. postponement. delaying. deferral. adjournement. late arrival.
  2109. tehlike Tür.
    • danger. hazard. peril. risk. adventure. gravity. jeopardy. off the hook. threat.
  2110. tehlike Tür.
    • danger. distress. hazard. jeopardy. menace. peril. pitfall. risk. threat. trouble. emergency.
  2111. tehlike Tür.
    • danger. danger. risk. jeopardy. emergency. hazard. peril. shoal. storm cloud. threat.
  2112. tehlikeli Tür.
    • dangerous. risky. unsafe. hazardous. perilous. venturesome. adventurous. breakneck. danger. daring. forbidding. hairy. noxious. parlous. pestilent. pestilential. touch-and-go. wildcat.
  2113. tehlikeli Tür.
    • dangerous. hazardous. perilous. risky. riskiness. adventuresome. adventurous. critical. desperate. dodgy. hairy. insecure. mean. murderous. parlous. precarious. serious. speculative. unsafe.
  2114. tehlikeli Tür.
    • critical. dangerous. desperate. dodgy. fatal. forbidding. hazardous. nasty. noxious. perilous. precarious. risky. serious. treacherous. unhealthy. vicious. noxious res.
  2115. tehlikesiz Tür.
    • safe. free from danger. free of risk. benign.
  2116. tehlikesiz Tür.
    • risk free.
  2117. tehlikesiz Tür.
    • clear. safe. dangerless. free of risk. benign.
  2118. tehlikesizlik Tür.
    • risklessness.
  2119. tehlikeye atmak Tür.
    • to hazard. to peril. decoy. endanger. imperil. stake.
  2120. tehlikeye atmak Tür.
    • endanger. hazard. imperil. jeopardize. risk. stake. venture.
  2121. tehlikeye koymak Tür.
    • to endanger. to imperil. risk.
  2122. tein Tür.
    • thein.
  2123. tek Tür.
    • only. single. unique. one. solitary. odd. individual. exclusive. lone. singular. sole. one and only. single. one. fellow. mono-. uni-. homo-. homeo-. homoeo-.
  2124. tek Tür.
    • mono. odd. single. one. only. sole. solitary. unique. unrivaled. inimitable. exclusive. individual. simple. uneven. unit. unitary.
  2125. tek Tür.
    • individual. isolated. lone. odd. one. only. particular. single. singular. sole. solitary. solo. unique. alone. merely. odd. single thing. a single thing. only once.
  2126. tek Tür.
    • A Siberian ibex.
  2127. tek anlamlı Tür.
    • univocal.
  2128. tek başına Tür.
    • stand-alone. solitary. unaccompanied.
  2129. tek başına Tür.
    • stand alone.
  2130. tek başına Tür.
    • alone. solo.
  2131. tek eşli Tür.
    • monogamous.
  2132. tek eşli Tür.
    • monogamist.
  2133. tek eşlilik Tür.
    • monogamy.
  2134. tek eşlilik Tür.
    • monogamousness.
  2135. tek kişilik Tür.
    • single seater. single.
  2136. tek kişilik Tür.
    • single.
  2137. tek örnek Tür.
    • isolated instance.
  2138. tek renkli Tür.
    • monochrome.
  2139. tek renkli Tür.
    • monochrome.
  2140. tek sesli Tür.
    • mono.
  2141. tek tanrıcılık Tür.
    • monotheism.
  2142. tek taraflı Tür.
    • unilateral. ex- parte. one- sided. onerous.
  2143. tek taraflı Tür.
    • one sided.
  2144. tek taraflılık Tür.
    • one sidedness.
  2145. tek tük Tür.
    • a few. some. one or two. sporadically. occasional. sporadic.
  2146. tek yanlı Tür.
    • unilateral.
  2147. tek yanlı Tür.
    • unilateral.
  2148. tek yönlü Tür.
    • unidirectional.
  2149. tek yönlü Tür.
    • one way.
  2150. tek yönlü yol Tür.
    • one way road. one way street.
  2151. tekabül Tür.
    • correspondence. equivalence. compensation. reciprocity.
  2152. tekamül Tür.
    • evolution.
  2153. tekaüdiye Tür.
    • pension. retirement day.
  2154. tekdir Tür.
    • reprimand. severe reproof. upbraiding. dressing down. punishment. rating. reprehension. reproval. setdown.
  2155. tekdüze Tür.
    • monotonous. monotone. humdrum. flat. soul-destroying. drab. singsong. uniform.
  2156. tekdüze Tür.
    • monotonous. humdrum. soul destroying. uneventful. uniform.
  2157. tekdüze Tür.
    • drab. dull. flat. humdrum. monotonous. toneless. workaday. drab monoton. yeknesak.
  2158. tekdüzelik Tür.
    • uniformity.
  2159. tekdüzelik Tür.
    • monotony. sameness. uniformity.
  2160. teke Tür.
    • goat.
  2161. teke Tür.
    • billy goat. goat. shrimp. male goat. prawn. he- goat.
  2162. teke Tür.
    • billy goat. goat. he-goat.
  2163. tekel Tür.
    • monopoly. sole trade.
  2164. tekel Tür.
    • monopoly. monopoly inhisar. monopol.
  2165. tekel Tür.
    • monopoly.
  2166. tekelci Tür.
    • monopolist. monopolistic.
  2167. tekelci Tür.
    • monopolist.
  2168. tekelcilik Tür.
    • monopolism.
  2169. tekelleştirme Tür.
    • monopolization.
  2170. tekelleştirme Tür.
    • monopolization.
  2171. tekelleştirmek Tür.
    • to make sth into a monopoly. monopolize.
  2172. tekemmül Tür.
    • maturation. being perfected.
  2173. teker Tür.
    • wheel. disk. one at a time.
  2174. teker Tür.
    • wheel.
  2175. teker Tür.
    • Wheel.
  2176. teker teker Tür.
    • one by one.
  2177. teker teker Tür.
    • individually. singly.
  2178. tekerlek Tür.
    • wheel. tire. tyre. roller. truckle.
  2179. tekerlek Tür.
    • wheel. disk.
  2180. tekerlek Tür.
    • tire. disc. disk. rim. wheel.
  2181. tekerlekçi Tür.
    • wheelwright.
  2182. tekerlekçi Tür.
    • wheeler.
  2183. tekerlekli Tür.
    • wheeled.
  2184. tekerlekli Tür.
    • wheeled.
  2185. tekerlekli koltuk Tür.
    • wheel chair.
  2186. tekerlekli sandalye Tür.
    • wheelchair.
  2187. tekerlekli sandalye Tür.
    • rolling chair.
  2188. tekerleme Tür.
    • tongue twister. nursery rhyme. rigmarole.
  2189. tekerleme Tür.
    • tongue twister.
  2190. tekerleme Tür.
    • roll. jingle. playful formula used in folk narrative.
  2191. tekerlenmek Tür.
    • to be rolled. to roll.
  2192. tekerrür Tür.
    • repetition. recurrence. repetition of a crime or offense.
  2193. tekerrür Tür.
    • recurrence. return.
  2194. tekeşlilik Tür.
    • monogamy.
  2195. tekil Tür.
    • singular.
  2196. tekil Tür.
    • singular.
  2197. tekila Tür.
    • tequila.
  2198. tekila Tür.
    • tequila.
  2199. tekin Tür.
    • auspicious. deserted. empty place.
  2200. tekin Tür.
    • auspicious.
  2201. tekin olmayan Tür.
    • haunted. eerie.
  2202. tekinsiz Tür.
    • uncanny.
  2203. tekir Tür.
    • tabby. tabby. tabby cat. mullet.
  2204. tekir Tür.
    • marked with spots. tabby. striped goatfish. striped. spotted. tabby.
  2205. tekit etmek Tür.
    • to renew a request. to reissue an order. to reiterate a statement. to confirm. to corroborate.
  2206. tekke Tür.
    • The dominant Turkmen tribe in the second half of the nineteenth century, makers of a great variety of refined weavings Their carpets, eagerly collected by Europeans, were baptized "Royal Bukhara" by merchants wishing to enhance their appeal.
  2207. tekke Tür.
    • Lit "corner," a dervish gathering place, synonymous with Khaniqah and Zawiyya.
  2208. tekke Tür.
    • dervish lodge. can. jug. poky.
  2209. tekke Tür.
    • dervish lodge.
  2210. tekke Tür.
    • A large Turkoman tribe currently inhabiting the northeastern part of Iran and the area around Herat in Afghanistan 19th century rugs are very sought after by collectors today and the rugs" designs are usually of brownish red fields decorated with rows of repeated guls Asymmetrical knots are used on a double wefted wool foundation Warps are usually ivory and the wefts are brown Knot counts are high The Tekke gul is an indented octagon.
  2211. tekleme Tür.
    • misfire.
  2212. teklemek Tür.
    • to miss. to misfire. to stutter. to stammer. to falter. to jam. to misfare. to single. to skip.
  2213. teklemek Tür.
    • chug. malfunction. to miss. to stammer. to pink. to ping. to thin. to single. to stammer.
  2214. teklif Tür.
    • proposal. offer. bid. tender. motion. offering. overture. proffer. proposition. resolution. suggestion.
  2215. teklif Tür.
    • motion. offer. proposal. suggestion. formal ceremony. bidding. nomination. offering. proffer. proposition. question. resolution.
  2216. teklif Tür.
    • bid. estimate. offer. offering. proposal. proposition. resolution. submission. tender. suggestion. motion. etiquette. formality. ceremony.
  2217. teklifsiz Tür.
    • informal. unceremonious. related. easy. casual. unconstrained. without ceremony. cheek by jowl. without circumstance. at ease. familiar. folksy. free. frc- and-easy. frc- form. hail fellow well met. laid back. rakish.
  2218. teklifsiz Tür.
    • informal.
  2219. teklifsiz konuşma Tür.
    • informal conversation.
  2220. teklifsizce Tür.
    • unceremoniously. familiarly. casually.
  2221. teklifsizlik Tür.
    • informality. lack of ceremony or constraint. casualness. familiarity. fellowship. frc- and-easiness.
  2222. teklifsizlik Tür.
    • informality.
  2223. tekme Tür.
    • kick. hack.
  2224. tekme Tür.
    • kick. boot.
  2225. tekme Tür.
    • boot. kick.
  2226. tekmelemek Tür.
    • to kick sb. boot. hoof.
  2227. tekmelemek Tür.
    • boot. kick. to kick. to boot.
  2228. tekmelenmek Tür.
    • to be kicked. to get a kick.
  2229. tekmil Tür.
    • all. the whole.
  2230. tekmillemek Tür.
    • to complete. to finish.
  2231. tekne Tür.
    • craft. tub. vat. trough. boat. hull of a ship. basin. bucket. pan. tray. ship"s body. sink. keel. kid. sail. hulk. hutch. hog. hopper. beck. skip. bottom. vessel.
  2232. tekne Tür.
    • boat. trough. tub. vat. vessel. hull. wooden trough. ship"s hull. ship. craft. sink. basin. tank. syncline.
  2233. tekne Tür.
    • boat. ship. hull. trough. tub. bottom. glider. vat. vessel.
  2234. teknik Tür.
    • technical. tech. the mechanics. technics. technique. wrinkle.
  2235. teknik Tür.
    • technical. technique. technics. technology. method.
  2236. teknik Tür.
    • technical. technic. technique. technics. technic. mechanism. practice. science. style. wrinkle.
  2237. teknik direktör Tür.
    • technical director.
  2238. teknik eğitim Tür.
    • technical education / training. technical instruction / training.
  2239. teknik okul Tür.
    • technical school.
  2240. teknik okul Tür.
    • tech.
  2241. teknik okul Tür.
    • engineering college. polytechnic. technical school. technological school.
  2242. teknik şartname Tür.
    • technical specifications.
  2243. teknik üniversite Tür.
    • technical university.
  2244. teknikçi Tür.
    • technician.
  2245. tekniker Tür.
    • technician. technician teknikçi.
  2246. tekniker Tür.
    • technician. engineer.
  2247. tekniker Tür.
    • technician.
  2248. teknisyen Tür.
    • technician. operator. repairman. technical man.
  2249. teknisyen Tür.
    • technician. operator. operative. engineer.
  2250. teknisyen Tür.
    • technician. mechanic.
  2251. teknokrat Tür.
    • technocrat.
  2252. teknokrat Tür.
    • technocrat.
  2253. teknoloji Tür.
    • technology. technology uygulayımbilim.
  2254. teknoloji Tür.
    • technology. technic.
  2255. teknoloji Tür.
    • technology.
  2256. teknolojik Tür.
    • technologic. technological.
  2257. teknolojik Tür.
    • technological. technological uygulayımsal.
  2258. teknolojik Tür.
    • technological.
  2259. teknonymy İng.
    • i. anneye veya babaya çocuğun ismini verme usulü.
  2260. tekrar Tür.
    • again. repeat. repetition. recurrence. over. over again. once more. all over. anew. reissue. run.
  2261. tekrar Tür.
    • again. anew. over again. over. all over. repeat. repetition. reiteration. recap. recapitulation. recurrence. re-. revision.
  2262. tekrar Tür.
    • again. anew. over again. over. all over. repeat. repetition. reiteration. recap. recapitulation. recurrence. re-.
  2263. tekrar ele geçirmek Tür.
    • retrieve.
  2264. tekrar tekrar Tür.
    • over and over again.
  2265. tekrar tekrar Tür.
    • again and again.
  2266. tekrar yerine koymak Tür.
    • replace.
  2267. tekrarlama Tür.
    • repeat. repetition. reprise.
  2268. tekrarlama Tür.
    • recursion. repetition. return. repeat.
  2269. tekrarlama Tür.
    • iteration.
  2270. tekrarlamak Tür.
    • to repeat. to do sth again.
  2271. tekrarlamak Tür.
    • repeat. reiterate. say over. duplicate. go over. ingeminate. iterate. play back. re-enact. rebroadcast. recap. recapitulate. recur. rehearse. relapse. renew. replicate. retell. return. say.
  2272. tekrarlamak Tür.
    • affirm. echo. reiterate. renew. repeat. rerun. retrace. to repeat. to reiterate yinelemek.
  2273. tekrarlanmak Tür.
    • to be repeated yinelenmek.
  2274. tekrarlanmak Tür.
    • to be repeated.
  2275. tekrarlatmak Tür.
    • to have sb repeat sth.
  2276. tekrarlı Tür.
    • marked by repetition.
  2277. teksif Tür.
    • condensation. inspissation. thickening. densening. concentration. making sth opaque.
  2278. teksir Tür.
    • duplication. duplication çoğaltma.
  2279. teksir Tür.
    • duplication. copying. making duplicates of sth written. increase. argumentation. multiplication. propogation.
  2280. teksir makinesi Tür.
    • duplicating machine. duplicator. manifold writer. manifolder. mimeograph.
  2281. tekst Tür.
    • text.
  2282. tekstil Tür.
    • textile. textiles.
  2283. tekstil Tür.
    • textile. soft goods.
  2284. tekstil Tür.
    • textile.
  2285. tektite İng.
    • i., jeol. Avustralya ve diğer bazı yerlerde bulunan ve atmosferin dışında oluştuğuna inanılan cam gibi yuvarlak cisimler.
  2286. tektonik Tür.
    • tectonics.
  2287. tekvin Tür.
    • genesis.
  2288. tekzip Tür.
    • denial. contradiction. denial yalanlama.
  2289. tekzip Tür.
    • declaring sth to be false. disclaimer. calling sb a liar. confutation. contradiction. dementi. denial. impugnment. refutation.
  2290. tekzip etmek Tür.
    • to declare sth to be false. to deny. to disclaim. to call sb a liar. to show sb to be a liar. to make a formal denial of a declaration. confute. contradict. controvert. impugn. return a denial.
  2291. tel Tür.
    • wire. wiry. wire. string. fiber. fibre. chord. thread.
  2292. tel Tür.
    • wire. filament. strand. string. thread. fiber. screening. screen cloth. mesh used for window and door screens. window screen. door screen. cord. telegram. feather. yarn. filar. film. file. chord. hairwire. cable. catgut. textile. telegraph. sleeve. fibre.
  2293. tel Tür.
    • Trans Europe Line. 44 1425-471753.
  2294. tel Tür.
    • Telephone. 905-773-4054. 2524-8176. or TEL. 998-8880 351-2130 fax: 351-2137.
  2295. tel Tür.
    • chord. cord. fibre. flex. kink. slack. staple. strand. string. thread. wire. fiber. single thread or hair. telegram.
  2296. tel İng.
    • (kıs.) telegram, telegraph, telephone.
  2297. tel dolap Tür.
    • meat safe.
  2298. tel fırça Tür.
    • wire brush.
  2299. tel halat Tür.
    • wire rope.
  2300. tel örgü Tür.
    • wire fence.
  2301. tel örgü Tür.
    • wire cloth.
  2302. tel şehriye Tür.
    • vermicelli.
  2303. tel şehriye Tür.
    • vermicelli.
  2304. tel tel Tür.
    • funicular.
  2305. tel zımba Tür.
    • stapler. stapling machine.
  2306. tel zımba Tür.
    • stapler.
  2307. tela Tür.
    • interfacing.
  2308. tela Tür.
    • fleece.
  2309. tela İng.
    • i., anat. beyin zarı, zar.
  2310. telaffuz Tür.
    • pronunciation. diction. pronounciation. utterance.
  2311. telaffuz Tür.
    • enunciation.
  2312. telaffuz Tür.
    • diction. pronunciation. pronunciation söyleyiş. söyleniş. sesletim.
  2313. telaffuz etmek Tür.
    • to pronounce. enounce. enunciate. get get one"s tongue round.
  2314. telafi Tür.
    • recompense.
  2315. telafi Tür.
    • compensation. making up for making good (a loss. recoup. recoupment. restitution.
  2316. telafi Tür.
    • compensation.
  2317. telafi etmek Tür.
    • to compensate for. to repair. atone. compensate. counterbalance. to make good. make compensation. make up. make it up. offset. recoup. restitute. supply.
  2318. telafi etmek Tür.
    • amends. recompense. retrieve.
  2319. telakki Tür.
    • interpretation. view. consideration. viewpoint.
  2320. telakki Tür.
    • consideration. evaluation. viewpoint. view. way of looking at a matter.
  2321. telamon İng.
    • i. (çoğ.- mones) mim. erkek heykeli şeklinde taş sütun.
  2322. telaş Tür.
    • flurry. haste. flatter. commotion. agitation. bustle. discomposure. excitement. fever. fidget. fuss. hastiness. hurry. hurry skurry. hustle. pother. precipitance. precipitation. stir. to do. turmoil. whirl. white heat. worry.
  2323. telaş Tür.
    • flurry. alarm. hastiness. panic. rush. whirl. fuss. excitement. fussiness. ado. fever. flap. flutter. helter-skelter. precipitance. precipitancy. precipitateness. precipitation. racket. taking. bustle. commotion. directness. discomposure. disturbance.
  2324. telaş Tür.
    • bustle. dither. ferment. fever. flap. fluster. flutter. haste. hurry. hustle. precipitation. rush. stew. stir. sweat. trepidation. turmoil.
  2325. telaşe Tür.
    • turmoil.
  2326. telaşlandırmak Tür.
    • to get sb agitated.
  2327. telaşlanmak Tür.
    • to get agitated.
  2328. telaşlanmak Tür.
    • fear. ferment. to get flurried. get anxious. to be in a flap. to get into a flap. to flap.
  2329. telaşlanmak Tür.
    • be alarmed. get flurried. ferment. flap. fluster. take on.
  2330. telaşlı Tür.
    • fussy.
  2331. telaşlı Tür.
    • distracted. feverish. hectic. het up. jumpy. precipitate. taut. tense. uptight. flurried. agitated. anxious.
  2332. telaşlı Tür.
    • agitated. done in a hasty. hit-or-miss way. agitatedly.
  2333. telaşlılık Tür.
    • state of a person who easily gets agitated.
  2334. telaşsız Tür.
    • unhurried.
  2335. telaşsız Tür.
    • the character of a person who keeps his calm in general.
  2336. telcik Tür.
    • fibril.
  2337. telecast İng.
    • f. (-cast veya -ed) i. televizyonla yaymak
    • i. televizyon yayını .
  2338. telecommunication İng.
    • i. telekomünikasyon .
  2339. telef Tür.
    • waste. loss of life. death. being wasted or squandered. wasting away. going to ruin.
  2340. telef Tür.
    • destruction. death. ruin. perdition. waste. trash. husks. cuttings.
  2341. telefat Tür.
    • losses. casualties. loss of human or animal life.
  2342. teleferik Tür.
    • telpher. cable car. cableway.
  2343. teleferik Tür.
    • cable car. teleferic. telpher. cable-car. cable railway. telpher telfer.
  2344. telefon Tür.
    • telephone. phone. blower. lineman.
  2345. telefon Tür.
    • telephone. phone. blower.
  2346. telefon Tür.
    • phone. telephone. telephone call. bell. blower. buzz. buzzer. coaxial cable. directory advertising. earpiece.
  2347. telefon Tür.
    • dog and bone, phone, telephone.
  2348. telefon direği Tür.
    • telephone pole.
  2349. telefon etmek Tür.
    • to ring sb up on the telephone. to telephone. to phone. to call. to call up. to ring. to ring up. dial. give a tinkle. to give a ring.
  2350. telefon etmek Tür.
    • phone. telephone.
  2351. telefon hattı Tür.
    • trunk. telephone line.
  2352. telefon hattı Tür.
    • phone line.
  2353. telefon hattı Tür.
    • line.
  2354. telefon kabini Tür.
    • telephone booth. telephone booth / box / kiosk.
  2355. telefon kartı Tür.
    • telephone card.
  2356. telefon kulübesi Tür.
    • telephone booth / box / kiosk.
  2357. telefon kulübesi Tür.
    • telephone booth.
  2358. telefon kulübesi Tür.
    • kiosk.
  2359. telefon rehberi Tür.
    • telephone directory. telephone book / directory / index.
  2360. telefon rehberi Tür.
    • telephone directory.
  2361. telefon rehberi Tür.
    • book. directory.
  2362. telefon santrali Tür.
    • switchboard.
  2363. telefon santralı Tür.
    • telephone exchange. telephone exchange / switchboard. switch board. chief operator. subscriber"s main station. telephone switchboard.
  2364. telefon santralı Tür.
    • telephone exchange.
  2365. telefon santralı Tür.
    • switchboard.
  2366. telefonlaşmak Tür.
    • to talk over the telephone. to talk on the telephone (with sb.
  2367. telegram İng.
    • i. telgraf, telgrafla gönderilen haber .
  2368. telegraph İng.
    • i., f. telgraf makinası
    • telgraf sistemi, telgraf
    • f. telgraf çekmek . telegraph board at yarışı meydanımda yüksek bir yere konulup at ve binicilerin isimlerini gösteren levha. telegraph cable telgraf kablosu. telegraph key telgraf anahtarı, telgrafla haber gönderme aleti. wireless telegraph telsiz telgraf .
  2369. telegrapher,phist İng.
    • i .telgrafçı.
  2370. telegraphic,ical İng.
    • s. telgrafla ilgili veya telgraf makinalarına ait
    • çok kısa .telegraphically z .telgrafla .
  2371. telegraphy İng.
    • i. telgraf sistemi veya kullanma usulü.
  2372. telekinesis İng.
    • i. telekinezi, uzadevim.
  2373. telekız Tür.
    • call girl. hullo girl.
  2374. telekız Tür.
    • call girl.
  2375. telekomünikasyon Tür.
    • telecommunication. telecomms.
  2376. telekomünikasyon Tür.
    • telecommunications. telecommunication uziletişim.
  2377. teleks Tür.
    • telex. teletype.
  2378. teleks Tür.
    • telex.
  2379. telelectric İng.
    • s. uzak mesafelere elektrikle tesir eden.
  2380. telem Tür.
    • teleprinter.
  2381. telemark İng.
    • i. kayakta dönmek veya çabucak durabilmek için ağırlığı öndeki kayağa verip ucunu içe doğru çevirerek yapılan dönüş .
  2382. teleme Tür.
    • a kind of soft and unsalted cheese.
  2383. telemechanics İng.
    • i. bir makina veya aleti radyo vasıtasıyla uzaktan idare etme usulü.
  2384. telemeter İng.
    • i. telemetre.
  2385. telemetre Tür.
    • telemeter. range finder.
  2386. telemetre Tür.
    • telemeter.
  2387. telemotor İng.
    • i., den. kaptan köprüsündeki dümen dolabı ile dümen arasındaki donanım .
  2388. teleology İng.
    • i. kozmolojinin son gayeler üzerinde çalışmalarını yürüten dalı
    • tabiatta hâkim olan yaratıcı düzeni inceleyen bir evrenbilim dalı
    • tabiatta belirli bir düzen bulunduğunu iddia eden öğreti. tell teleolog'ical s .tabiattaki düzene ait
    • ereksel.
  2389. telepathy İng.
    • i .telepati, uzaduyum . telepath'ic s telepatiye ait. telepath'ically z. telepati ile. telepathist i. telepatiye inanan kimse
    • telepati kabiliyeti olan kimse.
  2390. telepati Tür.
    • telepathy. telepathy uzaduyum. telephaty.
  2391. telepati Tür.
    • telepathy.
  2392. telepati Tür.
    • telepathy.
  2393. telephone İng.
    • i., f. telefon
    • f. telefon etmek, telefonla konuşmak. telephone central, telephone exchange telefon merkezi, santral on the telephone telefonda, telefonla .
  2394. telephonic İng.
    • s. uzağa ses götüren:telefona ait. telephonically z. telefon ile .
  2395. telephony İng.
    • i. sesi uzağa nakletme ilmi, telefon kurma veya işletme bilgisi.
  2396. telephoto İng.
    • i., telephoto. lens dürbün gibi fotoğrafı büyüten mercek.
  2397. telephotograph İng.
    • i. uzak mesafeden çekilen fotoğraf. telephotograph'ic s bu usule ait .telephotog'raphy i .telefotografi.
  2398. telescope İng.
    • i., f .dürbün, teleskop:f. teleskop ayar kısımları gibi birbirine geçirmek
    • iç içe geçmek: kısaltmak: birbirinin içine girmek. reflecting telescope aynalı dürbün. refracting telescope iki ucunda merceği olan teleskop. telescopy i. dürbün kullanma usulü.
  2399. telesekreter Tür.
    • answerphone. answering phone.
  2400. telesekreter Tür.
    • answering machine.
  2401. teleskop Tür.
    • telescope. telescope ırakgörür. astronomical telescope.
  2402. teleskop Tür.
    • telescope.
  2403. teleskop Tür.
    • telescope.
  2404. telesthesia İng.
    • i., psik. uzaktan hissedilen tesir.
  2405. teletype İng.
    • i. tel ile bağlanan otomatik yazı makina sistemi.
  2406. teleview İng.
    • f. televizyona bakmak, televizyonda görmek .
  2407. televise İng.
    • f. televizyonla yaymak.
  2408. television İng.
    • i. televizyon, uzagörüm .
  2409. televizyon Tür.
    • t.v. television. tv. boob tube. box. gogglebox. telly. the tube.
  2410. televizyon Tür.
    • television. above- the-line-advertising. advertising medium. communication media. console. gross rating point. high- involvement product. telly. theme advertising. tube.
  2411. televizyon Tür.
    • tele. television. telly. the box.
  2412. televizyon alıcısı Tür.
    • television receiver.
  2413. televizyon alıcısı Tür.
    • television receiver.
  2414. televizyon filmi Tür.
    • telecine. television film.
  2415. televizyon oyunu Tür.
    • television play.
  2416. televizyon programı Tür.
    • television program / schedule.
  2417. televizyon programı Tür.
    • television program.
  2418. televizyon yayını Tür.
    • television broadcast. television broadcasting. telecast.
  2419. televizyon yayını Tür.
    • broadcast. telecast.
  2420. telford İng.
    • s. kırık taşla çakıl ve kumdan yapılmış (yol).
  2421. telgraf Tür.
    • cable. telegram. telegraph. wire. cablegram.
  2422. telgraf Tür.
    • cable. telegram. telegraph. wire. cable advice. lettergram.
  2423. telgraf Tür.
    • cablegram.
  2424. telgraf direği Tür.
    • telegraph post (Br pole.
  2425. telgraf teli Tür.
    • telegraph wire.
  2426. telgrafçı Tür.
    • telegrapher. operator. telegraphist.
  2427. telgrafçı Tür.
    • telegrapher.
  2428. telgrafçılık Tür.
    • telegraphy.
  2429. telic İng.
    • s. amaçlı, gayeli.
  2430. telif Tür.
    • reconciliation. compilation. copyright.
  2431. telif Tür.
    • composition. compilation. reconciliation.
  2432. telif hakkı Tür.
    • copyright. royalty.
  2433. telif hakkı Tür.
    • copyright.
  2434. telin Tür.
    • cursing. damnation.
  2435. telkari Tür.
    • filigree.
  2436. telkin Tür.
    • suggestion. inspiration. inculcation. infusion. prompting.
  2437. telkin Tür.
    • suggestion. inspiration. inculcation.
  2438. telkin Tür.
    • inspiration. suggestion. instilling. inculcation. teaching.
  2439. telkin etmek Tür.
    • to inspire. to instill. to inculcate sth into sb. implant. inculcate. infuse. preach. suggest.
  2440. tell İng.
    • f. (told) söylemek, nakletmek, hikâye etmek, anlatmak
    • ifade etmek, beyan etmek, tebliğ etmek, bildirmek
    • saymak, birer birer saymak
    • emretmek
    • keşfetmek, ifşa etmek, yaymak
    • temin etmek
    • itiraf etmek
    • tesiri olmak, tesir etmek
    • haber vermek, haber yaymak, şikâyet etmek. tell a story masal anlatmak. tell a story, tell a lie yalan söylemek, masal okumak. tell fortunes fal açmak tell it like it is (A.B.D.),( argo) olduğu gibi anlatmak
    • gerçeği anlatmak. tell off sayıp ayırmak
    • k.dili. yüzüne vurmak, şiddetle azarlamak. tell on yormak, bıkkınlık vermek
    • k.dili. birini ele vermek, gammazlamak. tell tales masal uydurmak
    • sır söylemek, gammazlık etmek. tell things apart birbirinden ayırt etmek, ayırmak. tell time saatin kaç olduğunu anlayabilmek
    • zamanı göstermek. Every blow tells Her darbenin tesiri var. all told bütünüyle, hepsi beraber.
  2441. tell İng.
    • i., ark höyük.
  2442. tellak Tür.
    • attendant who massages and bathes the customers of a Turkish bath. rubber.
  2443. tellal Tür.
    • town crier. crier. bellman. broker. trumpeter.
  2444. tellal Tür.
    • broker. crier. towncrier. hawker. middleman. common crib. town crier.
  2445. tellallık Tür.
    • being a town crier. hawker. brokerage.
  2446. tellendirmek Tür.
    • to smoke. to have sb string wire on or around sth.
  2447. teller İng.
    • i. anlatan kimse: veznedar, kasa memuru
    • sayıcı, bir mecliste oylan sayan kimse .tellership i. veznedarlık.
  2448. telli Tür.
    • wired.
  2449. telli Tür.
    • wired.
  2450. telli çalgılar Tür.
    • string instruments.
  2451. telling İng.
    • s. tesirli, etkili .tellingly z. etkili bir şekilde, tesirli olarak.
  2452. telltale İng.
    • i., s. başkalarının sırlarını orada burada anlatan kimse, dedikoducu kimse
    • dümenin durumunu gösteren alet
    • org körüğünün dolu veya boş olduğunu gösteren cihaz
    • memurların işe gelip gitme saatini kaydeden saat: tren makinistine bir köprünün yaklaştığını ihtar için hatların üstünde asılı bulunan ip parçalan: s. dedikoducu, sır söyleyen özel veya gizli bir şeyi meydana vuran.
  2453. tellür Tür.
    • tellurium.
  2454. tellurian İng.
    • s., i. arza ait, dünyaya ait: i. dünyadaki varlık: dünyanın hem güneş hemde kendi ekseni etrafındaki hareketlerini temsil eden model.
  2455. tellurium İng.
    • i. tellür.
  2456. telly İng.
    • i., (İng), k.dili. televizyon .
  2457. telmih Tür.
    • reference. allusion.
  2458. telodynamic İng.
    • s. bir kuvveti uzak bir mesafeye iletmeyle ilgili veya bu işte kullanılan.
  2459. telpher İng.
    • i. teleferik. telpherage i. teleferikle eşya nakletme sistemi.
  2460. telsi Tür.
    • fibrous.
  2461. telsiz Tür.
    • wireless. wireless. radio. walkie-talkie. transceiver.
  2462. telsiz Tür.
    • wireless. not wired. radio.
  2463. telsiz Tür.
    • radio. wireless. radio-set.
  2464. telsiz telefon Tür.
    • wireless phone. cordless phone. wireless telephone.
  2465. telsiz telefon Tür.
    • radiotelephone.
  2466. telsiz telgraf Tür.
    • wireless telegram.
  2467. telsiz telgraf Tür.
    • aerogram.
  2468. telsizci Tür.
    • wireless operator.
  2469. telsizci Tür.
    • radio operator. radiotelegraphist.
  2470. telson İng.
    • i., zool. eklembacaklılarda karnın en son oynak kısmı.
  2471. telstar İng.
    • i. Telstar, yayın için kullanılan sunî peyk.
  2472. telve Tür.
    • coffee grounds. dregs. sediment.
  2473. telve Tür.
    • bodensatz. satz. kaffeesatz.
  2474. telvis Tür.
    • dirtying. sullying. fouling. ruining. making a mess of.
  2475. tem Tür.
    • Transmission electron microscopy.
  2476. tem Tür.
    • Transmission Electron Microscope, STEM - Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope.
  2477. tem Tür.
    • Transition electron microscopy, used for very high magnification study of internal metallic structures.
  2478. tem Tür.
    • The transverse electromagnetic mode that is a means of describing the cross sectional shape of a laser beam Typical TEM modes for industrial lasers include a Gaussian shaped beam energy distribution, a bimodal-shaped beam, and a ring shaped distribution. 84.
  2479. tema Tür.
    • theme. subject. topic. plot. leitmotif. leitmotiv.
  2480. tema Tür.
    • theme.
  2481. tema Tür.
    • subject. motif. theme.
  2482. temaruz Tür.
    • malingering. feigning illness.
  2483. temas Tür.
    • contact. touch. communication. contiguity. feel.
  2484. temas Tür.
    • contact. touch. communication.
  2485. temas Tür.
    • brush. contact. touch.
  2486. temaşa Tür.
    • viewing. contemplating (with pleasure. play.
  2487. temayül Tür.
    • tendency. inclination. propensity. liking. fondness. affection.
  2488. temayüz Tür.
    • becoming distinguished / noted.
  2489. tembel Tür.
    • lazy. idle. do-nothing. inactive. asleep. bonelazy. indolent. inert. laggard. languid. languorous. slack. slothful. sluggard. sluggish. stagnant. tired. torpid. workshy. lazy person. lazybones. idler. drone. do-little. slug. do-nothing. idle fellow.
  2490. tembel Tür.
    • indolent. lazy. supine. slothful. lame / lazy dog. gadabout. inert. lackadaisical. laggard. lymphatic. no-work. remiss. shiftless. slow coach. torpid. work shy.
  2491. tembel Tür.
    • idle. indolent. inert. lax. layabout. lazy. shiftless. slothful. slouching. sluggard. sluggish. inactive. slothfu. lounger. lazybones.
  2492. tembelleşmek Tür.
    • to grow lazy. to get lazy. rust.
  2493. tembellik Tür.
    • indolence. sloth. laziness. idleness. laze. sluggishness. torpor. vacuity.
  2494. tembellik Tür.
    • indolence. inertia. laze. sloth. laziness. inaction.
  2495. tembellik Tür.
    • indolence.
  2496. tembih Tür.
    • warning. admonition. admonition uyarı. stimulation.
  2497. tembih Tür.
    • cautioning. admonition. warning. demerit.
  2498. tembih Tür.
    • adjuration.
  2499. tembih etmek Tür.
    • to caution. to warn. to admonish.
  2500. tembihlemek Tür.
    • to caution. to warn. to admonish.
  2501. tembihlemek Tür.
    • tell.
  2502. temblor İng.
    • i., (A.B.D.) yer sarsıntısı, deprem.
  2503. temcit pilavı Tür.
    • the same old cant. standing dish.
  2504. temdit Tür.
    • prolongation. extension. continuance. continuation.
  2505. temdit Tür.
    • extension of time. extending. ampliation. continuation. extension. prolongation. renewal.
  2506. temdit etmek Tür.
    • to extend. to prolong.
  2507. temel Tür.
    • basic. bread-and-butter. fundamental. primary. principal. underlying. elementary. basal. abecederian. constitutive. elemental. guiding. parent. rudimental. rudimentary. staple. working. foundation. base. basis. footing. ground. groundwork. root. back.
  2508. temel Tür.
    • basic. basis. foundation. basic principle. origin. basic fundamental. principal. chief. main. most important. footing. foot. ground work. ground. support. basement. bedding. base. bottom. essence. fabric. grounding. groundwork. leading. master. pedestal.
  2509. temel Tür.
    • base. basic. basis. bed. central. cornerstone. elementary. essential. footing. foundation. fundamental. ground. grounding. groundwork. keynote. leading. main. precept. primary. principal. rationale. rudimentary. rudiments. chief.
  2510. temel eğitim Tür.
    • formal education. basic study / training.
  2511. temel haklar Tür.
    • fundamental rights.
  2512. temel taşı Tür.
    • foundation block / stone. foundation block. foundation stone.
  2513. temellendirmek Tür.
    • to fix. to establish firmly.
  2514. temellenmek Tür.
    • to become firmly fixed.
  2515. temelli Tür.
    • which has a foundation. permanent. old. application for life. for good.
  2516. temelli Tür.
    • having a foundation. true. well-founded. permanent. permanently. fundamental. for good. for good and all.
  2517. temellük Tür.
    • becoming the owner / possessor of. acquiring. taking possession of. appropriation.
  2518. temelsiz Tür.
    • unfounded. without foundation. groundless.
  2519. temelsiz Tür.
    • groundless.
  2520. temenni Tür.
    • heartfelt wish. earnest desire. request.
  2521. temenni Tür.
    • desire. wish.
  2522. temerarious İng.
    • s .delicesine cesur, lüzumsuz derecede cesur, cüretkâr, atılgan. temerariously z. cesurca.
  2523. temerity İng.
    • i .delice cesaret, aşırı cüret .
  2524. temerküz Tür.
    • concentration. centering. being centered. gathering in. coalition. being concentrated.
  2525. temerküz kampı Tür.
    • concentration camp.
  2526. temerrüt Tür.
    • default. obstinacy. perverseness. recalcitrance. failure to meet a financial obligation. default in delivery.
  2527. temerrüt etmek Tür.
    • to be obstinate. to be perverse. to be recalcitrant. to be in default.
  2528. temerrüt faizi Tür.
    • default interest. moratory interest. past due interest.
  2529. temettü Tür.
    • dividend. dividends. capital bonus. financial profit.
  2530. temettü Tür.
    • dividend. capital bonus. profit kazanç.
  2531. temin Tür.
    • supply. assurance. confidence. getting. obtaining. achieving. realization.
  2532. temin Tür.
    • procurement.
  2533. temin Tür.
    • assurance. making sb feel sure. inspiring with confidence. guaranteeing. promising. ensuring. making sure / certain. securing. achieving. bringing about. obtaining. getting. procuring.
  2534. temin etmek Tür.
    • to assure. to make sb feel sure. to secure. to achieve. to bring about. to obtain. to get. to procure. ensure. insure. make for sth. make out the money. safeguard. supply. warrant. yield.
  2535. temin etmek Tür.
    • assure.
  2536. teminat Tür.
    • time deposit.
  2537. teminat Tür.
    • caution. caution money. guarantee. assurance. guaranty. sth given / possessed in order to guarantee sth. word of assurance.
  2538. teminat Tür.
    • assurance. guarantee. guaranty. pledge. security. surety. warrant. deposit.
  2539. teminat akçesi Tür.
    • guarantee fund.
  2540. teminat mektubu Tür.
    • letter of guarantee. tender guaranty.
  2541. teminat senedi Tür.
    • security bond. guaranteed bill of exchange. covering deed.
  2542. teminatsız Tür.
    • without cover. on one"s own recognizance. unassured. uncovered. unsecured.
  2543. temiz Tür.
    • clean. pure. clear. neat. fresh. chaste. clean-handed. fair. respectable. sanitary. spruce. tidy. unpolluted. unsoiled. unspotted. unstained. white. cleanly. neatly. fairly.
  2544. temiz Tür.
    • chaste. clean. decent. fresh. morally upright. virtuous. net. blank. cleanly. clear. crisp. crystalline. neat work. pristine. sharp. / adj. stainless. unspotted.
  2545. temiz Tür.
    • chaste. clean. cleanly. clear. fair. fresh. hygienic. neat. pure. respectable. sanitary. shipshape. sleek. spruce. tidy. virtuous. net. good.
  2546. temiz pak Tür.
    • clean- cut. well groomed.
  2547. temiz para Tür.
    • net money.
  2548. temiz raporu Tür.
    • doctor"s report stating that sb is in good health. clean bill of health.
  2549. temizleme Tür.
    • clearance. wipe.
  2550. temizleme Tür.
    • cleanup.
  2551. temizleme Tür.
    • cleaning. scouring.
  2552. temizlemek Tür.
    • depurate. expurgate. clean. clean up. cleanse. purify. clarify. clear. bump off. clean out. clear up. decontaminate. do. do out. erase. excise. get rid of. gut. houseclean. mop up. purge. rid. rub out. scavenge. swab down. sweep. give smth. a sweep.
  2553. temizlemek Tür.
    • clear. flush. purge. to clean. to purify. to get rid of. to eliminate. to rob. to clean out. to clean sb out. to take all of sb"s money during a poker"s game. to kill. to bump sb off. to be cleared. to b.
  2554. temizlemek Tür.
    • brush. clean. do. purge. purify. remove. rid. scrape. square. to clean. to clean sth up. to cleanse. to pick. to tidy. to do out. to purify. to clear away. to rid. to pay sth off. to kill. to bump off. to rub out. to do away with. to rub sb out. to clean up. to despoil. to kill.
  2555. temizlenmek Tür.
    • wash.
  2556. temizlenmek Tür.
    • clean. clear.
  2557. temizleyici Tür.
    • cleaner. cleansing. cleanser.
  2558. temizleyici Tür.
    • cleaner. cleanser. cleaning. cleansing (agent. purifying agent. cleaning agent. purificant. dry cleaner. person who does cleaning.
  2559. temizleyici Tür.
    • cleaner.
  2560. temizlik Tür.
    • cleanliness. pureness. the act of cleaning. purification. chastity. cleanup. staff management. purity.
  2561. temizlik Tür.
    • cleaning. cleanup. house-cleaning. cleanliness. neatness. hygiene. purity. chastity. combout. purge.
  2562. temizlik Tür.
    • clean. cleanliness. hygiene. purity. cleaning. washing. cleanness. pureness. honesty.
  2563. temizlik işleri Tür.
    • cleaning work.
  2564. temizlikçi Tür.
    • cleaner. domestic. char. charwoman. charlady.
  2565. temizlikçi Tür.
    • cleaner. cleanser.
  2566. temizlikçi Tür.
    • cleaner. cleaning woman. sb who works as a cleaner.
  2567. temizlikçi kadın Tür.
    • cleaning woman. charwoman.
  2568. temizlikçi kadın Tür.
    • char.
  2569. temkin Tür.
    • self-possession. poise. deliberateness. deliberation. slowness and care in decision or action. equanimity. gravity. stability.
  2570. temkin Tür.
    • self-possession. dignity. equanimity. poise.
  2571. temkin Tür.
    • equanimity. self-possession.
  2572. temkinli Tür.
    • self-possessed. posed. deliberate. sb who acts with deliberation. even. serious. sober. staid.
  2573. temkinli Tür.
    • dignified. chary. gingerly. leery. slow and sure. sure-footed. undemonstrative. unflappable. waiting. well-advised.
  2574. temkinli Tür.
    • deliberate. self-possessed. poised.
  2575. temlik Tür.
    • conveyancing.
  2576. temlik Tür.
    • alienation. assignment. transferral (of a property or right. conveyance (of a property. to assign. abalienation. alienor. assignation. cession. conveyance. making over.
  2577. temlik etmek Tür.
    • to put into the possession of. to convey away. to alienate (a property or right. to transfer (a property.
  2578. temlikname Tür.
    • letter of conveyance. a bill of sale.
  2579. temmuz Tür.
    • july.
  2580. temmuz Tür.
    • july.
  2581. temp İng.
    • kıs. in the time of, temperance, temperature, temporary.
  2582. temper İng.
    • i .terslik, huysuzluk
    • mizaç, huy, tabiat
    • kıvam, karar, terkip
    • tav, bir maddenin sertlik derecesi
    • bir şeyin aslını değiştirmek için karıştırılan şey. lose one's temper hiddetlenmek.
  2583. temper İng.
    • f. yumuşatmak, hafifletmek: ölçülü hale getirmek, tadil etmek, ıslah etmek: kıvama getirmek
    • su karıştırıp yoğurmak (balçık)
    • çeliğe su vermek, çeliği kızdırıp hemen soğutarak sertleştirmek, tav vermek, tavlamak
    • müz. çalgıyı gam dizisine göre akort etmek. temper justice with mercy adalete merhamet katmak.
  2584. tempera İng.
    • i. suluboya.
  2585. temperament İng.
    • i .tabiat, yaratılış, mizaç, meşrep, huy
    • ölçülülük, muvazene, kıvam
    • müz. akort.
  2586. temperamental İng.
    • s. mizaca veya tabiata ait
    • değişen mizaçlı
    • huysuz, sinirli
    • azimsiz. temperamentally z. azimsizce.
  2587. temperance İng.
    • ılımlılık, ölçülülük
    • içkiden kaçınma
    • ( eski) kendine hakim olma, sükûnet. temperance drink alkolsüz içecek. temperance hotel (eski )içki bulun durmayan otel. temperance movement içki aleyhinde hareket. temperance society içkiyle mücadele derneği.
  2588. temperate İng.
    • s. mutedil, ılımlı ılıman, ılık, sarhoş edici maddelere düşkün olmayan
    • perhiz yapan. Temperate Zone çoğ. ılıman bölge, dönenceler ile kutuplar arasındaki mıntıka. temperately z.ılımlı olarak. temperateness. ılımlı olma.
  2589. temperature İng.
    • i. ısı derecesi
    • sıcaklık, sühunet: tıb. insan vücudunun ısı derecesi
    • ateş,ısı, hararet. temperature curve belirli bir süre içindeki ısı değişikliğini gösteren eğri. critical temperature kritik sıcaklık. normal temperature normal vücut ısısı. take one's temperature termometre ile birinin ısı derecesini ölçmek, birinin ateşine bakmak.
  2590. tempered İng.
    • s. huylu, mizaçlı
    • ahenkli
    • karışımla değiştirilmiş
    • tavlanmış, (çeliğe) su verilmiş.
  2591. tempest İng.
    • i .fırtına, bora, özellikle ,şiddetli rüzgâr fırtınası. tempestbeaten s. fırtınaya tutulmuş, fırtına yemiş. tempest in a teapot ufak bir meseleyi büyütme, pireyi deve yapma. tempesttossed s. fırtına ile öteye beriye atılmış.
  2592. tempestuous İng.
    • s. fırtınalı
    • çalkantılı
    • şiddetli, dehşetli. tempestuously z. şiddetle. tempestuousness i. fırtınalı olma.
  2593. templar İng.
    • i., (İng.) Londra'da Inner veya Middle Temple'da oturan hukuk talebesi. Knights Templars on ikinci asırda Kudüs'te kurulan şövalyeler birliği.
  2594. template , templet İng.
    • i. kalıp, şablon, mastar, model
    • silme kalıbı, kemer kalıbı
    • den. ana kalıp
    • takoz
    • gabari.
  2595. temple İng.
    • i. kumaşı tezgâhta gergin tutmaya mahsus ağaç parçası.
  2596. temple İng.
    • i. mabet, tapınak, ibadethane
    • eski Kudüs'te Yahudi tapınağı
    • Mormonların ayinlerine mahsus kilise. templed s .tapmak veya kiliseleri olan
    • tapmak içinde muhafaza edilen.
  2597. temple İng.
    • i. şakak.
  2598. templet İng.
    • bak. template.
  2599. tempo Tür.
    • The speed of the music: Slow, Medium, Fast normally measured by the number of beats per minute.
  2600. tempo Tür.
    • The speed of music. the speed of a musical piece Henry Reed discusses tempo in his performance of a clog, pointing out that the tempo should be moderate to enable the dancers to keep up with the music.
  2601. tempo Tür.
    • The speed of a piece of music.
  2602. tempo Tür.
    • The speed of a piece.
  2603. tempo Tür.
    • The speed at which music is played, designated in measures per minute and the number of beats per measure, or in beats per minute.
  2604. tempo Tür.
    • The speed, at which a tune is played, measured in BPM.
  2605. tempo Tür.
    • The speed at which a Musical Instrument Digital Interface file is played Tempo is measured in beats per minute
    • typical MIDI tempo is 120 BPM See also Musical Instrument Digital Interface.
  2606. tempo Tür.
    • the speed at which a composition is to be played. the rate of some repeating event.
  2607. tempo Tür.
    • The rate or degree of movement in time. the speed at which a composition is to be played the rate of some repeating event.
  2608. tempo Tür.
    • The rate of speed in a musical work. the rate of speed at which a musical composition is to be performed. the rate of speed at which a musical composition proceeds Usually uses a quarter note as the timing reference.
  2609. tempo Tür.
    • The rate of speed at which a musical composition is performed Tempo is indicated by a tempo marking, which describes the general speed of a piece or section Allegro, andante and adagio are common tempo markings.
  2610. tempo Tür.
    • The rate at which the music moves measured in Beats Per Minute. the speed of a musical passage or composition.
  2611. tempo Tür.
    • The chess equivalent to time involving moving pieces and keeping the initiative An example of a lost tempi is moving a piece twice in the opening before developing the rest of the army When moving a piece twice, the opponent is said to "gain a tempi" because he can take that extra move and secure his position, have a lead in development or begin an attack.
  2612. tempo Tür.
    • tempo. beat.
  2613. tempo Tür.
    • tempo.
  2614. tempo Tür.
    • Speed or pace of dance or music
    • the use of slower and faster beats and steps. the speed at which a piece or passage of music is played.
  2615. tempo Tür.
    • Rate of speed or pace of music Tempo markings are traditionally given in Italian
    • common markings include: grave
    • largo
    • adagio
    • andante
    • moderato
    • allegro
    • vivace
    • presto
    • accelerando
    • ritardando
    • and a tempo.
  2616. tempo Tür.
    • How fast a piece of music goes How many beats, or pulses, there are in a minute.
  2617. tempo Tür.
    • clip, pace, speed, tempo, time.
  2618. tempo Tür.
    • Beats per minute, as would be determined by a metronome [NOTE: Some Europeans use the term "tempo" to refer to what in English is more correctly called Pace.
  2619. tempo Tür.
    • beat. movement. tempo. time.
  2620. tempo Tür.
    • A term referring to how fast or how slow a piece is played which is quantified in beats per minute.
  2621. tempo İng.
    • i. (çoğ. -s, -pi) müz. tempo
    • tarz, gidiş, yol.
  2622. tempora mutantur İng.
    • Lat. Zaman değişti.
  2623. tempora! İng.
    • O mores! Lat. Bu ne zamanlar! Bu ne ahlâk! Ne günlere kaldık!
  2624. temporal İng.
    • s., i. zamana ait
    • dünyevi, bu dünyaya ait
    • geçici, şimdiki zamana ait
    • cismani, ruhani olmayan
    • lâik
    • gram. zaman belirten
    • i., gen. çoğ. dünyevi şeyler. temporal effairs lâik meseleler. temporal conjunction gram. zaman belirten bağlaç. temporal power lâik idare veya hâkimiyet, dünyevi kudret. temporally z. dünyevi olarak.
  2625. temporal İng.
    • s. şakağa ait. temporal bone şakak kemiği.
  2626. temporality İng.
    • i. muvakkatlik, geçicilik
    • gen., çoğ. kilise gibi dinsel bir kuruluşa ait emlâk ve gelir.
  2627. temporary İng.
    • s. muvakkat, geçici. temporary possession geçici tasarruf veya mülk. temporar'ily z. muvakkaten, geçici olarak. temporar'iness geçicilik, muvakkatlik..
  2628. temporize İng.
    • f. zamana uymak
    • başkalarının fikrine uymak, ayak uydurmak
    • savsaklamak, ihmal etmek
    • uzlaşmak. temporiza'tion i. zamana uyma, başkalarına ayak uydurma .temporizer i. zamana uyan kimse. temporizingly z. zamana ayak uy- durarak.
  2629. tempt İng.
    • f. baştan çıkarmak, ayartmak
    • kandırmak
    • çekici olmak
    • teşvik etmek
    • öfkelendirmek, kızdırmak
    • eskidenemek. tempt fate kadere meydan okumak. tempt to (şeytan) dürtmek.
  2630. temptation İng.
    • i. günaha teşvik etme veya olunma
    • günaha teşvik edici şey veya kimse
    • yolu şaşırtma.
  2631. tempter İng.
    • i. teşvik eden adam, baştan çıkaran adam
    • ayartan adam
    • b.h. şeytan .temptress i. baştan çıkaran kadın.
  2632. tempting İng.
    • s. akıl çelici, cezbedici, çekici. temptingly z. çekici bir şekilde davet edici görünüşte. temptingness i. cazibe, çekicilik.
  2633. tempusfugit İng.
    • Lat. Zaman (kuş gibi) uçar.
  2634. temsil Tür.
    • representation. performance analogy. comparison. assimilation. example. for example. show. simile.
  2635. temsil Tür.
    • representation. acting. stage play. presentment.
  2636. temsil Tür.
    • rendering. rendition. representation. show. spectacle. performance. for example. performance.
  2637. temsil eden Tür.
    • representative.
  2638. temsil eden Tür.
    • acting. exponent.
  2639. temsil etmek Tür.
    • to represent. embody. impersonate. stage.
  2640. temsil etmek Tür.
    • perform. play. present. represent.
  2641. temsilci Tür.
    • representative. rep. representative. agent. spokesman. ambassador. commissionaire. coryphaeus. delegate. deputy. emissary. envoy. nominee. substitute.
  2642. temsilci Tür.
    • attorney. agent. representative. sales account. commissary. concessionnaire. delegate. one"s man of business. rep. vicarious agent.
  2643. temsilci Tür.
    • agent. delegate. representative. substitute. envoy.
  2644. temsilcilik Tür.
    • representative office. agency. representation. being representative. office of a representative.
  2645. temsilcilik Tür.
    • representation. legation.
  2646. temsilcilik Tür.
    • representation.
  2647. temsili Tür.
    • representative. imaginative.
  2648. temsili Tür.
    • representative. imaginative.
  2649. temsili Tür.
    • actinal.
  2650. temyiz Tür.
    • appellate. appeal. supersedeas.
  2651. temyiz Tür.
    • appeal. discernment.
  2652. temyiz Tür.
    • appeal. cassation. distinguishing. discerning. recognizing. to distinguish between right and wrong. differentiation. discrimination.
  2653. ten Tür.
    • The number greater by one than nine
    • the sum of five and five
    • ten units of objects.
  2654. ten Tür.
    • the cardinal number that is the sum of nine and one
    • the base of the decimal system. being one more than nine. the number used as the base for numeral representations -- "Multiplying or dividing by a power of ten ".
  2655. ten Tür.
    • One more than nine
    • twice five.
  2656. ten Tür.
    • complexion. flesh. hue of the skin.
  2657. ten Tür.
    • complexion.
  2658. ten Tür.
    • A symbol representing ten units, as 10, x, or X. the cardinal number that is the sum of nine and one
    • the base of the decimal system being one more than nine.
  2659. ten İng.
    • s., i. on
    • i. on rakamı veya sayısı, 10, X
    • onlu veya onluk bir şey. Ten Commandments Hazreti Musa'ya Allah tarafından verilen on emir. count in tens onar onar saymak. I'll lay you ten to one on that Bu işte bire karşı on ile bahse girerim. take ten kısa müddet içinde dinlenmek.
  2660. ten fanilası Tür.
    • undershirt.
  2661. ten rengi Tür.
    • on. on. onlu. onluk.
  2662. ten rengi Tür.
    • hue.
  2663. ten rengi Tür.
    • colour. colouring. complexion.
  2664. tenable İng.
    • s. makul
    • inanılabilen
    • elde tutulabilir
    • bahiste ispatı mümkün olan
    • savunması kolay. tenableness, tenabil'ity i. makul olma .tenably z. makulce.
  2665. tenace İng.
    • i. iskambil oyununda ayrı renkten yüksek sayılı iki kâğıt.
  2666. tenacious İng.
    • s. tutar, bırakmaz, vazgeçmez
    • unutmaz
    • kopmaz
    • kuvvetli
    • yapışkan, özlü
    • inatçı, direngen. tenaciously z. bırakmayarak, azimle. tenaciousness i . vazgeçmeme, direnme.
  2667. tenacity İng.
    • i. yapışkanlık
    • direnme, vazgeçmeme
    • fiz. sağlamlık, sıkılık.
  2668. tenaculum İng.
    • i., tıb. ameliyat sırasında atardamarı tutmak için kullanılan kancalı alet.
  2669. tenaille İng.
    • i. kalenin iki tabyası arasında bulunan hendek dışındaki siper.
  2670. tenakuz Tür.
    • contradiction. being contradictory.
  2671. tenancy İng.
    • i. kullanım, kiracılık
    • kira ile tutulmuş mülk
    • kira suresi.
  2672. tenant İng.
    • i., f., huk. kullanım hakkı olan kimse, mutasarrıf, mülk sahibi
    • kiracı
    • sakin, (bir yerde) oturan kimse
    • f. kira ile tutmak
    • içinde oturmak. tenant farmer kira ile çiftlik işleten çiftçi, kiracı çiftçi. tenant right kiracının kira bedelini ödediği müddetçe kullanma hakkı. tenantry i. kiracılık
    • bir mülkün bütün kiracıları.
  2673. tenasüh Tür.
    • transmigration of the soul.
  2674. tenasül Tür.
    • reproduction. generation.
  2675. tenasül Tür.
    • generation. procuration. reproduction.
  2676. tenasüp Tür.
    • symmetry. proportion. harmony.
  2677. tencere Tür.
    • saucepan. saucépot. stewpan or stewpot. casserole. kettle.
  2678. tencere Tür.
    • saucepan. cooker. stewpot.
  2679. tencere Tür.
    • kettle. saucepan. pot.
  2680. tench İng.
    • i. kilizbalığı, zool. Tinca tinca.
  2681. tend İng.
    • f. hazır bulunmak
    • den. halatın dolaşmasını önlemek için gözetlemek. tend on veya upon hizmet etmek .tend to k.dili. bakmak, dikkat etmek.
  2682. tend İng.
    • f., gen. to veya toward ile meyilli olmak
    • vesile olmak
    • yönelmek .red tending to purple mora çalan kırmızı.
  2683. tendency İng.
    • i. meyil, istidat, eğilim, şev
    • psik. yönseme.
  2684. tendentious İng.
    • s. taraf tutan
    • şevli, meyilli.
  2685. tender Tür.
    • Unwilling to cause pain
    • gentle
    • mild.
  2686. tender Tür.
    • To offer in words
    • to present for acceptance.
  2687. tender Tür.
    • To offer in payment or satisfaction of a demand, in order to save a penalty or forfeiture
    • as, to tender the amount of rent or debt.
  2688. tender Tür.
    • To offer for delivery against futures.
  2689. tender Tür.
    • To have a care of
    • to be tender toward
    • hence, to regard
    • to esteem
    • to value. ship that usually provides supplies to other ships a boat for communication between ship and shore car attached to a locomotive to carry fuel and water something used as an official medium of payment make tender or more tender as by marinating, pounding, or applying a tenderizer
    • "tenderize meat" make a tender of
    • in legal settlements offer or present for acceptance not hardy
    • easily killed by adverse growing condition
    • "tender green shoots" susceptible to physical or emotional injury
    • "at a tender age" easy to cut or chew
    • "tender beef" physically untoughened
    • "tender feet" given to sympathy or gentleness or sentimentality
    • "a tender heart"
    • "a tender smile"
    • "tender loving care"
    • "tender memories"
    • "a tender mother".
  2690. tender Tür.
    • To give notice to the clearinghouse of the intention to initiate delivery of the physical commodity in satisfaction of the futures contract Also see Retender.
  2691. tender Tür.
    • To give notice to the clearing house of the intention to initiate delivery of the physical commodity in satisfaction of the futures contract.
  2692. tender Tür.
    • The thing offered
    • especially, money offered in payment of an obligation.
  2693. tender Tür.
    • The term tender can be used to describe any plant that will suffer from cold temperatures --even a light frost These plants generally come from tropical or sub-tropical regions and need special care when planted out of their native zone. A formal offer to supply or purchase goods or services In the UK the term for the weekly Treasury Bill issue.
  2694. tender Tür.
    • The description of a plant that cannot withstand the frost and is likely to die if kept outdoors in cold conditions Tenderness is relative to the local climate in which the plant is grown. 1 To deliver payment or an item one is obliged to deliver.
  2695. tender Tür.
    • The act on the part of the seller of futures contracts of giving notice to the clearinghouse that he intends to deliver the physical commodity in satisfaction of the futures contract The clearinghouse, in turn, passes along the notice to the oldest buyer of record in that delivery month of the commodity.
  2696. tender Tür.
    • tender coupled to a locomotive.
  2697. tender Tür.
    • Susceptible of the softer passions, as love, compassion, kindness
    • compassionate
    • pitiful
    • anxious for another"s good
    • easily excited to pity, forgiveness, or favor
    • sympathetic.
  2698. tender Tür.
    • support ship, tender.
  2699. tender Tür.
    • Small vessel used to transport passengers and/or crew or supplies to and from shore when ship is at anchor Most large ships carry their own tenders, which are maintained as lifeboats in case of an emergency.
  2700. tender Tür.
    • Small vessel used to transport passengers and/or crew or supplies to and from shore when ship is at anchor Most large passenger ships carry their own tenders, which are maintained as lifeboats in case of an emergency.
  2701. tender Tür.
    • Small boat used to transport people to and from shore when the ship is at anchor.
  2702. tender Tür.
    • Sensible to impression and pain
    • easily pained.
  2703. tender Tür.
    • Regard
    • care
    • kind concern.
  2704. tender Tür.
    • Physically weak
    • not hardly or able to endure hardship
    • immature
    • effeminate.
  2705. tender Tür.
    • One who tends
    • one who takes care of any person or thing
    • a nurse.
  2706. tender Tür.
    • Offer to purchase securities, usually at a premium above the market price, with the objective of taking control of the target company A tender offer may arise from friendly negotiations between the company and a prospective buyer or may be unsolicited and possibly unfriendly.
  2707. tender Tür.
    • Offer of goods for transportation by shipper, or offer of delivery by carrier.
  2708. tender Tür.
    • Heeling over too easily when under sail
    • said of a vessel.
  2709. tender Tür.
    • Exciting kind concern
    • dear
    • precious.
  2710. tender Tür.
    • Easily impressed, broken, bruised, or injured
    • not firm or hard
    • delicate
    • as, tender plants
    • tender flesh
    • tender fruit.
  2711. tender Tür.
    • Careful to save inviolate, or not to injure
    • with of.
  2712. tender Tür.
    • A vessel employed to attend other vessels, to supply them with provisions and other stores, to convey intelligence, or the like.
  2713. tender Tür.
    • Apt to give pain
    • causing grief or pain
    • delicate
    • as, a tender subject.
  2714. tender Tür.
    • Any offer or proposal made for acceptance
    • as, a tender of a loan, of service, or of friendship
    • a tender of a bid for a contract.
  2715. tender Tür.
    • An unconditional offer of a party to a contract to perform their part of the bargain For example, if the contract is a loan contract, a tender would be an act of the debtor where he produces the amount owing and offers to the creditor In real property law, when a party suspects that the other may be preparing to renege, he or she can write a tender in which they unequivocally re-assert their intention to respect the contract and tender their end of the bargain
    • either by paying the purchase or delivering the title. 1 To deliver payment or an item one is obliged to deliver 2 To produce evidence of one"s ability to meet one"s obligations under a contract for the purposes of preserving one"s right to sue another party to the contract who is not able to carry out the contract.
  2716. tender Tür.
    • An offer which incorporates the sum of money, time and other conditions required to carry out the contract obligations in order to complete a project or a part of it consisting of specified works.
  2717. tender Tür.
    • An offer to enter into a contract.
  2718. tender Tür.
    • An offer of performance If it is unjustifiably refused, it places the other party to a contract in default.
  2719. tender Tür.
    • An offer of money, usually in satisfaction of a claim or demand.
  2720. tender Tür.
    • An offer, especially an offer of money in settlement of a claim or debt, made in the form of an auction The classic form of tender was developed by the UK Treasury, whereby applicants would tender for an issue of Treasury bills, stating the price at which they would be willing to purchase them The bills were then issued to the highest bidders The same process has also been adopted by the corporate sector, primarily for the premature redemption of bonds or to purchase equities As a rule, all securities purchased as part of such a process are settled at a uniform price The Swiss Federal Government issues securities by tender, particularly Confederation bonds, as do certain cantons.
  2721. tender Tür.
    • An offer, either of money to pay a debt, or of service to be performed, in order to save a penalty or forfeiture, which would be incurred by nonpayment or nonperformance
    • as, the tender of rent due, or of the amount of a note, with interest.
  2722. tender Tür.
    • A formal request for prices from a supplier where all potential suppliers receive exactly the same details on which to prepare a quotation.
  2723. tender Tür.
    • Adapted to excite feeling or sympathy
    • expressive of the softer passions
    • pathetic
    • as, tender expressions
    • tender expostulations
    • a tender strain.
  2724. tender Tür.
    • A car attached to a locomotive, for carrying a supply of fuel and water.
  2725. tender İng.
    • s. nazik, kolay üzülür, kolay incinir
    • ufak şeyden etkilenir
    • zayıf, olgunlaşmamış
    • müşfik, merhametli, şefkatli
    • dokunaklı, hassas
    • ince, narin, cılız
    • sevgi dolu, seven
    • dikkatli, incitmekten çekinir
    • körpe, gevrek, yumuşak. tenderly z. şefkatle . tenderness i. şefkat, yumuşak yüreklilik.
  2726. tender İng.
    • f., i. arz ve teklif etmek, sunmak
    • huk. kira veya borç vermeyi teklif etmek
    • i., huk. borç karşılığında para teklifi
    • teklif olunan şey. tender one's resignation istifasını vermek. tender one's services hizmet teklif etmek. legal tender geçerli para.
  2727. tender İng.
    • i., den. yardımcı gemi
    • gemiye ait olup yolcuları sahile getirip götüren kayık
    • lokomotife bağlı kömür ve su taşıyan vagon, tender
    • bakan veya hizmet eden kimse.
  2728. tender-mouthed İng.
    • s.ağzı geme alışmamış (hayvan).
  2729. tenderfoot İng.
    • i. (ço. foots, feet) Batı Amerika'nın çetin şartlarına henüz alışmamış kimse, güçlüklere alışkın olmayan kimse
    • başlangıç sınıfındaki erkek izci.
  2730. tenderhearted İng.
    • s. müşfik, yufka yürekli, şefkatli.
  2731. tenderize İng.
    • f. yumuşatmak (et). tenderizer i. eti yumuşatıcı bir madde.
  2732. tenderling İng.
    • i. nazik büyümüş kimse
    • yeni çıkmış geyik boynuzu.
  2733. tenderloin İng.
    • i. sığır veya domuz filetosu. tenderloin district cinayet ve ırza geçme gibi suçların islendiği ve polise rüşvet vererek kolaylıkla örtbas edildiği bölge.
  2734. tendinous İng.
    • s. tendon cinsinden, kirişsi, veteri
    • veter dolu.
  2735. tendon İng.
    • i., anat. veter, kiriş, sinir, kasların kemiklere yapışmasını sağlayan yapılar, tendon. tendon reflex veter üzerine vurulunca kasın mukabil hareketi.
  2736. tendril İng.
    • i. asma veya sarmaşık filizi, bıyık.
  2737. tenebrae İng.
    • i. paskalyadan evvelki haftanın son üç gününde okunan dualar.
  2738. tenebrific İng.
    • s. karanlık eden, karartan, kasvet veren.
  2739. tenebrous İng.
    • s. karanlık, kara, koyu
    • kasvetli .tenebros'ity, tenebrousness karanlık, kasvet.
  2740. tenedos İng.
    • i. Bozcaada.
  2741. teneffüs Tür.
    • respiration. breathing. recess. breather. recreation. relaxation allowance.
  2742. teneffüs Tür.
    • respiration. break. playtime. pause. recreation. slack.
  2743. teneffüs Tür.
    • break. interlude. respiration. rest. recess. breathing solunum.
  2744. teneffüshane Tür.
    • recreation room or play area (in a school.
  2745. teneke Tür.
    • tin. tinplate.
  2746. teneke Tür.
    • tin. tin.
  2747. teneke Tür.
    • bin. tin. tinplate. can/canister. tin. tin plate.
  2748. tenekeci Tür.
    • tinner. tinsmith. tinman. maker or repairer of tinware. whitesmith.
  2749. tenekeci Tür.
    • tinker. tinman. tinner.
  2750. tenement İng.
    • i. özellikle ucuz ve adi apartman
    • huk. mülk olabilen herhangi bir şey
    • ev, kiralık ev
    • kiralık apartman
    • konut, mesken, ikametgâh. tenement district adi ve ucuz apartmanlann bulunduğu semt. tenement house kalabalık ailelerin oturduğu ucuz apartman. tenemen'tal s. kiralık eve veya kiracılara ait.
  2751. tenescopic ,ical İng.
    • s. yalnız teleskopla görülebilen: teleskopa ait:uzağı gören: iç içe girmek suretiyle uzayıp kısalan. telescopic boiler iç içe kayar kısımları olan makina kazanı. telescopicchimney iç içe kayar kısımları olan vapur bacası. telescopic stars yalnız teleskopla görülebilen yıldızlar. telescopically z teleskopla.
  2752. teneşir Tür.
    • wooden bench on which a corpse is washed.
  2753. tenesmus İng.
    • i., tıb. idrar veya aptes bozma zorluğu.
  2754. tenet İng.
    • i. inan, doktrin, akide, öğreti, prensip, ilke, görüş .
  2755. tenevvür Tür.
    • becoming lit or illuminated or enlighted.
  2756. tenezzüh Tür.
    • plesure outing.
  2757. tenezzüh Tür.
    • excursion gezinti.
  2758. tenezzül Tür.
    • deigning. condescension. lowering oneself. falling. decrease. condescesion. stoop.
  2759. tenezzül Tür.
    • condescension.
  2760. tenezzül etmemek Tür.
    • scorn.
  2761. tenfold İng.
    • s., z .on kat, on misli. tengallon
  2762. tengallon hat İng.
    • (A.B.D.) kovboy şapkası.
  2763. tenge Tür.
    • the basic unit of money in Kazakhstan 100 tenge equal 1 manat.
  2764. tenge Tür.
    • 100 tenge equal 1 manat. the basic unit of money in Kazakhstan.
  2765. tenha Tür.
    • private. secluded. solitary. desolate. deserted. scarcely populated. uncrowded.
  2766. tenha Tür.
    • lonely. unfrequented. isolated or solitary place. desolate. lone. uninhabited. unmanned.
  2767. tenhalık Tür.
    • loneliness. isolation. solitude (of a place. seclusion.
  2768. tenia İng.
    • bak. taenia.
  2769. teniacide İng.
    • i. tenya öldüren ilâç.
  2770. teniafuge İng.
    • i. tenyanın dışarı atılmasını sağlayan ilaç.
  2771. teniasis İng.
    • i. vücutta tenya bulunmasının belirtiler.i
  2772. tenis Tür.
    • tennis.
  2773. tenis Tür.
    • tennis.
  2774. tenis Tür.
    • court tennis.
  2775. tenis kortu Tür.
    • tennist court.
  2776. tenis kortu Tür.
    • tennis court.
  2777. tenisçi Tür.
    • tennis player.
  2778. tenkil Tür.
    • doing away with. getting rid of.
  2779. tenkisat Tür.
    • reduction. diminishing. decreasing.
  2780. tenkit Tür.
    • criticism. review. critical review. animadversion. censure. comment. critique. stricture.
  2781. tenkit Tür.
    • criticism. censure. animadversion. strictures.
  2782. tenkit etmek Tür.
    • to criticize. to write a critical review of. to review. call over the coals. criticise. pan. put down.
  2783. tenkitçi Tür.
    • slater.
  2784. tenkitçi Tür.
    • critical. critic. faultfinder. reviewer. faultfinding. censorious person. captious. censorious.
  2785. tennis İng.
    • (i.) tenis. tennis arm, tennis eIbow çok tenis oynamaktan ileri gelen kol ağrısı. tennis ball tenis topu. tennis court tenis sahası, tenis kortu.
  2786. tenon İng.
    • (i.), (f.) doğramacılıkta erkek geçme parçası, oğlan
    • (f.) erkek geçme parçasını kesmek
    • böyle parça ile birleştirmek. tenon auger erkek geçme parçasını kesme aleti. tenon saw zıvana testeresi.
  2787. tenonitis İng.
    • (i.), (tıb.) veter iltihabı.
  2788. tenor Tür.
    • Type of draft, either a sight or time draft.
  2789. tenor Tür.
    • Time to maturity or expiration of a contract, frequently used when referring to swaps.
  2790. tenor Tür.
    • The term fixed for payment of a draft at a future date. in Western harmony, the 3rd highest voice, higher than bass but lower than alto.
  2791. tenor Tür.
    • The second lowest voice used in four part writing The traditional range of the tenor is C3 to G4.
  2792. tenor Tür.
    • The length of time until a loan is due For example, a loan is taken out with a two year tenor After one year passes, the tenor of the loan is one year. "Holder" 1 A high male voice between alto and baritone In early polyphonic music, it sang the cantus firmus in long held notes 2 Instruments in the tenor range. means a payment is due at sight, a given number of days after sight, or a given number of days after date.
  2793. tenor Tür.
    • The highest range of the male voice In medieval organum, it is the voice that holds the melody of the plainsong.
  2794. tenor Tür.
    • The highest normal male voice, the name derives from mediaeval musical compositions in which the tenor carried the main melody line Other voices typically served as accompaniments to the tenor. the highest male voice. the high male voice.
  2795. tenor Tür.
    • The highest male voice.
  2796. tenor Tür.
    • The highest male vocal part.
  2797. tenor Tür.
    • The higher of the two kinds of voices usually belonging to adult males
    • hence, the part in the harmony adapted to this voice
    • the second of the four parts in the scale of sounds, reckoning from the base, and originally the air, to which the other parts were auxillary.
  2798. tenor Tür.
    • the adult male singing voice above baritone. the pitch range of the highest male voice. an adult male with a tenor voice. pervading note of an utterance
    • "I could follow the general tenor of his argument". intermediate between alto and baritone or bass
    • "a tenor sax". of or close in range to the highest natural adult male voice
    • "tenor voice".
  2799. tenor Tür.
    • That course of thought which holds on through a discourse
    • the general drift or course of thought
    • purport
    • intent
    • meaning
    • understanding.
  2800. tenor Tür.
    • Term fixed for payment of a draft
    • e g, 90 days after sight.
  2801. tenor Tür.
    • tenor.
  2802. tenor Tür.
    • tenor.
  2803. tenor Tür.
    • Stamp
    • character
    • nature.
  2804. tenor Tür.
    • Maturity or number of days to maturity normally on bills of exchange.
  2805. tenor Tür.
    • Maturity of a loan.
  2806. tenor Tür.
    • Male voice of high range Also a part, often structural, in polyphony.
  2807. tenor Tür.
    • It differs from purport, which is only the substance or general import of the instrument.
  2808. tenor Tür.
    • Highest ordinary adult male voice, between the alto and the bass.
  2809. tenor Tür.
    • Designation of a payment as being due on sight, or a certain number of days after sight, or after a designated date.
  2810. tenor Tür.
    • Designation of a payment as being due at sight, a given number of days after sight, or a given number of days after date.
  2811. tenor Tür.
    • A state of holding on in a continuous course
    • manner of continuity
    • constant mode
    • general tendency
    • course
    • career.
  2812. tenor Tür.
    • A range of voice The usual specified range is from an octave below middle C to the G above middle C.
  2813. tenor Tür.
    • A person who sings the tenor, or the instrument that play it. the pitch range of the highest male voice pervading note of an utterance
    • "I could follow the general tenor of his argument" the adult male singing voice above baritone an adult male with a tenor voice of or close in range to the highest natural adult male voice
    • "tenor voice" intermediate between alto and baritone or bass
    • "a tenor sax".
  2814. tenor Tür.
    • Any instrument of the range of C below middle C to G above middle C is said to be a tenor instrument, such as the tenor saxophoneSearch Google com for Tenor.
  2815. tenor Tür.
    • An exact copy of a writing, set forth in the words and figures of it.
  2816. tenor İng.
    • (i.), (s.) belirli meslek veya yön veya istidat, cereyan, gidiş, akış
    • tabiat, mizaç, mahiyet
    • (huk.) asıl suret veya kopya, aslının aynı olan nüsha
    • (müz.) tenor
    • tenor sesi veya çalgı
    • (s.) tenor sesine ait
    • bu sesle şarkı söyleyen.
  2817. tenpence İng.
    • (i.), (İng.) on penilik para.
  2818. tenpennynail İng.
    • on beşinci yüz yılda yüz tanesi on peniye satılan çivi
    • 7,5 santimetrelik çivi.
  2819. tenpins İng.
    • (i.) on kuka ile oynanılan oyun, on kuka oyunu, kiy oyunu.
  2820. tense İng.
    • (i.), (gram.) fiil zamanı, zaman. sequence of tenses (gram.) cümlede zaman uyumu.
  2821. tense İng.
    • (s.), (f.) gergin, gerilmiş
    • sinirli
    • nazik, kopacak gibi
    • (f.) germek, gerginleşmek. tense'ly (z.) gerginlikle. tense'ness, ten' sity (i.) gerginlik.
  2822. tensible İng.
    • (s.) gerilebilir. tensibil'ity (i.) gerilme kabiliyeti.
  2823. tensik Tür.
    • putting in order. putting to rights. reorganizing. regrouping. regroupment.
  2824. tensik etmek Tür.
    • to put sth in order. to put sth to rights. to reorganize. to regroup (troops. to weed out (inefficient officials or employees.
  2825. tensikat Tür.
    • putting sth in order. putting sth to rights. reforms reorganization. regrouping. regroupment (of troops. weeding / cambing out inefficient officials or employees. job cutback. rundown.
  2826. tensile İng.
    • (s.) gerilir, gerilebilir
    • gerilmeye ait. tensile strength gerilme direnci. tensile stress gerilme zoru. tensile test germe deneyi. tensil'ity (i.) gerginlik.
  2827. tension İng.
    • (i.) germe, gerilme, gerilim
    • gerginlik
    • zihin yorgunluğu
    • (mak.) germe veya gerilme kuvveti
    • germe cihazı
    • (elek.) gerilim, elektromotor kuvvet, voltaj.
  2828. tensip etmek Tür.
    • to deem sth proper or advisable. to find sth convenient or preferable.
  2829. tensor İng.
    • (i.), (anat.) bir organı geren kas
    • (mat.) üçten fazla elemana dayanarak tanımlanabilen vektör niceliği.
  2830. tent İng.
    • (i.) bir çeşit siyah İspanya şarabı.
  2831. tent İng.
    • (i.), (f.), (tıb.) yara fitili
    • cerrah mili
    • (f.) cerrah mili ile yoklamak
    • fitil ile yarayı işletmek.
  2832. tent İng.
    • (i.), (f.) çadır, otağ, oba
    • (f.) çadır kurup oturmak. tent bed çadır gibi tavanı olan yatak. tent caterpillar ağaçlar üzerinde çadır şeklinde yuva yapan tırtıl. tent fly çadırın bezden yapılmış kapısı. tent peg çadır kazığı. bell tent ortası direkli konik çadır. pup tent tek kişilik dam biçiminde çadır.
  2833. tentacle İng.
    • (i.), (zool.) mürekkepbaIığında olduğu gibi ince ve uzun dokunma veya kavrama uzvu
    • (bot.) bazı yapraklarda bulunan ince kıl gibi hassas lif, dokunaç. tentac'ular (s.) kavrama uzvu gibi
    • dokunaçla ilgili.
  2834. tentaculifera İng.
    • (i.), (çoğ.) kavrayıcı kıl gibi uzuvları olan hayvancıklar sınıfı.
  2835. tentative İng.
    • (s.), (i.) deneme kabilinden, tecrübe olarak yapılan
    • (i.) tecrübe, deneme. tentatively (z.) muvakkaten, tecrübe kabilinden.
  2836. tente Tür.
    • tarp. awning. marquee. canopy. sun blind. tarpaulin. tester. tilt.
  2837. tente Tür.
    • awning. subshade. tilt. tent. marquise. upper deck. baldachin. sunblind. sunshade. trough.
  2838. tente Tür.
    • awning. canopy.
  2839. tentene Tür.
    • lace.
  2840. tenter İng.
    • (i.) (İng.) fabrikada makinalara bakan kimse.
  2841. tenter İng.
    • (i.), (f.) kumaşı gerip kurutmaya mahsus kancalı çerçeve
    • (f.) kancalı serçeveye germek.
  2842. tenterhook İng.
    • (i.) kumaşı çerçeveye germeye mahsus kancalardan biri. on ten terhooks endişe içinde, sabırsızlıkla bekleyen.
  2843. tenth İng.
    • (s.), (i.) onuncu
    • onda bir
    • (i.) onda bir kısım
    • onuncu gelen şey
    • ondalık
    • (müz.) on notalık mesafe. tenth'ly (z.) onuncu olarak.
  2844. tenuis İng.
    • (i.) süreksiz ünsüzlerden biri (k, p, t).
  2845. tenuous İng.
    • (s.) ince, narin
    • ince uzun
    • seyrek, hafif
    • yerleşmemiş, yüzeyde kalan. tenu'ity (i.) incelik
    • seyreklik. tenuously (z.) seyrek seyrek, hafifçe. tenuousness (i.) seyreklik, hafiflik.
  2846. tenure İng.
    • (i.) işinde kalabilme hakkı
    • memuriyet veya kullanım süresi
    • imtiyaz, ayrıcalık.
  2847. tenuto İng.
    • (z.), (s.), (müz.) sürdürerek (söylenen), (kıs.) ten.
  2848. tenvir Tür.
    • illumination. lighting. enlightening. enlightenment. informing.
  2849. tenvirat Tür.
    • illumination. lighting.
  2850. tenya Tür.
    • tapeworm. taenia şerit.
  2851. tenya Tür.
    • taenia.
  2852. tenzil Tür.
    • lowering. reduction. decrease. subtraction. off- reckoning.
  2853. tenzilat Tür.
    • reduction. discount. reduction indirim. ıskonto.
  2854. tenzilat Tür.
    • depreciation allowance.
  2855. tenzilat Tür.
    • abatement. reduction. allowance. rebate.
  2856. tenzilatlı Tür.
    • reduced. marked down in price. discount.
  2857. teocalli İng.
    • (i.) eski Meksikalılara özgü ve kesik piramit şeklinde tapınak.
  2858. teokrasi Tür.
    • theocracy.
  2859. teokratik Tür.
    • theocratic.
  2860. teoloji Tür.
    • theology. theology tanrıbilim. ilahiyat.
  2861. teoloji Tür.
    • theology.
  2862. teorem Tür.
    • theorem.
  2863. teorem Tür.
    • theorem.
  2864. teori Tür.
    • theory. theory kuram. nazariye.
  2865. teori Tür.
    • theory. speculation.
  2866. teori Tür.
    • theory.
  2867. teorik Tür.
    • theoretic. theoretical. theoretic kuramsal. nazari.
  2868. teorik Tür.
    • theoretical. theoretic. speculative. academic. academical. abstract. pure. technic. technical.
  2869. teorik Tür.
    • theoretical.
  2870. teorisyen Tür.
    • theorist.
  2871. teorisyen Tür.
    • theoretician.
  2872. tepe Tür.
    • top. apical. peak. hill. top. crown. tip. roof. apex. cap. crest. down. eminence. eminency. fell. head. height. hump. mount. peak. ridge. rise. topknot. vertex.
  2873. tepe Tür.
    • crest. crown. hill. top. top part. vertex. apex / n /. cap. elevation. eminence. head. height. hump. mount. peak. pinnacle. summit. tip. topknot.
  2874. tepe Tür.
    • apex. brow. crest. crown. hill. mount. top. summit. peak. mound.
  2875. tepe açısı Tür.
    • vertex.
  2876. tepe aşağı Tür.
    • top down.
  2877. tepe aşağı Tür.
    • head foremost.
  2878. tepebaşı Tür.
    • hilltop.
  2879. tepecik Tür.
    • hillock. small hill.
  2880. tepecik Tür.
    • hillock.
  2881. tepeden inme Tür.
    • which comes from a high official.
  2882. tepeden tırnağa Tür.
    • from head to foot. from top to bottom. up- and-down.
  2883. tepee İng.
    • (i.) Amerika kızılderililerine mahsus konik çadır.
  2884. tepefy İng.
    • (f.) ılık yapmak
    • ılıklaşmak, ıIımak.
  2885. tepegöz Tür.
    • overhead projector. low-browed sb who has a very low brow or forehead.
  2886. tepegöz Tür.
    • overhead projector.
  2887. tepegöz Tür.
    • cyclopes.
  2888. tepeleme Tür.
    • beating or thrashing severely. heaping full or brimful. heaping portion of. heap of.
  2889. tepelemek Tür.
    • to give sb a severe beating or thrashing. to defeat soundly. to kill.
  2890. tepelenmek Tür.
    • to be beaten or thrashed severely. to be defeated soundly. to be killed.
  2891. tepeli Tür.
    • crested.
  2892. tepeli bülbül Tür.
    • bulbul.
  2893. tepelik Tür.
    • hilly.
  2894. tepelik Tür.
    • crest.
  2895. tepetaklak Tür.
    • upside down. head over heels. on one"s head.
  2896. tepetaklak Tür.
    • head foremost. head over heels. upside- down.
  2897. tephrite İng.
    • (i.), (jeol.) bir çeşit gri volkanik kaya.
  2898. tepid İng.
    • (s.) ılık, sıcakça. tepid'ity, tepidness (ı.) ılıklık. tepidly (z.) ılık olarak.
  2899. tepidarium İng.
    • (i.) eski Roma hamamlarında orta derecede ısıtılmış soğukluk yeri.
  2900. tepinmek Tür.
    • to stamp. to stamp its feet. to kick and stamp (with anger or range. to jump for joy. to dance about with joy.
  2901. tepki Tür.
    • reaction. response. recoil. come- back. retroaction.
  2902. tepki Tür.
    • reaction. response. answer. countercheck. reagent. rebound. reception. repercussion. revulsion. take. repercussions.
  2903. tepki Tür.
    • reaction. reflex. repercussion. recoil. thrust.
  2904. tepki göstermek Tür.
    • to react. make a response.
  2905. tepki göstermek Tür.
    • react.
  2906. tepkili Tür.
    • reactive. recoil operated.
  2907. tepkili Tür.
    • reactive. reacting. recoil-operated.
  2908. tepkili Tür.
    • reactive. jet-propelled. jet-prop.
  2909. tepkili uçak Tür.
    • jet plane. jet.
  2910. tepkime Tür.
    • reaction. reaction reaksiyon.
  2911. tepkime Tür.
    • reaction. reaction.
  2912. tepkimek Tür.
    • to react. to undergo chemical reaction.
  2913. tepkimek Tür.
    • ansprechen. reagieren.
  2914. tepkisel Tür.
    • reactional. reactive. pertaining to reaction.
  2915. tepkisiz Tür.
    • unresponsive.
  2916. tepkisiz Tür.
    • unreactive. inert. nonreactive. which is not recoil-operated.
  2917. tepkisiz Tür.
    • non-reacting.
  2918. tepmek Tür.
    • to kick. to tread on or upon. to trample sth. to turn down. to decline. to reject sth. to throw away. to kick. to recoil. to crop up again. to recur. hoof. react.
  2919. tepmek Tür.
    • kick. to kick. to spurn. to recoil. to recur. not to appreciate. to throw away. to boot. to recur. to turn down.
  2920. tepsi Tür.
    • tray. server. salver.
  2921. tepsi Tür.
    • tray. baking tin. pan. salver.
  2922. tepsi Tür.
    • tray.
  2923. tequila İng.
    • (i.) Meksika'da içilen bir kaktüs likörü.
  2924. ter Tür.
    • Triple Ejector Rack.
  2925. ter Tür.
    • Tertiary Entrance Rank. tax-equivalent regime. similar to "bis" Means new, improved and revised.
  2926. ter Tür.
    • See Tri-, 2.
  2927. ter Tür.
    • perspiratory. sudoriferous. sweat. perspiration. sudation. transpiration.
  2928. ter Tür.
    • perspiration. sweat. condensation. moisture gathered in drops on the surface of an object.
  2929. ter Tür.
    • ITU terminology indicating a second enhancement to an existing communications recommendation Derived from the French and Latin word for "third" For example, "V 27 ter" is the second enhancement to V 27.
  2930. ter Tür.
    • excreta. perspiration. sweat.
  2931. ter Tür.
    • A combining form from L. ter signifying three times, thrice.
  2932. terakki Tür.
    • advancement. progress. advance. headway. improvement. step.
  2933. terakki Tür.
    • advancement. progress. advance.
  2934. terakkiperver Tür.
    • progressive-minded.
  2935. teraküm Tür.
    • accumulation. collection. gathering.
  2936. terane Tür.
    • same old story. tired old refrain. melody. air. tune.
  2937. terane Tür.
    • chant. same old story.
  2938. terane Tür.
    • chant.
  2939. teraphim İng.
    • (i.), (çoğ.) eski Musevilerde falcılıkta kullanılan ev mabutları.
  2940. terapi Tür.
    • therapy tedavi. sağaltım. iyileştirme. therapy.
  2941. terapi Tür.
    • therapy.
  2942. terapi Tür.
    • therapy.
  2943. terapist Tür.
    • therapist. mental therapist.
  2944. terapist Tür.
    • therapist.
  2945. terapist Tür.
    • therapist.
  2946. teras Tür.
    • terrace. terraced roof.
  2947. teras Tür.
    • terrace. offset. patio. platform.
  2948. teras Tür.
    • terrace. balcony.
  2949. teras Tür.
    • a grossly malformed and usually nonviable fetus.
  2950. teraslamak Tür.
    • to terrace (a slope.
  2951. terato İng.
    • önek ucube, acayip ve tabiat üstü şey.
  2952. teratology İng.
    • (i.), (tıb.), (biyol.) teşekküldeki biçimsizlik ve anormallikleri inceleyen biyoloji ve tıp dalı. teratologist (i.) bu ilmin uzmanı.
  2953. terazi Tür.
    • balance. scales. pair of scales. scale.
  2954. terazi Tür.
    • balance. scale. scales. weighing machine tartı. pair of scales.
  2955. terazi Tür.
    • balance. scales. a pair of scales.
  2956. terazilemek Tür.
    • to weigh sth in one"s hand. to balance. to poise. to arrange as if in a balance.
  2957. terbiye Tür.
    • education. manners. training. teaching sb good manners. disciplining. taming. any of the several sauces made primarily with lemon and whole eggs. seasoning. breeding. civility. decency. discipline. dressing. nurture. sauce.
  2958. terbiye Tür.
    • dressage. manners. politeness. education. schooling. sauce. seasoning. breeding. cultivation. decency. dressing. nurture.
  2959. terbiye Tür.
    • decency. sauce. training. bringing up. breeding. manners. correction. punishment. seasoning for food. finish. finishing. maintenance. education. culture. good manners. good breeding.
  2960. terbiyeci Tür.
    • pedagogue. handler.
  2961. terbiyeci Tür.
    • educator. trainer. tamer.
  2962. terbiyeci Tür.
    • educator. educationist. trainer / tamer of animals.
  2963. terbiyeli Tür.
    • well-mannered. mannerly. polite. proper. seasoned. blushing. civil-spoken. decent. decorous. white. well-behaved. well mannered.
  2964. terbiyeli Tür.
    • polite. well-mannered. well brought-up. well-bred.
  2965. terbiyeli Tür.
    • cultivated. decent. genteel. well-behaved. well-bred. decorous. polite. with a sauce. well brought up. educated. flavored.
  2966. terbiyesiz Tür.
    • impolite. unmannerly. ill-mannered. mannerless. shameless. naughty. dirty. bad. improper. blackguardly. broad. caddish. churlish. coarse. coarse-grained. graceless. ill-bred. immodest. immoral. impertinent. impudent. indelicate. inelegant. insolent.
  2967. terbiyesiz Tür.
    • impolite. rude. ill-mannered. unmannerly. ill-bred. bad-mannered. coarse. currish. ill- bred. ill- mannered. impertinent. insolent. inurbane. low bred. vulgar. wild.
  2968. terbiyesiz Tür.
    • abrupt. bawdy. blatant. coarse. dirty. immoral. impertinent. impolite. improper. insolent. nasty. outrageous. repugnant. risqué. rude. saucy. ungracious. vulgar. ill-mannered. ill-bred. impudent. graceless. undressed.
  2969. terbiyesizce Tür.
    • impolitely.
  2970. terbiyesizlik Tür.
    • impropriety. misbehave. misbehaviour. misconduct. vulgarity. rudeness. impoliteness. impudence. misbehavior.
  2971. terbiyesizlik Tür.
    • impoliteness. rudeness. unmannerliness. bad manners. lack of good breeding. gall. ill- breeding. vulgarity.
  2972. terbiyesizlik Tür.
    • bad manners. impoliteness. rudeness. back chat. coarseness. disorderliness. gaucherie. ill breeding. immodesty. immorality. impertinence. impudence. indecorum. indelicacy. inelegance. misbehavior. misbehaviour. ribaldry. vulgarism.
  2973. terbiyesizlik etmek Tür.
    • to behave rudely. to be impolite. sauce.
  2974. tercel İng.
    • (i.) erkek alaca doğan.
  2975. tercentenary İng.
    • (s.), (i.) üç yüzyıla ait
    • (i.) üç yüzüncü yıldönümü.
  2976. tercet İng.
    • (i.), (müz.), şiir üç mısralı kıta.
  2977. tercih Tür.
    • preference. choice. predilection. preferential terms.
  2978. tercih Tür.
    • preference. choice. option. dish. fondness. predilection.
  2979. tercih Tür.
    • choice. option. preference. preferance.
  2980. tercih etmek Tür.
    • to prefer. favour.
  2981. tercih etmek Tür.
    • prefer.
  2982. tercihan Tür.
    • preferably. rather. soon.
  2983. tercihan Tür.
    • before.
  2984. tercihen Tür.
    • preferably. rather. liefer. preferentially. by choice. for choice.
  2985. tercihen Tür.
    • preferably.
  2986. tercüman Tür.
    • interpreter. translator. translator çevirici. dilmaç.
  2987. tercüman Tür.
    • interpreter. translator. dragoman. vocal proponent.
  2988. tercüman Tür.
    • interpreter. translator. dragoman. cicerone.
  2989. tercümanlık Tür.
    • work of interpreter çeviricilik. dilmaçlık.
  2990. tercümanlık Tür.
    • interpreting. being an interpreter. position of interpreters. translatorship. interpretership.
  2991. tercümanlık Tür.
    • interpretership.
  2992. tercüme Tür.
    • translation. interpretation. rendering. rendition.
  2993. tercüme Tür.
    • rendering. translation. version.
  2994. tercüme Tür.
    • interpretation. translation. rendition.
  2995. tercümeihal Tür.
    • biography.
  2996. tere Tür.
    • cress. garden cress.
  2997. tere Tür.
    • cress.
  2998. terebentin Tür.
    • turpentine. turps.
  2999. terebentin Tür.
    • turpentine.
  3000. terebinth İng.
    • (i.) sakız ağacı, yabani fıstık ağacı, (bot.) Pistacia terebinthus. terebin'thic, terebin'thine (s.) sakız ağacına ait veya bu familyadan olan
    • terementi yağına ait.
  3001. tereddüt Tür.
    • wavering. faltering. indecision. compunction. demur. doubt. hesitancy. hesitation. humph. incertitude. quandary. shilly shally. uncertainty.
  3002. tereddüt Tür.
    • hesitation. indecision. doubt. stammer.
  3003. tereddüt Tür.
    • hesitance.
  3004. tereddüt etmek Tür.
    • to doubt. to hesitate. boggle. demur. falter. hang back. hover. pause. scruple. stagger. vacillate. vibrate. wonder.
  3005. tereddüt etmek Tür.
    • falter. hesitate. vacillate. waver. wobble.
  3006. tereddütlü Tür.
    • hesitant. wavering. faltering. indecisive.
  3007. tereddütlü Tür.
    • hesitant.
  3008. tereddütsüz Tür.
    • unfaltering. unhesitant. unwavering. without gloves. without hesitation.
  3009. teredo İng.
    • (i.) gemi kerestesini delen kurt, gemi kurdu.
  3010. terek Tür.
    • It frequents rivers.
  3011. terek Tür.
    • A sandpiper of the Old World, breeding in the far north of eastern Europe and Asia and migrating to South Africa and Australia.
  3012. tereke Tür.
    • succession. estate (left by a deceased person.
  3013. tereke Tür.
    • estate.
  3014. terekküp Tür.
    • composition. being composed. being put together. formation.
  3015. terekküp etmek Tür.
    • to be composed of. to be made up of. to be put together. to be formed.
  3016. terennüm Tür.
    • singing.
  3017. teres Tür.
    • either of two muscles in the shoulder region that move the shoulders and arms.
  3018. teres Tür.
    • either of two muscles in the shoulder region that move the shoulders and arms.
  3019. teres Tür.
    • bastard. son of a bitch. primp. procurer. pander.
  3020. terettüp Tür.
    • being incumbent on. falling to.
  3021. terettüp etmek Tür.
    • to be incumbent on or upon. to fall to sb.
  3022. tereyağı Tür.
    • butter. fresh butter.
  3023. tereyağı Tür.
    • butter.
  3024. tereyağı Tür.
    • butter.
  3025. tereyağlı Tür.
    • buttery.
  3026. terfi Tür.
    • promotion. being raised to a higher rank. advance. advancement. preferment.
  3027. terfi Tür.
    • promotional. promotion. advancement. preferment. rise. step. commission.
  3028. terfi Tür.
    • advancement. elevation. promotion. rise.
  3029. terfian Tür.
    • by way of promotion. as a promotion.
  3030. tergal Tür.
    • tergal.
  3031. tergal Tür.
    • See Dorsal.
  3032. tergal Tür.
    • Of or pertaining to back, or tergum.
  3033. tergal İng.
    • (s.), (zool.) eklembacaklı hayvanların sırt veya arka kısmıyle ilgili veya oraya ait.
  3034. tergeminate İng.
    • (s.), (bot.) üç çift yaprakçıkla çatallaşan yaprak.
  3035. tergiversate İng.
    • (f.) kaçamaklı söz söylemek
    • din veya parti değiştirmek. tergiversa'tion (i.) değişkenlik, döneklik.
  3036. tergum İng.
    • (i.), (zool.) eklembacaklıların sırt veya arka kısmı.
  3037. terhis Tür.
    • demobilization. discharge. disbandment. immobilization.
  3038. terhis Tür.
    • demobilization. discharge. disbandment. disembodiment.
  3039. terhis Tür.
    • demobilization. discharge.
  3040. terhis etmek Tür.
    • to demobilize. to dismiss. to discharge. disband. muster out.
  3041. terilen Tür.
    • terylene.
  3042. terilen Tür.
    • terrylene. made of terrylene.
  3043. terim Tür.
    • term. technical word or expression.
  3044. terim Tür.
    • term. locution.
  3045. terim Tür.
    • term.
  3046. terk Tür.
    • leaving. abandonment. desertion. renunciation.
  3047. terk Tür.
    • abandonment. desertion. leaving. quitting. forsaking. abdication. conveyance. demise. departure. dereliction. devolution. grant. obstinate desertion.
  3048. terk Tür.
    • abandonment. cession. desertion. conveyance.
  3049. terk etmek Tür.
    • to abandon. to code. to depart. to desert. to discontinue. to forsake. to leave. to quit. to relinguish. to renounce. abdicate. cede. convey away. cop out. defect. devolve. ditch. give over to. give up. grant. grow out of. lay aside. relinquish. resign. t.
  3050. terk etmek Tür.
    • abandon.
  3051. terki Tür.
    • the back past of a saddle. croup of a horse.
  3052. terkin Tür.
    • cancellation.
  3053. terkip Tür.
    • mixture. composition. compound.
  3054. terkip Tür.
    • kombination. zusammensetzung. synthese.
  3055. terleme Tür.
    • perspiration. sweating. transpiration.
  3056. terleme Tür.
    • perspiration.
  3057. terlemek Tür.
    • to perspire. to sweat. to exude moisture. transpire.
  3058. terlemek Tür.
    • sweat. perspire. ooze with sweat. be hot. swelter. transpire. exude.
  3059. terlemek Tür.
    • perspire. sweat. to sweat. to perspire. to be covered in condensation. to begin to grow. to be very tired.
  3060. terletici Tür.
    • sweaty.
  3061. terletmek Tür.
    • to make sb an animal sweat. to cause sb much work. to make sb sweat.
  3062. terli Tür.
    • sweaty. sweating. perspiring.
  3063. terli Tür.
    • sweaty. perspiry.
  3064. terli Tür.
    • sweaty.
  3065. terlik Tür.
    • slipper. slipper. slippers.
  3066. terlik Tür.
    • slipper. mule.
  3067. terlik Tür.
    • house slipper. house shoe.
  3068. term İng.
    • (i.) bilim ve sanat kavramlarından birini anlatan kelime, terim
    • söz
    • (çoğ.), (huk.) mukavele şartları
    • şart
    • (çoğ.) iki şahıs veya iki şey arasındaki ilişkiler
    • (mat.) eksi veya artı işaretleri ile birleşmiş bir ifadenin kısım larından biri
    • bir kesrin pay veya paydası, terim
    • (geom.) had, terim
    • bir önermede konu ile yüklemden her biri, terim
    • müddet, süre, vade
    • mahkemenin açık olduğu süre
    • öğretim yılının ayrıldığı sömestr
    • iki dönemden her biri
    • dönem
    • (tıb.) doğum zamanı. term insurance belirli bir süre sonunda biten hayat sigortası. term of office hizmet veya memuriyet süresi. term of three years üç yıllık süre. term paper öğretim yılının bir dönemi süresinde yazılması gereken tez. terms of the letter mektubun içindekiler. according to the terms of the treaty anlaşma şartları gereğince. at term belli bir zaman sonunda. be on speaking terms with konuşma durumunda olmak. bring to terms kabul ettirmek, razı etmek. come to term çocuğu doğum zamanına kadar taşımak. come to terms uzlaşmak, anlaşmak, anlaşmaya varmak. during term time ders devresinde, sömestrde. in plain terms açıkça, basit sözlerle. in terms of tabirince, ilgili olarak, dayanarak. make terms uyuşmak, uzlaşmak. on easy terms kolay bir şekilde
    • taksitle
    • uygun şartlarla. set a term to müddet tayin etmek. term' less (s.) süresiz, sınırsız.
  3069. term İng.
    • (f.) isim vermek, adlandırmak, demek.
  3070. termal Tür.
    • thermal. hot spring. thermal spring.
  3071. termal Tür.
    • thermal.
  3072. termal Tür.
    • thermal.
  3073. termik Tür.
    • thermic. thermal.
  3074. termik Tür.
    • thermic.
  3075. termik Tür.
    • thermal. thermic. thermal ısıl. science of heat.
  3076. termik santral Tür.
    • thermal power plant.
  3077. termin Tür.
    • kararlaştırılan gün/zaman. randevu. mahkeme günü. vade. mehil.
  3078. termin Tür.
    • appointed day, appointed time, appointment, date, event, term, time limit.
  3079. terminable İng.
    • (s.) sınırlanabilir, vadesi tayin edilir. terminabil'ity, terminableness (i.) vadeye tabi olma.
  3080. terminal Tür.
    • This is a machine that allows you to send commands to a remote computer This usually requires at least a minimum of a keyboard and display This will usually use terminal software, which emulates a physical terminal One such software, known as X-Win, brings up an xterm so the user can see and do processes on the remote machine This is the mechanism that allows you to put in commands to a computer that is in a remote location These consoles can be broken up in three different categories
    • intelligent, smart, and dumb A dumb-terminal is one that has no processing power A smart-terminal has some, but limited processing power A smart-terminal has it"s own full-blown processor and memory, and is capable of a lot of processing An example where these machines are used is on a server, where there is terminals set up to access the various servers.
  3081. terminal Tür.
    • This is a device that allows you to send commands to a computer somewhere else At minimum, this is usually means a keyboard and a display screen and some simple circuitry.
  3082. terminal Tür.
    • The end of a line of railroad, with the switches, stations, sheds, and other appliances pertaining thereto.
  3083. terminal Tür.
    • That which terminates or ends
    • termination
    • extremity.
  3084. terminal Tür.
    • terminal. station.
  3085. terminal Tür.
    • terminal.
  3086. terminal Tür.
    • terminal.
  3087. terminal Tür.
    • Pertaining to a railroad terminal
    • connected with the receipt or delivery of freight
    • as, terminal charges.
  3088. terminal Tür.
    • Of or pertaining to the end or extremity
    • forming the extremity
    • as, a terminal edge.
  3089. terminal Tür.
    • Growing at the end of a branch or stem
    • terminating
    • as, a terminal bud, flower, or spike.
  3090. terminal Tür.
    • Either of the ends of the conducting circuit of an electrical apparatus, as an inductorium, dynamo, or electric motor, usually provided with binding screws for the attachment of wires by which a current may be conveyed into or from the machine
    • a pole.
  3091. terminal Tür.
    • data terminal, terminal.
  3092. terminal Tür.
    • A town lying at the end of a railroad
    • more properly called a terminus. station where transport vehicles load or unload passengers or goods a contact on an electrical device at which electric current enters or leaves electronic equipment consisting of a device providing access to a computer
    • has a keyboard and display causing or ending in or approaching death
    • "a terminal patient"
    • "terminal cancer" relating to or occurring in a term or fixed period of time
    • "terminal examinations"
    • "terminal payments" of or relating to or situated at the ends of a delivery route
    • "freight pickup is a terminal service"
    • "terminal charges".
  3093. terminal Tür.
    • A screen and keyboard connected to a computer somewhere else The terminal doesn"t run Unix and all those neat programs itself, it just lets you use the computer that does.
  3094. terminal Tür.
    • A rate charged on all freight, independent of the distance, and supposed to cover the expenses of station service, as distinct from mileage rate, generally proportionate to the distance and intended to cover movement expenses
    • a terminal charge.
  3095. terminal Tür.
    • Any station for the delivery or receipt of freight lying too far from the main line to be served by mere sidings.
  3096. terminal Tür.
    • An electronic device for communicating with a computer
    • a terminal usually has a keyboard and a display screen and/or printer.
  3097. terminal Tür.
    • A monitor and keyboard attached to a computer, used for data entry and display Unlike a personal computer, a terminal does not have its own CPU or hard disk.
  3098. terminal Tür.
    • Although not as prevalent in recent years due to the rise of the PC, terminals are still in use in some places A terminal is a simple device with a keyboard, a screen, a connection to a data network and no CPU The sole function of a terminal is to rel ay commands from a user via the keyboard and then display output via the screen.
  3099. terminal Tür.
    • A device, usually a display monitor and a keyboard, used to communicate with the computer.
  3100. terminal Tür.
    • A device that works as a client of a central computer or host in a network It may simply consist of a keyboard and a video monitor or of a complete microcomputer using a special terminal emulation software In this case, it is called an intelligent terminal.
  3101. terminal Tür.
    • A device that provides a keyboard and display screen Characters typed at the keyboard are transferred to a host computer system, and characters sent from the host system are displayed on the screen.
  3102. terminal Tür.
    • A device that allows you to send commands to a computer somewhere else At a minimum, this usually means a keyboard and a display screen an some simple circuitry Usually you will use terminal software in a personal computer- the software pretends to be a physical terminal and allows you to type commands to a computer somewhere else.
  3103. terminal Tür.
    • A device that allows you to send commands to a computer somewhere else At a minimum, this usually means a keyboard and a display screen and some simple circuitry Usually you will use terminal software in a personal computer - the software pretends to be a physical terminal and allows you to type commands to a computer somewhere else. point of entry to a multi-user server like dale or chip or bullwinkle
    • terminal-emulator programs allow individual computers to connect to servers and manipulate mail or read news without actually interacting as equals
    • for example, the mail you read using the Pine program doesn"t actually reside on your desktop computer until you execute the commands that move it over to your physical location With full Ethernet connections the interactions will be tighter and more flexible: an instructor in Voorhies could leave the office computer on and log into it from home, and thence move around the network backbone with ease.
  3104. terminal Tür.
    • A device that allows you to send commands to a computer somewhere else At a minimum, this usually means a keyboard and a display screen and some simple circuitry Usually you will use terminal software in a personal computer - the software pretends to be a physical terminal and allows you to type commands to a computer somewhere else. device that slows you to send commands to a compute somewhere else At a minimum, this usually means a keyboard and a display screen and some simple circuitry Usually you will use terminal software in a personal computer - the software pretends to be a physical terminal and allows you to type commands to a computer somewhere else.
  3105. terminal Tür.
    • A device that allows you to send commands to a computer somewhere else At a minimum, this usually means a keyboard and a display screen and some simple circuitry Usually you will use terminal software in a personal computer -- the software pretends to be a physical terminal and allows you to type commands to a computer somewhere else.
  3106. terminal Tür.
    • A device that allows you to send commands to a computer somewhere else At a minimum, this usually means a keyboard and a display screen and some simple circuitry Usually you will use terminal software in a personal computer - the software pretends to be a physical terminal and allows you to type commands to a computer somewhere else.
  3107. terminal Tür.
    • A device that allows you to send commands to a computer somewhere else At a minimum, this usually means a keyboard and a display screen and some simple circuitry Usually you will use terminal software in a personal computer - the software pretends to be a physical terminal and allows you to type commands to a computer somewhere else.
  3108. terminal Tür.
    • A device that allows you to send commands to a computer somewhere else At a minimum, this usually means a keyboard and a display screen and some simple circuitry Using telnet, for example, you do not have to be at the console of the computer you wish to use - the software pretends to be a physical terminal and allows you to type commands to the other computer.
  3109. terminal Tür.
    • A device that allows you to send commands to a computer somewhere else At a minimum, this usually means a keyboard and a display screen and some simple circuitry and is often referred to as a Dumb terminal - as in it cannot so any processing itself Usually you will use terminal software in a personal computer - the software pretends to be a physical terminal and allows you to type commands to a computer somewhere else.
  3110. terminal Tür.
    • A device that allows you to send commands to a computer somewhere else A minimun would be a keyboard and display screen and some simple circuitry On a PC it is software that emulates a terminal allowing you to type commands to another computer.
  3111. terminal Tür.
    • A device or software program that allows you to send commands to a computer somewhere else This can be only a keyboard and a display screen In DNC applications this is a screen in software that emulates a physical terminal and allows you to type commands to a computer or CNC machine With a terminal you can see all the characters that are being sent and received This is very useful in establishing initial communications with CNC machines.
  3112. terminal Tür.
    • A device connected to a computer network that acts as a point for entry or retrieval of information Personal computers can be made to act as network terminals, by running terminal emulation programs. station where transport vehicles load or unload passengers or goods. a contact on an electrical device at which electric current enters or leaves. electronic equipment consisting of a device providing access to a computer
    • has a keyboard and display. being or situated at an end
    • "the endmost pillar"
    • "terminal buds on a branch"
    • "a terminal station"
    • "the terminal syllable". of or relating to or situated at the ends of a delivery route
    • "freight pickup is a terminal service"
    • "terminal charges". relating to or occurring in a term or fixed period of time
    • "terminal examinations"
    • "terminal payments". occurring at or forming an end or termination
    • "his concluding words came as a surprise"
    • "the final chapter"
    • "the last days of the dinosaurs"
    • "terminal leave". causing or ending in or approaching death
    • "a terminal patient"
    • "terminal cancer".
  3113. terminal Tür.
    • A computer Workstation linked to a Server or other computer over a Network on which a user may display information When it is merely a video display, it may be referred to as a "Dumb Terminal".
  3114. terminal Tür.
    • A computer input/output device which allows a person to interactively communicate with the computer Most terminals have typewriter style keyboards and a CRT screen for displaying your commands and the computer responses Real "terminals" are rare these days
    • most people use personal computers running terminal programs now.
  3115. terminal Tür.
    • A combination of a keyboard and monitor, which together provide the capability to interact with a computer system.
  3116. terminal İng.
    • (s.), (i.) uçta veya sonda olan veya bunlara ait
    • (bot.) dal veya sapın ucunda bulunan
    • demiryolunun başına ait
    • belirli zamanlarda meydana gelen
    • ölümle sonuçlanan
    • (i.) uç, nihayet, bağlantı
    • terminal
    • (elek.) kutup, terminal
    • demiryolu başı ile ona bağlı makas ile istasyon ve depolar
    • (mim.) tırabzan başında bulunan süs
    • kompütöre bağlı yazı makinası ve benzeri. terminal illness öIümle sonuçlanan hastalık. terminal leave terhisten evvel verilen son izin. terminally (z.) ölümcül derecede.
  3117. terminate İng.
    • (f.), (s.) bitirmek, son vermek
    • sınırlamak, hudut koymak
    • bitmek, sona gelmek
    • (s.) sınırlanmış, mahdut
    • sona eren.
  3118. termination İng.
    • (i.) tahdit, sınır
    • nihayet, son, bitirme, bitim
    • sonuç, netice
    • (gram.) sonek, çekim eki. terminational (s.) sona ait
    • bitiren
    • (gram.) soneki olan.
  3119. terminative İng.
    • (s.) bitiren, son veren
    • kesin, nihai. terminatively (z.) son vererek.
  3120. terminator İng.
    • (i.) sınırlayan veya tahdit eden şey
    • bitiren şey
    • (astr.) ay veya gezegenin aydınlık ve karanlık kısımlarını ayıran sınır.
  3121. terminism İng.
    • (i.), (fels.) soyut kavramların gerçek bir varlığı olmadığını ileri süren öğreti.
  3122. terminology İng.
    • (i.) teknik terimler
    • terminoloji.
  3123. terminoloji Tür.
    • terminology. nomenclature.
  3124. terminoloji Tür.
    • terminology.
  3125. terminoloji Tür.
    • nomenclature.
  3126. terminus İng.
    • (i.) (çoğ. ni) hudut, sınır, son, nihayet
    • gaye, maksat
    • demiryolu başı
    • demiryolu başının bulunduğu istasyon veya şehir
    • son durak
    • sınır işareti
    • (bh) eski Romalıların sınırlarla ilgili tanrısı. terminus ad quem (Lat.) bitim noktası
    • (huk.) bitim günü. terminus a quo (Lat.) başlangıç noktası
    • (huk.) başlangıç günü.
  3127. termite İng.
    • (i.) beyaz karınca, kanatlı karınca, divik.
  3128. termodinamik Tür.
    • thermodynamic. thermodynamics.
  3129. termodinamik Tür.
    • thermodynamics.
  3130. termodinamik Tür.
    • entropy.
  3131. termoelektrik Tür.
    • thermoelectricity.
  3132. termofor Tür.
    • hot-water bottle. hot-water bag.
  3133. termofor Tür.
    • hot-water bottle.
  3134. termograf Tür.
    • thermograph.
  3135. termometre Tür.
    • thermometer. glass.
  3136. termometre Tür.
    • thermometer. clinical thermometer.
  3137. termometre Tür.
    • reading. thermometer. thermometer sıcaklıkölçer.
  3138. termonükleer Tür.
    • thermonuclear.
  3139. termor İng.
    • (i.), (huk.) bir mülkü belirli bir süre şartıyle kullanan kimse.
  3140. termos Tür.
    • vacuum bottle. thermos. thermos bottle. flask.
  3141. termos Tür.
    • thermos. thermos flask. thermos bottle. vacuum flask. vacuum bottle.
  3142. termos Tür.
    • flask. thermos. vacuum flask. thermos flask. vacuum bottle. thermos bottle.
  3143. termosifon Tür.
    • hot-water-heater. thermosiphon. water heater.
  3144. termosifon Tür.
    • hot water heater. bath stove.
  3145. termostat Tür.
    • thermostat. heater timer.
  3146. termostat Tür.
    • thermostat.
  3147. termsgant İng.
    • (s.), (i.) yaygaracı ve şirret (kadın), cadaloz (kadın). termagancy (i.) şirretlik.
  3148. tern İng.
    • (i.)deniz kırlangıcı, balıkçın, (zool.) Sterna hirundo.
  3149. tern İng.
    • (i.) üç rakamdan meydana gelen takım
    • üç numaranın birleşmesi neticesinde kazanılan piyango ikramiyesi.
  3150. ternary İng.
    • (s.), (i.) üçIü, üçten meydana gelen
    • üçer üçer giden
    • (kim.) üç unsur veya atomdan oluşmuş
    • (mat.) tabanı üç olan (rakam sistemi)
    • üç madenden oluşmuş (alaşım)
    • (i.) bir arada alınan üç şey, üçIü grup.
  3151. ternate İng.
    • (s.) üçten meydana gelen
    • üçer üçer düzenlenmiş
    • (bot.) yaprakları üç kısımdan meydana gelen
    • yaprakları üçer üçer olan.
  3152. terne İng.
    • (f.) kalay ve kurşun alaşımı ile kaplamak. terne'plate (i.) kalay ve kurşun alaşımı ile kaplı demir veya çelik levha.
  3153. terör Tür.
    • terror. terror tedhiş.
  3154. terör Tür.
    • terror.
  3155. terör Tür.
    • terror.
  3156. terörist Tür.
    • terrorist. terrorist tedhişçi.
  3157. terörist Tür.
    • terrorist.
  3158. terörist Tür.
    • terrorist.
  3159. terörizm Tür.
    • terrorism. terrorism tedhişçilik.
  3160. terörizm Tür.
    • terrorism.
  3161. terpsichore İng.
    • (i.), (mit.) dans perisi. terpsichore'an (s.) dansla ilgili.
  3162. terra İng.
    • (i.), (Lat.) toprak
    • yerküre, arz küresi.
  3163. terrace İng.
    • (i.), (f.) satıhtan yüksek yer, set
    • bayır üstünde sıra evler veya sokak
    • İspanyol veya ark evlerine özgü düz ve yassı dam, teras, taraça
    • (f.) set yapmak, bir bayır boyunca sıra sıra setler yapmak. roof terrace evin çatısı üstündeki taraça.
  3164. terracotta İng.
    • fırında pişirilmiş tuğla veya çömlek
    • tuğla rengi.
  3165. terrafirma İng.
    • kara, yeryüzünün kara kısmı, toprak.
  3166. terrain İng.
    • (i.) savaş alanı veya savunmaya uygun yer
    • arazi, yer, arsa
    • özel bir maksada hizmet eden arazi.
  3167. terraincognita İng.
    • bilinmeyen yer, iç tarafları henüz keşfedilmemiş kıta.
  3168. terrapin İng.
    • (i.) Kuzey Amerika'ya mahsus yenilebilen bir çeşit su kaplumbağası.
  3169. terraquious İng.
    • (s.) su ve karadan ibaret.
  3170. terrarium İng.
    • (i.) kara hayvanlarını hayvanat bahçesinde yetiştirmek için onların doğal hayat şartlarına göre hazırlanmış suni yer.
  3171. terrazzo İng.
    • (i.) çimento mozaiki.
  3172. terrene İng.
    • (s.), (i.), eski dünyevi
    • (i.), eski yer, arz.
  3173. terreplein İng.
    • (i.) istihkâmda topIarın konulduğu üst zemin
    • yerden yüksek düz zemin.
  3174. terrestrial İng.
    • (s.), (i.) dünya veya karayla ilgili veya onlara ait
    • karadan meydana gelen
    • arza ait, dünyevi
    • karada yaşayan
    • karasal
    • (i.) dünyada var olan şey. terrestrial telescope görüntüyü düz gösteren teleskop. terrestrially (z.) dünyevi şekilde
    • karasal olarak.
  3175. terret İng.
    • (i.) at koşumunda dizginlerin geçirildiği halkaların biri
    • köpek tasmasındaki halka.
  3176. terrible İng.
    • (s.) korkunç, korkulacak, dehşetli
    • (k.dili) aşırı, çok, pek. terribly (z.) müthiş bir şekilde
    • aşırı derecede, çok.
  3177. terricolous İng.
    • (s.), (zool.), (bot.) yerde veya yer içinde yaşayan.
  3178. terrier İng.
    • (i.), (huk.) belirli bir semtte fert veya şirketlerin emlâk sicili.
  3179. terrier İng.
    • (i.) teriyer.
  3180. terrific İng.
    • (s.) korkunç, dehşetli, dehşet verici
    • (k.dili) fevkalade, çok güzel. terrifically (z.) dehşetli surette
    • çok.
  3181. terrify İng.
    • (f.) çok korkutmak, dehşete düşürmek.
  3182. terrigenous İng.
    • (s.) yerde doğmuş, topraktan çıkmış veya meydana gelmiş
    • (jeol.) karadan gelen toprak ile denizin dibinde oluşan veya buna ait.
  3183. terrine İng.
    • (i.) reçel ile dolu olarak satılan toprak kavanoz
    • bir çeşit sebzeli yahni.
  3184. territorial İng.
    • (s.) karaya veya araziye ait
    • belirli bir bölgeye ait
    • Birleşik Amerika'da devlet teşkilatına girmemiş bölgelere ait
    • bölgesel savunma için hazırlanmış askeri kuvvetlerle ilgili. territorial acquisitions ilhak olunmuş topraklar. territorial army ana vatan ordusu. territorial jurisdiction devletin kendi ülkesi ve ahalisi üzerindeki hakları. territorial waters kara suları.
  3185. territory İng.
    • (i.) toprak, arazi, memleket
    • bir devlete ait üIke
    • başka devletin hükmü altında bulunan memleket
    • (bh) eskiden Birleşik Amerika'da henüz devlet teşkilâtına girmemiş ancak merkezi hükümet tarafından atanan bir vali idaresindeki bölge.
  3186. terror İng.
    • (i.) dehşet
    • korkunç şey
    • dehşet saçan şey veya kimse
    • (k.dili) haşarı çocuk. terrorstruck, terrorstricken (s.) dehşete düşmüş. the Reign of Terror Fransız ihtilâlinde en kanlı devre.
  3187. terrorist İng.
    • (i.) tedhişçi, herkese dehşet salan kimse
    • Fransız ihtila1i sırasında tedhiş mahkemesi taraftarı
    • çarlık Rusya'sında tedhişçi. terrorism (i.) tedhişçilik, yıldırma siyaseti. terrorize (f.) tedhiş etmek, yıldırmak.
  3188. terry İng.
    • (i.) havlu dokusunda kesilmemiş düğüm
    • düğümleri kesilmemiş havlı kumaş. terry cloth havlu kumaş.
  3189. ters Tür.
    • reverse. inverted. inverse. upside-down. backward. adverse. wrong. opposite. opposing. bad-tempered. cranky. grumpy. unfavorable. unfavourable. acrimonious. agley. amiss. awkward. awry. bloody-minded. churlish. contradictory. contrary. converse. coun. alien. brusque. cross. crusty. droppings. forbidding. fretful. moody. over. perverse. sour. surly. tart. ugly. untoward. upside down.
  3190. ters Tür.
    • reverse. inverted. inverse. upside-down. backward. adverse. wrong. opposite. opposing. bad-tempered. cranky. grumpy. unfavorable. unfavourable. acrimonious. agley. amiss. awkward. awry. bloody-minded. churlish. contradictory. contrary. converse. coun.
  3191. ters Tür.
    • inverse. reverse. converse. reverse of sth. back of sth. opposite or other side. edge. or end. inverse or opposite of sth. blunt edge. abrupt. acerbic. adverse. amiss. anti. awry. bloody minded. brusque. churlish. contrary. counter. crabbed.
  3192. ters yüz Tür.
    • reverse.
  3193. ters yüz Tür.
    • inside out.
  3194. tersane Tür.
    • shipyard. naval docks. navy yard. repair shipyard. shipbuilder"s yard. shipwright"s wharf.
  3195. tersane Tür.
    • dockyard. navy yard. dock. shipyard. yard.
  3196. terse İng.
    • (s.) kısa ve özlü (söz), veciz. terse'ly (z.) kısa ve öz olarak. terse'ness (i.) kısa oluş.
  3197. tersine Tür.
    • on the contrary. counter to sth.
  3198. tersine Tür.
    • conversely.
  3199. terslemek Tür.
    • to speak sharply. to give sb a short answer. to snap at. to make representations.
  3200. terslemek Tür.
    • scold. snub. send to the rightabout. rebuff. snap.
  3201. terslemek Tür.
    • rebuff. snub. to snap at. to rebuff. to scold. to snap et. to snub.
  3202. terslenmek Tür.
    • to be given a short answer. to be snapped at. to meet with a rebuff.
  3203. terslik Tür.
    • adverse happening. untoward event. peevishness. contrariness. acerbity. bile. distemper. mood. perversity. setback. tantrum.
  3204. terslik Tür.
    • acrimony. hitch. mishap. reverse. spleen. contrariety. contrariness. peevishness. grumpiness. cantankerousness. misfortune.
  3205. tersyüz etmek Tür.
    • invert. turn. turn inside out. turn out.
  3206. tersyüz etmek Tür.
    • invert. reverse.
  3207. tertemiz Tür.
    • spotless. very clean. without blemish. spanking clean. spick and span.
  3208. tertemiz Tür.
    • spick and span.
  3209. tertemiz Tür.
    • immaculate. spick-and-span. spotless. stainless. very clean.
  3210. tertian İng.
    • (s.), (i.), (tıb.) günaşırı olan
    • (i.), (tıb.) günaşırı tutan nöbet. tertian ague, tertian fever günaşırı tutan sıtma nöbeti.
  3211. tertiary İng.
    • (s.), (i.) üçüncü, üçüncü dereceye ait
    • (bh), (jeol.) üçüncü zamana ait
    • (i.), (bh), (jeol.) memeli hayvanların meydana geldiği devre, arzın üçüncü zamanı
    • (kil.) manastır sisteminde layik işlerle meşgul üçüncü sınıfa mensup kimse
    • (zool.) kuş kanadının üçüncü sırasındaki uçuş tüylerinden biri.
  3212. tertibat Tür.
    • fixings.
  3213. tertibat Tür.
    • fitting. gear. setup. arrangement. disposition. apparatus. installation. arrangements. dispositions. appliances.
  3214. tertibat Tür.
    • arrangement. setup. the manner in which sth is organized. disposition of troops. mechanism. apparatus. system. appliance. contrivance. gear. installation.
  3215. tertip Tür.
    • order. arrangement. composition. scheme.
  3216. tertip Tür.
    • composition. method. order. arrangement. disposition. type-setting. prescription. plot. trick. plan. project. recipe. medical prescription.
  3217. tertip Tür.
    • arraignment. arrangement. composition. contrivance. disposition. setting up. setup. organizing. planning. contriving. the manner in which sth is arranged. disposition of troops. typesetting. way. manner. series. order. formula. c.
  3218. tertip etmek Tür.
    • to arrange. to set up. to organize. to plan. to contrive. to dispose. to typeset. to compose.
  3219. tertiplemek Tür.
    • to arrange. to set up. to organize. to plan. to contrive. to plot.
  3220. tertipli Tür.
    • organized. orderly. tidy. shipshape.
  3221. tertipli Tür.
    • neat. tidy. orderly. organized. prearranged. planned in advance. premeditated. just so.
  3222. tertipli Tür.
    • neat. ordered. orderly. tidy. prearranged. organized.
  3223. tertiplilik Tür.
    • tidiness. neatness. orderliness.
  3224. tertipsiz Tür.
    • untidy. messy. disorganized. desultory.
  3225. tertipsizlik Tür.
    • untidiness. messiness. lack of order. disorganization.
  3226. tertiumquid İng.
    • (Lat.) ikisi ortası.
  3227. terzarima İng.
    • terzarima.
  3228. terzi Tür.
    • tailor. dress maker. costume designer. needlewoman.
  3229. terzi Tür.
    • tailor. dressmaker.
  3230. terzi Tür.
    • sartorial. tailor. dressmaker.
  3231. terzilik Tür.
    • tailoring. tailory. tailorship. dressmaking. rag trade.
  3232. terzilik Tür.
    • tailoring.
  3233. terzilik Tür.
    • sartorial. tailoring. dressmaking.
  3234. terzilik yapmak Tür.
    • tailor.
  3235. tesadüf Tür.
    • fluky. flukey. coincidence. incidence. hap. fortuity. chance. encounter. accident. conjunction. contingency. happenstance. chance meeting. chance event. happening.
  3236. tesadüf Tür.
    • fluky. flukey. coincidence. incidence. hap. fortuity. chance. encounter. accident. conjunction. contingency. happenstance.
  3237. tesadüf Tür.
    • coincidence. chance event. accident. a chance meeting. an accidental encounter. chance. hazard. casual event. casus. conjunction. lottery.
  3238. tesadüfen Tür.
    • by chance. by coincidence. accidentally. haply. incidentally. fortuitously. by accident. casually. causelessly. in passing.
  3239. tesadüfen Tür.
    • by chance. by accident. fortuitously. by coincidence. coincidentally. accidentally. by haphazard. by misadventure. peradventure.
  3240. tesadüfen Tür.
    • accidentally. incidentally. by chance. by coincidence. by accident.
  3241. tesadüfi Tür.
    • casual.
  3242. tesadüfi Tür.
    • accidental. coincidental. fortuitous. chance. casual. adventitious.
  3243. tesadüfi Tür.
    • accidental. casual. chance. coincidental. concurrent. contingent. fortuitous. incidental. stray.
  3244. tesahup Tür.
    • claiming or pretending to be the owner of sth which does not rightfully bel.
  3245. tesahup etmek Tür.
    • to claim or pretend to be the owner of sth which one does not rightfully po. to support and protect.
  3246. tesanüt Tür.
    • solidarity. mutual support. cooperation.
  3247. teşbih Tür.
    • simile. similitude.
  3248. teşbih Tür.
    • simile. comparison. similitude.
  3249. teşbih Tür.
    • simile.
  3250. tescil Tür.
    • registration. registry. patent.
  3251. tescil Tür.
    • registration.
  3252. tescil Tür.
    • official registration. entering sth in an official register. entering. registry.
  3253. tescil etmek Tür.
    • to record. to register. to enter sth in an official register. book down. to put up for a patent.
  3254. tescilli Tür.
    • proprietary. registered. officially registered.
  3255. tescilli Tür.
    • proprietary.
  3256. tescilli Tür.
    • officially registered. entered in an official register.
  3257. tescilsiz Tür.
    • not officially registered. not entered in an official register.
  3258. teşebbüs Tür.
    • business concern. attempt. enterprise. undertaking. project. initiative. business venture. go. guts. proposition. shot. smack. step.
  3259. teşebbüs Tür.
    • attempt. enterprise. undertaking. initiative. effort.
  3260. teşebbüs Tür.
    • attempt. enterprise. approach. bid. fist. venture.
  3261. teşekkül Tür.
    • formation. organization. institution. association.
  3262. teşekkül Tür.
    • agency. formation. organization. forming. being formed. taking shape. being made up of. consisting of. group. body. unit. making. texture.
  3263. teşekkür Tür.
    • thanking. expressing one"s gratitude to sb. acknowledgement. thanks.
  3264. teşekkür Tür.
    • appreciation. thanks. thank-you. thank. acknowledgement.
  3265. teşekkür Tür.
    • acknowledgment. appreciation. thanks. thankyou. gratitude. thanking.
  3266. teşekkür etmek Tür.
    • to thank sb. render thanks. thank.
  3267. teşekkür etmek Tür.
    • thank.
  3268. teselli Tür.
    • consolation. comfort. cheer. salve. solace.
  3269. teselli Tür.
    • comfort. consolation. solace. alleviation. relief. silver lining.
  3270. teselli Tür.
    • balm. comfort. consolation. solace. comfort avunç. avuntu.
  3271. teselli edici Tür.
    • consolatory.
  3272. teselli edici Tür.
    • commiserative.
  3273. teselli etmek Tür.
    • to console. to comfort. to give sb consolation / comfort / solace. cheer up. to offer a mite for comfort.
  3274. teselli etmek Tür.
    • comfort. condole. console.
  3275. teselli mükafatı Tür.
    • hono u rable mention. consolation stake.
  3276. tesellisiz Tür.
    • inconsolable. disconsoled.
  3277. tesellüm Tür.
    • receiving sth. receiving a consignment of goods. taking delivery of. taking delivery. entry.
  3278. teselsül Tür.
    • uninterrupted succession. sequence or continuation. concatenation. chain. solidarity. the condition or state of. or the relation between. several persons who bind themselves towards another for the same sum of deb. at the sametime. and in the same contrac.
  3279. tesettür Tür.
    • being covered or veiled.
  3280. teshin Tür.
    • making sth warm or hot. heating. warming.
  3281. teshir Tür.
    • bewitching. charming. enchanting. casting a spell on.
  3282. teşhir Tür.
    • exposure. exhibition. show. display. exposition.
  3283. teşhir Tür.
    • expose. show. public exposure. exhibition. display. exposé. flash. flashing. exposing oneself.
  3284. teşhir Tür.
    • exhibiting. displaying. showing. exposing. making sb a subject of common gossip. indecent exposure. display. interior display. recital of facts.
  3285. teşhirci Tür.
    • exhibitionist. flasher. flasher göstermeci.
  3286. teşhirci Tür.
    • exhibitionist. flasher.
  3287. teşhirci Tür.
    • exhibitionist.
  3288. teşhircilik Tür.
    • exhibitionism. indecent exposure.
  3289. teşhircilik Tür.
    • exhibitionism. exhibitionism göstermecilik.
  3290. teşhis Tür.
    • diagnosis. recognition. identification.
  3291. teşhis Tür.
    • diagnosis. diagnostic. identification. opinion. diagnosis tanı. recognition. personification kişileştirme.
  3292. teşhis Tür.
    • diagnosis. diagnostic. identification.
  3293. tesir Tür.
    • influence. effect. action. impact. importance. impression. imprint. impulse. power. sway.
  3294. tesir Tür.
    • effect. influence. impression. efficacy. sway. impress.
  3295. tesirli Tür.
    • telling. effective. efficacious. impressive. moving etkili.
  3296. tesirli Tür.
    • effectual. efficacious. effective. forcible. impressive. influential. instrumental. telling.
  3297. tesirli Tür.
    • effective. efficacious. influential. telling.
  3298. tesirsiz Tür.
    • ineffective. ineffectual. inefficacious. inconclusive. inefficient. inoperative. noneffective.
  3299. tesirsiz Tür.
    • ineffective.
  3300. tesis Tür.
    • foundation. institution. establishment. association. facility. system. installation. formation. promotion. works.
  3301. tesis Tür.
    • facility. service area. plant. foundation. institution. tablishment. works.
  3302. tesis Tür.
    • establishment. foundation. establishing. institution. association. plant. legally. recognized organization.
  3303. tesis etmek Tür.
    • to establish. to institute. bottom. build. erect. found.
  3304. tesis etmek Tür.
    • establish.
  3305. tesisat Tür.
    • installment. instalment. installation. fitting. fitment. fixture.
  3306. tesisat Tür.
    • installation. system. institutions. associations. establishments or foundations (cooperate bodies. plant. facilities.
  3307. tesisat Tür.
    • installation. installation döşem.
  3308. tesisatçı Tür.
    • plumber. installer döşemci.
  3309. tesisatçı Tür.
    • installer of plumbing.
  3310. tesisatçı Tür.
    • fitter. plumber. pipe fitter.
  3311. tesisatçılık Tür.
    • installing plumbing, heating or gas systems.
  3312. tesit etmek Tür.
    • to to celebrate on occasion.
  3313. teskere Tür.
    • stretcher. litter.
  3314. teşkil Tür.
    • formation. organization. forming. organizing.
  3315. teşkil Tür.
    • formation. forming.
  3316. teşkil Tür.
    • formation.
  3317. teşkilat Tür.
    • organization. organized group. corps.
  3318. teşkilat Tür.
    • organization. organization.
  3319. teşkilatçı Tür.
    • organizer.
  3320. teşkilatlandırmak Tür.
    • to organize.
  3321. teşkilatlı Tür.
    • organized.
  3322. teşkilatsız Tür.
    • unorganized.
  3323. teşkilatsızlık Tür.
    • unorganized state. lack of an organize.
  3324. teskin Tür.
    • calming. tranquillization. remission.
  3325. teslim Tür.
    • delivery. handing over. consignment. concession. surrender. giving up oneself.
  3326. teslim Tür.
    • delivery.
  3327. teslim Tür.
    • committal. delivery. surrender. admission. acknowledgement. submission. yielding. payment. concession.
  3328. teslim etmek Tür.
    • to deliver. to submit. to surrender. acknowledge. allow. concede. confess. consign. to give into custody. give over. give up. grant. hand in. hand over. lodge. make up with. to turn over. own. reposit. resign. turn in. commit.
  3329. teslim etmek Tür.
    • cede. commit. concede. consign. deliver. surrender.
  3330. teslim olmak Tür.
    • to capitulate. cave in. deliver over / up. give in. haul down one"s flag. hold up one"s hands. knuckle under. submit. yield.
  3331. teslim olmak Tür.
    • surrender.
  3332. teslimat Tür.
    • good delivered. deliveries. money paid over to sb. payments.
  3333. teslimat Tür.
    • delivery.
  3334. teslimatçı Tür.
    • roundsman.
  3335. teslimiyet Tür.
    • submission. resignation.
  3336. teslimiyet Tür.
    • submission.
  3337. teslis Tür.
    • trinity.
  3338. teslis Tür.
    • the trinity.
  3339. teşmil Tür.
    • embracing. including. sperading. extending. making sth available to. making liable to.
  3340. teşne Tür.
    • greatly desirous. thirsty.
  3341. tespih Tür.
    • rosary. prayer beads. prayer-beads. beads.
  3342. tespih Tür.
    • rosary. beads. prayer beads.
  3343. tespih Tür.
    • prayer beads. rosary. chaplet. bead. paternoster.
  3344. tespit Tür.
    • fixing. fixation. determination.
  3345. tespit Tür.
    • fixing. fitings making sth fast. stable or secure. setting. establishing. determining. determination. fixation.
  3346. tespit Tür.
    • establishing. fixing. determination.
  3347. tespit etmek Tür.
    • to determine. to fix. to make sth fast. to set. to establish. ascertain. clamp. confirm. immobilize. pin. state.
  3348. teşrif Tür.
    • visit. honoring.
  3349. teşrif Tür.
    • honor. polite visit. honouring. visit. arrival.
  3350. teşrifat Tür.
    • protocol. official etiquette. formality. ceremonial.
  3351. teşrifatçı Tür.
    • master of ceremonies. protocol officer. master of ceramics. protocolist. sb who is a stickler for protocol / etiquette. chamberlain. emcy. herald. marshal. usher.
  3352. teşrih Tür.
    • dissection. anatomy.
  3353. teşrii Tür.
    • legislative. chief magistrate.
  3354. teşrii kuvvet Tür.
    • legislative power.
  3355. teşrii masuniyet Tür.
    • legislative immunity. immunity accorded to legislators.
  3356. teşrik Tür.
    • act jointly with. making sb a partner / an associate in. making sb a sharer in or of.
  3357. teşrikimesai Tür.
    • cooperation. joint effort. working together. collaboration.
  3358. tessellate İng.
    • (f.) mozaik taş veya parçalarla donatmak, farklı renkten parçalar tanzim etmek. teesella'tion (i.) mozaik işi.
  3359. tessera İng.
    • (i.) (çoğ. serae) mozaikçilikte kullanılan dört köşe küçük mermer veya cam
    • eski Romalıların kullandıkları oyun zarı.
  3360. tesseract İng.
    • (i.), (mat.) dört boyutlu küp.
  3361. test Tür.
    • To refine, as gold or silver, in a test, or cupel
    • to subject to cupellation.
  3362. test Tür.
    • To put to the proof
    • to prove the truth, genuineness, or quality of by experiment, or by some principle or standard
    • to try
    • as, to test the soundness of a principle
    • to test the validity of an argument.
  3363. test Tür.
    • To make a testament, or will.
  3364. test Tür.
    • To examine or try, as by the use of some reagent
    • as, to test a solution by litmus paper.
  3365. test Tür.
    • The process of exercising a product to identify differences between the expected and actual behavior.
  3366. test Tür.
    • The outer integument of a seed
    • the episperm, or spermoderm. the act of testing something
    • "in the experimental trials the amount of carbon was measured separately"
    • "he called each flip of the coin a new trial" the act of undergoing testing
    • "he survived the great test of battle"
    • "candidates must compete in a trial of skill" any standardized procedure for measuring sensitivity or memory or intelligence or aptitude or personality etc
    • "the test was standardized on a large sample of students" a hard outer covering as of some amoebas and sea urchins undergo a test
    • "She doesn"t test well" determine the presence or properties of achieve a certain score or rating on a test
    • "She tested high on the LSAT and was admitted to all the good law schools" put to the test, as for its quality, or give experimental use to
    • "This approach has been tried with good results"
    • "Test this recipe" show a certain characteristic when tested
    • "He tested positive for HIV".
  3367. test Tür.
    • The external hard or firm covering of many invertebrate animals.
  3368. test Tür.
    • The act of activating one or more sensors, devices, controls, communicating devices, or other components of an alarm system in an effort to confirm proper operation of the equipment. A discipline in the software-engineering process whose purpose is to integrate and test the system n an instance of a given test case v To execute a test 1.
  3369. test Tür.
    • That with which anything is compared for proof of its genuineness
    • a touchstone
    • a standard.
  3370. test Tür.
    • test. testing. test. quiz. trial.
  3371. test Tür.
    • test. proof drive.
  3372. test Tür.
    • test.
  3373. test Tür.
    • Period of time in which a number of cases are completed for analysis and management decisions as to whether or not a particular project or program is viable. 1 A crucial part of program development in which program behavior is exercised in an attempt to find failures, or bugs 2 In a conditional statement, another name for the boolean expression known as the condition. 1 A method for collecting data 2 A procedure for critical evaluation.
  3374. test Tür.
    • Means of trial
    • as, absence is a test of love.
  3375. test Tür.
    • Judgment
    • distinction
    • discrimination.
  3376. test Tür.
    • Examination or trial by the cupel
    • hence, any critical examination or decisive trial
    • as, to put a man"s assertions to a test.
  3377. test Tür.
    • Discriminative characteristic
    • standard of judgment
    • ground of admission or exclusion.
  3378. test Tür.
    • Cross - A cross of a dominant with homozygous recessive
    • used to determine whether the dominant is homozygous or heterozygous If two or more genes are involved, the test cross is used to determine the linkage relationship between the different genes.
  3379. test Tür.
    • check, test.
  3380. test Tür.
    • A witness.
  3381. test Tür.
    • A test message, usually posted by newbies Test messages should only be sent to newsgroups specifically designed for this purpose, such as misc test Warning: put "Ignore" in your test message"s subject or body, unless you want lots of automatically generated response mail. An activity in which a system or component is executed under specified conditions, the results are observed or recorded and an evaluation is made of some aspect of the system or component To conduct an activity as in A set of one or more test cases A set of one or more test procedures A set of one or more test cases and procedures [6].
  3382. test Tür.
    • A test is a measure that provides information about a person"s knowledge, skill, competence, or behavior Tests or "assessments" are often used to monitor education systems for public accountability, help improve instructional practices, evaluate program effectiveness, measure student achievement, and assess students" mastery of skills. 1 A procedure or action taken to determine under real or simulated conditions the capabilities, limitations, characteristics, effectiveness, reliability, or suitability of a material, device, system, or method.
  3383. test Tür.
    • A standardisation and controlled method for measuring abilities, knowledge or personality of applicants based on a sample of behaviour.
  3384. test Tür.
    • A set of questions or situations designed to permit an inference about what an examinee knows or can do in an area of interest.
  3385. test Tür.
    • A set of questions or situations designed to ascertain what an examinee knows or can do.
  3386. test Tür.
    • A reaction employed to recognize or distinguish any particular substance or constituent of a compound, as the production of some characteristic precipitate
    • also, the reagent employed to produce such reaction
    • thus, the ordinary test for sulphuric acid is the production of a white insoluble precipitate of barium sulphate by means of some soluble barium salt.
  3387. test Tür.
    • any standardized procedure for measuring sensitivity or memory or intelligence or aptitude or personality etc
    • "the test was standardized on a large sample of students". the act of testing something
    • "in the experimental trials the amount of carbon was measured separately"
    • "he called each flip of the coin a new trial". the act of undergoing testing
    • "he survived the great test of battle"
    • "candidates must compete in a trial of skill". trying something to find out about it
    • "a sample for ten days free trial"
    • "a trial of progesterone failed to relieve the pain". a set of questions or exercises evaluating skill or knowledge
    • "when the test was stolen the professor had to make a new set of questions". a hard outer covering as of some amoebas and sea urchins. put to the test, as for its quality, or give experimental use to
    • "This approach has been tried with good results"
    • "Test this recipe". test or examine for the presence of disease or infection
    • "screen the blood for the HIV virus". examine someone"s knowledge of something
    • "The teacher tests us every week"
    • "We got quizzed on French irregular verbs". show a certain characteristic when tested
    • "He tested positive for HIV". achieve a certain score or rating on a test
    • "She tested high on the LSAT and was admitted to all the good law schools". determine the presence or properties of. undergo a test
    • "She doesn"t test well".
  3388. test Tür.
    • Any procedure designed to obtain, verify, or provide data for the evaluation of a system, service or product. a formal measure of skill, announced in advance and requiring a substantial amount of time to complete For example, a test might include a reading passage with questions, a grammar section, and a series of words to use in sentences.
  3389. test Tür.
    • A method of determining performance by exercising or operating a system or item using instrumentation or special test equipment that is not an integral part of the item being tested.
  3390. test Tür.
    • A measuring instrument for assessing and documenting student learning The traditional test is a single-occasion, timed exercise.
  3391. test Tür.
    • A device or technique used to measure the performance, skill level, or knowledge of a learner on a specific subject matter It usually involves quantification of results-- a number that represents an ability or characteristic of the person being tested.
  3392. test Tür.
    • A cupel or cupelling hearth in which precious metals are melted for trial and refinement.
  3393. test Tür.
    • A collection of questions that may be divided into subtests that measure abilities in an area or in several areas.
  3394. test İng.
    • (i.), (f.) imtihan, tecrübe, muayene
    • ölçü, ayar
    • (fiz.), (kim.) deney, tecrübe
    • maden arıtmada kullanılan pota
    • (kim.) çözümleme, tahlil
    • tahlil için kullanılan ecza
    • (f.) tasfiye etmek
    • mihenge vurmak
    • imtihan etmek, tecrübe veya muayene etmek
    • denemek
    • prova etmek
    • çözümlemek, tahlil etmek. test case deney olarak yapılan dava. test paper kimyasal maddelerin tesiriyle rengi değişen kağıt, turnusol kâğıdı
    • deney kâğıdı, reaktif kâğıt
    • okul imtihan kağıdı. test pilot deney pilotu. test tube kimyasal deneylerde kullanılan bir ucu kapalı cam tüp, deney borusu. a test for iron bir maddede demir aramak için yapılan tahlil. intelligence test zeka testi. put to the test imtihan veya tecrübe etmek. test'able (s.) imtihan edilebilir, tecrübeye gelir
    • (huk.) vasiyet edilebilen.
  3395. test İng.
    • (i.), (zool.) deniz kestanesi gibi hayvanların sert kabuğu.
  3396. test etmek Tür.
    • test. deneme. test. deneme. mıyar. ölçü. krıter. tahlıl. denetım. sinav. deney. maden erıtme potasi. sert kabuk. test yapmak. denemek. kontrol etmek. sinamak. analızını yapmak. yoklamak.
  3397. test. İng.
    • (kıs.) Testament.
  3398. testaceous İng.
    • (s.) istiridye veya midye gibi kabuğu olan
    • (biyol.) kırmızımsı kahverengi. testaceans (i.), (çoğ.) kabuklular.
  3399. testacy İng.
    • (i.), (huk.) vasiyetname bırakmış olma.
  3400. testament İng.
    • (i.), (huk.) vasiyetname
    • (KM) ahit. New Testament Yeni Ahit. Old Testament Eski Ahit. testamen'tary (s.) vasiyet kabilinden
    • vasiyetnamede bulunan.
  3401. testate İng.
    • (s.) öIdüğü zaman vasiyetnamesi bulunmuş. testa'tor (i.) vasiyetname sahibi, kalıt bırakan kimse. testa'trix (i.) vasiyetname yapan kadın.
  3402. tester İng.
    • (i.) yatak veya türbe tentesi.
  3403. testere Tür.
    • saw. handsaw.
  3404. testere Tür.
    • saw.
  3405. testere Tür.
    • gangsaw.
  3406. testere balığı Tür.
    • handsaw fish.
  3407. testi Tür.
    • jug. pitcher. crock. earthenware jug.
  3408. testi Tür.
    • earthenware jug.
  3409. testi Tür.
    • cruse.
  3410. testicle İng.
    • (i.), (anat.) erbezi, testis, husye, haya, taşak.
  3411. testiculate İng.
    • (s.) testis şeklindeki, yumurta şeklindeki.
  3412. testify İng.
    • (f.) şahadet etmek
    • delil olmak, ispat etmek, kanıtlamak
    • açığa vurmak.
  3413. testimonial İng.
    • (i.), (s.) şahadetname, belge
    • tavsiye mektubu, bonservis
    • takdirname
    • onaylama
    • (s.) belgeleyen
    • takdirlerini bildiren. testimonial dinner veda yemeği.
  3414. testimony İng.
    • (i.) şahadet, şahitlik
    • kanıt
    • leh veya aleyhte tanıtlama.
  3415. testis Tür.
    • witness. one of the male gonads located in the scrotal sac that are the site of sperm production.
  3416. testis Tür.
    • Witness.
  3417. testis Tür.
    • testicle.
  3418. testis Tür.
    • spermatic. testicle. testis. spermary. stone.
  3419. testis Tür.
    • Male reproductive organs that make sperm. one of the two male reproductive glands that produce spermatozoa and secrete androgens
    • "she kicked him in the balls and got away".
  3420. testis Tür.
    • A testicle. one of the two male reproductive glands that produce spermatozoa and secrete androgens
    • "she kicked him in the balls and got away".
  3421. testis İng.
    • (i.) (çoğ. testes) anat. erbezi, testis, husye, taşak, haya.
  3422. teston, testoon İng.
    • (i.) on altıncı yüzyılda kullanılan bir Fransız gümüş parası
    • aynı yüzyılın İngiliz şilini.
  3423. testosteron Tür.
    • testosterone.
  3424. testosteron Tür.
    • testosterone.
  3425. testosterone İng.
    • (i.), (biyokim.) testosteron, erkeklik hormonlarından biri.
  3426. testudo İng.
    • (i.) (çoğ. dines) RomaIıların kuşatma harekâtında kullandığı dam gibi siper
    • askerlerin yanaşık nizamda hücum ederken başları üzerinde tuttukları kalkanlardan meydana gelen siper.
  3427. testy İng.
    • (s.) ters, hırçın, sinirli, alıngan, huysuz. testily (z.) hırçınlıkla. testiness (i.) terslik, hırçınlık.
  3428. teşvik Tür.
    • substantiate. incentive. encouragement. incitement. provocation. encouraging. spurring sb on. inspiring. inciting. promotion. abetment. aid and comfort. blessing. exhortation. fosterage. hey. impulsion. inducement. instigation. prompting. send off.
  3429. teşvik Tür.
    • encouragement. stimulation. incitement. instigation. countenance. exhortation. inducement. pull. pump priming. sendoff.
  3430. teşvik Tür.
    • boost. impetus. incitement. inducement. instigation. promotion. stimulation. encouragement.
  3431. teşvik etmek Tür.
    • to abet. to encourage. to promote. to stimulate. to urge. to incite. to spur on. to give countenance to. buck sb up. cheer. to give countdown to. to lend countdown to sb. countenance. crank up. egg sb on. embolden. exhort. foster. induce. instigate. lead.
  3432. teşvik etmek Tür.
    • exhort. foster. galvanize. instigate. prompt. stimulate. tempt.
  3433. teşvikçi Tür.
    • encourager. promoter. inciter. provoker. sb who encourages or promotes sb who incites or provokes.
  3434. tesviye Tür.
    • levelling. grading. smoothing.
  3435. tesviye Tür.
    • arraignment. arrangement. leveling. smoothing. flattening. grading. planing or evening a surface. paying. discharging. satisfying. resolving. settling. lapping. adjustment. remittance. finish. levelling.
  3436. tesviye aleti Tür.
    • level.
  3437. tesviye etmek Tür.
    • to smooth. to flatten. to level. to grade. to plane. to even. to grind. to shave. to pay. to pay up. to settle. to liquidate. to meet. even up. solve. straighten.
  3438. tesviyeci Tür.
    • fitter. mechanic. metalworker. locksmith. adjuster. filter. broacher. machinist. dresser.
  3439. tesviyeci Tür.
    • fitter.
  3440. tetanic İng.
    • (s.), (tıb.) tetanosa ait, tetanos kabilinden, tetanos meydana getiren.
  3441. tetanos Tür.
    • tetanus. lockjaw.
  3442. tetanos Tür.
    • tetanus.
  3443. tetanos Tür.
    • tetanos. lockjaw. tetanus.
  3444. tetanus İng.
    • (i.), (tıb.) tetanos, kazıklıhumma. tetaniza'tion (i.) tetanosdan meydana gelen kas kasılması. tetanize (f.), (biyol.) az aralıklarla kasılmaya sebep olmak.
  3445. tetany İng.
    • (i.), (tıb.) aralıklı kas kasılması.
  3446. tetchy İng.
    • (s.) fazla alıngan, hırçın.
  3447. teteàtete İng.
    • (z.), (s.), (i.) baş başa, iki kişi arasında
    • (s.) gizli, özel
    • (i.) iki kişi arasında özel görüşme.
  3448. tetedepont İng.
    • (i.) (çoğ. tetesde pont) (Fr.), (ask.) köprübaşı.
  3449. tether İng.
    • (i.), (f.) hayvanı bağlama ipi
    • bağlayıcı şey
    • sınır
    • (f.) iple belirli bir yere bağlamak. be at the end of one's tether kuvvet veya sabrının son haddinde olmak.
  3450. tetherball İng.
    • (i.) bir direğin ucuna uzun bir iple bağlı top ile oynanan oyun.
  3451. tetik Tür.
    • trigger. alert. nimble.
  3452. tetik Tür.
    • alert. cock. trigger. trigger. quick. vigilant. agile.
  3453. tetik Tür.
    • alert. awake. nimble. trigger. detent.
  3454. tetikçi Tür.
    • triggerman.
  3455. tetikçi Tür.
    • hood.
  3456. tetikleme Tür.
    • triggering.
  3457. tetiklemek Tür.
    • trigger.
  3458. tetiklik Tür.
    • quickness and alertness. quick-wittedness. vigilance. delicacy.
  3459. tetkik Tür.
    • survey. study. scrutiny. investigation.
  3460. tetkik Tür.
    • examination. study. revisal. etude. survey. verification.
  3461. tetkik Tür.
    • examination. inspection. investigation. scrutiny. canvass. exploration. going through. look through. observation. quest. study. survey. test.
  3462. tetkik etmek Tür.
    • view.
  3463. tetkik etmek Tür.
    • to examine. to investigate. to verify. check. look at. peruse. study. view.
  3464. tetra İng.
    • önek dört
    • dört kat.
  3465. tetrachord İng.
    • (i.), (müz.) dört notadan ibaret yarım oktavlık akort.
  3466. tetrad İng.
    • (i.) dörtlü
    • dört şeyden ibaret koleksiyon
    • (kim.) dört değerli atom veya kök.
  3467. tetragon İng.
    • (i.), (geom.) dörtgen, dörtkenar. tetragonal (s.) dört açılı.
  3468. tetragram İng.
    • (i.) dört harfli kelime.
  3469. tetrahedron İng.
    • (i.), (geom.) dört tane üçgen yüzü olan cisim. tetrahedral (s.) dört satıhlı, dört yüzlü.
  3470. tetralogy İng.
    • (i.) dram dörtlüsü.
  3471. tetramerous İng.
    • (s.) dört kısımlı.
  3472. tetrameter İng.
    • (i.) birer hecesi vurgulu olan dört hece grubundan meydana gelen mısra.
  3473. tetrapetalous İng.
    • (s.), (bot.) dört taçyapraklı.
  3474. tetrapody İng.
    • (i.), şiir birer hecesi vurgulu olan dört hece grubu.
  3475. tetrarch İng.
    • (i.) bir eyaletin dörtte birini yöneten vali
    • bağımlı yönetici. tetrarchate, chy (i.) böyle valilik veya krallık.
  3476. tetrastich İng.
    • (i.) dört mısralı kıta veya şiir.
  3477. tetrastyle İng.
    • (i.), (s.), (mim.) önü dört direkli bina
    • (s.) dört direkli.
  3478. tetrasyllable İng.
    • (i.) dört heceli kelime.
  3479. tetter İng.
    • (i.) mayasıl ve uçuk gibi kabarcıklı bir cilt hastalığı.
  3480. teuton İng.
    • (i.) eski Germen kabilelerinden birinin ferdi
    • Alman veya İskandinavyalı veya Felemenkli kimse. Teuton'ic (s.) bu milletlere veya dillerine ait. Teutonism (i.) Germen ırkının üstünlügüne inanma
    • Germen kültürü. Teutonize (f.) Germenleşmek, Germenleştirmek.
  3481. tevarüs Tür.
    • inheriting. devolving on sb. descent.
  3482. tevazu Tür.
    • modesty. humbleness. humility. unpretentiousness. nobleness. submission.
  3483. tevazu Tür.
    • humility. modesty. submission.
  3484. tevazu Tür.
    • humility. modest. lack of conceit. modesty alçakgönüllülük.
  3485. tevcih Tür.
    • turning towards. aiming pointing. leveling sth at. directing. conferring. bestowing sth upon sb. granting sb sth.
  3486. tevcih Tür.
    • richten. verleihung.
  3487. tevdi Tür.
    • entrusting. consigning.
  3488. tevdi Tür.
    • bailment. entrusting. committing. consigning sth to sb. confiding to sb. depositing in a bank. lodgment. resignation.
  3489. tevdi etmek Tür.
    • to deposit to confide to sb. confer. consign. deliver.
  3490. tevdiat Tür.
    • deposits. things entrusted for safekeeping.
  3491. tevdiat Tür.
    • deposits.
  3492. teveccüh Tür.
    • favor. kindness. favour.
  3493. teveccüh Tür.
    • consideration. kind regard. directing / turning one"s attention to. being directed / turned towards. attention. favour.
  3494. tevekkül Tür.
    • putting oneself in God"s hands. resigning oneself in God"s hands. faith. fatalism. reliance. resignation. trust.
  3495. tevellüt Tür.
    • birth.
  3496. tevellütlü Tür.
    • born (in a certain year.
  3497. tevessül Tür.
    • having recourse to. undertaking. attempting. getting involved in.
  3498. tevhit Tür.
    • unification. uniting. combination. amalgamation. affirming the unity of God.
  3499. tevhit etmek Tür.
    • to unite. to unify.
  3500. tevil Tür.
    • gloss.
  3501. tevkif Tür.
    • stopping. halting. arrest. detention. apprehension.
  3502. tevkif Tür.
    • apprehension. arrest. attachment. taking into custody. stopping. halting. deducting. withholding from (an amount paid. interception.
  3503. tevkifhane Tür.
    • lockup. jail. detention house. gaol. prison. remand prison.
  3504. tevkil Tür.
    • deputing.
  3505. tevkil Tür.
    • delegate.
  3506. Tevrat Tür.
    • the pentateuch. the old testament.
  3507. Tevrat Tür.
    • the pentateuch. old testament. tora. torah.
  3508. Tevrat Tür.
    • old testament. the Torah. the Old Testament.
  3509. tevsik Tür.
    • documenting. backing up sth with documentary proof. substantiation. verification. confirmation. authentication. documentation.
  3510. tevsik Tür.
    • authentication.
  3511. tevsik etmek Tür.
    • to document. to back up sth with documentary proof. to substantiate. to verify. to confirm. authenticate.
  3512. tevzi Tür.
    • distribution. delivery (of mail, newspapers. division. allotment. repartition. delivery. issue.
  3513. tevzi bürosu Tür.
    • distributing office.
  3514. tevziat Tür.
    • distributions. deliveries (of mail, newspapers. distribution.
  3515. texas İng.
    • (i.), ABD nehir gemisinin kaptan köşkü.
  3516. text İng.
    • (i.) metin, parça
    • bahis konusu, konu
    • asıl kitap veya yazı. text hand büyücek ve düzgün el yazısı. text writer ders kitabı yazarı. corrupt text değişirilmiş metin. stick to one's text metne bağlı kalmak.
  3517. textbook İng.
    • (i.) ders kitabı.
  3518. textile İng.
    • (s.), (i.) dokuma, tekstil
    • dokuma işlerine ait
    • (i.) dokuma kumaş, mensucat
    • dokunacak iplik veya madde.
  3519. textual İng.
    • (s.) metne ait
    • kelimesi kelimesine. textually (z.) metinle ilgili olarak.
  3520. texture İng.
    • (i.) dokum, dokunuş
    • kumaş
    • teşekkül, bünye, yapı. textural (s.) bir maddenin dokumuna ait.
  3521. textured İng.
    • (s.) belirli bir yapısı veya bünyesi olan.
  3522. textus İng.
    • (i.), (Lat.) metin
    • (anat.) doku, nesiç. textus receptus eski bir kitabın geçerli sayılan metni.
  3523. teyakkuz Tür.
    • being vigilant or on the alert. vigilance. circumspection. awakening. waking up.
  3524. teyel Tür.
    • basting. sewing with long loose stitches. backstitch. whipping tack. tag.
  3525. teyellemek Tür.
    • to baste. to tack.
  3526. teyit Tür.
    • strengthening. affirmation. acknowledgement. seconding. affirmance. re affirmation -. assertion. confession. confirmation. corroboration. protestation.
  3527. teyit Tür.
    • confirmation. testification. strengthening. corroboration.
  3528. teyit Tür.
    • confirmation.
  3529. teyit etmek Tür.
    • affirm. authorize. assert. avouch. confess. confirm. to give countdown to. to lend countdown to sb. enforce. maintain. predicate. sanction. support. vouch for.
  3530. teyp Tür.
    • tape recorder.
  3531. teyp Tür.
    • tape player.
  3532. teyp Tür.
    • recorder. tape-recorder. cassette-player. cassette-recorder kasetçalar. tape recorder.
  3533. teyze Tür.
    • maternal aunt. collateral ancestors. related in the collateral line.
  3534. teyze Tür.
    • aunt. maternal aunt.
  3535. teyze Tür.
    • aunt. aunt. aunty. auntie. maternal aunt. mother"s sister.
  3536. teyzezade Tür.
    • cousin (child of a maternal aunt.
  3537. tez Tür.
    • quick. thesis. idea. view. piece of written research. speedy. quickly. speedily. dissertation. fast. hasty. as quick as lightning. nimble. rapid. treatise.
  3538. tez Tür.
    • quick. prompt. nimble. hasty. expeditious. quickly. promptly. thesis. discourse. disquisition. dissertation. treatise.
  3539. tez Tür.
    • argument. crisp. prompt. quick. swift. treatise. thesis.
  3540. tez canlı Tür.
    • sb who dislikes delay. peppery.
  3541. tez canlı Tür.
    • impetuous.
  3542. tezahür Tür.
    • manifestation. sign. appearing. becoming visible. becoming manifest.
  3543. tezahür Tür.
    • manifestation. appearing.
  3544. tezahürat Tür.
    • yell. public demonstration. ovation.
  3545. tezahürat Tür.
    • manifestations. signs. demonstration (to protest sth. ovation. cheering. applause. booing.
  3546. tezahürat Tür.
    • cheer. ovations. cheers.
  3547. tezat Tür.
    • oppositeness. contradiction. contrariety. contrast.
  3548. tezat Tür.
    • contrast. contradiction. incompatibility. extreme. interference. setoff.
  3549. tezat Tür.
    • antithesis. contrast. mutual opposition. contradiction. incompatibility.
  3550. tezek Tür.
    • turd.
  3551. tezek Tür.
    • dried cow dung (used as fuel.
  3552. tezek Tür.
    • cowpat. dried dung. dried dung.
  3553. tezgah Tür.
    • ladentisch. theke.
  3554. tezgah Tür.
    • bench. collusion. conspiracy. counter. cradle. stall. stand. workbench. loom. shipbuilding yard.
  3555. tezgahtar Tür.
    • clerk. salesclerk. one who serves at a counter. salesman. shop assistant.
  3556. tezgahtar Tür.
    • clerk.
  3557. tezhip Tür.
    • illumination. ornamenting sth with gilted and painted designs. gilding.
  3558. tezhip Tür.
    • illumination. gilding.
  3559. tezkere Tür.
    • note. message. official communication. official message. permit. license. certificate. discharge certificate. letter.
  3560. tezkere Tür.
    • memorandum. note. official certificate. licence. discharge papers. short note. official certificate or receipt.
  3561. tezyin Tür.
    • ornamenting. decorating. embellishing. adorning.
  3562. tezyinat Tür.
    • decorations. embellishments. ornamentation. decoration. trappings.
  3563. tezyini Tür.
    • ornamental. decorative.
  3564. tezyit Tür.
    • increase. act of increasing.
  3565. tgroup İng.
    • (i.) insanlar arasındaki ilişkiyi düzeltmeye uğraşan eğitici grup.
  3566. th İng.
    • sonek Iık, lik (sıfattan isim yapan takı:warmth).
  3567. th İng.
    • (kıs.) Thursday.
  3568. th İng.
    • sonek inci (sıra sayılarını teşkil eden ek:tenth, twentieth).
  3569. thai İng.
    • (i.) Tayland halkı
    • Tay dili.
  3570. thailand İng.
    • (i.) Tayland.
  3571. thalamus İng.
    • (i.) (çoğ. mi) (anat.) göz sinirinin beyindeki başı, talamus
    • (bot.) talam, çiçek tablası.
  3572. thalassic İng.
    • (s.) denizel
    • okyanusa ait.
  3573. thalidomide İng.
    • (i.), tic mark thalidomide
  3574. thallium İng.
    • (i.) talyum.
  3575. thallophyte İng.
    • (i.), (bot.) tallıbitki.
  3576. thallus İng.
    • (i.) (çoğ. li, luses) (bot.) tal.
  3577. thames İng.
    • (i.) Thames nehri.
  3578. than İng.
    • bağlaç dan, e göre (karşılaştırmada kullanılır)
    • hariç, başka. easier said than done söylemesi yapmaktan daha kolay. He could hardly have behaved otherwise than he did. Başka türlü davranamazdı. more than one birden çok. no other than you senden başka hiç kimse. We had no sooner left the house than the phone began ringing. Evden çıkar çıkmaz telefon çalmaya başladı.
  3579. thanage İng.
    • (i.), (İng.) (tar.) baron veya asılzadenin bölgesi, baronluk.
  3580. thanato İng.
    • onek öIüm. thanatophobia öIüm fobisi.
  3581. thanatopsis İng.
    • (i.) öIüm üzerine düşünceler.
  3582. thane İng.
    • (i.), (İng.) (tar.) krala refakat veya hizmet eden asılzade
    • İskoçya'da baron unvanı ile kral hizmetine giren kabile reisi.
  3583. thank İng.
    • (f.) teşekkür etmek
    • mesul tutmak. Thank goodness, Thank God Allaha şükür. Çok şükür. Hamdolsun. Thank you. Teşekkür ederim. He has only his forgetfulness to thank for the loss. Kaybının sebebi kendi unutkanlığı. I'll thank you to mind your own business. Kendi işinle ilgilen.
  3584. thankful İng.
    • (s.) müteşekkir, minnettar, memnun. thankfully (s.) minnetle, şükranla. thankfulness (i.) minnet, şükran.
  3585. thankless İng.
    • (s.) şükran bilmez, iyilikten anlamaz, nankör
    • şükrana değmez
    • kıymeti bilinmemiş
    • boşuna, neticesiz, faydasız. thanklessly (z.) minnettarlık göstermeyerek, nankörce. thanklessness (i.) nankörlük.
  3586. thanks İng.
    • (i.), (çoğ.) teşekkür, teşekkürler. thanks to sayesinde. heartfelt thanks içten teşekkürler. That's no thanks to me. Bir şey yapmadım.
  3587. thanksgiving İng.
    • (i.) teşekkür, minnet
    • şükran duası, şükür
    • alenen Allaha şükretme
    • (bh) Amerika'da şükran günü, hindi bayramı.
  3588. thankworthy İng.
    • (s.) teşekküre lâyık.
  3589. thankyoumaam İng.
    • (i.) yol üzerinde tümsek.
  3590. thasos İng.
    • (i.) Taşoz adası.
  3591. that İng.
    • (zam.), (s.), (z.) (çoğ. those) o, şu
    • (s.) o, adı geçen, mezkür
    • (z.) öyle, o kadar that is, that is to say yani. That's that. İşte o kadar. Başka söz istemez. that way ondan dolayı
    • o durum: Mary and John are that way about each other. Mary ile John birbirlerine abayı yakmışlar. all that o kadar. at that artık, bu durumda. for all that buna rağmen. so that ki, diye.
  3592. that İng.
    • bağlaç ki, diye. in that mademki. O that... Keşke...
  3593. thatch İng.
    • (i.), (f.) dam örtüsü olarak kullanılan saz veya saman
    • yaprakları dam örtüsü olarak kullanılan birkaç çeşit hurma ağacı
    • (f.) saz veya yapraklarla dam kaplamak. thatching (i.) damı sazla kaplama
    • bu iş için kullanılan malzeme.
  3594. thaumaturge İng.
    • (i.) mucize yaratan kimse
    • sihirbaz, büyücü. thaumatur' gic(al) (s.) mucize yaratan
    • büyüye ait. thaumatur'gics (i.) mucizeli işler
    • el çabukluğu, hokkabazlık. thaumaturgy (i.) mucize kabilinden işler
    • sihirbazlık.
  3595. thaw İng.
    • (f.), (i.) erimek, buzları çözülmek: erime derecesine gelmek (hava)
    • Isınmak, samimileşmek
    • eritmek
    • (i.) erime, çözülme
    • havanın buzları eritecek derecede ısınması
    • samimileşme
    • ısınma.
  3596. the İng.
    • (eski ye) (s.), (z.) bir, o (tarif edatı, harfi tarif, belirtme sıfatı)
    • (z.) ne kadar, o kadar (mukayese sıfatlarından evvel). The more I see him the better I like him. Onu her gördüğümde daha çok seviyorum.
  3597. theanthropic İng.
    • (s.) hem Allaha hem insana ait, hem ilahi hem insani.
  3598. thearchy İng.
    • (i) Allahın veya bir ilahın saltanatı
    • ilâhlar grubu.
  3599. theater İng.
    • (İng.) tre (i.) tiyatro
    • tiyatro binası
    • amfiteatr, amfi
    • olay yeri, alan, meydan, sahne.
  3600. theatergoer İng.
    • (i.) tiyatro meraklısı.
  3601. theaterintheround İng.
    • (i.) ortası arena şeklindeki tribünlü tiyatro.
  3602. theatrical İng.
    • (s.), (i.) tiyatroya ait, temsili, gösteriş kabilinden, yapmacık, sahte
    • (i.), (çoğ.) amatörler tarafından oynanılan piyesler. theatrical makeup sahne makyajı. theatricalism (i.) gösteriş için fazla heyecanlı davranma. theatrically (z.) sahnede imiş gibi.
  3603. theatrics İng.
    • (i.) piyesi sahneye koyma
    • dramatik etki yapma sanatı
    • sahte heyecan gösterisi.
  3604. theca İng.
    • (i.) (çoğ. cae) (biyol.), (bot.) kılıf, mahfaza.
  3605. thedansant İng.
    • (çoğ. thes dansants) (Fr.) danslı çay.
  3606. thee İng.
    • (zam.), eski (thou zamirinin i hali) seni, sana
    • sen.
  3607. theft İng.
    • (i.) hırsızlık, çalma. petty theft adi hırsızlık.
  3608. thein , theine İng.
    • (i.) tein, kafein.
  3609. their İng.
    • (zam.) onların.
  3610. theirs İng.
    • (zam.) onlarınki. of theirs onların, onlara ait.
  3611. theism İng.
    • (i.), (tıb.) çay iptilasından hasıl olan hastalık.
  3612. theism İng.
    • (i.) Allaha veya ilahlara itikat
    • Allaha inanma
    • tektanrıcılık. theist (s.), (i.) Allaha inanan, tektanrıcı (kimse). theis'tic(al) (s.) Allaha iman kabilinden.
  3613. them İng.
    • (zam.) onları, onlara.
  3614. thematic İng.
    • (s.) bir konuya ait
    • (dilb.) köke ait
    • (müz.) esas makama ait.
  3615. theme İng.
    • (i.) mevzu, konu, madde, tem, tema
    • öğrenciye verilen yazı ödevi
    • (dilb.) kök, gövde
    • (müz.) tema
    • (tar.) Bizans imparatorluğunda idari bölge. theme song bir dans orkestrasının kendisini belirtmek için kullandığı müzik parçası.
  3616. themselves İng.
    • (zam.) kendileri, kendilerini, kendilerine, kendilerinde.
  3617. then İng.
    • (z.), (s.), (i.) o zaman, o vakit
    • ondan sonra, derken
    • başka zaman, sonra
    • ayrıca
    • şu halde, öyle ise
    • netice olarak
    • bunun için
    • (s.) o zaman vaki olan
    • (i.) o zaman. then and there hemen, derhal. And if the bed should catch fire, what then? Yatak ateş alsa, ne olur sonra? and then some küsur. by then o zamana kadar. now and then bazen, ara sıra, arada bir. since then o zamandan beri. the then president o zamanın başkanı.
  3618. thenar İng.
    • (i.), (anat.) avuç, aya
    • ayanın başparmak hizasındaki kabartısı, tenar.
  3619. thence İng.
    • (z.) oradan, o yerden
    • o vakitten
    • o sebepten. thenceforth', thencefor' ward (z.) o vakitten beri.
  3620. theo İng.
    • önek Allah, ilah.
  3621. theocentric İng.
    • (s.) Allahı her şeyin merkezi olarak tanıyan.
  3622. theocracy İng.
    • (i.) teokrasi, dincierki
    • Allah namına papazlar idaresi
    • böyle idare olunan memleket. the'ocrat (i.) böyle bir idarenin reisi
    • Allahın verdiği şeriata göre işleri idare eden kimse. theocrat'ic(al) (s.) teokratik.
  3623. theodicy İng.
    • (i.) en yüksek iyiliğin meydana gelebilmesi için fenalığın gerekli olduğunu iddia ederek Allahın tedbirlerini haklı çıkaran felsefe.
  3624. theodolite İng.
    • (i.) teodolit, yatay ve düzey açılan öIçmeye mahsus yer ölçümü aleti.
  3625. theogony İng.
    • (i.) ilahların soylarını yazan kitap.
  3626. theol İng.
    • (kıs.) theological, theology.
  3627. theologian İng.
    • (i.) ilahiyat alimi, ilahiyatçı.
  3628. theologic , ical İng.
    • (s.) ilahiyata ait. theologically (z.) ilahiyat bakımından, tanrıbilimle ilgili olarak.
  3629. theology İng.
    • (i.) ilahiyat, tanrıbilim, teoloji. theologist (i.) ilahiyat alimi, ilahiyatçı. theologize, (İng.) gise (f.) tanrıbilime uydurmak, tanrıbilimsel kuramlar meydana getirmek.
  3630. theomachy İng.
    • (i.) ilahlar arasında veya ilahlara karşı savaş.
  3631. theopathy İng.
    • (i.) vecit hali, kendinden geçme, dalınç, mistik coşkunluk. theopathet'ic, theopath'ic (s.) vecit halinde olan.
  3632. theophany İng.
    • (i.) Allahın veya bir ilâhın tecellisi veya görünmesi.
  3633. theorbo İng.
    • (i.), (müz.) eskiden kullanılan ve uda benzer çifte saplı çalgı.
  3634. theorem İng.
    • (i.) teorem, dava. theoremat'ic (s.) teorem kabilinden.
  3635. theoretic, ical İng.
    • (s.) nazariyeye ait, nazari, kuramsal. theoretically (z.) kuramsal olarak. theoretics (i.) bir ilmin nazari kısmı, nazariyat.
  3636. theorist İng.
    • (i.) nazariyeci, kuramcı.
  3637. theorize , (ıng.) rise İng.
    • (f.) teori kurmak, nazariye yürütmek. theoriza'tion (i.) teori yapma. theorizer (i.) nazariye yürüten kimse.
  3638. theory İng.
    • (i.) nazariye, teori, kuram.
  3639. theosophy İng.
    • (i.) teosofi, bireyle Allah veya melekler arasında doğrudan bağlantı kurmayı amaçlayan dini sistem
    • Budist ve Brahman sistemine benzer yeni bir din ve felsefe sistemi. theosophist (i.) bu felsefe taraftarı. theosoph'ical (s.) bu felsefeye dayanan.
  3640. therapeutic, ical İng.
    • (s.) tedavi edici, şifa verici. therapeutics (i.) terapi ilmi.
  3641. therapy İng.
    • (i.) tedavi, terapi.
  3642. there İng.
    • (z.), (i.), ünlem orada
    • oraya
    • o noktada, o derecede
    • o hususta
    • (i.) o yer
    • ünlem İşte ! Alsana ! Gördün mü? (Bu kelime be fiilinden önce gelince varlık belirtir ve özne fiilden sonra gelir: There is still time. Vakit var daha. There is a burglar down tairs. Aşağıda hırsız var.There is no reason. Sebep yok. Is there anybody at home? Evde kimse var mı?). There, there, don't cry. Haydi, haydi, ağlama. There you are ! Demedim mi ! Buyurun ! all there (k.dili) uyanık, çevik. Are you there? Orada mısınız ? have been there haberdar. in there mücadele halinde. not all there (k.dili) kaçık. So there ! işte o kadar ! You have me there. işte bunu bilmem. You there, pay attention. Hey, önüne bak, dikkat et.
  3643. thereabout , thereabouts İng.
    • (z.) o civarda, oralarda, o sularda. there or thereabouts orada veya o civarda.
  3644. thereafter İng.
    • (z.) sonra
    • ondan sonra.
  3645. thereat İng.
    • (z.) orada
    • o sebepten
    • o zaman.
  3646. thereby İng.
    • (z.) onunla, o münasebetle, o suretle, ona uyarak.
  3647. therefor İng.
    • (z.) onun için, ona.
  3648. therefore İng.
    • (z.), bağlaç bu yüzden, bundan dolayı, onun için.
  3649. therefrom İng.
    • (z.) ondan, oradan.
  3650. therein İng.
    • (z.) o zaman içinde, orada, onda, o hususta.
  3651. thereinafter İng.
    • (z.) takip eden kısımda.
  3652. thereinto İng.
    • (z.) onun içine.
  3653. thereof İng.
    • (z.) ondan
    • bu sebepten, bundan dolayı.
  3654. thereon İng.
    • (z.) onun üzerine.
  3655. thereto İng.
    • (z.) ona, o yere, o şeye
    • ilâveten.
  3656. theretofore İng.
    • (z.) o vakte kadar, o zamandan evvel.
  3657. thereunder İng.
    • (z.) onun altına, onun altında.
  3658. thereupon İng.
    • (z.) onun üzerine, onun üzerinde
    • hemen, derhal.
  3659. therewith İng.
    • (z.) onunla
    • aynı zamanda.
  3660. therewithal İng.
    • (z.) bununla beraber, aynı zamanda.
  3661. theriac, theriaca İng.
    • (i.), eski, (tıb.) panzehir, tiryak, hayvan ısırmasına karşı ilâç
    • macun, şeker pekmezi. theri'acal (s.) panzehir kabilinden.
  3662. therianthropic İng.
    • (s.) kısmen hayvan ve kısmen insan şeklinde olan
    • böyle ilâhları olan dinlere ait. therian'thro pism (i.) insan ve hayvan karışımı şekillerle belirme.
  3663. therm İng.
    • (i.) (bir ısı birimi) 100.000 BTU
    • kalori.
  3664. thermae İng.
    • (i.), (çoğ.) ıIıcalar, kaplıcalar.
  3665. thermal İng.
    • (s.), (i.) sıcağa ait
    • termal, kapIıca kabilinden
    • (i.) yükselen sıcak hava kitlesi. thermal radiation ısı ışınları. thermal spring kaplıca, ılıca.
  3666. thermidor İng.
    • (i.) ilk Fransız Cumhuriyet takvimine göre on birinci ay (19 temmuz - 17 ağustos).
  3667. thermion İng.
    • (i.) ısı ışınları saçan bir cismin yaydığı iyon, termiyon. thermion'ic (s.) bu iyonlara ait, termiyonik. thermionic current bu iyonların yayılmasından hasıl olan elektrik akımı, termiyon akımı.
  3668. thermite İng.
    • i. kaynakçılıkta kullanılan alüminyum ile demir oksit karışımı, termit.
  3669. thermo- İng.
    • (önek) ısı
  3670. thermochemistry İng.
    • i. termokimya.
  3671. thermocouple İng.
    • i. (ısıyla işleyen) sıcaklık pili.
  3672. thermodynamics İng.
    • i., çoğ. termodinamik.
  3673. thermoelectricity İng.
    • i. termoelektrik, ısı elektriği.
  3674. thermometer İng.
    • i. termometre, sıcak ölçer.
  3675. thermometric , -rical İng.
    • s. termometreye ait. thermometrically z. termometre ile, termometreye göre.
  3676. thermonuclear İng.
    • s. termonükleer.
  3677. thermopile İng.
    • i. termopil.
  3678. thermoplastic İng.
    • s., i. ısı ile yumuşayan (madde).
  3679. thermosbottle , thermos flask İng.
    • termos.
  3680. thermoscope İng.
    • i. ısı değişikliklerini gösteren alet.
  3681. thermosetting İng.
    • s. ısı ile sertleşen.
  3682. thermosphere İng.
    • i. ısıküre.
  3683. thermostat İng.
    • i. termostat.
  3684. thermostatics İng.
    • i. sıcaklığı bir düzeyde tutma ilmi.
  3685. thermotherapy İng.
    • i., tıb. ısıyla tedavi.
  3686. theroid İng.
    • s. hayvana benzer.
  3687. thersitical İng.
    • s. yüksek sesli ve küfürlü.
  3688. thesaurus İng.
    • i. (çoğ. -ri) kavramlar dizini
    • hazine, ambar.
  3689. these İng.
    • s., zam. (tek. this) bunlar.
  3690. thesis İng.
    • i. (çoğ. theses) sav, dava, kaziye, iddia, önerme
    • tez, inceleme, araştırma
    • man tez, sav
    • müz., (şiir) mısraın vurgulu kısmı.
  3691. thespian İng.
    • s., i. drama ait, tiyatroya ait
    • i. aktör, aktris, oyuncu.
  3692. thessalonike İng.
    • i. Selanik.
  3693. thessaly İng.
    • i. Tesalya.
  3694. theta İng.
    • i. Yunan alfabesinin sekizinci harfi
    • mat. degeri bilinmeyen bir açı işareti.
  3695. theurgy İng.
    • i. mucize
    • sihir, büyü
    • büyücülük. theur'gic s. büyücülük kabilinden.
  3696. thew İng.
    • i. adale, kas
    • çoğ. adali kuvvet, kuvvet
  3697. they İng.
    • zam. onlar .They say it's going to rain Yağacak diyorlar.
  3698. thick İng.
    • s., i., z. kalın
    • kalınlığındaki
    • sık, çok
    • koyu
    • kesif
    • ahmak, kalın kafalı
    • dil tutulur gibi telaffuz olunan, anlaşılmaz
    • boğuk, kısık
    • k.dili. sıkı, samimi
    • ing., k.dili. aşırı
    • i. kalınlık
    • bir şeyin en yoğun yeri veya zamanı
    • z. kalınca
    • sık
    • koyu bir halde. thick as thieves aralarından su sızmaz. Blows came thick and fast Yumruklar birbiri ardı sıra indi. He felt it was a bit thick to be fired Haksız yere kovulduğunu düşündü. in the thick of the fight mücadelenin en şiddetli yerinde. lay it on thick k.dili. abartmak, mübalâğa etmek
    • dalkavukluk etmek. through thick and thin her güçlüğe katlanarak, yılmadan. thick'ish s. kalınca, koyuca . thick'ly z. kalın olarak. thick'ness i. kalınlık
    • sıklık.
  3699. thicken İng.
    • f. kalınlaştırmak, koyulaştırmak
    • bulandırmak
    • sıklaştırmak
    • şiddet lendirmek
    • kalınlaşmak, koyulaşmak
    • bu lanıklaşmak
    • sıklaşmak
    • çoğalmak
    • yoğunlaşmak
    • yoğunlaştırmak. thickening i. kalınlaştırma, kalınlaşma
    • koyulaştuma, koyulaşma
    • koyulaştırıcı şey
    • kalınlaşmış yer veya kısım.
  3700. thicket İng.
    • i. sık çalılık veya ağaçlık.
  3701. thickheaded İng.
    • s. kalın kafalı.
  3702. thickset İng.
    • s. tıknaz
    • sık dikilmiş (bitkiler).
  3703. thickskinned İng.
    • s. vurdumduymaz, duygusuz, yüzü pek.
  3704. thief İng.
    • i. (çoğ. thieves) hırsız.
  3705. thieve İng.
    • f. hırsızlık etmek, çalmak. thiev'ery i. hırsızlık.
  3706. thievish İng.
    • s. hırsızlığa alışmış
    • hırsız gibi, hırsızlık kabilinden. thievishly z. hırsızca. thievishness i. hırsızlık alışkanlığı.
  3707. thigh İng.
    • i. uyluk, but. thigh'bone i. uyluk kemiği, kalça kemiği.
  3708. thill İng.
    • i. araba oku.
  3709. thimble İng.
    • i. yüksük, dikiş yüksüğü
    • mak. yüksük şeklinde boru parçası
    • den. radansa. thimbleful i. yüksük kadar (miktar), az şey.
  3710. thimbleberry İng.
    • i. bir çeşit ağaç çileği, bot. Rubus odoratus.
  3711. thimblerig İng.
    • i. bir nohut ve üç yüksükle yapılan üçkâğıtçılık.
  3712. thin İng.
    • s. (-ner, -nest) ince
    • seyrek
    • hafif, sulu
    • soluk, cansız
    • zayıf
    • cılız, çelimsiz, kuvvetsiz
    • eksik, yetersiz. disappear into thin air yok olmak
    • toz olmak. out of thin air hiç yoktan, havadan. My patience has worn thin. Sabrım tükendi. His anger was thinly disguised Kızgınlığını açığa vuruyordu. thin'ly z. seyrekçe, zayıf olarak. thin'ness i. incelik
    • zayıflık.
  3713. thin İng.
    • f. (-ned, -ning) inceltmek, incelmek
    • seyrekleştirmek, seyrelmek
    • zayıflatmak, zayıflamak.
  3714. thine İng.
    • zam., (eski) senin, seninki.
  3715. thing İng.
    • i. şey, nesne
    • mevcudiyet
    • cansız şey veya madde
    • mahluk
    • çoğ. pılı pırtı, eşya
    • çoğ. giyecekler. do one's thing (argo) kendi istediğini yapmak. first thing hemen, derhal. make a good thing of k.dili. istifade etmek, kar etmek. see things hulyalan olmak. sure thing güvenilecek şey
    • tabii. the thing moda, önemli şey veya fikir. He knows a thing or two Bir iki şey biliyor. Well, of all things! Hoppalaa! They call their government, of all things, a democracy! Devlet idarelerine her şeye rağmen demokrasi diyorlar !
  3716. thingumabob, thingumajig İng.
    • i., k.dili. şey, zımbırtı, zırıltı.
  3717. think İng.
    • f. (thought, leh. thunk) düşünmek, tefekkür etmek, mütalaa etmek
    • düşünüp taşınmak, ölçünmek, teemmül etmek
    • zannetmek, sanmak
    • kurmak, niyet etmek, tasarlamak
    • tasavvur etmek, farz etmek
    • hatırlamak, hatıra getirmek
    • addetmek
    • bir fikirde olmak. think aloud düşündüğünü söylemek. think better of fikrini değiştirmek, vaz geçmek
    • daha iyi saymak, hakkındaki kanaati düzelmek. think fit (proper, right) uygun görmek. think much of çok sevmek. think nothing of önem vermemek
    • kolay görmek. think of hatırlamak
    • düşünmek, hayal etmek
    • saymak. think out düşünüp çıkarmak, düşünüp netice çıkarmak. think over bir şey üzerinde düşünmek. think the world of çok değer vermek
    • çok sevmek. think through düşünüp netice çıkarmak. think twice iyi düşünmek. think up düşünüp bulmak. To think that man should go to the moon! insanoğlunun aya gideceği kimin aklına gelirdi? Well, think of that! Hayret! Kimin aklına gelirdi? What am I thinking of? Ne kafa! Ne aptallık! While I'm thinking of it Aklımdayken. think'able s. düşünülebilir, akla gelebilen. think'ing s., i. düşünen
    • i. düşünme
    • fikir.
  3718. thinker İng.
    • i. düşünen kimse, mütefekkir.
  3719. thinktank İng.
    • i. beyin takımı, uzman danışmanlar grubu.
  3720. thinner İng.
    • i. inceltici şey veya kimse
    • tiner
  3721. thinskinned İng.
    • s. hassas, yufka yürekli, duygulu, ince hisli.
  3722. thio- İng.
    • (önek), kim. kükürtlü.
  3723. third İng.
    • s., i., z. üçüncü
    • i. üçte bir
    • müz. üçlü
    • çoğ., huk. dul kadına kocasından kalan üçte bir miras, mak. üçüncü vites
    • z. üçüncü olarak. third class üçüncü sınıf
    • üçüncü mevki
    • adi, aşağılık. third class mail (A.B.D.) postada açık gönderilen matbua. third degree k.dili. karakolda sorgu sırasında yapılan işkence. third party huk. üçüncü şahıs. third person gram. üçüncü şahıs. third'ly z. üçüncü olarak.
  3724. thirdrate İng.
    • s. üçüncü sınıf adi.Third World süper devletlerle siyasal ilişkisi gelişmemiş ülkeler, üçüncü Dünya.
  3725. thirst İng.
    • i., f. susuzluk
    • iştiyak, teşnelik
    • f. susamak, susuz olmak, susuzluk çekmek
    • hasret çekmek, özlemek.
  3726. thirsty İng.
    • s. susuz, susamış, teşne
    • kurak
    • çok istekli. thirstily i. kana kana, iştiyakla. thirstiness i. susuzluk.
  3727. thirteen İng.
    • s., i. on üç
    • i. on üç sayısı. thirteenth s., i. on üçüncü
    • i. on üçte bir.
  3728. thirty İng.
    • s., i. otuz
    • i. otuz rakamı, XXX. thirtieth s., i. otuzuncu
    • i. otuzda bir.
  3729. this İng.
    • zam. (çoğ. these)., s., z. bu, şu
    • z. bu kadar, böyle. this and that ıvır zıvır
    • abur cubur. this'away z., leh. böyle, şöyle. It was like this. Böyleydi şöyle oldu. It was Susan this and Susan that Suzan aşağı, Suzan yukarı.
  3730. thistle İng.
    • i devedikeni, bot. Cirsium
    • kenger, bot. Cynara cardunculus. blessed thistle kolgan, peygamber dikeni, bot. Carduus benedictus. globe thistle kirpidikeni. milk thistle boğa dikeni, bot. Silybum marianum. sow thistle eşek marulu, bot. Sonchus oleraceus. Spanish thistle kolgan, bot. Carduus acarna. spotted golden thistle, yellow thistle sarı diken, bot. Scolymus maculatus. thistledown i. diken pamuğu. thistly s. dikenli.
  3731. thither İng.
    • z. oraya
    • o yöne. thitherto z. o zamana kadar. thither ward z. oraya doğru, o yönde.
  3732. tho İng.
    • bak. though.
  3733. thole tholepin İng.
    • i. kürek ıskarmozu.
  3734. thomism İng.
    • i. Thomas Aquinas ve taraftarlarının dogmatik felsefesi. Thomist s. bu felsefeye ait.
  3735. thong İng.
    • i., f. sırım, ince kösele şerit
    • f. sırımla bağlamak
    • sırım takmak.
  3736. thor İng.
    • i. (eski) iskandinavyalıların yıldırım ve savaş tanrısı.
  3737. thorax İng.
    • I., anat. göğüs, toraks
    • zool. toraks. thoracic s. göüste olan, göğüse ait.
  3738. thorium İng.
    • içtoryum
  3739. thorn İng.
    • içdiken
    • üzüntü cefa
    • dikeni çok bitki
    • (eski) İngilizce'de th sesini gösteren harfin adıö thorn apple alıç bot. Crataegus azarolus
    • tatula, bot. Daturastra monium. thorn in the flesh baş belâsı. thorn'y s. dikenli
    • belâlı, cefalı sıkıntılı.
  3740. thornback İng.
    • i. vatoz, kedibalığı, zool. Raia clavata.
  3741. thorough İng.
    • s. tam, mükemmel
    • çok dikkatli
    • baştan başa. thoroughly z. tamamen, adamakıllı. thoroughness i. kusursuzluk
    • dikkatlilik.
  3742. thoroughbred İng.
    • s., i. saf kan
    • soylu
    • tam
    • i. saf kan hayvan
    • b.h. bir cins at
    • k.dili. kültürlü kimse .
  3743. thoroughfare İng.
    • i. cadde, yol, geçit. No thoroughfare Yol yok.
  3744. thoroughgoing İng.
    • s. tam, daniska
    • çok dikkatli.
  3745. thoroughpaced İng.
    • s. her çeşit yuruyüşe alışkın (at)
    • her şeye gelir, tam, mükemmel.
  3746. those İng.
    • bak. that.
  3747. thou İng.
    • zam., (eski) (-in hali thy, thine:-i hali thee: çoğ. ye, your, yours, you) sen.
  3748. though ,tho İng.
    • (bağlaç), z. her ne kadar ise de, velev, gerçi
    • yine olsa da
    • z. bununla beraber, olduğu halde. as though sanki, güya, -miş gibi.
  3749. thought İng.
    • i. düşünce, fikir, tasavvur, mütalaa
    • düşünme düşünüp taşınma
    • endişe
    • görüş, kanaat
    • düşünme kuvveti
    • ümit
    • nad. bir parça. a happy thought mutluluk veren düşünce. on second thought daha iyi düşününce .take thought düşünmek, tartmak.
  3750. thoughtful İng.
    • s. düşünceli
    • dikkatli
    • başkasını düşünür, saygılı, nazik. thought fully z. düşünceye dalarak
    • nazikçe, incelikle. thoughtfulness i. düşüncelilik
    • nezaket.
  3751. thoughtless İng.
    • s. düşüncesiz, saygısız, dikkatsiz, pervasız
    • ahmak, avanak. thoughtiessly z. düşüncesizce. thoughtlessness i. düşüncesizlik.
  3752. thoughtout İng.
    • s. düşünüp taşınılmış, tasarlanmış.
  3753. thousand İng.
    • s., i. bin
    • i. bin rakamı
    • çok büyük sayı. thousandfold i., s. bin kat, bin misli. thousandth s. bininci
    • binde bir.
  3754. thrace , thracia İng.
    • i. Trakya. Thracian i., s. Trak
    • Trakyalı
    • s. Trakya'ya özgü.
  3755. thrall İng.
    • i. esir, köle
    • kölelik, esaret. thrall'dom i. esaret, kölelik.
  3756. thrash İng.
    • f. dövmek, dayak atmak
    • kamçılamak, kırbaçlamak
    • harman dövmek
    • den. fırtınalı rüzgârda denize karşı seyretmek. thrash out tartışarak halletmek. thrash over tekrar tekrar tartışmak.
  3757. thrasher İng.
    • i. ardıçkuşuna benzeyen ve Amerika'ya özgü bir tur ötücü kuş.
  3758. thrasher İng.
    • i. harman döven kimse
    • harman dövme makinası.
  3759. thrashing İng.
    • i. dayak
    • mağlubiyet. thrashingfloor i. harman yeri. thrashing machine harman dövme makinası .
  3760. thrasonical İng.
    • s. övüngen, büyüklük taslayan.
  3761. thread İng.
    • i., f. iplik, tire
    • tel, lif
    • ince çizgi
    • yiv
    • sıra, silsile
    • düşünüş tarzı
    • f. iplik geçirmek
    • ipliğe dizmek
    • yol bulup geçmek
    • mak. vidaya yiv açmak, diş kesmek
    • kaşıktan iplik gibi akmak (kaynamış şurup). thread of life hayat bağı. His life hangs by a thread. Hayatı pamuk ipliğine bağlı. the thread of the argument fikir silsilesi. thread'y s. iplik gibi
    • tel tel.
  3762. threadbare İng.
    • s. havı dökülmüş, yıpranmış, pek eski
    • adi.
  3763. threadfin İng.
    • i. berberbalığı, zool. Serranus anthias.
  3764. threadworm İng.
    • i. bağırsak solucanı, askarit.
  3765. threat İng.
    • i. tehdit, korkutma, gözdağı
    • tehlike.
  3766. threaten İng.
    • f. tehdit etmek, gözdağı vermek, korkutmak, korku vermek
    • kötü bir şeye alâmet olmak
    • yıldırmak. It is threatening snow. Kar yağacağa benziyor. threateningly z. tehdit ederek.
  3767. three İng.
    • s., i. üç
    • i. üç rakamı. threecolor process üç renkli resim basma usulü. threepoint landing hav. başarılı bir iniş
    • başarılı sonuç. threering circus üç sahneli sirk
    • şaşırtıcı durum. three R's okuma, yazma ve matematik dersleri. rule of three basit orantı.
  3768. three-d, İng.
    • s. üç boyutlu
  3769. three-dimensional İng.
    • s. üç boyutlu.
  3770. threecornered İng.
    • s. üç köşeli.
  3771. threedecker İng.
    • i., den. üç güvertesinde topu olan zırhlı gemi
    • üç katlı bina
    • üç katlı sandviç.
  3772. threepence İng.
    • i., İng. üç peni.
  3773. threephase İng.
    • s., elek. trifaz.
  3774. threeply İng.
    • s. üç katmerli.
  3775. threescore İng.
    • s., i. altmış.
  3776. threesome İng.
    • i., s. üç1ü.
  3777. threeway İng.
    • s. üç yollu
    • üç kola ayrılan.
  3778. thremmatology İng.
    • i., biyol. ehli hayvan veya fidan üretme ilmi.
  3779. threnody , threnode İng.
    • i. mersiye, ağıt.
  3780. thresh İng.
    • f. harman dövmek. thresh'ing floor harman yeri. thresh'er i. harman dövme makinası
    • sapanbalığı, zool. Alopias vulpes.
  3781. threshold İng.
    • i. kapı eşiği, eşik
    • girecek yer
    • başlangıç
    • psik. şuur eşiği.
  3782. threw İng.
    • bak. throw.
  3783. thrice İng.
    • z. üç kere, üç defa
    • tekrar tekrar.
  3784. thrift İng.
    • i. idare, tasarruf, tutum, ekonomi
    • gürlük, kuvvetli büyüme (bitki), verimlilik
    • kuduzotu, deliotu, bot. Armeria.
  3785. thriftless İng.
    • s. idaresiz, tutumsuz, müsrif. thriftlessly z. tutumsuzca. thriftlessness i. tutumsuzluk.
  3786. thrifty İng.
    • s. idareli, tutumlu
    • verimli, gür, kuvvetli büyüyen. thriftily z. idareyle. thriftiness i. idarelilik.
  3787. thrill İng.
    • f., i. heyecan vermek, heyecanlandırmak, tesir etmek
    • müteessir olmak
    • heyecan veya teessürle titremek
    • i. heyecan, halecan
    • lerze, titreme
    • tıb. titreşim. thrill'ingly z. heyecanla.
  3788. thriller İng.
    • i., k.dili heyecanlı piyes veya kitap.
  3789. thrips İng.
    • i. fidanları yiyen ufak böcek, ekin biti, zool. Thysanoptera.
  3790. thrive İng.
    • f. (-d, -d
    • veya throve, thriven) işi iyi gitmek, muvaffak olmak
    • kuvvet bularak büyümek
    • zenginleşmek, refah bulmak
    • mamur olmak, bayındır olmak. thriv'ingly z. başanyla.
  3791. thro İng.
    • bak. through.
  3792. throat İng.
    • i. boğaz, gırtlak
    • dar geçit. cut one's own throat k.dili kendi kendine zarar vermek, bindiği dalı kesmek. have a lump in one's throat boğazı tıkanmak
    • yüreğinin yağı erimek. have a sore throat boğazı ağrımak. jump down one's throat k.dili boğazına sarılmak
    • haşlamak. ram something down one's throat k.dili zorla kabul ettirmek, birinin gırtlağına basmak. stick in one's throat söylenmesi güç olmak, dili varmamak. throat'y s. gırtlaktan çıkan (ses).
  3793. throb İng.
    • f. (-bed, -bing) i. vurmak, çarpmak, atmak (nabız, kalp)
    • zonklamak
    • titreşmek
    • i. nabız vurması, kalp çarpması
    • çarpıntı
    • titreşme. throb'bingly z. titreşerek
    • zonklayarak.
  3794. throe İng.
    • i. şiddetli ağrı, sancı
    • elem, dert, sızı, Istırap
    • çoğ. doğum veya ölüm sancısı
    • çoğ. çabalama. be in the throes of death can çekişmek.
  3795. thrombosis İng.
    • i., tıb. damarda veya kalpte kanın pıhtılaşması, tromboz.
  3796. thrombus İng.
    • i. (çoğ. -bi) tıb. kan damarını tıkayan pıhtı.
  3797. throne İng.
    • i., f. taht
    • hâkimiyet, saltanat
    • tahtta oturan kimse, kral, hükümdar
    • (argo) alafranga tuvalette oturacak yer
    • f. tahta çıkmak, culus etmek. throng i., f. kalabalık, izdiham, yığılışma
    • f. toplanmak, üşüşmek, kalabalık etmek.
  3798. throstle İng.
    • i. güzel sesli ardıçkuşu, zool. Turdus ericetorum.
  3799. throttle İng.
    • i., f. kısma valfi, kelebek
    • f. boğmak, boğazını sıkmak
    • bastırmak
    • mak. kısmak. throttle valve istim kısma valfı
    • oto. kelebek.
  3800. through , thro, thru İng.
    • (edat), z., s. içinden, bir yandan öbür yana, bir başından öbür başına
    • başından sonuna kadar
    • vasıtası ile
    • -den, -den geçerek
    • her bir taraffından, her tarafına
    • her yerine, her yerinde
    • -den dolayı
    • yüzünden
    • sayesinde
    • z. yandan yana
    • baştan başa
    • başından sonuna kadar
    • sonuna kadar
    • tamamen
    • s. engelsiz (yol), sonuna kadar giden
    • aktarmasız (tren), ekspres. through and through baştan başa, bütün bütün, tamamen. through passage, through ticket yolculuğun sonuna kadar geçen bilet. through retort mad her iki ucu açılan imbik. all through the night. bütün gece boyunca. be through with bitirmiş olmak
    • alâkayı tamamen kesmiş olmak. carry through başarmak. fall through boşa gitmek, muvaffak olmamak. get through bitirmek
    • atlatmak
    • geçirmek go. through gözden geçirmek
    • dibine darı ekmek
    • dayanmak, sürmek, geçmek
    • olmak. go through with yapmak. I am a11 through işimin hepsini bitirdim. He went through a red light Kırmızmşığa rağmen geçti. He is speaking through an interpreter Tercüman vasıtasıyle konuşuyor. He learned English through listening to the radio. İngilizceyi radyo dinleyerek öğrendi. They are related through their grandfather Büyük babaları tarafından akrabadırlar. They kept the window shut through fear of catching cold. Nezle olma korkusuyle pencereyi kapalı tuttular. The examiner put him through his paces. Mumeyyiz onu adamakıllı sıygaya çekti. I've been through hell getting here. Gelene kadar cehennem azabı çektim. He went through his fortune in a year. Bir senede bütün servetini tüketti. We were determined to see it through whatever the cost. Ne pahasına olursa olsun yapmaya kararlıydık. He is through with school. Okulu bıraktı. It was all through him that we got into trouble. Onun yüzünden başımız derde girdi. I got this job through my uncle. Bu işe amcam sayesinde girdim. We tried a11 day to get through on the phone to Ankara. Bütün gün Ankara'ya telefon etmeye uğraştık. It is illegal to send firearms through the mail. Postayla silâh göndermek yasaktır. I'm through with you! İllallah senden!
  3801. throughout İng.
    • (edat), z. baştan başa, her yerinde, her hususta
    • z. baştan başa.
  3802. throughway , thruway İng.
    • i., A.B.D. hız yolu.
  3803. throve İng.
    • bak. thrive.
  3804. throw İng.
    • f. (threw, thrown) i. atmak, fırlatmak
    • ipeği büküp ibrişim yapmak
    • düşürmek
    • giyivermek, arkaslna alıvermek
    • (hayvan) yavrulamak
    • (zar) atmak
    • mak. kolu çevirerek açmak veya kapamak (makas)
    • (güreşte) yere atmak, düşürmek
    • (çömlek) şekillendirmek
    • (argo) (parti) vermek, (ziyafet) çekmek
    • etkilenmesine sebep olmak
    • aniden yönünü değiştirmek
    • oy ver mek
    • i. atış, atma
    • tehlikeye atılma
    • atlı
    • atım
    • mak. makas kolunun açılıp kapandığı mesafe. throw a game oyunda şike yapmak. throw a kiss el ile öpücük göndermek. throw a sop to önüne kemik atmak. throw away atmak
    • vaz geçmek
    • kaçırmak
    • ziyan etmek. throw away a line (tiyatro) duyulmayacak bir söz söylemek. throw back ilerlemesini engellemek
    • atavizme dönmek. throw cold water on ümidini kırmak. throw dust in one's eyes aldatmak, gözünü görmez hale koymak. throw in birbirine geçirmek
    • ilâve etmek, caba olarak ilâve etmek. throw in one's lot with kaderleri bir olmak. throw in one's teeth meydan okumak, hakaret etmek. throw in the towel (argo) yenilgiyi kabullenmek. throw light on ışık tutmak, aydınlatmak. throw mud at çamur atmak. throw off üstünden atmak
    • -den kurtulmak
    • saçmak, yaymak
    • çabucak yapıvermek
    • karıştırmak, yanlış yola yöneltmek
    • tavla oyununda pul almak. throw one,s weight around kuvvetini hissettirmek. throw oneself at one birinin dostluğunu veya teveccühünü kazanmaya çalışmak. throw oneself into tamamen iştirak etmek. throw oneself on güvenmek
    • za'fından faydalanmak. throw open açmak
    • bütün engelleri ortadan kaldırmak. throw out dışarı atmak
    • işinden atmak
    • laf atmak
    • ışık yaymak
    • altüst etmek. throw over vaz geçmek, terketmek
    • devretmek. throw overboard atmak, başından atmak, terketmek. throw rug ufak halı parçası. throw stones at (a person) (birine) taş atmak, laf atmak. throw the book (argo) en ağır cezaya çarptırmak
    • paylamak. throw the lock sürgülemek. throw together yapıvermek
    • bir araya getirmek. throw up yukarı atmak
    • kusmak
    • vaz geçmek
    • acele bina etmek, acele yığmak. throw up a job iSten ayrılmak, işi bırakmak. throw up a window pencere açmak. throw up one's dinner (veya cookies) istifrağ etmek, kusmak. throw up one's hands yenilgiyi kabullenmek, pes etmek. throw up the sponge boksta yenildiğini kabul etmek, pes demek. a stone's throw bir taş atımı. The unannounced quiz threw me. Habersiz yapılan imtihanda çuvalladım. The snake throws its skin. Yılan deri değiştirir. She threw prudence to the wind and married the gypsy. Kısmetini tepti ve çingeneyle evlendi. The spoiled brat threw a tantrum. Haylaz velet öfkeyle tepindi.
  3805. throwaway İng.
    • i. el ilânı. throwaway line (tiyatro) duyulmayacak bir sırada söylenen söz.
  3806. throwback İng.
    • i. atavizm, atacılık
    • geri atış, daha eski bir safhaya geri atma.
  3807. throwster İng.
    • i. ibrişim büken kimse
    • zar ile oynayan adam, kumarcı.
  3808. thru. İng.
    • bak. through.
  3809. thrum İng.
    • i., f. (-med, -ming) iplik saçağı
    • bez kesildikten sonra tezgâhta kalan iplik uçları
    • f. saçak yapmak veya takmak.
  3810. thrum İng.
    • f. (-med, -ming) i. (çalgı) tıngırdatmak
    • patırdatmak, el ile patırtı yapmak
    • monoton bir söylenişle tekrarlamak
    • i. çalgı tıngırtısı.
  3811. thrush İng.
    • i., tıb. pamukçuk.
  3812. thrush İng.
    • i. ardıçkuşu, zool. Turdus pilaris.
  3813. thrust İng.
    • f. (thrust) i. itmek, dürtmek, zorla kakarak sürmek
    • süngülemek, saplamak
    • lafı kesmek
    • i. dürtme, itme
    • hamle
    • bıçak sokma, süngüleme
    • mim. kemer veya kubbenin duvar üzerine tazyiki
    • mak. itme kuvveti. thrust at someone kılıçla hamlede bulunmak. thrust away itip defetmek. thrust fault jeol. fayların birbiri üzerine binmesi. thrust forward ilerletmek. thrust of his remarks sözlerinin etkisi. thrust out a hand el uzatmak. thrust through bir yandan sokup öbür yandan çıkarmak, süngülemek. thrust up bir şeyi yukarı sürmek. thrust upon zorlamak, tazyik etmek. a home thrust tam yerine isabet eden vuruş. a shrewd thrust kurnazca bir saldırış.
  3814. thruster İng.
    • i. uzay gemisini yöneten idare roketi.
  3815. thud İng.
    • i., f. (-ded, -ding) ağır düşme sesi
    • gümbürtü
    • güm diye ses çıkaran vuruş
    • f. güm diye ses çıkarmak.
  3816. thug İng.
    • i. katil, şaki, eşkıya
    • eskiden Hindistan'da adam öldürüp soyarak geçinen bir mezhep. thug'gee i. eşkıyalık. thug'gery i. eşkıyalık, adam öldürme.
  3817. thule İng.
    • i. eski coğrafi bilgilere göre dünyanın en kuzeyinde bulunan meçhul bir yer. Ultima Thule Lat. en uzak kuzey memleketi.
  3818. thumb İng.
    • i., f. başparmak
    • eldiven baş parmağı
    • f. kitap yapraklarını başparmakla tuta tuta eskitmek ve kirletmek. thumb a ride otostop yapmak. thumb index sözlük ve fihrist kenarında harflere göre kesilen parmak yeri. thumb mark başparmakla kirlenmiş yer, parmak izi. thumb one's nose nanik yapmak. thumbs down k.dili başparmaklar aşağı (ret işareti). thumbs up k.dili başparmaklar yukarı (kabul işareti). all thumbs k.dili beceriksiz. under the thumb of tesiri altında, elinde.
  3819. thumbnail İng.
    • i., s. başparmak tırnağı
    • tırnak kadar şey
    • s. başparmak tırnağı kadar
    • kısa.
  3820. thumbpiece İng.
    • i. başparmağın dokunacağı veya kullanacağı parça.
  3821. thumbprint İng.
    • i., f. parmak izi
    • f. parmak izi almak.
  3822. thumbscrew İng.
    • i., f. parmakla döndürülen vida
    • kelebek başlı cıvata
    • baş parmağı sıkan eski bir işkence aleti
    • f. bu aletle işkence yapmak.
  3823. thumbstall İng.
    • i. başparmak mahfazası
    • yelkenci yüksüğü.
  3824. thumbtack İng.
    • i. raptiye.
  3825. thump İng.
    • f., i. güm güm vurmak
    • dövmek, muşta vurmak
    • gümbürdemek, hızlı hızlı çarpmak (yürek)
    • i. muşta vuruşu
    • ağır düşüş
    • ağır düşme sesi. thumper i. vurucu. thumping s. vuran
    • k.dili. iri, kocaman.
  3826. thunder İng.
    • i., f. gök gürlemesi
    • f. gümbürdemek, gürlemek
    • ağır söz veya tehdit savurmak
    • şiddetle söylemek, ateş püskürmek. steal one's thunder başkasının fikrini kendi fikri diye satmak. Who in thunder are you ? Kim oluyorsun sen ?
  3827. thunderation İng.
    • (ünlem) Allah kahretsin.
  3828. thunderbolt İng.
    • i. yıldırım
    • şaşırtıcı şey
    • yıldırım gibi hareket eden kimse veya şey.
  3829. thunderclap İng.
    • i. gök gürlemesi.
  3830. thundercloud İng.
    • i. fırtına bulutu
    • asık surat.
  3831. thunderhead İng.
    • i. fırtınaya alâmet olan bulut yığını.
  3832. thundering İng.
    • s. gürleyen
    • uğultulu
    • k.dili. çok büyük, daniska. thunderingly z. gürleyerek.
  3833. thunderous İng.
    • s. gök gürlemesi hasıl eden, gök gürlemesi gibi ses çıkaran. thunderous applause alkış tufanı. thunderously z. gök gürlemesi gibi.
  3834. thundershower, thunderstorm İng.
    • i. şimşekli yıldırımlı fırtına.
  3835. thunderstruck İng.
    • s. yıldırım çarpmış, yıldırım vurmuş
    • büyük hayrete düşmüş.
  3836. thunk İng.
    • f., leh., bak. think.
  3837. thurible İng.
    • i., kil. buhurdan.
  3838. thursday İng.
    • i. perşembe.
  3839. thus İng.
    • z. böylece, bu suretle, bu veçhile, bunun için, nitekim. thus and so böyle böyle, filan filan. thus far buraya kadar, bu dereceye kadar. thus'ly z. böylece.
  3840. thwack İng.
    • f., i. pat küt vurmak
    • i. pat küt vurma.
  3841. thwart İng.
    • s., z., i., f. çapraz
    • i. filika oturaklarından biri, kürekçinin oturduğu tahta
    • f. karşı gelmek, muhalefet etmek
    • işini bozmak, engel olmak.
  3842. thy İng.
    • s., (eski) senin.
  3843. thyine wood İng.
    • Fas'a mahsus santarak ağacının güzel kokulu kerestesi.
  3844. thylacine İng.
    • i. keseli kurt, zool. Thylacinus cynocephalus.
  3845. thyme İng.
    • i. kekik. garden thyme kekik, bot. Thymus vulgaris. wild thyme yabani kekik, bot. Thymus serpyllum.
  3846. thymus İng.
    • i., anat. timüs, özden.
  3847. thyroid İng.
    • i., s. tiroid, kalkanbezi
    • s. kalkansı
    • anat. kalkansı, tiroid. thyroid cartilage kalkansı kıkırdak. thyroid gland tiroid, kalkanbezi.
  3848. thyroidectomy İng.
    • i. tiroidi çıkarma ameliyatı.
  3849. thyrsus İng.
    • i. (çoğ. -si) Baküs'e tapanların raks ederken taşıdıkları sarmaşıklı değnek
    • salkım biçiminde çiçek.
  3850. thyself İng.
    • zam., (eski) sen kendin, bizzat kendin.
  3851. ti Tür.
    • Transport Index Applicable to radioactive materials.
  3852. ti Tür.
    • Transportation Institute, a non-profit organization devoted to maritime research and education. it. bia:.
  3853. ti Tür.
    • Title Insert An insert in a CD single that has a worded title.
  3854. ti Tür.
    • Titanium.
  3855. ti Tür.
    • Titanium.
  3856. ti Tür.
    • the syllable naming the seventh note of any musical scale in solmization shrub with terminal tufts of elongated leaves used locally for thatching and clothing
    • thick sweet roots are used as food
    • tropical southeastern Asia, Australia and Hawaii.
  3857. ti Tür.
    • Texas Instruments Incorporated.
  3858. ti Tür.
    • Texas Instruments.
  3859. ti Tür.
    • Terrestrial interference. a Western note in the do re mi system, the 7th and last note, equivalent to ni. abbr Trunk Index.
  3860. ti Tür.
    • Telecom Italia.
  3861. ti Tür.
    • Technical Instruction Book.
  3862. ti Tür.
    • In solmization, the seventh degree of the major scale Also called the leading tone. - A non-profit organization governed by a Board of Directors elected by the membership The first Toastmasters club was established on October 22, 1924, in Santa Ana, California, by Dr Ralph C Smedley, who conceived and developed the idea of helping others to speak more effectively More clubs were formed, and Toastmasters International was incorporated under California law on December 19, 1932
    • Toastmasters International"s business and services are administered by its World Headquarters, located in Rancho Santa Margarita, California It employs no paid promoters or instructors It has no salaried staff except the Executive Director and World Headquarters staff, who provide services to the clubs and Districts.
  3863. ti Tür.
    • Chemical symbol for Titanium.
  3864. ti Tür.
    • bunglecall.
  3865. ti Tür.
    • Belt. time. a light strong gray lustrous corrosion-resistant metallic element used in strong light-weight alloys
    • the main sources are rutile and ilmenite. shrub with terminal tufts of elongated leaves used locally for thatching and clothing
    • thick sweet roots are used as food
    • tropical southeastern Asia, Australia and Hawaii. the syllable naming the seventh note of any musical scale in solmization.
  3866. ti İng.
    • i., müz. si notası.
  3867. tiara İng.
    • i. papanın üç katlı tacı
    • taç gibi baş süsü
    • eski İranlıların kullandığı sarık.
  3868. Tibet Tür.
    • tibet. tibetan.
  3869. Tibet Tür.
    • Tibet.
  3870. Tibet Tür.
    • Tibet.
  3871. Tibet Tür.
    • thibet.
  3872. Tibet Tür.
    • an Asian country under the control of China
    • located in the Himalayas.
  3873. Tibet Tür.
    • an Asian country under the control of China
    • located in the Himalayas.
  3874. tibet İng.
    • i. Tibet. Tibettan s., i. Tibetli
    • i. Tibet dili.
  3875. Tibet sığırı Tür.
    • yak.
  3876. Tibetçe Tür.
    • tibetan.
  3877. Tibetli Tür.
    • tibetan.
  3878. Tibetli Tür.
    • Tibetan.
  3879. tibia İng.
    • i. (çoğ. -s, -ae) anat. kaval kemiği, incik kemiği
    • hayvanın kaval kemiğinden yapılan eski bir çeşit flüt. tibial s. kaval kemiğine ait.
  3880. tic İng.
    • i. tik. tic douloureux tıb. yüz nevraljisi.
  3881. ticaret Tür.
    • mercantile. trade. commerce. business.
  3882. ticaret Tür.
    • business. commerce. trade. traffic. trading. boom. business trade.
  3883. ticaret Tür.
    • business. commerce. trade. traffic. trading.
  3884. ticaret ataşesi Tür.
    • commercial attaché. commercial counsellor. commercial secretary. trade service diplomat.
  3885. ticaret borsası Tür.
    • commodity exchange. commercial exchange.
  3886. ticaret filosu Tür.
    • mercantile fleet. commercial fleet.
  3887. ticaret gemisi Tür.
    • trader. merchant ship. merchant vessel. merchantile vessel.
  3888. ticaret gemisi Tür.
    • merchant marine.
  3889. ticaret işletmesi Tür.
    • commercial enterprise.
  3890. ticaret limanı Tür.
    • commercial port. trading port.
  3891. ticaret mahkemesi Tür.
    • commercial court. tribunal of commerce.
  3892. ticaret merkezi Tür.
    • emporium.
  3893. ticaret merkezi Tür.
    • commercial centre. emporium. centre of trade. trading / commercial center. central business district. centre center of trade. business center. commercial domicile. hub of commerce. merchandise mart. business centre.
  3894. ticaret odası Tür.
    • chamber of commerce. trade chamber.
  3895. ticaret sicili Tür.
    • commercial register. commercial registry. trade register. commercial / trade register. business index.
  3896. ticaret yapmak Tür.
    • to be engaged in business. to trade. to carry on a business. carry on commerce. merchandise. monger.
  3897. ticarethane Tür.
    • business. firm. trading house. business concerns. business establishment. business firm. business house. incorporated business. commercial house. commercial concern. trading concern. trading firm.
  3898. ticarethane Tür.
    • business.
  3899. ticari Tür.
    • commercial. trading. mercantile. merchant.
  3900. ticari Tür.
    • commercial. mercantile. trading.
  3901. ticari eşya Tür.
    • article of merchandise. articles of merchandise.
  3902. tick İng.
    • i. sakırga, kene. tick fever kenelerin naklettiği ateşli hastalık. camel tick deve kenesi, zool. Trichodectes cameli. dog tick köpek kenesi, zool. Haematopinus piliferus. sheep tick koyun kenesi, zool. Trichodoctes ovis.
  3903. tick İng.
    • i. kılıf, minder veya yastık kılıfı.
  3904. tick İng.
    • f., i. tıklamak, tıkırdamak
    • İng. çetele çekmek, işaretlerle hesap tutmak
    • tıkırında götürmek
    • i. tıkırtı, saat tıklaması
    • dikkat işareti. tick off tık tık vurarak saymak
    • işaretleyerek saymak
    • İng., (argo) azarlamak.
  3905. tick İng.
    • i., İng., k.dili. kredi, itibar
    • borç veresiye alışveriş. buy on tick veresiye almak.
  3906. tickbean İng.
    • i. Mısır baklası, ufak bakla.
  3907. ticker İng.
    • i. tıkırdayan şey
    • (argo) saat
    • (argo) kalp
    • özellikle borsa fiyatlarını şeride kaydeden cihaz. ticker tape bu cihazın üzerine fiyatları kaydettiği kâğıt şerit.
  3908. ticket İng.
    • i., f. bilet
    • etiket
    • A.B.D. bir partinin seçim namzetleri listesi
    • k.dili. trafik suçunu cezalandırmak için verilen karakol davetiyesi
    • ehliyet, ehliyet kâğıdı
    • f. etiket yapıştırmak, markasını koymak
    • bilet vermek. ticket agent bilet satan memur. ticket of leave İng., (eski) tahliye izni. ticket punch bilet zımbası. lottery ticket piyango bileti. pawn ticket rehin makbuzu. return ticket İng. gidiş dönüş bileti
    • A.B.D. dönüş bileti. round trip ticket A.B.D. gidiş dönüş bileti. season ticket bütün mevsim için geçerli bilet. just the ticket (argo) tam iş, tam adamı.
  3909. ticking İng.
    • i. minder veya tente için kullanılan sıkı dokunmuş kumaş.
  3910. tickle İng.
    • f., i. gıcıklamak, gıdıklamak
    • k.dili. eğlendirmek, memnun etmek
    • hafif hafif dokunmak
    • gıdıklanmak
    • i. gıdıklama, gıdıklanma. tickle one's fancy hoşuna gitmek. tickle the palm of rüşvet vermek. tickle grass çayırgüzeli, bot. Eragrostis major.
  3911. tickler İng.
    • i. gıdıklayan kimse veya şey
    • muhtıra defteri, borç ve vadeleri gösteren defter.
  3912. ticklish İng.
    • s. çok gıdıklanır
    • nazik, korkulur, tehlikeli. ticklishly s. nazikçe. ticklishness i. gıdıklanma
    • naziklik.
  3913. ticktack İng.
    • i. tiktak sesi, saat tıkırtısı
    • şaka yapmak için tıkırtı çıkaran bir alet.
  3914. ticktacktoe İng.
    • i. kâğıt üzerinde oynanan üç taş oyununa benzer bir oyun.
  3915. tidal İng.
    • s. met ve cezre ait
    • gelgit kabilinden
    • gelgite bağlı. tidal basin gelgit havzası. tidal clock gelgit zaman ve durumunu gösteren saat. tidal river gelgit etkisi çok içerilere kadar ulaşan ırmak. tidal wave denizaltı yer sarsıntısından ileri gelen büyük dalga
    • halk hislerinde büyük galeyan veya heyecan.
  3916. tidbit İng.
    • i. çok iyi ve lezzetli parça
    • cazip ve ilginç ufak şey.
  3917. tiddledywinks İng.
    • i. parmak kuvvetiyle disk fırlatma oyunu. play tiddledywinks k.dili. oyalanmak.
  3918. tide İng.
    • i., f. gelgit
    • met ve cezir, meddücezir
    • akıntı
    • zaman, vakit
    • mevsim, saat
    • akış, cereyan, istikamet, temayül
    • f. gelgit gibi yükselip alçalmak
    • akıntı ile gitmek
    • gelgit yardımı ile limana girmek veya çıkmak. tide gate havuzun gelgit kapısı
    • gelgit akıntısının kuvvetli olduğu yer. tide lock gelgit etkisi altında olan limandaki gemi havuzunu inmeden koruyan kapı. tide over geçici olarak yardım etmek. The tide has turned. Artık işler yoluna girdi. Time and tide wait for no man. Fırsat elden gidince bir daha bulunmaz. We have enough oil to tide us through the winter. Kışı çıkaracak kadar yakıtımız var. The tide is coming in. Deniz yükseliyor. The tide is going out. Deniz alçalıyor.
  3919. tideland İng.
    • i. gelgit sınırları arasındaki arazi.
  3920. tiderip İng.
    • i. su çevrisi, burgaç, anafor, eğrim, çevrinti.
  3921. tidewater İng.
    • i. gelgit etkisi altında kalan su
    • deniz kenarı.
  3922. tideway İng.
    • i. gelgitin girdiği kanal.
  3923. tidings İng.
    • i., çoğ. haber, havadis.
  3924. tidy İng.
    • s., i., f. üstü başı temiz
    • temiz giyimli
    • muntazam, düzenli, tertipli
    • k.dili. oldukça, epey
    • i. sandalye arkasına konan dantela örtü
    • f., (up ile) düzeltmek, temizleyip nizama koymak. tidily z. düzenle. tidiness i. düzen, tertip.
  3925. tie İng.
    • f. (-d, tying) bağlamak, raptetmek
    • düğümlemek
    • birleştirmek, bitiştirmek
    • k.dili. izdivaçla bağlamak, evlendirmek
    • müz. bağlamak
    • berabere kalmak. tie a can to (argo) kovmak. tie by the leg engel olmak. tie down kayıt altına almak, bağlamak. tie
  3926. tie İng.
    • i. bağ, düğüm
    • fiyonga
    • kravat, boyun bağı
    • rabıta, bağlantı, kayıt
    • berabere kalma
    • bir binanın kısımlarını tutan lata veya demir kuşak
    • demiryolu traversi
    • müz. bağlı nota işareti
    • çoğ. bağlı alçak ayakkabı. tie beam duvar latası. tie clasp, tie clip kravat iğnesi. tie plate demiryolunda ray ile travers arasında bağ levhası. blood ties akrabalık, kan bağı.
  3927. tie İng.
    • in with k.dili ile ilişkisi olmak. tie into hızla sarılmak
    • (argo) haşlamak
    • tutmak. tie one on (argo) sarhoş olmak. tie one's tongue susmak, susturmak. tie the knot evlenmek, evlendirmek. tie to himayesine sığınmak. tie up bağlamak
    • bağlayıp kapamak
    • meşgul olmak
    • bağlantılı olmak
    • bitirmek, sonuçlandırmak. I'd like to help you, but my hands are tied. Yardım etmeyi arzu ederdim, fakat elimde değil.
  3928. tieanddie, tiedie İng.
    • i. kumaşı düğüm atarak boyama işlemi.
  3929. tieback İng.
    • i. perdeyi bir yanda tutan şerit.
  3930. tiein İng.
    • i. bağlantı. tiein sale bir şey satın alabilmek için başka bir şeyi de alma şartı.
  3931. tier İng.
    • i. sıra, kat
    • amfide yükselen sıra.
  3932. tierce İng.
    • i. 42 galonluk fıçı
    • kil. sabahın üçüncü saati, sabah duası saati
    • üçlü takım
    • eskrimde bir vaziyet.
  3933. tierra del fuego İng.
    • Ateş arazisi, Güney Amerika'nın en güney ucundaki taklmadalar.
  3934. tieup İng.
    • i. gecikme, güçlük
    • k.dili bağlantı, ilgi.
  3935. tiff İng.
    • i., f. gücenme, hafif çekişme
    • f. gücenmek, kızmak.
  3936. tiffany İng.
    • i. çok ince muslin kumaş
    • yanardönerlik.
  3937. tiffin İng.
    • i., İng. kahvaltı, ikindi kahvaltısı.
  3938. tifo Tür.
    • typhoid. typhoid fever.
  3939. tifo Tür.
    • typhoid fever. spotted fever.
  3940. tifo Tür.
    • typhoid.
  3941. tiftik Tür.
    • mohair. fine soft wool. angora wool.
  3942. tiftik Tür.
    • mohair. angora wool.
  3943. tiftik Tür.
    • mohair. angora. angora-wool.
  3944. tiftik keçisi Tür.
    • Angora goat.
  3945. tiftiklenmek Tür.
    • to fuzz. to become fuzzy.
  3946. tifüs Tür.
    • typhus. typhus fever. gaol- fever.
  3947. tifüs Tür.
    • typhus.
  3948. tigella İng.
    • i., bot. sapçık.
  3949. tiger İng.
    • i. kaplan, zool. Panthera tigris
    • kana susamış adam, zalim adam. tiger cat kaplan gibi derisi yollu yaban kedisi
    • tekir kedi. tiger lily siyah benekli portakal rengi zambak, pars zambağı. tiger moth bir çeşit benekli pervane. tigerish s. kaplan gibi, vahşi yırtıcı.
  3950. tight İng.
    • s., z. sıkı, gergin
    • akmaz, sızmaz, su geçmez
    • dar
    • sıkışık
    • k.dili eli sıkı, cimri
    • k.dili müşkül, zor
    • zorluk çeken
    • tıkanmış
    • ucu ucuna
    • sıkı gerilmiş (ip)
    • kesat
    • (argo) sarhoş
    • tedariki güç
    • kısaltılmış (üslup)
    • z. sımsıkı. tightly z. sıkıca tightness i. sıkılık.
  3951. tighten İng.
    • f. sıkıştırmak
    • sıkışmak
    • gerginleşmek. tighten one's belt kemeri sıkmak.
  3952. tightfisted İng.
    • s. eli sıkı, cimri.
  3953. tightlaced İng.
    • s. sofu.
  3954. tightlipped İng.
    • s. ağzı sıkı, sır söylemez.
  3955. tightrope İng.
    • i. cambazlara mahsus sıkı gerilmiş ip.
  3956. tights İng.
    • i., çoğ. cambaz ve balerinlere mahsus sıkı giysi
    • külotlu çorap.
  3957. tightwad İng.
    • i., A.B.D., (argo) cimri kimse.
  3958. tigress İng.
    • i. dişi kaplan
    • zalim kadın.
  3959. tigris İng.
    • i. Dicle.
  3960. tik Tür.
    • tic. twitching. tick.
  3961. tik Tür.
    • tic. twitching.
  3962. tik Tür.
    • tic. twitch.
  3963. tik ağacı Tür.
    • teak.
  3964. tike Tür.
    • See 2d Tick.
  3965. tike Tür.
    • A tick.
  3966. tike Tür.
    • A dog
    • a cur.
  3967. tike Tür.
    • A countryman or clown
    • a boorish person.
  3968. tike İng.
    • bak. tyke.
  3969. tiksindirici Tür.
    • repellent. repugnant. sickening. revolting. nauseating. abominable. aversive. cheap. execrable. hateful. heinous. loathsome. repulsive. sickly. slimy.
  3970. tiksindirici Tür.
    • abhorrent. abominable. odious. offensive. repellent. repugnant. repulsive. loathsome. disgusting. revolting. sickening.
  3971. tiksindiricilik Tür.
    • mawkishness.
  3972. tiksindirmek Tür.
    • to revolt. to make sb sick. disgust. nauseate. sicken.
  3973. tiksinme Tür.
    • aversion. disgust. disrelish. distaste. horror.
  3974. tiksinmek Tür.
    • to be revolted by. to feel sick at the thought or sight of. to find sb / sth repugnant. abhor. to hold in abhorrence. abominate. detest. disrelish. hate. loathe. nauseate.
  3975. tiksinmek Tür.
    • abhor. abominate. loathe. revolt. to be disgusted. to detest. to loathe. to abhor. to abominate.
  3976. tiksinti Tür.
    • disgust. repugnance. revulsion. loathing. repulsion.
  3977. tiksinti Tür.
    • abhorrence. abomination. loathing. repugnance. repulsion. revulsion.
  3978. tilbury İng.
    • i. iki kişilik ve iki tekerlekli hafif araba.
  3979. tilde İng.
    • i. İspanyol alfabesinde ny diye telaffuz edildiği zaman n harfi üzerine konulan işaret.
  3980. tile İng.
    • i., f. kiremit
    • yassı tuğla
    • duvar cinisi
    • çatı üzerine kiremit yerine konan demir veya taş parçası
    • k.dili silindir şapka
    • f. kiremit kaplamak
    • mason locasında kapıcılık etmek
    • birisine sır saklayacağına dair yemin ettirmek
    • gizli tutmak.
  3981. tiler İng.
    • i. kiremitçi
    • mason locasında kapıcı.
  3982. tiling İng.
    • i. çatıyı kaplayan kiremitler.
  3983. tilki Tür.
    • fox. cunning person. sly fellow.
  3984. tilki Tür.
    • fox. cunning fellow. sly fellow. tod. crafty fellow. reynard.
  3985. tilki Tür.
    • fox.
  3986. tilkilik Tür.
    • foxiness. craftiness. cunning. slyness. wiliness.
  3987. till İng.
    • i, jeol buzulların taşıyıp yığdığı çakıl veya kum ile karışık balçık.
  3988. till İng.
    • f. çift sürmek, toprağı işlemek. tillable s. ziraate elverişli. tillage i çift sürme, ziraat, çiftçilik.
  3989. till İng.
    • i. para çekmecesi, kasa (dükkanda).
  3990. till İng.
    • (edat), (bağlaç) -e kadar, -e gelinceye kadar, zamana kadar. till now şimdiye kadar. till the end of time ebediyen. till then o vakte kadar. till I come. ben gelinceye kadar.
  3991. tiller İng.
    • i. dümen yekesi.
  3992. tiller İng.
    • i., f. kök filiz
    • sürgün
    • fidan
    • f. kökten filiz sürmek.
  3993. tiller İng.
    • i. toprağı işleyen kimse veya alet.
  3994. tilmiz Tür.
    • disciple.
  3995. tilt İng.
    • f., i. eğilmek, bir yana yatmak
    • eğmek
    • at üzerinde mızrakla hamle etmek
    • arkaya yatırmak veya eğmek
    • saldırmak için mızrağı doğrultmak
    • fabrika çekici ile dövmek
    • i. meyil, eğiklik
    • tilt oyununda hile
    • hile ikazı
    • atta mızraklı hamle oyunu
    • atışma
    • tahterevalli
    • fabrika çekici tilt at saldırmak, kavga etmek
    • itiraz etmek. tilt at wind mills hayali düşmanlara saldırmak. tilt hammer şahmerdan. tilt over devirmek. tilt up kalkmak, kaldırmak. full tilt son süratle, bütün hızı ile run full tilt into someone son hızla çarpmak.
  3996. tilt İng.
    • i. araba veya kayık tentesi.
  3997. tilth İng.
    • i. toprağı işleme, ziraat, çiftçilik, tarım
    • işlenmiş toprak.
  3998. tiltyard İng.
    • i. mızraklı hamle oyun meydanı.
  3999. tim Tür.
    • Technical Interchange Meeting.
  4000. tim Tür.
    • team.
  4001. tim Tür.
    • team.
  4002. tim Tür.
    • An XML vocabulary used to provide a standard mechanism for offering industry standards associated with the provision, procurement, and use of telecommunications equipment, products, and services.
  4003. tim Tür.
    • Abbreviation for transient intermodulation distortion.
  4004. timbal Tür.
    • See Tymbal.
  4005. timbal Tür.
    • kettledrum. timbal. tymbal.
  4006. timbal Tür.
    • A kettledrum.
  4007. timbal İng.
    • i. dümbelek
    • zool. çekirge karnının alt tarafında bulunup kanadı dokundukça ses çıkaran zar.
  4008. timbale İng.
    • i. yumurtaya bulanıp kalıba dökülmüş karışık yemek
    • davul şeklinde bir çeşit börek.
  4009. timber İng.
    • i., ünlem kereste
    • kereste ormanı
    • işlenmiş iri kereste parçası
    • madde, malzeme
    • yetenek
    • den. gemi kaburgası, gemi postası
    • ünlem Dikkat, düşüyor ! (kesilen ağaç). timber line orman sınırı. timber wolf Amerika'ya mahsus bozkurt, zool. Canis lupus timber yarding kereste deposu. timbered s. üzerinde kerestelik ağaç bulunan, ağaçlık
    • ahşap. timbering i. kereste.
  4010. timberland İng.
    • i. ormanlık arazi.
  4011. timbre İng.
    • i., müz. ses rengi.
  4012. timbrel İng.
    • i. eskiden kullanılan zilli tef.
  4013. time İng.
    • i. vakit, zaman
    • süre, müddet
    • devir, devre
    • mühlet, vade
    • saat, dakika
    • mat. kere, defa
    • kat, misil
    • müziğin tem posu
    • doğurma vakti
    • ölüm vakti, ecel. time after time, time and again tekrar tekrar. time and a half bir buçuk misli ücret. time and motion study zaman bakımından verimi artırmak için yapılan gözlem. time ball tam öğle saatini göstermek için bir çubuğun tepesinden dibine düşürülüveren top. time bargain İng., tic. vadeli alış veriş. time bomb saatli bomba. time clock memurların geliş ve gidişlerini kaydeden saat. time constant elek. cereyanın başlangıcından en yüksek derecesine kadar olan devre, zaman sabitesi. time deposit vadeli hesap. time exposure foto. uzun pozlu resim. time fuse patlayıcı maddeyi belirli bir müddetten sonra patlatan fitil. from time immemorial ezelden beri. time lag ara. time limit belirli müddet. time lock saati gelmeden açılmayan kilit. time of day günün belirli saati. time of peace barış zamanı. time out of mind hatırlanamayacak kadar eski, çok eskiden. time signature müz. zaman işareti. time study zaman bakımından verimi artırmayı güden inceleme. time zone arz derecesine göre resmi saatin aynı olduğu mıntıka. ahead of time vaktinden önce. at the same time mamafih, bununla beraber, aym zamanda. at times zaman zaman, ara sıra. behind time geç, tehirli. behind the times eski, zamanı geçmiş. doing time hapishanede. Father Time zamanın somut sembolü. for the time being şimdilik from time to time ara sıra, zaman zaman. gain time zaman kazanmak
    • ileri gitmek (saat). good times iyi günler, refahlı zamanlar. hard times kötü günler, güç zamanlar. have a good time hoş vakit geçirmek. have the time of one's life fevkalade bir vakit geçirmek. in good time tam zamanında, çabuk. in no time bir an evvel. in record time rekor sayılan müddette. in the nick of time ucu ucuna. in time vaktinde, vakitli
    • nihayet
    • uygun tempoda. keep time tempo tutmak. lose time vakit kaybetmek
    • geri kalmak (saat). make time geç kalınan zamanı kapatmak
    • belirli vakte yetiştirmek. make time with isteğini kabul ettirmeye çalışmak. on time tam zamanında. out of time temposuz, tempoya aykırı. pass the time of day vakit geçirmek. seven at a time yedişer yedişer
    • bir kerede yedi tane. take one's time with bir işi itinayla yapmak. tell the time saatin kaç olduğunu söylemek. tell time saati okuyabilmek .this time tomorrow yarın bu saatte. Time is up Vakit bitti. Time will tell Zaman gösterir. It's about time! Artık zamanı! What a time I've had of it! Neler çektim What time is it? Saat kaç?
  4014. time İng.
    • f. ayarlamak
    • uydurmak
    • saat tutmak
    • tempo tutmak.
  4015. timecard İng.
    • i. kartela, bir müessesede çalışanların geliş ve gidiş saatlerinin kaydolunduğu kart.
  4016. timeconsuming İng.
    • s. vakit alan.
  4017. timehonored İng.
    • s eski zamandan beri icra olunan, eskiliğinden dolayı muteber.
  4018. timekeeper İng.
    • i. zaman göstergesi
    • saat tutan kimse.
  4019. timeless İng.
    • s. nihayetsiz, sonsuz, ebedi
    • belirli zamanı olmayan.
  4020. timely İng.
    • s., z. yerinde olan, uygun
    • vakitli
    • z. erken
    • vaktinde, münasip vakitte. timeliness i. vakitlilik.
  4021. timeout İng.
    • i., spor oyunda kısa ara.
  4022. timepiece İng.
    • i. saat, kronometre.
  4023. times İng.
    • i., (edat) günler, zaman
    • (edat) kere.
  4024. timesaver İng.
    • i. vakit kazandıran usul, zaman kazandıran aygıt.
  4025. timeserver İng.
    • i. zamana uyan kimse, zamanın adamı.
  4026. timetable İng.
    • i. tren veya vapur tarifesi.
  4027. timetested İng.
    • s. zamanla iyiliğini ispat etmiş.
  4028. timework İng.
    • i. gündelik iş, saatle çalışma.
  4029. timeworn İng.
    • s. eskimiş, bayatlamış.
  4030. timid İng.
    • s. korkak, ürkek
    • mahcup, utangaç, çekingen. timid'ity, timidness i. utangaçlık. timidly z. ürkerek, utanarak.
  4031. timing İng.
    • i. ayarlama. timing gears motorun içinde valf ayarını temin eden iki dişli.
  4032. timocracy İng.
    • i. Eflatun'un fikrine göre şeref ve azametin hâkim prensip olduğu devlet
    • Aristo'ya göre şeref rütbelerinin servet derecelerine göre verildiği devlet idaresi.
  4033. timorous İng.
    • s. ürkek, korkak
    • ürkeklik ifade eden. timorously z. korkakça. timorousness i. ürkeklik.
  4034. timothy İng.
    • i. bir çeşit çayır otu, bot. Phleum pratense.
  4035. timpani İng.
    • i., çoğ. timballer, timpani.
  4036. timsah Tür.
    • crocodile. alligator.
  4037. timsah Tür.
    • crocodile. alligator.
  4038. timsah Tür.
    • alligator. crocodile. cayman.
  4039. timsal Tür.
    • symbol. sinnbild. bild. inbegriff.
  4040. timsal Tür.
    • symbol. image.
  4041. tin Tür.
    • When present in steel it is an undesirable impurity which gives rise to temper brittleness When used as a coating on steel, it has a good resistance to corrosion for many applications.
  4042. tin Tür.
    • Triangulated irregular network A surface representation derived from irregularly spaced sample points and breakline features The tin data set includes topological relationships between points and their proximal triangles Each sample point has an x,y coordinate and a surface, or z-value These points are connected by edges to form a set of non overlapping triangles used to represent the surface Tins are also called irregular triangular mesh or irregular triangular surface model.
  4043. tin Tür.
    • Triangulated irregular network A surface representation derived from irregularly spaced sample points and breakline features The tin data set includes topological relationships between points and their neighboring triangles Each sample point has an x,y coordinate and a surface, or z-value These points are connected by edges to form a set of non-overlapping triangles used to represent the surface Tins are also called irregular triangular mesh or irregular triangular surface model.
  4044. tin Tür.
    • Triangulated Irregular Network A series of triangles constructed using elevation data points taken from coverages These triangles are used for surface representation and display. news reading program.
  4045. tin Tür.
    • Triangulated Irregular Network.
  4046. tin Tür.
    • Triangluated Irregular Network - A spatial data structure, generated by the TESSELLATION of space into irregular, exclusive triangles. a USEnet news reader for UNIX that allows users to read and post to the thousands of Internet newsgroups worldwide.
  4047. tin Tür.
    • Transaction Identification Number.
  4048. tin Tür.
    • To cover with tin or tinned iron, or to overlay with tin foil. a silvery malleable metallic element that resists corrosion
    • used in many alloys and to coat other metals to prevent corrosion
    • obtained chiefly from cassiterite where it occurs as tin oxide prepare for soldering or brazing by applying a thin layer of solder to the surface plate with tin.
  4049. tin Tür.
    • Thin plates of iron covered with tin
    • tin plate.
  4050. tin Tür.
    • Their.
  4051. tin Tür.
    • The 9 digit number assigned by the IRS or Social Security Administration to identify an individual or inanimate entities such as corporations and trusts.
  4052. tin Tür.
    • Tax identification number.
  4053. tin Tür.
    • Tax Identification Number.
  4054. tin Tür.
    • Tax Identification Number.
  4055. tin Tür.
    • Symbol Sn.
  4056. tin Tür.
    • Situated between the board and the floor covering the full width of the court and constructed in such a manner as to make a distinctive noise when struck by the ball.
  4057. tin Tür.
    • Silvery-white metal, harder and less dense than lead Its principal ore is cassiterite Tailings pond: Pool where worthless waste rock and sludge from mining activities are stored Talc: Soft greyish, green or blue mineral composed of magnesium, silicon, oxygen and hydrogen Tectonics: Branch of geology that studies the architecture and deformations of the geological regions on the surface of a planet Tellurium: Rare silvery-white chemical element close to the metals Thorium: Radioactive grey metal Titanium: Very hard white metal extracted mainly from ilmenite iron ore Topography: General configuration of a region.
  4058. tin Tür.
    • psyche. soul.
  4059. tin Tür.
    • psyche.
  4060. tin Tür.
    • Money.
  4061. tin Tür.
    • Its compounds are designated as stannous, or stannic.
  4062. tin Tür.
    • It is not easily oxidized in the air, and is used chiefly to coat iron to protect it from rusting, in the form of tin foil with mercury to form the reflective surface of mirrors, and in solder, bronze, speculum metal, and other alloys.
  4063. tin Tür.
    • Heb bedil, a metal well known in ancient times It is the general opinion that the Phoenicians of Tyre and Sidon obtained their supplies of tin from the British Isles In Ezek 27:12 it is said to have been brought from Tarshish, which was probably a commercial emporium supplied with commodities from other places In Isa 1:25 the word so rendered is generally understood of lead, the alloy with which the silver had become mixed The fire of the Babylonish Captivity would be the means of purging out the idolatrous alloy that had corrupted the people.
  4064. tin Tür.
    • Element number 50, symbol Sn, a metal A silver white soft ductile metal occasionaly found in its native state Tin is one of the earliset known metals and was used both in its pure form as well as an alloying ingrediant by the ancients Pure tin was used by the Ancient Greeks as parts of light tight fitting armor such as shin guards Tin is corrosion resistant and has a very low melting point as well as an affinity for adhearing to other metals, thus tin plate, tin cans, babbit and solder Average density of tin, 7 298 g/cm3, 2637 lbs/cuin, 455 62 lbs/cuft Los Alamos National Laboratory periodic table entry tin.
  4065. tin Tür.
    • Chemical symbol Sn Soft, silvery-white metal with high malleability and ductility, but little tensile strength One of the earliest metals known
    • because of its hardening effects on copper, used to make bronze for fabrication of construction and hunting tools and war weapons as early as 3500 B C With a melting point of 449-degrees F and a boiling point of 4384-degrees F, tin has the longest molten-state range of any common metal
    • thus, its principal use as a steel coating and constituent in alloys to make bronze, pewter, die-casting alloys, and specialty titanium alloys Used in biocides to control insect infestation, and in solders for joining pipes or electrical conductors.
  4066. tin Tür.
    • Atomic weight 117.4.
  4067. tin Tür.
    • a silvery malleable metallic element that resists corrosion
    • used in many alloys and to coat other metals to prevent corrosion
    • obtained chiefly from cassiterite where it occurs as tin oxide. metal container for storing dry foods such as tea or flour. airtight sealed metal container for food or drink or paint etc. plate with tin. preserve in a can or tin
    • "tinned foods are not very tasty". prepare for soldering or brazing by applying a thin layer of solder to the surface.
  4068. tin Tür.
    • An ion that causes haze.
  4069. tin Tür.
    • An elementary substance found as an oxide in the mineral cassiterite, and reduced as a soft white crystalline metal, malleable at ordinary temperatures, but brittle when heated.
  4070. tin İng.
    • i., f. (-ned, -ning) s. kalay
    • teneke
    • İng. teneke kutu
    • (argo) para, (slang) mangır, mangiz
    • f. kalaylamak
    • teneke kaplamak
    • teneke kutulara doldurmak
    • s. tenekeden yapılmış. tin god tanrı gibi ululanan değersiz kimse. tin hat askerlere mahsus çelik başlık. tin lizzie A.B.D., (argo) T model Ford otomobil. tinpan alley şarkıcı ve şarkı bestecileri ile yayıncıları
    • bunların oturduğu semt. tin plate teneke kaplı çelik, saç.
  4071. tinamou İng.
    • i. bıldırcın veya kekliğe benzer ve Güney Amerika'ya mahsus bir çeşit av kuşu.
  4072. tincal İng.
    • i. tasfiye edilmemiş boraks.
  4073. tinct İng.
    • f. hafif renk vermek.
  4074. tinctorial İng.
    • s. renk veya boyaya ait
    • renk veren.
  4075. tincture İng.
    • i., f. hafif renk
    • ecza. mahlul, ruh, ispirto eriyiği
    • başka şeye katılmış cüzi şey
    • f. hafif renk vermek
    • içine katmak
    • hafifçe etkilenmek.
  4076. tinder İng.
    • i. kav, kuru ve yanıcı şey.
  4077. tinderbox İng.
    • i. kav, çakmak kutusu
    • kav gibi çok çabuk yanan şey.
  4078. tine İng.
    • i. çatal dişi
    • geyik boynuzunun çatalı. tined s çatallı, dişli.
  4079. tinea İng.
    • i., tıb. kellik gibi deri hastalığı.
  4080. tiner Tür.
    • thinner. paint thinner. thinner inceltici.
  4081. tiner Tür.
    • thinner. paint thinner.
  4082. tiner Tür.
    • thinner. naphta.
  4083. tinfoil İng.
    • i. kalay yaprağı, ince levha kalay, stanyol.
  4084. ting İng.
    • i., f. çınlama sesi
    • f. çınlamak. tingaling i. ufak zil sesi.
  4085. tinge İng.
    • f., i. hafifçe boyamak, renk vermek
    • içine başka şey karıştırmak
    • i. hafif renk
    • cüzi şey.
  4086. tingle İng.
    • f., i. (tokat, uyuşukluk veya soğuktan) yanıp acımak, sızlamak
    • i. yanıp aclma, sızlama
    • karıncalanma.
  4087. tinker İng.
    • i., f. seyyar tenekeci veya lehimci
    • tamirci
    • tamircilik
    • bir seşit uskumru
    • f. teneke kapları tamir etmek
    • kabaca tamir etmek
    • tamircilik yapmak. He doesn't give a tinker's dam veya damn Aldırış etmez. It's not worth a tinker's damn. Beş para etmez .
  4088. tinkle İng.
    • f., i. çınlamak, çıngırdamak, çmglrdatmak
    • ç.dili işemek
    • i. çıngırtı.
  4089. tinner İng.
    • i. tenekeci
    • teneke madencisi
    • kalaycı.
  4090. tinnitus İng.
    • i., tıb. kulak çınlaması.
  4091. tinny İng.
    • s. teneke gibi, teneke sesli
    • teneke tadı veren
    • kalaylı.
  4092. tinsel Tür.
    • To adorn with tinsel
    • to deck out with cheap but showy ornaments
    • to make gaudy. a thread with glittering metal foil attached a showy decoration that is basically valueless
    • "all the tinsel of self-promotion" interweave with tinsel
    • "tinseled velvet" adorn with tinsel
    • "snow flakes tinseled the trees" impart a cheap brightness to
    • "his tinseled image of Hollywood".
  4093. tinsel Tür.
    • Something shining and gaudy
    • something superficially shining and showy, or having a false luster, and more gay than valuable.
  4094. tinsel Tür.
    • Showy to excess
    • gaudy
    • specious
    • superficial.
  4095. tinsel Tür.
    • Metallic material used to add flash and color in fly tying.
  4096. tinsel Tür.
    • immaterial. moral. spiritual.
  4097. tinsel Tür.
    • A type of electrical conductor comprised of a number of tiny threads, each having a fine, flat ribbon of copper or other metal closely spiraled about it Used for small size cables requiring limpness and extra-long flex life.
  4098. tinsel Tür.
    • A shining material used for ornamental purposes
    • especially, a very thin, gauzelike cloth with much gold or silver woven into it
    • also, very thin metal overlaid with a thin coating of gold or silver, brass foil, or the like.
  4099. tinsel Tür.
    • An extra flexible conductor made by wrapping thin flat ribbons of copper or bronze around fine cotton or textile yarns of other fibrous materials This type of conductor has a low current carrying capacity insulation is generally a textile braid The intended usage is for severe flexing. a showy decoration that is basically valueless
    • "all the tinsel of self-promotion". a thread with glittering metal foil attached. impart a cheap brightness to
    • "his tinseled image of Hollywood". adorn with tinsel
    • "snow flakes tinseled the trees". interweave with tinsel
    • "tinseled velvet".
  4100. tinsel İng.
    • i., s, f. (-ed, -ing veya -led, -ling) gelin teli
    • gösterişli ve cicili bicili sey
    • ipekli veya gümüş telli kumaş
    • s. gelin teline benzer
    • cicili bicili
    • f. gelin teli ile süslemek
    • cicili bicili yapmak.
  4101. tinsmith İng.
    • i. tenekeci.
  4102. tint İng.
    • i., f. hafif renk
    • renk çeşidi
    • matb. zemin rengi
    • f. hafif renk vermek, hafif boyamak. It was red tinted with purple. Eflatuna çalan kırmızıydı.
  4103. tintinnabulum İng.
    • i. (çoğ. -la) çıngırak, çıngırdak. tintinnabulary s. çıngırağa ait
    • çıngırak sesli. tintinnabula'tion i çıngırdama
    • çan çalınması.
  4104. tintype İng.
    • bak. ferrotype.
  4105. tinware İng.
    • i. teneke kaplar.
  4106. tiny İng.
    • s. minicik, ufacık, küçücük, ufak tefek.
  4107. tion İng.
    • (sonek) -meklik, -maklık (Latince köklü fiilden isim yapmada kullamlan bir ek: separation)
  4108. tip Tür.
    • type. sort. style. cut. specimen. guy. person. bugger. johnny. customer. tip. bakhshish. baksheesh. cast. codger. cuss. ilk. job. norm. number. perk. perquisite. pourboire. vintage. beggar. bird. kind. model. nature. stripe.
  4109. tip Tür.
    • type. sort. style. cut. specimen. guy. person. bugger. johnny. customer. tip. bakhshish. baksheesh. cast. codger. cuss. ilk. job. norm. number. perk. perquisite. pourboire. vintage.
  4110. tip Tür.
    • type. breed. cast. character. lot. mansions. stripe. style.
  4111. tip Tür.
    • Tribal Implementation Plan
    • a detailed description of the measures a tribe will use to carry out its responsibilities under the Clean Air Act.
  4112. tip Tür.
    • Transportation improvements program - this is the primary spending plan for federal funding expected to flow to the region from all sources for transportation projects of all types. the radiating surface of a horn or other final element of a stack or convertor which radiates acoustic energy outwards to do work Tips may be integral with the final output element or may be removable.
  4113. tip Tür.
    • Transportation Improvement Program.
  4114. tip Tür.
    • Transportation Improvement Plan.
  4115. tip Tür.
    • To strike slightly
    • to tap.
  4116. tip Tür.
    • To lower one end of, or to throw upon the end
    • to tilt
    • as, to tip a cask
    • to tip a cart.
  4117. tip Tür.
    • To form a point upon
    • to cover the tip, top, or end of
    • as, to tip anything with gold or silver.
  4118. tip Tür.
    • To fall on, or incline to, one side.
  4119. tip Tür.
    • To bestow a gift, or douceur, upon
    • to give a present to
    • as, to tip a servant.
  4120. tip Tür.
    • To attach with a thin bead of glue Since 4-page signatures and single sheets cannot be Smyth sewn, endsheets, 4-page and 2-page signatures, plates, etc are tipped to other signatures in a sewn book. an explanation or other information which appears when the pointer hovers over an object.
  4121. tip Tür.
    • tip.
  4122. tip Tür.
    • TIROS Information Processor, handles instrument data signals and status telemetry from NOAA satellites.
  4123. tip Tür.
    • The very end of part of the key that you stick into the lock first.
  4124. tip Tür.
    • The point or extremity of anything
    • a pointed or somewhat sharply rounded end
    • the end
    • as, the tip of the finger
    • the tip of a spear.
  4125. tip Tür.
    • The interchangeable part of a gas welding or cutting torch containing exit orifices for the mixture of the combustible gases. money paid to someone for his or her personal use rather than for the use of the selling company -- "How much Gary tipped the waiter ". a useful piece of information, especially about how to do something or about the likely winner of a race or competition.
  4126. tip Tür.
    • the extreme end of something
    • especially something pointed. a relatively small amount of money given for services rendered. an indication of potential opportunity
    • "he got a tip on the stock market"
    • "a good lead for a job". a V shape
    • "the cannibal"s teeth were filed to sharp points". the top point of a mountain or hill
    • "the view from the peak was magnificent"
    • "they clambered to the summit of Monadnock". cause to tilt
    • "tip the screen upward". mark with a tip
    • "tip the arrow with the small stone". give a tip or gratuity to in return for a service, beyond the agreed-on compensation
    • "Remember to tip the waiter"
    • "fee the steward". cause to topple or tumble by pushing. to incline or bend from a vertical position
    • "She leaned over the banister". walk on one"s toes. strike lightly
    • "He tapped me on the shoulder". give insider information or advise to
    • "He tipped off the police about the terrorist plot". remove the tip from
    • "tip artichokes".
  4127. tip Tür.
    • Someone else"s idea of what you should buy The newspapers are full of them and they abound in investing circles Ignore them and make your investment decisions on the basis of your own ideas, knowledge and research That way, you know what you"re undertaking and can take full responsibility for your investment decisions, good or bad. pointed end of the blade portion of a point.
  4128. tip Tür.
    • Rubbish thrown from a quarry.
  4129. tip Tür.
    • One of the wires that makes up the local loop, Tip is the end of the jack that was used when operators use to switch the calls.
  4130. tip Tür.
    • Information given by one trader to another, which is used in making buy or sell decisions, but is not available to the general public. 1 The very frontmost section of a ski, where it is tipped upward 2) The entire front of the ski, from binding to top.
  4131. tip Tür.
    • If you get lots of results look for one that is in the /usr/ directory and ends in just sendmail This should be the path you require.
  4132. tip Tür.
    • A thin, boarded brush made of camel"s hair, used by gilders in lifting gold leaf.
  4133. tip Tür.
    • A piece of stiffened lining pasted on the inside of a hat crown.
  4134. tip Tür.
    • An explanation or other information which appears when the pointer hovers over an object.
  4135. tip Tür.
    • An end piece or part
    • a piece, as a cap, nozzle, ferrule, or point, applied to the extreme end of anything
    • as, a tip for an umbrella, a shoe, a gas burner, etc.
  4136. tip Tür.
    • Also called a toke A sum of money given to a dealer, cocktail waitress, or other employee of an establishment for efficient or well-performed service.
  4137. tip Tür.
    • A light touch or blow
    • a tap.
  4138. tip Tür.
    • A hint, or secret intimation, as to the chances in a horse race, or the like. an indication of potential opportunity
    • "he got a tip on the stock market"
    • "a good lead for a job" the extreme end of something
    • especially something pointed remove the tip from
    • "tip artichokes" mark with a tip
    • "tip the arrow with the small stone" cause to tilt
    • "tip the screen upward" give a tip or gratuity to in return for a service, beyond the agreed-on compensation
    • "Remember to tip the waiter"
    • "fee the steward".
  4139. tip Tür.
    • A gift
    • a douceur
    • a fee.
  4140. tip İng.
    • i., f. (-ped, -ping) sadaka, bahşiş
    • ima
    • tavsiye
    • f. bahşiş vermek. tip off k.dili sır vermek
    • tavsiye etmek. tipping i. bahşis verme usulu.
  4141. tip İng.
    • f. (-ped, -pinu), i. bir yana yatırmak veya eğmek
    • şapkayla selam vermek
    • hafifçe vurmak
    • bir yana yatmak veya eğilmek
    • i. meyil
    • hafif vuruş
    • İng. çöplük. tip over devirmek, devrilmek. tip the scales ağırlığında olmak
    • etkilemek.
  4142. tip İng.
    • i., f. (-ped, -ping) uç, burun
    • tepe, doruk
    • f. uç yapmak, burun şekli vermek
    • ucunu kapamak, ucuna bir şey takmak. tip to tip uç uca. on the tip of my tongue dilimin ucunda.
  4143. tip İng.
    • f. (-ped, -ping) i .hafif hafif vurmak, tıkırdatmak
    • i hafif vuruş, tıkırdatma.
  4144. tipcart İng.
    • i. yük taşıyıp boşaltmaya mahsus at arabası.
  4145. tipcat İng.
    • i. çelikçomak oyunu.
  4146. tipi Tür.
    • blizzard. snowstorm.
  4147. tipi Tür.
    • blizzard. snowstorm.
  4148. tipi Tür.
    • a native American tent
    • usually of conical shape.
  4149. tipik Tür.
    • typical. modal.
  4150. tipik Tür.
    • typical. characteristic. characteristical. modal. normal. ordinary. representative.
  4151. tipik Tür.
    • characteristic. classic. representative. typical.
  4152. tipoff İng.
    • i., k.dili ima, ihtar.
  4153. tippet İng.
    • i. boyun atkısı.
  4154. tipple İng.
    • f., i. içki içmeyi adet haline getirmek
    • i. içki. tippler i. akşamcı.
  4155. tipstaff İng.
    • i. (çoğ. staves) maden başlıklı asa
    • (çoğ staffs) bu asayı taşıyan memur, kavas, mübaşir.
  4156. tipster İng.
    • i., k.dili yarışlarda önceden gizli bilgi veren kimse.
  4157. tipsy İng.
    • s. sarhoş, çakırkeyif
    • çarpık. tipsily z. sarhoşça
    • eğri bir şekilde. tipsiness i. sarhoşluk
    • eğrilik.
  4158. tiptoe İng.
    • i., f., s. ayak parmağmın ucu
    • f. ayak parmağının ucuna basarak yürumek
    • sessizce yürümek
    • s. ayak ucunda yürüyen veya danseden
    • meraklı.
  4159. tiptop İng.
    • i., s. en yüksek derece
    • bir şeyin tam tepesi
    • k.dili en iyi kalite
    • s. en âIâ.
  4160. tirade İng.
    • i. tirad
    • azarlama kabilinden uzun sert söz
    • müz. sere.
  4161. tirailleur İng.
    • i., ask. avcı neferi, nişancı.
  4162. tiraj Tür.
    • circulation. circulation. press run. circulation rate. total circulation.
  4163. tiraj Tür.
    • circulation. circulation.
  4164. tiramola Tür.
    • tacking. putting a sailing ship about.
  4165. tiran Tür.
    • Tirane.
  4166. tiran Tür.
    • Tirana.
  4167. tirana İng.
    • i. Tiran, Arnavutluk'un başkenti.
  4168. tirat Tür.
    • tirade.
  4169. tirat Tür.
    • harangue.
  4170. tirbuşon Tür.
    • corkscrew.
  4171. tirbuşon Tür.
    • corkscrew.
  4172. tire Tür.
    • To seize, rend, or tear something as prey
    • to be fixed upon, or engaged with, anything.
  4173. tire Tür.
    • To seize, pull, and tear prey, as a hawk does.
  4174. tire Tür.
    • To exhaust the strength of, as by toil or labor
    • to exhaust the patience of
    • to wear out
    • to weary
    • to fatigue
    • to jade. hoop that covers a wheel
    • "automobile tires are usually made of rubber and filled with compressed air" exhaust or tire through overuse or great strain or stress
    • "We wore ourselves out on this hike" get tired of something or somebody.
  4175. tire Tür.
    • To become weary
    • to be fatigued
    • to have the strength fail
    • to have the patience exhausted
    • as, a feeble person soon tires.
  4176. tire Tür.
    • To adorn
    • to attire
    • to dress.
  4177. tire Tür.
    • The part of the wheel that comes in contact with the ground.
  4178. tire Tür.
    • The casing-and-tread assembly that is mounted on a vehicle to provide pneumatically cushioned contact and traction with the road.
  4179. tire Tür.
    • See Tier.
  4180. tire Tür.
    • People usually think that tires are made of rubber This is understandable, because rubber is all that you can see A tire is actually made up of three parts: The beads are two hoops of strong steel wire The cords, cloth forming the body of the tire, woven between the two beads Most modern tires use nylon cords The rubber, which covers all the other parts The rubber on the part that contacts the road is thicker, and is called the tread A bicycle tire is not airtight by itself, so it uses an inner tube, which is basically a doughnut-shaped rubber balloon The inner tube has a valve to allow you to blow it up This site includes an extensive article on Tires and also an article explaining the different Tire Sizing systems.
  4181. tire Tür.
    • People usually think that tires are made of rubber This is understandable, because rubber is all that you can see A tire is actually made up of three parts: The beads are two hoops of strong steel wire The cords, cloth forming the body of the tire, woven between the two beads Most modern tires use nylon cords The rubber, which covers all the other parts The rubber on the part that contacts the road is thicker, and is called the tread A bicycle tire is not airtight by itself, so it uses an inner tube, which is basically a doughnut-shaped rubber balloon The inner tube has a valve to allow you to blow it up.
  4182. tire Tür.
    • hyphen. dash.
  4183. tire Tür.
    • hyphen.
  4184. tire Tür.
    • hoop that covers a wheel
    • "automobile tires are usually made of rubber and filled with compressed air". get tired of something or somebody. exhaust or tire through overuse or great strain or stress
    • "We wore ourselves out on this hike". deplete
    • "exhaust one"s savings"
    • "We quickly played out our strength". cause to be bored.
  4185. tire Tür.
    • Furniture
    • apparatus
    • equipment.
  4186. tire Tür.
    • cotton thread. sewing cotton. hyphen.
  4187. tire Tür.
    • Attire
    • apparel.
  4188. tire Tür.
    • A tier, row, or rank.
  4189. tire Tür.
    • A tall monument Usage: "Lord willin" and the creek don"t rise, I sure do hope to see that Eiffel Tire in Paris sometime ". standard solid, cushion solid, pneumatic or solid pneumatic style tire.
  4190. tire Tür.
    • A hoop or band, as of metal, on the circumference of the wheel of a vehicle, to impart strength and receive the wear.
  4191. tire Tür.
    • A covering for the head
    • a headdress.
  4192. tire Tür.
    • A child"s apron, covering the breast and having no sleeves
    • a pinafore
    • a tier.
  4193. tire İng.
    • f., i. yorulmak
    • bitkin olmak
    • usanmak, bıkmak
    • yormak
    • usandırmak, bıktırmak
    • i. yorgunluk, bitkinlik tire of bıkmak, usanmak. tire out yormak.
  4194. tire , (ıng). tyre İng.
    • i. lastik, tekerlek çemberi veya lastiği. radial tire radyal lastik.
  4195. tired İng.
    • s. yorgun, bitkin, bitap
    • usanmış, bıkmış. tired of waiting beklemekten usanmış. tired'ness i. yorgunluk.
  4196. tireless İng.
    • s. yorulmaz, çok. faal tirelessly z. yorulmadan tirelessness i. yorulmama.
  4197. tiresome İng.
    • s. yorucu, sıkıcı. tire somely z. yorucu surette. tiresomeness i. yoruculuk.
  4198. tiril tiril Tür.
    • gauzy. filmy. spanking clean.
  4199. tirit Tür.
    • toast soaked in unthickened meat gravy or sugary syrup. sop.
  4200. tirit Tür.
    • sop. sippet.
  4201. tiritleşmek Tür.
    • to get very old and feeble.
  4202. tiriz Tür.
    • batten. border. moulding. lath. binding. slatting. slat. strip. stripe. square moulding. mould. lacing. trim. rectangular. mold. paint stripper. ribbon. scarf.
  4203. tirlin Tür.
    • drawing pen. ruling pen.
  4204. tiro İng.
    • bak. tyro.
  4205. tiroit Tür.
    • thyroid. thyroid gland.
  4206. tiroit Tür.
    • thyroid. thyroid gland.
  4207. tiroit bezi Tür.
    • thyroid gland.
  4208. tirşe Tür.
    • parchment. pale green. of a delicate pea- green color. vellum.
  4209. tirşe Tür.
    • bluish green.
  4210. tiryaki Tür.
    • addicted. inveterate. confirmed. addict. fiend.
  4211. tiryaki Tür.
    • addict.
  4212. tiryakilik Tür.
    • addiction.
  4213. tis İng.
    • kıs. it is.
  4214. tisane İng.
    • i. çay, ıhlamur.
  4215. tişört Tür.
    • tshirt. t-shirt. tee shirt.
  4216. tişört Tür.
    • T-shirt. tee shirt. t shirt.
  4217. tişört Tür.
    • tee-shirt. t-shirt.
  4218. tissue İng.
    • i., f. kumaş, ince tül kumaş
    • kağıt mendil
    • dokunmus şey
    • seri, silsile
    • biyol. doku, nesiç
    • ince kağıt
    • f dokumak. tissue culture biyol. hayvan veya bitki dokularının organizma dışındaki bir ortam için de yaşatılması veya yetiştirilmesi, doku kültürü. tissue paper ince kâğıt, ipek kağıt. support tissue biyol. destek doku.
  4219. tit İng.
    • i. baştankara, zool. Parus major.
  4220. tit İng.
    • i. meme baş.
  4221. tit İng.
    • i. vuruş
    • yumruk. tit for tat yumruğa yumruk, misli ile mukabele, kısasa kısas.
  4222. titan Tür.
    • titanium.
  4223. titan Tür.
    • Titanic. the largest of the satellites of Saturn
    • has a hazy nitrogen atmosphere any of the primordial giant gods who ruled the Earth until overthrown by Zeus
    • the Titans were offspring of Uranus and Gaea.
  4224. titan Tür.
    • The satellite of Jupiter which was turned into a prison world for all Mega-City One Judges Standard sentence for crimes committed by Judges is a Twenty year stretch of Forced labour mining in a extremely lethal atmosphere, only severe bio-engineering enabled to work in this environment Turning the prisoners into a sort of cyborg Prison revolt lead by Judge Grice and blows up the moon unpon escape in 2116 No sign of a replacement yet but continues have importance as place Joe Dredd sent his brother Rico.
  4225. titan Tür.
    • The largest satellite of Saturn, and the only moon in our solar system that has a substantial atmosphere.
  4226. titan Tür.
    • Manufacturer of a 2-cycle engine used in some karting classes.
  4227. titan Tür.
    • A satellite of Saturn orbiting at a mean distance of 1,222,000 kilometers.
  4228. titan Tür.
    • a person of exceptional importance and reputation. any of the primordial giant gods who ruled the Earth until overthrown by Zeus
    • the Titans were offspring of Uranus and Gaea. the largest of the satellites of Saturn
    • has a hazy nitrogen atmosphere.
  4229. titan İng.
    • i., Yu. mit. Titan
    • muazzam kuvvet veya kabiliyeti olan kimse
    • Satürn gezegeninin en buyük uydusu. titan'ic s. muazzam, beşerden üstün.
  4230. titanium İng.
    • i., kim. titan.
  4231. titbit İng.
    • i., İng. ala lokma, çok iyi ve lezzetli parça.
  4232. tithe İng.
    • i., f. ondalık, öşür
    • onda bir
    • ufak kısım
    • aşar vergisi
    • f. gelirin onda birini kiliseye vermek
    • aşar vergisini vermek
    • onda bir nispetinde vergi koymak. tithefree s. aşardan muaf. tithepayer i. aşar vergisi veya ondalık veren kimse. tith'ing i. aşar vergisi koyma veya verme.
  4233. titian İng.
    • i kızll saç rengi
    • kızıl saçll kız
  4234. titillate İng.
    • f gıcıklamak, gıdıklamak
    • hisleri okşamak. titilla'tion i. gıdılklama, gıdıklanma
    • geçici tatlı his.
  4235. titivate İng.
    • f., k.dili şıklaştırmak, süslemek
    • süslenmek.
  4236. titiz Tür.
    • peevish. fastidious. choosy. fussy. difficult. critical. careful. exacting. particular. cleanly. dainty. demanding. exact. exigent. finical. finicking. finicky. hypercritical. jealous. jealous of. meticulous. niggling. niminy-piminy. pernickety. rigo.
  4237. titiz Tür.
    • fastidious. particular. hard to please. exacting. choosy. discriminating. meticulous. peevish. accurate. captious. careful. dainty. delicate. difficult. finicky. fussy. nice. old maid. overparticular. pernickety. picky. precious. pricky. queasy. querulous.
  4238. titiz Tür.
    • choosy. close. exact. fastidious. fussy. meticulous. particular. pedant. precise. punctilious. rigorous. scrupulous. strict. thorough. choosey. finicky. peevish. hard to please.
  4239. titizlenmek Tür.
    • to become hard to please. to become particular / meticulous / peevish.
  4240. titizlik Tür.
    • peevishness. fastidiousness. meticulousness. fussiness. particularity. daintiness. niceness. nicety. punctilio. rigor. rigour. scrupulousness. thoroughness.
  4241. titizlik Tür.
    • fastidiousness. fussiness. meticulousness.
  4242. titizlik Tür.
    • fastidiousness. choosiness. meticulousness. peevishness. enginess.
  4243. titizlikle Tür.
    • religiously.
  4244. titizlikle Tür.
    • fussily. meticulously. exactly.
  4245. titizlikle Tür.
    • fastidiously. painstakingly.
  4246. title İng.
    • i., f. başlık, serlevha, kitap başlşığı
    • lakap, ünvan, isim
    • rütbe ismi
    • huk. tasarruf hakkı, istihkak
    • huk. tasarruf se nedi, tapu
    • f. lakap veya ünvan vermek
    • kitaba ad koymak. title deed tapu senedi, tasarruf belgiti. title page baş sayfa, başlık sayfası. title role piyese adını veren karakter. a just title haklı tasarruf
    • alma veya malik olma hakkı. titled s. asalet unvanı olan isimlendirilmiş.
  4247. titleholder İng.
    • i. unvan sahibi, şampiyonluk ünvanına sahip kimse.
  4248. titmouse İng.
    • i. (çoğ. -mice) baştan kara, zool. Parus major bearded titmouse bıyıklı baştankara, zool. Panurus biarmicus. blue titmouse mavi baştankara, fanta, zool. Parus caeruleus. coal titmouse iskete, sam baştankarası, zool. Parus ater. long tailed titmouse uzun kuyruklu baştankara, zool. Aegithalos caudatus. marsh titmouse bataklık baştankarası, zool. Parus palustrisı penduline titmouse çulhakuşu, zool. Parus pendulinus.
  4249. titrate İng.
    • f, kim titre etmek titra'tion i titre, titrasyon.
  4250. titrek Tür.
    • shivery.
  4251. titrek Tür.
    • shaky. shaking. trembling. quivering. quaking. tremulous. tottery. unsteady. vibrant.
  4252. titrek Tür.
    • doddering. shaky. tremulous. wobbly. trembling. shaking. quivering. quaky. flickering.
  4253. titreklik Tür.
    • vibrancy.
  4254. titreklik Tür.
    • shakiness. tremulousness.
  4255. titreme Tür.
    • shaking. trembling. the shivers. shivering. vibration. quake. quiver. thrill. chill. dither. flicker. judder. pulsation. quaking. rigor. rigour. shake. shimmy. shiver. shudder. tremble. tremor. trepidation.
  4256. titreme Tür.
    • flicker. shake. vibration. shaking. quivering. trembling. shivering. oscillation. wabble. wobble. rattle. undulation. jar. swing. dither. flutter. quake. quaver. quiver. rigour. shudder. tremble. tremor.
  4257. titreme Tür.
    • chill. flicker. quaver. quiver. shake. shiver. tremble. tremor. wobble. trembling.
  4258. titremek Tür.
    • shake. tremble. quake. shiver. vibrate. dither. flicker. flutter. jerk. judder. pulsate. pulse. quiver. shimmy. shudder. thrill. throb. waver. wobble.
  4259. titremek Tür.
    • flicker. judder. palpitate. quail. quake. shiver. shudder. tremble. vibrate. wobble. to tremble. to shiver. to shudder. to quiver. to flicker. to falter. to quake. quiver.
  4260. titremek Tür.
    • dither.
  4261. titreşim Tür.
    • vibration. resonance. oscillation.
  4262. titreşim Tür.
    • vibration. oscillation. pulse. pulsation. beat. fade-out. judder. undulation.
  4263. titreşim Tür.
    • resonance. vibration. shivering. trembling. shaking. quivering. beat. vibrancy.
  4264. titreşimli Tür.
    • resonant. vibrant.
  4265. titreşimli Tür.
    • oscillatory. vibratory.
  4266. titreşimsiz Tür.
    • vibration free.
  4267. titreşme Tür.
    • oscillation.
  4268. titreşme Tür.
    • oscillation.
  4269. titreşmek Tür.
    • to tremble. to quake. to vibrate. to shiver.
  4270. titretmek Tür.
    • to cause sb / sth to shiver / to tremble / to shake / to quiver / to flutte. to cause to flatter. to flicker. to terrify.
  4271. titretmek Tür.
    • pulsate. quiver. vibrate. to cause to tremble. to quiver.
  4272. titter İng.
    • f., i. kıkır kıkır gülmek, kıkırdamak
    • i kıkır kıkır gü1üş.
  4273. tittle İng.
    • i. harf üzerine konulan işaret, nokta
    • zerre, en ufak şey.
  4274. tittletattle İng.
    • i., f. dedikodu
    • dedikoducu veya geveze kimse
    • f., dedikodu yapmak.
  4275. tittup İng.
    • f. (-ped, -ping) i. canlılıkla hareket etmek, kıvrak olmak
    • i. kıvraklık, canlılık.
  4276. titubation İng.
    • i., tıb. omurilik hastalıklarından meydana gelen dengesizlik ve sendeleme.
  4277. titular İng.
    • s., i. lakaba ait
    • unvandan dolayl olan
    • yalnız unvandan ibaret
    • unvan veren
    • i. görev veya sorumluluğu olmayıp yalnız unvanı olan kimse
    • fiili varlığı kalmamış bir piskoposluğun unvanını alıp merkezde kalan piskopos. titulary s. unvan dan ibaret, unvana ait. titularly s. yalnız unvandan ibaret şekilde.
  4278. tiyatro Tür.
    • theater. theatre. playhouse. play.
  4279. tiyatro Tür.
    • playhouse. showman. stage. theatre. theater. drama. play.
  4280. tiyatro Tür.
    • drama. house. playhouse. stage.
  4281. tiyatrocu Tür.
    • thespian.
  4282. tiyatrocu Tür.
    • theater owner.
  4283. tiyatroculuk Tür.
    • theatrical technique. the theater business. acting.
  4284. tiyatroculuk Tür.
    • show business. show biz.
  4285. tiz Tür.
    • shrill. strident. treble. shrill. sharp. high. high-pitched.
  4286. tiz Tür.
    • shrill. sharp. high. penetrating.
  4287. tiz Tür.
    • high pitched. sharp. high-toned. shrill. clear. strident.
  4288. tizzy İng.
    • i., (argo) heyecan. all in a tizzy çok heyecanlı.
  4289. tıbben Tür.
    • medically. in medical terms. for medical reasons.
  4290. tıbben Tür.
    • medically.
  4291. tıbbi Tür.
    • medical. surgical. medicinal. aesculapian.
  4292. tıbbi Tür.
    • medical. medicine. medical science.
  4293. tıbbi Tür.
    • medical. medicinal.
  4294. tıbbiye Tür.
    • medical school. school of medicine.
  4295. tıbbiyeli Tür.
    • medical student.
  4296. tıfıl Tür.
    • child.
  4297. tığ Tür.
    • hooked needle. awl. plane bit.
  4298. tığ Tür.
    • awl. needle. crochet. bodkin. crochet-hook.
  4299. tığ Tür.
    • awl. knitting needle. crochet needle. needle.
  4300. tık Tür.
    • cram.
  4301. tıka basa Tür.
    • full to the brim.
  4302. tıkaç Tür.
    • stopper. plug. gag. tampon. cork. wadding. bung. filler. packing. spigot. spill. stopple. wad. plug.
  4303. tıkaç Tür.
    • cork. plug. stopper. tap. wad. tampon. peg. spigot. gag. clog. dowel. stopple. spile. faucet. bung. fill- up. pad. wadding.
  4304. tıkaç Tür.
    • bung. plug. stopper. tap. wad. plug of cloth. gag.
  4305. tıkaçlamak Tür.
    • to plug. to stopple. to close sth up with a plug or stopper.
  4306. tıkalı Tür.
    • stopped. stopped up. clogged. congested. locked. plugged. choked. stoppled. stuffed. corked. stagnant.
  4307. tıkalı Tür.
    • plugged. blocked. choked up. stuffy. stuffed. bunged up. engorged.
  4308. tıkalı Tür.
    • congested. stopped up. plugged. blocked. congested. stuffed up. stuffy.
  4309. tıkama Tür.
    • plugging. stopping. obstruction. choking up. stoppage. obturation. occlusion. sealing. springing.
  4310. tıkama Tür.
    • obstruction. stopping. clogging. barrage. choke. stoppage n.
  4311. tıkamak Tür.
    • to plug. to stop. to clog. to congest. to obstruct. to stuff. to block. to lock. to stopple. to cork. to seal. to tamp. to shut in. to shut down. to occlude. to obturate. to jam. to smother. bung up. choke. choke up. close. cram. stop up. trap.
  4312. tıkamak Tür.
    • stop. plug. choke up. choke. obstruct. block. block up. stop up. clog. stuff. bung. bung up. congest. engorge. foul. foul up. glut. hold. jam. obturate. occlude. plug up. seal off. spike. spile. stopple. tampon. wad.
  4313. tıkamak Tür.
    • block. chock. choke. clog. cover. jam. obstruct. plug. stop. stuff. wad.
  4314. tıkanık Tür.
    • stopped up. chokeed. congested. choked.
  4315. tıkanık Tür.
    • congested. stopped. obstructed. clogged. stuffed. blocked. tamped. shut. jammed. suffocated. stuck. restricted.
  4316. tıkanıklık Tür.
    • bottleneck. congestion. stoppage. cloggage. obstruction. blocking. jam. stagnation. suffocation. jamming. snarl up.
  4317. tıkanıklık Tür.
    • block. blockage. congestion. jam. stoppage. bottleneck.
  4318. tıkanıklık Tür.
    • being choked up. stoppage. blockage. deadlock. bottleneck. hold-up. jam. tie-up. congestion. stuffiness.
  4319. tıkanma Tür.
    • blockage. obstruction. stoppage n.
  4320. tıkanma Tür.
    • blockage. clogging. obstruction. congestion.
  4321. tıkanma Tür.
    • being choked up. being stopped. occlusion. stoppage.
  4322. tıkanmak Tür.
    • to be plugged. to be stopped. to be clogged. to be congested. to gasp for breath. suddenly to feel full. choke up. clog. congest. engorge. obstruct.
  4323. tıkanmak Tür.
    • choke. clog.
  4324. tıkanmak Tür.
    • be choked up. be stopped. come to a deadlock. be jammed. be stuffy. choke. choke up. clog. congest. deadlock. foul up. stifle. suffocate.
  4325. tıkılmak Tür.
    • to be crammed into. to be jammed into. to be forcibly / quickly thrust into.
  4326. tıkınmak Tür.
    • to stuff oneself with food to cram it in. to pack it away. to eat. bolt. cram. gulp. pig.
  4327. tıkınmak Tür.
    • to gorge on. to gorge. to tuck in. to stuff oneself.
  4328. tıkınmak Tür.
    • cram. tuck in. bolt. stuff oneself. batten. engorge. gorge. gormandize. guzzle. ingurgitate. put away. shift. stodge. stuff.
  4329. tıkır Tür.
    • rattle. click.
  4330. tıkırdamak Tür.
    • to rattle lightly. to make a light rattling sound to tick lightly. rattle.
  4331. tıkırdamak Tür.
    • clink. click. tick. clack.
  4332. tıkırdatmak Tür.
    • to rattle sth lightly. click. tap. tick.
  4333. tıkırdatmak Tür.
    • rattle. tap. click.
  4334. tıkırtı Tür.
    • light rattle. light chick / tick. click. tap.
  4335. tıkırtı Tür.
    • clinking. rattling. click. tick. clack. patter. tap.
  4336. tıkırtı Tür.
    • clack. click. tick. a rattling or clinking sound. rattle. clink.
  4337. tıkış tıkış Tür.
    • crowded.
  4338. tıkışık Tür.
    • crammed. squeezed. crowded.
  4339. tıkışmak Tür.
    • to cram. to squeeze themselves into a place.
  4340. tıkıştırmak Tür.
    • tuck. stuff. cram. huddle. huddle together. shove. squeeze.
  4341. tıkıştırmak Tür.
    • stuff.
  4342. tıklamak Tür.
    • tick.
  4343. tıklatmak Tür.
    • click.
  4344. tıklım tıklım Tür.
    • very crowded. packed. jammed (with people. chock full. jam packed.
  4345. tıkmak Tür.
    • tuck in. tuck. stuff. cram. coop. put. shove. wedge.
  4346. tıkmak Tür.
    • to cram. to jam. to thrust. to stick sb / sth into a place. pen.
  4347. tıkmak Tür.
    • cram. jam. stuff. tuck. to jam into -to cram into-. to thrust. to squeeze. to stuff. to cram. to coop sb/sth up.
  4348. tıknaz Tür.
    • short and plump. chunky. heavy set. podgy. pudgy. thickset.
  4349. tıknaz Tür.
    • dumpy. podgy. stocky. stumpy. tubby. plump. fat. chunky. thickset.
  4350. tıknaz Tür.
    • blocky.
  4351. tıknazlık Tür.
    • plumpness.
  4352. tıksırmak Tür.
    • to sneeze with one"s mouth shut.
  4353. tılsım Tür.
    • talisman. charm. amulet. spell.
  4354. tılsım Tür.
    • taliman. amulet. charm. talisman.
  4355. tılsım Tür.
    • spell. talisman. charm. magical spell. amulet.
  4356. tılsımlı Tür.
    • enchanted. under a spell.
  4357. tımar Tür.
    • grooming. fief held under condition of military service. benefice. crown land. feoffment. feud. feudal tenure. fief feoff. manor. vassalage.
  4358. tımar Tür.
    • grooming. currying. feudality. fief. feud. benefice. manor. vassalage. vavasour.
  4359. tımarcı Tür.
    • groom. stableman.
  4360. tımarhane Tür.
    • lunatic asylum. insane. nut house. bedlam. detention hospital. institution. mental institution. madhouse. nut college. reception institute. retreat.
  4361. tımarhane Tür.
    • bedlam.
  4362. tımarhane Tür.
    • asylum. bin. bughouse. nuthouse. lunatic asylum. mental hospital.
  4363. tımarhane kaçkını Tür.
    • escaped lunatic.
  4364. tımarhanelik Tür.
    • sb who is fit for the insane asylum.
  4365. tımarlamak Tür.
    • to groom.
  4366. tın Tür.
    • loam.
  4367. tıngırdatmak Tür.
    • to make clang / rattle. clink.
  4368. tıngırtı Tür.
    • twang.
  4369. tıngırtı Tür.
    • metallic clang or rattle. clink.
  4370. tını Tür.
    • timbre. tone.
  4371. tını Tür.
    • timbre. tone.
  4372. tınlamak Tür.
    • clang. clink. to clang. to clink. to ring. to resonate. to resound.
  4373. tıpa Tür.
    • stopper. plug. cork. bung. stopple. tampon. wad.
  4374. tıpa Tür.
    • stopper. cork.
  4375. tıpa Tür.
    • cork. spigot. stopper. stopple. plug. peg. cap. bling flange. tap. dowel. stopcock. bung.
  4376. tıpalamak Tür.
    • bung. cork.
  4377. tıpatıp Tür.
    • perfectly. exactly. to a hair. toucher to a.
  4378. tıpatıp Tür.
    • exactly. to the life.
  4379. tıpkı Tür.
    • selfsame. exactly like. in just the same way. just like. all over.
  4380. tıpkı Tür.
    • identical. spitting image. just like. exactly like sb / sth. exactly (the same. according as. facsimile. to the life. self-same.
  4381. tıpkı Tür.
    • identical. same. selfsame. the same. just like. just as. to a hair. all over. all of a piece.
  4382. tıpkıbasım Tür.
    • fascimile. exact copy. facsimile. facsimile edition. facsimile print.
  4383. tıpkıçekim Tür.
    • photocopying.
  4384. tıpkısı Tür.
    • look alike. same. very.
  4385. tıpkısı Tür.
    • facsimile. living image of.
  4386. tırabzan Tür.
    • banister. stair rail. parapet. guard. guardrail. handrail.
  4387. tırabzan babası Tür.
    • newel.
  4388. tıraş Tür.
    • shave. shaving. haircut. boring talk. bragging. rhetoric.
  4389. tıraş Tür.
    • shave. shaving. haircut.
  4390. tıraş bıçağı Tür.
    • razor.
  4391. tıraş bıçağı Tür.
    • razor.
  4392. tıraş losyonu Tür.
    • after-shave. aftershave.
  4393. tıraş makinesi Tür.
    • razor. safety razor.
  4394. tıraş olmak Tür.
    • shave.
  4395. tıraşçı Tür.
    • person who likes to pull people"s legs. very boring and excessively talkative person.
  4396. tıraşlamak Tür.
    • to smooth away the rough edges on. to plane. to bore sb to death with a lot of talk. crop.
  4397. tıraşlı Tür.
    • shaved. shaven. sb who needs a shave. smoothed. planed. clean shaven.
  4398. tıraşlı Tür.
    • shaved.
  4399. tıraşsız Tür.
    • unshaved. unshaven. sb who needs a shave.
  4400. tıraşsız Tür.
    • unshaved.
  4401. tırık Tür.
    • rattle. rattling sound.
  4402. tırınk Tür.
    • clink of coins.
  4403. tırıs Tür.
    • trot.
  4404. tırmalama Tür.
    • laceration. scrabble. scramble.
  4405. tırmalamak Tür.
    • to scratch. to claw. lacerate. scrabble. scramble.
  4406. tırmalamak Tür.
    • scratch. claw. scrabble.
  4407. tırmalamak Tür.
    • claw. lacerate. maul. scratch. to scratch. to offend. to claw. to irritate. to jar on.
  4408. tırmalanmak Tür.
    • to be scratched. to be clawed. scrabble.
  4409. tırmanıcı Tür.
    • climber.
  4410. tırmanış Tür.
    • climb. climbing.
  4411. tırmanma Tür.
    • climbing. climb.
  4412. tırmanma Tür.
    • ascent. climb. scramble. climbing.
  4413. tırmanma şeridi Tür.
    • climbing lane. climbing lane.
  4414. tırmanmak Tür.
    • to climb. to climb up. to gain altitude. to escalate. to increase. ascend. get up. mount. scale. swarm.
  4415. tırmanmak Tür.
    • shinny. climb. cling. ascend. clamber. entwine. intwine. scale. shin. soar.
  4416. tırmanmak Tür.
    • ascend. clamber. climb. mount.
  4417. tırmık Tür.
    • rake. scratch. clawed place. wound made by an animal"s claw or a person"s fingernail. raker. harrow. nip. scarifier. drag. godevil. rack. dredge. lawn rake. go- devil.
  4418. tırmık Tür.
    • garden rake.
  4419. tırmık Tür.
    • drag. rake. scratch. harrow.
  4420. tırmıklama Tür.
    • scrabble.
  4421. tırmıklamak Tür.
    • to scratch. to claw. rake. scotch.
  4422. tırmıklamak Tür.
    • rake. to scratch. to rake. to harrow.
  4423. tırmıklamak Tür.
    • rake. harrow. rake over. seam.
  4424. tırmıklanmak Tür.
    • to be scratched. to be clawed. to be smoothed with a rake.
  4425. tırnak Tür.
    • nail. fingernail. claw. cam.
  4426. tırnak Tür.
    • fingernail. nail. toenail. claw. hoof. inverted commas. quotation marks.
  4427. tırnak Tür.
    • finger nail. lug. strut. back stop. prong. trippet. extractor. pallet. point. hoof. dog. ungula. talon. tumbler. tab. cam. gab. cog. joggle. ear. knockout. knockup. finger. finger grip. quotation marks. claw. fingernail.
  4428. tırnak işareti Tür.
    • quotation mark.
  4429. tırnak işareti Tür.
    • inverted comma. quotation marks. inverted commas. turned commas.
  4430. tırnak makası Tür.
    • nail scissors.
  4431. tırnakçı Tür.
    • pickpocket. thief.
  4432. tırnaklamak Tür.
    • to scratch. to claw.
  4433. tırnaklamak Tür.
    • scratch.
  4434. tırnaklanmak Tür.
    • to be scratched. to be clawed.
  4435. tırnaklı Tür.
    • which has nails. claws or hooves.
  4436. tırnaklı Tür.
    • unguiculate.
  4437. tırnaklı Tür.
    • having nails. having claws. spiked.
  4438. tırpan Tür.
    • scythe.
  4439. tırpan Tür.
    • scythe.
  4440. tırpancı Tür.
    • haymaker.
  4441. tırpanlamak Tür.
    • to scythe. mow.
  4442. tırtık Tür.
    • notch.
  4443. tırtık Tür.
    • nick. notch.
  4444. tırtık tırtık Tür.
    • full of nicks or notches.
  4445. tırtıkçı Tür.
    • pickpocket.
  4446. tırtıklamak Tür.
    • to steel. to nick. fleece.
  4447. tırtıklı Tür.
    • rough. uneven. jagged.
  4448. tırtıklı Tür.
    • notched. nicked. serrated. jagged. jaggy. rough. uneven.
  4449. tırtıl Tür.
    • caterpillar. larva. track. knurl.
  4450. tırtıl Tür.
    • caterpillar. grub. larva. knurl. serration. miling.
  4451. tırtıl Tür.
    • caterpillar. grub.
  4452. tırtıllı Tür.
    • serrated. jagged. milled.
  4453. tmesis İng.
    • i. araya kelime karışmasıyle bileşik kelimenin kısımlara ayrılması (msl. whatsoever place yerine what place soever)
  4454. tn İng.
    • kıs. Tennessee.
  4455. tnt, t.n.t., (trinitrotoluene) İng.
    • i. renksiz ve patlayıcı bir madde.
  4456. to İng.
    • z. -e dogru
    • asıl vaziyete doğru. to and fro öteye beriye, öne ve arkaya. come to kendine gelmek. shut the door to kapıyı iyice kapamak. The ship heaved to. Gemi rüzgarı başa alıp durdu. They gladly fell to. Memnuniyetle işe başladılar.
  4457. to İng.
    • (edat) -e
    • -e doğru, yönüne doğru, tarafına
    • ile
    • -e kadar, -e değin, derecesine kadar
    • -e dair
    • -e nazaran, -e nispetle
    • -e göre
    • hakkında, için
    • mak, mek (mastar edatı).
  4458. toad İng.
    • i. kara kurbağa, zool. Bufo bufo
    • iğrenç kimse.
  4459. toadeater İng.
    • i. dalkavuk.
  4460. toadflax İng.
    • i. nevruz otu, bot. Linaria vulgaris.
  4461. toadstool İng.
    • i. sapkalı mantar
    • k.dili zehirli mantar.
  4462. toady İng.
    • i., f. dalkavuk
    • f. dalkavukluk etmek, yaltaklanmak. toadyism i. dalkavukluk.
  4463. toast İng.
    • i., f. sıhhatine içme
    • sıhhatine veya şerefine içerken kadeh tokuşturma
    • sıhhatine içilen kimse
    • f. sıhhatine içmek.
  4464. toast İng.
    • i., f. kızartılmış ekmek (dilimi)
    • f. ekmek kızartmak
    • ateşe tutup iyice ısıtmak
    • kızarmak (ekmek)
    • çok ısınmak, yanmak. toast'ing fork ekmek kızartmaya mahsus uzun çatal.
  4465. toaster İng.
    • i. tost makinası.
  4466. toastmaster İng.
    • i. ziyafette şerefe içilmesini teklif eden kimse, ziyafet reisi.
  4467. tobacco İng.
    • i. tütün
    • tömbeki. tobacco box tütun kutusu. tobacco heart tıb. çok tütün içmekten ileri gelen kalp hastalığı. tobacco pipe pipo, tütün çubuğu. tobacco pouch tütün torbası. İng. tütüncü.
  4468. tobacconist İng.
    • i. tütün satıcısı.
  4469. toboggan İng.
    • i., f. ayaksız ve ucu kalkık alçak kızak
    • f. böyle kızakla kaymak veya gitmek. toboggan slide böyle kızakların kayması için yapılmış ve çoğunlukla setlerle çevrilmiş dönüşlü yokuş.
  4470. toby İng.
    • i. üç köşeli şapka giyen ihtiyar adam şeklinde yapılmış bira bardağı
    • A.B.D. bir çeşit ince uzun puro.
  4471. toccata İng.
    • i., müz. tokkata.
  4472. tocopherol İng.
    • i. E vitamini.
  4473. tocsin İng.
    • i. tehlike işaretini bildiren zil, alarm zili
    • tehlike işareti.
  4474. tod İng.
    • i. çalı, sarmaşık çalısı
    • 13 kiloluk eski yün tartısı.
  4475. today İng.
    • z., i. bugün
    • bu günlerde, şimdi
    • i. bugün, şimdiki zaman.
  4476. toddle İng.
    • f, i çocuk gibi sendeleyerek yürümek
    • gitmek
    • i. çocuk gibi sendeleyerek yürüme. toddler i. yeni yürümeye başlayan çocuk.
  4477. toddy İng.
    • i. sıcak su ve şekerle karıştırılmış bir içki
    • Hindistan'da bazı hurma ağaçlarından çıkarılan tatlı bir şıra.
  4478. todo İng.
    • i., k.dili heyecanlı faaliyet, telaş, gürültü, patırtı.
  4479. tody İng.
    • i. Antil adalarına mahsus ve böcek yiyen bir çeşit küçük kuş, zool. Todus.
  4480. toe İng.
    • i., f. ayak parmağı
    • ayak ucu
    • kundura burnu
    • f. ayak parmakları ile vurmak
    • çiviyi meyilli çakmak. toe dance ayak ucunda dans. toe in paytak yürümek. toe out ayak uçlarını dışa doğru çevirerek yürümek. toe the mark koşuda başlangıç çizgisinin üzerinde hazır vaziyette durmak
    • vazifesini yapmaya hazır bulunmak
    • kurallara uymakı be on one's toes tetikte olmak. tread on someones toes kırmak, incitmek (hisleri). turn up ones toes nalları dikmek, ölmek.
  4481. toehold İng.
    • i. güreşte hasmının ayağını bükme, topuk elleme
    • ancak basacak yer
    • başlangıç.
  4482. toenail İng.
    • i. ayak tırnağı.
  4483. toff İng.
    • i., İng., (argo) kibar adam.
  4484. toffee İng.
    • bak. taffy.
  4485. tog İng.
    • i., f. (-ged,- ging) k.dili palto
    • çoğ. elbise
    • f., out (veya) up (ile) en iyi elbisesini giymek.
  4486. toga İng.
    • i. eski Roma'da hür erkek vatandaşlann özellikle resmi yerlere giderken sarındıkları uzun ve dikişsiz beyaz çarşaf, toga. togaed, togated s. toga giymiş, togalı
    • azametli.
  4487. together İng.
    • z., s. beraber, birlikte, hep bir yerde, bir arada
    • aralıksız, fasılasız
    • s., A.B.D., (argo) sakin, kendine hâkim, kendine güvenen get. it all together (argo) sakinleşmek
    • olumlu davranışı olmak, kendine güvenmek. together with ile beraber. togetherness i. beraber oluş, birbirine yakın oluş
    • birbirine tutkunluk.
  4488. toggery İng.
    • i., k.dili giyim eşyası ve bunların satıldığı mağaza.
  4489. toggle İng.
    • i., f., den. kasa çeliği
    • f. kasa çeliği ile bağlamak. toggle harpoon, toggle iron zıpkının ucuna takılan ve zıpkının çekilmesine engel olan demir kanca
    • mak. mafsallı kol, mafsallı manivela. toggle joint mak. menteşeli dirsek.
  4490. Togo Tür.
    • Togo.
  4491. Togo Tür.
    • a republic on the western coast of Africa on the Gulf of Guinea
    • formerly under French control.
  4492. Togo Tür.
    • a republic on the western coast of Africa on the Gulf of Guinea
    • formerly under French control.
  4493. togo İng.
    • i. Togo.
  4494. töhmet Tür.
    • accusation. imputation. indictment.
  4495. töhmetli Tür.
    • sb to whom a crime has been imputed.
  4496. tohum Tür.
    • seed. grain. semen. germ. insect eggs. lineage. family. sperm.
  4497. tohum Tür.
    • grain. seed. sperm. stock. family. egg. embryo. fruit. germ.
  4498. tohum Tür.
    • germinal. seminal. seed. germ. ovum. spermo-.
  4499. tohumcu Tür.
    • seedman.
  4500. tohumlama Tür.
    • insemination.
  4501. tohumlama Tür.
    • insemination.
  4502. tohumlamak Tür.
    • to inseminate artificially. to fertilize an egg. fertilize the soil. inseminate. seed.
  4503. tohumlu Tür.
    • seedy. having seeds.
  4504. tohumlu Tür.
    • seedy.
  4505. tohumlu Tür.
    • seedy.
  4506. tohumluk Tür.
    • used. grown or saved for planting. seed. seedbed.
  4507. tohumluk Tür.
    • ovary. suitable for seed.
  4508. toil İng.
    • f., i. çalışmak, yorulmak, didinmek, zahmet çekmek
    • zorlukla ilerlemek
    • i. zahmet, meşakkat, yorgunluk
    • zahmetli iş
    • uğraş.
  4509. toil, toils İng.
    • i. tuzak, ağ. taken in the toils tuzağa duşmüş, yakalanmış.
  4510. toile İng.
    • i. tuval.
  4511. toilet İng.
    • i., A.B.D. tuvalet odası, apteshane
    • tuvalet
    • tuvalet masası
    • giyinip kuşanma, süslenme. toilet paper tuvalet kâğıdı. toilet powder yüz pudrası. toilet room banyo ve tuvalet odası. toilet table tuvalet masası. toilet water tuvalet suyu.
  4512. toiletry İng.
    • i. sabun ve tarak gibi tuvalet eşyası.
  4513. toilette İng.
    • i. kendine çeki düzen verme
    • giyim tarzı
    • elbise.
  4514. toilsome İng.
    • s. zahmetli, meşakkatli, emek isteyen, yorucu. toilsomely. z. zahmetle.
  4515. tok Tür.
    • full. thick and closely woven. rotund.
  4516. tok Tür.
    • full. satiated. satiate.
  4517. tok Tür.
    • full. deep. satiated. filled. deep. closely woven.
  4518. toka Tür.
    • buckle. shaking hands. clasp. fastener. fastening. fibula. handshake. put it right there.
  4519. toka Tür.
    • buckle. clip. clasp. fastener. hairgrip. grip. handshake. bobby-pin. fibula. hasp. ouch. slide.
  4520. toka Tür.
    • buckle. clasp. clip. fastener. hairclip.
  4521. tokalaşma Tür.
    • handshake. shake-hands. clasp.
  4522. tokalaşma Tür.
    • handshake.
  4523. tokalaşma Tür.
    • handshake.
  4524. tokalaşmak Tür.
    • to shake hands. to shake hands.
  4525. tokalaşmak Tür.
    • to shake hands.
  4526. tokat Tür.
    • slap. slap in the face. box. smack. wiper. wipe. buffet. clout. cuff. lick. sock.
  4527. tokat Tür.
    • cuff. slap. buffet. clap. clout. lick.
  4528. tokat Tür.
    • crack. cuff. hit. slap. smack. sock. blow. buffet. clout.
  4529. tokatlamak Tür.
    • trick out of. slap. smack. box. cuff. sock. swindle. swipe.
  4530. tokatlamak Tür.
    • to slap. to cuff. plaster.
  4531. tokatlamak Tür.
    • buffet. slap. smack. to slap. to smack. to cuff. to buffet. to swindle.
  4532. tokatlanmak Tür.
    • to be slapped.
  4533. toke İng.
    • i., A.B.D., (argo) nefes, (slang) fırt (sigara, haşiş).
  4534. token İng.
    • i., f. belirti, nişan, işaret
    • hatıra, yadigâr, andaç
    • hususiyet, özellik
    • jeton
    • f. göstermek, işaret etmek
    • sembolü olmak. token money itibari para, para yerine geçen sikke veya kâgıt. by the same token aynı sebeple. in token of belirtisi olarak.
  4535. tokenism İng.
    • i. ancak sembolik olarak bir reformu yerine getirme.
  4536. tökezleme Tür.
    • fluff. stumble.
  4537. tökezlemek Tür.
    • loose one"s footing. miss one"s footing. stagger. stumble. snag. blunder. halt. trip.
  4538. tökezlemek Tür.
    • fluff. miss one"s footing.
  4539. tokgözlü Tür.
    • not covetous. not greedy.
  4540. tokgözlü Tür.
    • contented. not covetous. satiated.
  4541. tokgözlülük Tür.
    • being content with what one has.
  4542. tokluk Tür.
    • toughness. being full. being deep.
  4543. tokluk Tür.
    • fullness. fulness. satiety. glut. repletion.
  4544. tokluk Tür.
    • fullness. being satisfied (with food and drink. ful l ness. glut. satiety.
  4545. tokmak Tür.
    • mallet. beetle. mall. stick. knob. gavel. hammer. maul.
  4546. tokmak Tür.
    • hammer. knob. mall. mallet. ram. rammer. beetle. knocker. beetle. door knocker.
  4547. tokmak Tür.
    • beetle. hammer. handle. knob. stamper. mallet. maul. gavel. knocker. wooden pastle. clapper. battering ram. pommel. rammer. pestle. pounder. swing stock. sledge. sledge hammer. striker. mall. beetling machine. beetle head. bat. batting hammer. chum.
  4548. tokmakçı Tür.
    • gigolo.
  4549. toksikolog Tür.
    • toxicologist.
  4550. toksikoloji Tür.
    • toxicology.
  4551. toksikoloji Tür.
    • toxicology.
  4552. toksikoman Tür.
    • toxicomaniac.
  4553. toksikomani Tür.
    • toxicomania.
  4554. toksin Tür.
    • toxin.
  4555. toksin Tür.
    • toxin.
  4556. tokuşmak Tür.
    • to collide.
  4557. tokuşturmak Tür.
    • to cause to collide with together to clink (glasses when toasting.
  4558. tokyo Tür.
    • Tokyo.
  4559. tokyo Tür.
    • tokio.
  4560. tokyo Tür.
    • thong. flip flop.
  4561. tokyo Tür.
    • the capital and largest city of Japan
    • the economic and cultural center of Japan.
  4562. tokyo Tür.
    • the capital and largest city of Japan
    • the economic and cultural center of Japan.
  4563. tokyo İng.
    • i. Tokyo.
  4564. tol Tür.
    • To take away.
  4565. tol Tür.
    • Tolerance.
  4566. tol Tür.
    • Tape On Label.
  4567. tol Tür.
    • Tailored Outfitting List.
  4568. tol Tür.
    • See Toll.
  4569. tol Tür.
    • Character run by Alana Sealy.
  4570. tola İng.
    • i. Hindistan'da 11,5 gramlık bir ağırlık birimi
  4571. told İng.
    • bak. tell.
  4572. tolerable İng.
    • s. dayanılabilir, çekilebilir, tahammülü mümkün, katlanılabilir
    • orta, ne iyi ne kotü, iyice
    • k.dili sıhhati oldukça iyi. tolerableness i. tahammül imkanı. tolerably z. oldukça, iyice.
  4573. tolerance İng.
    • i. müsamaha, müsaade, hoşgorü, hoş görme, tahammül
    • mak. tolerans, müsaade edilen hata veya fark derecesi
    • sikkelerde muteber tutulan ayardan farklı olmasına müsaade edilen ağırlık. derecesi.
  4574. tolerans Tür.
    • tolerance. toleration. allowance. forbearance. complaisance. free play. latitude. margin.
  4575. tolerans Tür.
    • allowed variation. error margin. latitude. remedy allowance. tolerance.
  4576. tolerans Tür.
    • allowance. margin. tolerance.
  4577. toleranslı Tür.
    • tolerant hoşgörülü. müsamahalı.
  4578. toleranslı Tür.
    • indulgent. permissive. tolerant.
  4579. tolerant İng.
    • s. müsamahakar, tahammüllü, hoşgörücü, sabırlı. tolerantly z. hoş görerek.
  4580. tolerate İng.
    • f. tahammül etmek, menetmemek, müsamaha etmek, hoş görmek, yapılmasına müsaade etmek, katlanmak
    • tıb. bir ilaç veya sarsıntının tesirine dayanmak.
  4581. toleration İng.
    • i. müsaade, müsamaha, hoşgörü
    • tahammül, sabır
    • yapılmasına müsaade etme
    • dini işlerde fikir farkını hoş görme.
  4582. tolga Tür.
    • war helmet.
  4583. tolga Tür.
    • helmet. war helmet.
  4584. toll İng.
    • i. resim
    • köprü veya yol parası, geçiş vergisi
    • geçiş resmi
    • duhuliye resmi, giriş vergisi, oktruva
    • geçiş parası alma hakkı
    • değirmen payı veya hakkı
    • şehirlerarası telefon ücreti
    • zorla alma. death toll ölü sayısı. toll bridge geçiş ücreti alınan köprü. toll call şehirlerarası telefon konuşması. toll collector köprü geçiş ücretini toplayan kimse. toll line şehirlerarası telefon hattı. toll road geçiş ücreti alınan yol. The fire took a heavy toll Yangın çok sayıda can ve mal kaybına sebep oldu. The three recent deaths in his family took a heavy toll on him. Ailesindeki üç ölüm ona darbe gibi indi.
  4585. toll İng.
    • f., i. çanı ağır ağır çalmak
    • (saat) çalmak
    • çan çalarak çağırmak
    • avı cezbedecek hareketler yapmak
    • cenaze çanı çalınmak
    • i. ağır çan sesi.
  4586. tollgate İng.
    • i. geçiş ücretinin ödendiği köprü veya yol girişi.
  4587. tollhouse İng.
    • i. geçiş ücreti toplayan memurun kulübesi. tollhouse cookie için de ufak çikolata parçaları bulunan fındıklı çörek.
  4588. toltec İng.
    • i. Orta Meksika'da Azteklerden evvel yaşayan pek medeni bir kavim Toltecan s. bu kavme ait.
  4589. toluene İng.
    • i. bir çeşit balsamdan çıkarılan ve ilaç veya boya imalâtında kullanılan benzin gibi bir sıvı.
  4590. tom İng.
    • i. çeşitli hayvanların erkeği
    • b.h. Thomas adının kısası tom turkey baba hindi. Tom, Dick and Harry herkes, avam sınıfı.
  4591. tom thumb İng.
    • Parmak çocuk
    • cüce.
  4592. tomahawk İng.
    • i., f. Kuzey Amerika kızılderililerinin bir çeşit savaş baltası
    • f. bu balta ile vurup ölüdürmek. bury the tomahawk savaştan vazgeçmek, barış yapmak.
  4593. toman İng.
    • i. toman (iran parası).
  4594. tomar Tür.
    • scroll. roll. heap. pile. rammer. remrod. cylinder. wad. coil. swab. fascicle. tag. tuft. roller. reel. chunk. winding. sponge. web.
  4595. tomar Tür.
    • scroll.
  4596. tomar Tür.
    • bundle. roll. wad. scroll. scroll. cylindrical object.
  4597. tomato İng.
    • i. (çoğ. -es) domates
    • domates fidanı
    • A.B.D., argo kız.
  4598. tomb İng.
    • i. mezar, kabir, gömüt, sin
    • türbe.
  4599. tombac İng.
    • i. tombak, bakır ve çinko alaşımu
  4600. tombak Tür.
    • tombac.
  4601. tombak Tür.
    • tombac.
  4602. tombak Tür.
    • an alloy of copper and zinc used to imitate gold in cheap jewelry and for gilding.
  4603. tombala Tür.
    • lotto. tombola. bingo.
  4604. tombala Tür.
    • lotto. tombola.
  4605. tombala Tür.
    • lotto. loto. tombola.
  4606. tombalacı Tür.
    • lotto man.
  4607. tömbeki Tür.
    • tobacco.
  4608. tombola İng.
    • i. tombala oyunu.
  4609. tomboy İng.
    • i. oğlan gibi kız, erkek tavırlı kız.
  4610. tombstone İng.
    • i. mezar taşı.
  4611. tombul Tür.
    • plump. porky. well rounded.
  4612. tombul Tür.
    • chubby. fat. rotund. plump. plump. buxom.
  4613. tombul Tür.
    • blowzy.
  4614. tombullaşmak Tür.
    • to get plump.
  4615. tombulluk Tür.
    • plumpness.
  4616. tombulluk Tür.
    • chubbiness.
  4617. tomcat İng.
    • i. erkek kedi.
  4618. tomcollins İng.
    • cin ve soda karışımı bir içki.
  4619. tome İng.
    • i. cilt
    • büyük kitap.
  4620. tomentose, tomentous İng.
    • s. üzeri pamuk gibi tüylü,yünlü.
  4621. tomfool İng.
    • i., k.dili çok ahmak adam.
  4622. tomfoolery İng.
    • i. ahmaklık
    • saçmalık.
  4623. tommy İng.
    • i. İngiliz ordusunda er
    • İng., k.dili bir somun veya parça ekmek
    • bir işçiye ücret yerine verilen eşya
    • ücret yerine eşya alma.
  4624. tommyrot İng.
    • i., k.dili saçma.
  4625. tomografi Tür.
    • tomography.
  4626. tomografi Tür.
    • positron emission tomography.
  4627. tomography İng.
    • i. vücudun röntgen ışınlarıyle çekilmiş belli bir kesitinin resmi.
  4628. tomorrow İng.
    • z., i. yarın.
  4629. tompion İng.
    • bak. tampion
  4630. tomruk Tür.
    • log. ingot. bud. trunk. stem. bole. block. stock. plank. prison. jail.
  4631. tomruk Tür.
    • log. ingot.
  4632. tomruk Tür.
    • heavy log. log. plank timber. round timber.
  4633. tomtit İng.
    • i. baştankaraya benzer ufak kuş.
  4634. tomtom İng.
    • i. tamtam.
  4635. tomurcuk Tür.
    • bud. sprit. sprout.
  4636. tomurcuk Tür.
    • bud. button.
  4637. tomurcuk Tür.
    • bud. burgeon. button. eye. fruit-bud. gemma. sprout.
  4638. tomurcuklanmak Tür.
    • to bud. sprout.
  4639. tomurcuklanmak Tür.
    • bud. to burst into bud. to bud.
  4640. tomy İng.
    • (sonek) kesme.
  4641. ton Tür.
    • You"ll often see this as a measurement of the capacity of an air conditioning system Don"t panic, it doesn"t measure weight! Just like gas and oil furnaces, air conditioners and heat pumps are rated in Btu"s One ton of air conditioning is 12,000 Btu"s per hour This means that a "one ton" air conditioning system has the capability of removing 12,000 Btu"s of heat per hour from your home.
  4642. ton Tür.
    • You"ll often see this as a measurement of the capacity of an air conditioning system Don"t panic, it doesn"t measure weight! Just like gas and oil furnaces, air conditioners and heat pumps are rated in Btu"s One ton of air conditioning is 12,000 Btu"s per hour This means that a "one ton" air conditioning system has the capability of removing 12,000 Btu"s of heat per hour fr om your home.
  4643. ton Tür.
    • Unit of measurement for determining cooling capacity One ton of cooling equals 12,000 BTU.
  4644. ton Tür.
    • tone. ton. tone. shade. tint. pitch.
  4645. ton Tür.
    • Threshold Odor Number Unit of measure used to describe that level at which an odor is detected The higher the number, the more noticeable the odor.
  4646. ton Tür.
    • The weight of twenty hundredweight.
  4647. ton Tür.
    • The unit of measurement for air conditioning system capacity One ton of air conditioning removes 12,000 Btu"s of heat energy per hour from a home Central air conditioners are sized in tons Residential units usually range from 1 to 5 tons.
  4648. ton Tür.
    • The unit of measure for an air conditioning system"s capacity One ton of air conditioning removes 12,000 BTUs of heat energy per hour from a home Residential air conditioners usually range from one to five tons Typically used as a measure for central air conditioners.
  4649. ton Tür.
    • The prevailing fashion or mode
    • vogue
    • as, things of ton.
  4650. ton Tür.
    • The common tunny, or horse mackerel.
  4651. ton Tür.
    • short ton. tonne. ton. metric ton. tonicity. tone. tint. color. colour. gradation. manner. cast. chord. value.
  4652. ton Tür.
    • Short ton or 2000 pounds. measure of mass or weight used in the United States for large size objects -- "Convert 9500 pounds to tons ". a unit of weight equal to 2,000 pounds.
  4653. ton Tür.
    • shade, audio, chime, clay, sound, tone.
  4654. ton Tür.
    • pl. of Toe.
  4655. ton Tür.
    • One ton equals 12,000 BTUs of cooling per hour.
  4656. ton Tür.
    • Imperial ton or US ton. 1,000 kg. means 2000 pounds avoirdupois.
  4657. ton Tür.
    • Heat pumps and air conditioners are generally sized in tons Typical sizes for single family residences are between two and five tons Each ton equals 12,000Btuh It is important to note that actual capacity is not constant and will change based on outdoor or indoor temperatures The published capacity rating of air conditioners and heat pumps is based on performance at the ARI standard temperature levels of 95 F outside, 80 F inside.
  4658. ton Tür.
    • Heat pumps and air conditioners are generally sized in tons Typical sizes for single family residences are between two and five tons Each ton equals 12,000 Btuh.
  4659. ton Tür.
    • Forty cubic feet of space, being the unit of measurement of the burden, or carrying capacity, of a vessel
    • as a vessel of 300 tons burden.
  4660. ton Tür.
    • expression. ton. tone.
  4661. ton Tür.
    • A unit of weight If not otherwise specified, a short ton equal to 2 000 pounds is assumed A long ton equals 2 240 pounds A metric ton equals 1 000 kilogams, also called a tonne.
  4662. ton Tür.
    • A unit of measurement used for determining cooling capacity One ton is the equivalent of 12,000 BTU"s per hour.
  4663. ton Tür.
    • a United States unit of weight equivalent to 2000 pounds. a British unit of weight equivalent to 2240 pounds.
  4664. ton Tür.
    • A measure of weight or quantity.
  4665. ton Tür.
    • A cooling unit of measure Heat pumps and air conditioners are generally sized in tons Typical sizes for single-family residences are between two and five tons Each ton equals 12,000 BTUH.
  4666. ton Tür.
    • A certain weight or quantity of merchandise, with reference to transportation as freight
    • as, six hundred weight of ship bread in casks, seven hundred weight in bags, eight hundred weight in bulk
    • ten bushels of potatoes
    • eight sacks, or ten barrels, of flour
    • forty cubic feet of rough, or fifty cubic feet of hewn, timber, etc.
  4667. ton İng.
    • i., Fr. moda.
  4668. ton İng.
    • i. ton, (A.B.D.), (Kanada) 2000 libre (909 kilo)
    • İng. 2240 libre (1018 kilo)
    • 1000 kiloluk ağırlık
    • den. gemi ambarında 2,83 metreküplük yer
    • bir ton suya eşit olan gemi istiap ölçüsü. long ton büyük ton, 2240 libre. short ton küçük ton, 2000 libre.
  4669. ton balığı Tür.
    • tuna.
  4670. tonaj Tür.
    • tonnage. shipping.
  4671. tonaj Tür.
    • tonnage.
  4672. tonal İng.
    • s. ses perdesine ait. tonally z. ses perdesine dikkat ederek.
  4673. tonalite Tür.
    • tonality.
  4674. tonality İng.
    • i., müz. tonalite, tonculuk, bir bestenin ton özelliği
    • resimde renk uygunluğu.
  4675. tonbalığı Tür.
    • tunny.
  4676. tone İng.
    • f., foto. kimyasal banyo ile rengini değiştirmek
    • renk almak
    • rengi uygun düşmek. tone down mülayimleştirmek, yumuşatmak
    • donuklaştırmak, parlaklığını azaltmak. tone up kuvvetlendirmek.
  4677. tone İng.
    • i. nitelik, perde ve süresi itibariyle ses
    • müzik sesi
    • müz. aralık
    • ses rengi
    • ton, perde
    • tıb. vücudun veya uzvun sıhhatli hali, beden kuvveti
    • fikir hali
    • nitelik
    • güz. san. renk tonu
    • tarz, tavır, hal. tone color müz. ses rengi. tone poem müz. senfonik şiir. half tone, semitone i. yarım perde. whole tone tam perde. toneless s. perdesiz
    • bıkkınlık ifade eden.
  4678. tonedeaf İng.
    • s. perde farkını işitemeyen.
  4679. toner Tür.
    • toner.
  4680. toner Tür.
    • The ultrafine colored plastic powder used in laser printers and photocopiers to produce the image on paper.
  4681. toner Tür.
    • The "ink" that a laser printer uses Toner is fused onto the paper"s surface, rather than absorbed into it, and so does not bleed or smudge as ink does.
  4682. toner Tür.
    • The dry or liquid material used in copy machines to form shades of gray and black.
  4683. toner Tür.
    • The colored powder contained in the toner cartridges that is used to print images on the paper.
  4684. toner Tür.
    • The black powder in the cartridge made of plastic and metal, or just plastic, and ground into particles between seven and 18 microns in diameter Toner is magnetically or electrically attracted to, and then melted to, the paper. colourant used to add tone after bleaching This can be a temporary, semi-permanent or permanent colour. a solution containing chemicals that can change the color of a photographic print. a substance used in a printer to develop a xerographic image. a lotion for cleansing the skin and contracting the pores.
  4685. toner Tür.
    • Product that is used after cleansing to help return the skin to its natural pH A toner helps remove dirt or debris from the skin.
  4686. toner Tür.
    • Plastic magnetic ink used in electronic printing.
  4687. toner Tür.
    • Plastic-carbon based substance that forms the image on the paper Toner is part of a mono-component, or dual- component developing system It has the appearance of a dry powder.
  4688. toner Tür.
    • Imaging powder that is transferred to the paper as the print on the copy.
  4689. toner Tür.
    • Dry ink used in photocopy presses.
  4690. toner Tür.
    • A very fine powder bonded to iron particles used to generate images in laser printers Comprised primarily of iron oxide and plastic resin.
  4691. toner Tür.
    • A specially formulated powdered ink used in laser printers It is stored in a disposable or refillable cartridge in the printer Related terms: Laser printer, Printer.
  4692. toner Tür.
    • A specially formulated powdered ink used in laser printers It is stored in a disposable or refillable cartridge in the printer.
  4693. toner Tür.
    • A powdery ink used dry or suspended in a liquid to produce a photocopy or laser print.
  4694. toner Tür.
    • Also tone generator In a tone test set, the tone generating device.
  4695. toner Tür.
    • a lotion for cleansing the skin and contracting the pores a substance used in a printer to develop a xerographic image a solution containing chemicals that can change the color of a photographic print.
  4696. toner Tür.
    • A dry ink powder which has been electrically charged Used in printers, fax machines and copiers Generally, the image is translated into bit mapped charges of the opposite polarity on a special drum in the printer The toner is attracted to the charged areas, where it is transferred to paper The toner is then "set" usually by heat.
  4697. toner Tür.
    • A dry ink powder which has been electrically charged Used in laserprinters, fax machines and copiers Generally, the image is translated into bit mapped charges of the opposite polarity on a special drum in the printer The toner is attracted to the charged areas, where it is transferred to paper The toner is then "set" usually by heat.
  4698. toner Tür.
    • A colored powder or liquid used to print onto various materials on non-impact printers, such as electrostatics, and contains a colorant, an electrostatic thermoplastic, charge control agent, and often a magnetic material.
  4699. tong İng.
    • i. eskiden Amerika Birleşik Devletleri'nde faaliyet gösteren gizli Çin örgütü
    • A.B.D. aile
  4700. tonga Tür.
    • trick. fast one.
  4701. tonga Tür.
    • Tonga.
  4702. tonga Tür.
    • a monarchy on a Polynesian archipelago in the South Pacific
    • achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1970. the language of the Tonga people of south central Africa.
  4703. tonga Tür.
    • A kind of light two-wheeled vehicle, usually for four persons, drawn by ponies or bullocks. the language of the Tonga people of south central Africa a monarchy on a Polynesian archipelago in the South Pacific
    • achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1970.
  4704. tonga Tür.
    • A drug useful in neuralgia, derived from a Fijian plant supposed to be of the aroid genus Epipremnum.
  4705. tonga islands İng.
    • Tonga adaları.
  4706. tongs İng.
    • i., çoğ. maşa. a pair of tongs maşa.
  4707. tongue İng.
    • i. dil
    • lisan
    • dil şeklinde şey
    • söz, konuşma
    • konuşma tarzı
    • konuşulan dil
    • araba oku
    • broş iğnesi
    • denize uzanan sivri burun, dil. a sharp tongue sert söz söyleme eğilimi. find one's tongue yeniden konuşabilmek, konuşmaya başlamak. gift of tongues dini bir toplantıda bilinmeyen kelimelerle konuşma. give tongue havlamak (av köpeği). have one's tongue in one's cheek birini memnun etmek için düşündüğünden başka türlü ağız kullanmak, şaka yollu konuşmak. hold one's tongue susmak, dilini tutmak. put out one's tongue dilini çıkarmak. smoked tongue tütsü ile kurutulmuş dil, füme dil. wag one's tongue gevezelik etmek, boşboğazlık etmek.
  4708. tongue İng.
    • f., müz. dil vuruşu yapmak
    • tahtalara geçme kenar yapmak
    • k.dili konuşmak.
  4709. tongue-and-groovejoint İng.
    • lamba ve zıvana.
  4710. tonguelashing İng.
    • i., k.dili azarlama, haşlama.
  4711. tonguetied İng.
    • s. dili tutulmuş. tongue twister tekerleme, ses oyunu.
  4712. tonic İng.
    • i., s. kuvvet ilacı, tonik
    • müz. ana nota, baş nota
    • dilb. vurgulu ses
    • içilecek soda
    • s. ses veya ses perdelerine ait
    • dilb. vurgulu
    • kuvvet verici
    • vücudu kuvvetlendirici
    • resimde gölge ve ışık veya renk etkisine ait. tonic accent kelime telaffuzunda vurgu
    • perde değişmesinden meydana gelen aksan. tonic sol-fa do re mi vb. kelimelerle yazılan ses perdesi sistemi.
  4713. tonicity İng.
    • i. sıhhat, zindelik, esneklik (kas).
  4714. tonight İng.
    • i., z. içinde bulunulan gece
    • içinde bulunulan günün gecesi
    • z. bu gece, bu akşam.
  4715. tonik Tür.
    • tonic water.
  4716. tonik Tür.
    • tonic. tonic water.
  4717. tonik Tür.
    • tonic. tonic water.
  4718. tonilato Tür.
    • tonnage. ton. tonnage depth.
  4719. tonilatoluk Tür.
    • which can carry tons.
  4720. tonka bean İng.
    • tohumları tütüne karıştırılan ve Güney Amerika'ya mahsus bir ağacın meyvası.
  4721. tonluk Tür.
    • sth which weighs tons. sth which can carry tons.
  4722. tonmile İng.
    • i. tonmil.
  4723. tonnage İng.
    • i. ton olarak bir geminin taşıma kabiliyeti, istiap haddi, tonaj, tonilato
    • gemideki yükün ağırlığı
    • bir memleketin bütün gemilerinin tonajı.
  4724. tonneau İng.
    • i. eski bir otomobilin oturacak yerlerini de kapsayan arka kısmı.
  4725. tonometer İng.
    • i. ses perdesini ölçme aleti
    • diyapazon, akort verme aleti
    • gözün tansiyonunu ölçme aleti.
  4726. tonoz Tür.
    • vault. beach gear. ground gear. ground tackle.
  4727. tonoz Tür.
    • vault.
  4728. tonsil İng.
    • i., anat. bademcik. tonsillar s. bademciğe ait, bademcikle ilgili. tonsillec'tomy, tonsillot'omy i., tıb. bademcik ameliyatı. tonsillitis i.,tıb. bademcik iltihabı.
  4729. tonsorial İng.
    • s. berbere ve berberliğe ait.
  4730. tonsure İng.
    • i., f. Katolik papazlarının tıraş olunan tepe kısmı
    • başın tepesini tıraş etme
    • f. Katolik papazının tepesini tıraş etmek.
  4731. tontine İng.
    • i. bir çeşit ortaklaşa hayat sigortası sistemi, tontin.
  4732. tonton Tür.
    • darling. sweet. dear (old person or child.
  4733. tonton Tür.
    • darling.
  4734. tonus İng.
    • i., tıb. devamlı kas kasılması
    • biyol. bir uyarıya cevap olarak kasların kasılma yeteneği.
  4735. too İng.
    • z. fazla, lüzumundan fazla, hadden ziyade
    • de, dahi, ilâveten, ek olarak, hem de. Too bad! Vah vah! I am too going. Ne yaparsan yap, gideceğim. This has gone too far. Bu mesele sıktı artık.
  4736. took İng.
    • bak. take.
  4737. tool İng.
    • i., f. alet, el aleti, kalem
    • çoğ. takım, avadanlık
    • herhangi bir işi görmek için gerekli olan vasıta
    • herkesin oyuncağı olan kimse
    • (argo) penis
    • f. aletle şekil vermek veya yapmak
    • kalıp gibi aletle süslemek
    • (argo) arabaya binip sürmek. tool box takım kutusu. tool'ing i. çizgili olarak taş yontma
    • sıcak kalıpla kitap kapağına süs yapma.
  4738. toon İng.
    • i. Batı Hint adalarına mahsus ve kırmızı olan kerestesi mobilya için kullanılan bir ağaç.
  4739. toot İng.
    • f., i. boru çalmak, boru gibi ses çıkarmak
    • i. boru sesi
    • düdük sesi
    • (argo) içki alemi.
  4740. tooth İng.
    • i. (çoğ. teeth) f. diş
    • diş gibi çıkıntı, diş şeklinde şey
    • diş gibi kesen şey
    • belirli bir yemeğe olan aşırı düşkünlük
    • çoğ. keskin ve içine işleyen şey
    • f diş diş etmek, kenarına diş yapmak. armed to the teeth baştan tırnağa kadar silâhlı. a bone in his teeth gemi giderken önünde meydana gelen su fışkırması. by the skin of one's teeth ancak, güçbelâ. cast it in his teeth yüzüne vurmak, yüzüne karşı söylemek. cut a tooth diş çıkarmak. fight tooth and nail çok şiddetli dövüşmek. get one's teeth into kendini vermek (işine). in the teeth of karşı karşıya. show one's teeth tehdit etmek. It set my teeth on edge Dişlerimi kamaştırdı. They put teeth in that law. Koydukları madde ile kuralın etkisini artırdılar. toothed s. dişli tooth'y s. dişlek.
  4741. toothache İng.
    • i. diş ağrısı.
  4742. toothbrush İng.
    • i. diş fırçası. tooth brush tree misvak agacı, bot. Salvadora persıca.
  4743. toothpaste İng.
    • i. diş macunu.
  4744. toothpick İng.
    • i. kürdan, diş karıştırıcı.
  4745. toothpowder İng.
    • i. diş tozu.
  4746. toothsome İng.
    • s. lezzetli, tadı güzel, iştah açıcı
    • hoş. toothsomely z. lezzetle
    • hoşça. toothsomeness i. lezzetlilik
    • hoşluk.
  4747. toothwort İng.
    • i. dişotugillerden herhangi bitki, bot. Dentaria
    • gizli otu, bot. Lathraea.
  4748. tootle İng.
    • f. nefesli sazlarda yavaş ve devamlı ses çıkarmak.
  4749. toots İng.
    • i., A.B.D., (argo) kız
    • gen. ünlemle kullanılır: Hi, toots! N'aber kız?
  4750. tootsy, tootsywootsy İng.
    • (argo) (çocuk, kadın) ayak.
  4751. top Tür.
    • Used in the context of general equities Indicating the higher price one is willing to pay for a stock in his order
    • implies a not held order.
  4752. top Tür.
    • TRICARE Overseas Program The managed health care program Outside the Continental United States TOP blends many of the features of the Department of Defense stateside TRICARE program while also allowing for the significant cultural differences unique to foreign countries and their health care practices The TOP consists of three regionsTRICARE Europe, TRICARE Pacific, and TRICARE Latin America and Canada, including Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. a turn in price on the chart after a rise By itself, it has no predictive value But if it forms into a double top or a head and shoulders top, it comprises a geometric pattern which may have predictive value.
  4753. top Tür.
    • To take off the or upper part of
    • to crop.
  4754. top Tür.
    • To strike the top of, as a wall, with the hind feet, in jumping, so as to gain new impetus
    • said of a horse.
  4755. top Tür.
    • To strike above the center
    • also, to make by hitting the ball in this way.
  4756. top Tür.
    • To strike a ball above the center.
  4757. top Tür.
    • To rise to the top of
    • to go over the top of.
  4758. top Tür.
    • To rise at one end, as a yard
    • usually with up. a garment that extends from the shoulders to the waist or hips
    • "he stared as she buttoned her top" covering for a hole
    • "he removed the top of the carton"
    • "he couldn"t get the top off of the bottle"
    • "put the cover back on the kettle" a conical child"s plaything tapering to a steel point on which it can be made to spin
    • "he got a bright red top and string for his birthday" platform surrounding the head of a lower mast the greatest possible intensity
    • "he screamed at the top of his lungs" the highest or uppermost side of anything
    • "put your books on top of the desk"
    • "only the top side of the box was painted" the upper part of anything
    • "the mower cuts off the tops of the grass"
    • "the title should be written at the top of the first page" the first half of an inning
    • while the visiting team is at bat
    • "a relief pitcher took over in the top of the fifth" finish up or conclude
    • "They topped off their dinner with a cognac"
    • "top the evening with champagne" cut the top off
    • "top trees and bushes" strike giving it a forward spin reach or ascend the top of
    • "The hikers topped the mountain just before noon" provide with a top
    • "the towers were topped with conical roofs" be at the top of or constitute the top or highest point
    • "A star tops the Christmas Tree".
  4759. top Tür.
    • To rise aloft
    • to be eminent
    • to tower
    • as, lofty ridges and topping mountains.
  4760. top Tür.
    • To rise above
    • to excel
    • to outgo
    • to surpass.
  4761. top Tür.
    • To raise one end of, as a yard, so that that end becomes higher than the other.
  4762. top Tür.
    • To put a stiffening piece or back on.
  4763. top Tür.
    • To predominate
    • as, topping passions.
  4764. top Tür.
    • To perform eminently, or better than before.
  4765. top Tür.
    • Top-boots.
  4766. top Tür.
    • To improve by crossing certain individuals or breeds with other superior.
  4767. top Tür.
    • To excel
    • to rise above others.
  4768. top Tür.
    • To cut, break, or otherwise take off the top of to remove unsound metal.
  4769. top Tür.
    • To cover with another dye
    • as, to top aniline black with methyl violet to prevent greening and crocking.
  4770. top Tür.
    • To cover on the top
    • to tip
    • to cap
    • chiefly used in the past participle.
  4771. top Tür.
    • To arrange, as fruit, with the best on top.
  4772. top Tür.
    • The value must be a file name for an existing file, and you can do completion with M-TAB.
  4773. top Tür.
    • The value corresponding to an agent on which no objects were successful, or for an object which succeeded on every agent An estimate of this value requires information or assertions beyond the current data.
  4774. top Tür.
    • The utmost degree
    • the acme
    • the summit.
  4775. top Tür.
    • the upper part of anything
    • "the mower cuts off the tops of the grass"
    • "the title should be written at the top of the first page". the highest or uppermost side of anything
    • "put your books on top of the desk"
    • "only the top side of the box was painted". the top point of a mountain or hill
    • "the view from the peak was magnificent"
    • "they clambered to the summit of Monadnock". the first half of an inning
    • while the visiting team is at bat
    • "a relief pitcher took over in the top of the fifth". the highest level or degree attainable
    • "his landscapes were deemed the acme of beauty"
    • "the artist"s gifts are at their acme"
    • "at the height of her career"
    • "the peak of perfection"
    • "summer was at its peak"
    • " catapulted Einstein to the pinnacle of fame"
    • "the summit of his ambition"
    • "so many highest superlatives achieved by man"
    • "at the top of his profession". the greatest possible intensity
    • "he screamed at the top of his lungs". platform surrounding the head of a lower mast. a conical child"s plaything tapering to a steel point on which it can be made to spin
    • "he got a bright red top and string for his birthday". covering for a hole
    • "he removed the top of the carton"
    • "he couldn"t get the top off of the bottle"
    • "put the cover back on the kettle". a garment that extends from the shoulders to the waist or hips
    • "he stared as she buttoned her top". a canvas tent to house the audience at a circus performance
    • "he was afraid of a fire in the circus tent"
    • "they had the big top up in less than an hour". go beyond
    • "She exceeded our expectations"
    • "She topped her performance of last year". pass by, over, or under without making contact
    • "the balloon cleared the tree tops". be at the top of or constitute the top or highest point
    • "A star tops the Christmas Tree". be ahead of others
    • be the first
    • "she topped her class every year". provide with a top
    • "the towers were topped with conical roofs". reach or ascend the top of
    • "The hikers topped the mountain just before noon". strike giving it a forward spin. cut the top off
    • "top trees and bushes". be the culminating event
    • "The speech crowned the meeting". finish up or conclude
    • "They topped off their dinner with a cognac"
    • "top the evening with champagne". situated at the top or highest position
    • "the top shelf". not to be surpassed
    • "his top effort".
  4776. top Tür.
    • The top width of the wetted cross section in the detailed output for the time step.
  4777. top Tür.
    • The part of a cut gem between the girdle, or circumference, and the table, or flat upper surface.
  4778. top Tür.
    • The orientation in which the positive x-axis points right and the positive y-axis points up.
  4779. top Tür.
    • The ISO 4217 currency code for the Tonga Pa"anga.
  4780. top Tür.
    • The highest rank
    • the most honorable position
    • the utmost attainable place
    • as, to be at the top of one"s class, or at the top of the school.
  4781. top Tür.
    • The highest point on a share price or other graph over a defined period.
  4782. top Tür.
    • The highest part of anything
    • the upper end, edge, or extremity
    • the upper side or surface
    • summit
    • apex
    • vertex
    • cover
    • lid
    • as, the top of a spire
    • the top of a house
    • the top of a mountain
    • the top of the ground.
  4783. top Tür.
    • The high end of the mast. 1 when the bottom of the club contacts the ball above its center of gravity and the ball immediately hits the ground 2 the end of the backswing where the hands are at their highest Example: "Nobody likes to top the ball" 2 "Joe hesitated too long at the top of his swing ".
  4784. top Tür.
    • The head, or upper part, of a plant.
  4785. top Tür.
    • The crown of the head, or the hair upon it
    • the head.
  4786. top Tür.
    • The chief person
    • the most prominent one.
  4787. top Tür.
    • Technical and Office Protocol A development of the CSMA/CD protocol under the auspices of Boeing Computer Services for office and laboratory automation use This has been combined with MAP and further development will be under the auspices of the MAP/TOP Users Group.
  4788. top Tür.
    • It serves to spead the topmast rigging, thus strengheningthe mast, and also furnishes a convenient standing place for the men aloft.
  4789. top Tür.
    • Indicates the higher price one is willing to pay for a stock in an order
    • implies a not held order.
  4790. top Tür.
    • Eve
    • verge
    • point.
  4791. top Tür.
    • Department Name of the hiring department within Miami-Dade County.
  4792. top Tür.
    • Contents Index Glossary.
  4793. top Tür.
    • B Bands or Classes- Small groups dating back to 1727 in Herrnhut They were intended to foster spiritual growth within the congregation They met informally for prayer and intimate discussion of personal experience A member could apply to join any group to which he or she felt drawn But the leader had the right to decline the application Following the institution of the Choir system the members of each band were customarily drawn from the same Choir and the group was more commonly known as a class. 1) A platform at the upper end of the lower mast section 2) The mast section next above the lower mast and the top platform 3) The yard supported by that mast 4) The second lowest square sail It is stretched between the top yard and the course yard.
  4794. top Tür.
    • ball. globe. knob. roll. cannon. gun. fagot. fairy. pellet. poof. pouf. pouffe. queen.
  4795. top Tür.
    • ball. cannon. globe. gun. mass. roll. roll. ream. sphere. knob. howitzer. lump. poise. web. spheric. clot. round. orb. orbed. spherical. globoid. bob. bowl. bolt. bead. bale. piece.
  4796. top Tür.
    • A stroke on the top of the ball.
  4797. top Tür.
    • A strand of longer fibers that have been straightened, made parallel and separated from the shorter fibers by combing. display top CPU processes.
  4798. top Tür.
    • A shot mistakenly hit with the bottom edge of the club, so that the ball is embedded in the ground before popping up, and in most cases traveling only a short distance.
  4799. top Tür.
    • A shot mistakenly hit with the bottom edge of the club, so that the ball is embedded in the ground before popping up, and in most cases traveling only a short distance.
  4800. top Tür.
    • artillery. ball. cannonball. globe. gun. knob. roll. tuft.
  4801. top Tür.
    • A program on some Unix systems that shows the current state of system resource usage. 1 when the bottom of the club contacts the ball above its center of gravity and the ball immediately hits the ground 2 the end of the backswing Example: Nobody likes to top the ball 2 John"s club was laid off at the top of his swing.
  4802. top Tür.
    • A plug, or conical block of wood, with longitudital grooves on its surface, in which the strands of the rope slide in the process of twisting.
  4803. top Tür.
    • A platform surrounding the head of the lower mast and projecting on all sudes.
  4804. top Tür.
    • A planned leave from the university for a semester or a year after which you do not need to reapply for admission.
  4805. top Tür.
    • A forward spin given to the ball by hitting it on or near the top.
  4806. top Tür.
    • A continuous strand of untwisted wool, with fibres lying parallel and short fibres removed This is the product needed for spinning into a yarn.
  4807. top Tür.
    • A child"s toy, commonly in the form of a conoid or pear, made to spin on its point, usually by drawing off a string wound round its surface or stem, the motion being sometimes continued by means of a whip.
  4808. top Tür.
    • A bundle or ball of slivers of comkbed wool, from which the noils, or dust, have been taken out.
  4809. top İng.
    • f (-ped, -ping) tepesini kesmek
    • üstünü kapamak, kapak koymak
    • kapak yerine geçmek
    • tepesine çıkmak
    • tepeye varmak, üstünden geçmek
    • geçmek, üstün gelmek
    • üstesinden gelmek
    • kim. damıtarak en uçucu kısmını ayırmak
    • (spor) topun tepesine vurmak top off bitirmek, sona erdirmek
    • tepeleme doldurmak. Can you top this? Bundan daha iyisini uydurabilir misiniz?
  4810. top İng.
    • i., s. üst, tepe
    • zirve, doruk
    • baş
    • başın tepesinde bulunan saç tutamı
    • çoğ. bitkinin toprak üstünde kalan kısmı
    • en yüksek derece, en yüce yer
    • den çanaklık
    • (spor) topun tepesine vuruş
    • s. en yüksek
    • âlâ, birinci derecedeki, birinci sınıf. top boot uzun potin. top hat silindir şapka. top'less s üstü olmayan
    • belden yukarısı çıplak. top'most s. en üstteki. at the top of his lungs bar bar, avazı çıktığı kadar. blow one's top argo tepesi atmak
    • çıldırmak. go over the top siperden çıkıp saldırmak
    • beklenilenden daha çoğunu elde etmek. off one's top kafadan çatlak, kaçık. on top zirvede
    • başta, en güç1ü
    • başarılı. on top of en tepede
    • üstünde
    • ilâveten, ek olarak
    • az kalsın, nerdeyse on top of that hem de, üstelik. one thing on top of another üst üste, birbiri üstüne. over the top fazladan. I'm on top of the world. Dünyalar benim oldu.
  4811. top İng.
    • i. topaç. sleep like a top külçe gibi uyumak.
  4812. top arabası Tür.
    • gun carriage.
  4813. top arabası Tür.
    • gun carriage.
  4814. top sakal Tür.
    • round beard.
  4815. topaç Tür.
    • top. teetotum. whipping top. humming-top. peg-top. pegtop. spinner. whirligig.
  4816. topaç Tür.
    • top. gyroscope. peg top. wad. whirligig.
  4817. topaç Tür.
    • gyroscope. top. top. teetotum.
  4818. topak Tür.
    • lump. round mass. ball. pellet. glomerate. cake. conglomerate. conglomeration. slump. thick. nugget. agglomeration. agglomerate. hunch. dollop.
  4819. topak Tür.
    • lump. pellet. chunk. clew. clue. cob. dollop. glob. hunch. knurl. nub.
  4820. topak Tür.
    • cake. rpundish lump. lump. pellet.
  4821. topaklamak Tür.
    • to form into pellets.
  4822. topaklanmak Tür.
    • to get lumpy.
  4823. topaklaşmak Tür.
    • to form lumps. to become lumpy.
  4824. topal Tür.
    • lame. crippled. game. cripple. lame duck.
  4825. topal Tür.
    • lame. crippled.
  4826. topal Tür.
    • cripple. game. lame. lamed. crippled.
  4827. topallama Tür.
    • hitch. hobble.
  4828. topallamak Tür.
    • to limp. to walk with a limp. dot and go one. hobble.
  4829. topallamak Tür.
    • hobble. limp. to limp. to hobble.
  4830. topallık Tür.
    • lameness.
  4831. topallık Tür.
    • lameness.
  4832. toparlak Tür.
    • very round. limber.
  4833. toparlak hesap Tür.
    • calculation given in round figures.
  4834. toparlama Tür.
    • housekeeping. assembly. assemblage. overhauling. picking up. revision. recovering. rally. retracting. synthesis. round up. roundup.
  4835. toparlamak Tür.
    • to gather together. to collect. to summarize. to put in a nutshell. to straighten up. to assemble. to overhaul. to pick up. to revise. to recover. to retract. to get together. build up. to make round.
  4836. toparlamak Tür.
    • find one"s legs. collect. put together. sum up. piece together. re-collect. tidy up. tidy out. clean up. make up. compose. do out. pick up. rake together. rally.
  4837. toparlamak Tür.
    • collect. titivate. to gather together. to pack up. summarize. to collect together. to tidy. to clear up. to summarize.
  4838. toparlanma Tür.
    • upturn.
  4839. toparlanmak Tür.
    • to be gathered together. to be collected. to be summarized. to pull oneself together. to set one"s house in order. pull oneself upright. rally.
  4840. toparlanmak Tür.
    • rally. recover.
  4841. toparlanmak Tür.
    • pull oneself together. collect oneself. pick oneself up. gather strength. gather. rally. tidy oneself up. tidy up. pack. pack up. pick up. pick up one"s strenght.
  4842. topaz Tür.
    • White, yellow, blue, gold, orange Natural blue and yellow are popular and reasonably priced Unfortunately, the blue gets confused with artificially coloured stones.
  4843. topaz Tür.
    • topaz.
  4844. topaz Tür.
    • topaz.
  4845. topaz Tür.
    • The name given to the metal or when borne by peers.
  4846. topaz Tür.
    • It sometimes occurs massive and opaque.
  4847. topaz Tür.
    • It is a fluosilicate of alumina, and is used as a gem.
  4848. topaz Tür.
    • Either one of two species of large, brilliantly colored humming birds of the Topaza, of South America and the West Indies. a mineral that occurs in crystals of various colors and is used as a gemstone a yellow quartz.
  4849. topaz Tür.
    • A mineral occurring in rhombic prisms, generally yellowish and pellucid, also colorless, and of greenesh, bluish, or brownish shades.
  4850. topaz İng.
    • i. topaz
    • bir çeşit sarı safir.
  4851. topazolite İng.
    • i. sarı veya zeytin renginde, grena.
  4852. topcoat İng.
    • i. palto.
  4853. topçu Tür.
    • gunner. cannoneer. artilleryman.
  4854. topçu Tür.
    • gunner. artilleryman. bombardier. layer.
  4855. topçu Tür.
    • gunner.
  4856. topçuluk Tür.
    • gunnery. artillery.
  4857. topdrawer İng.
    • s., k.dili iyi cins, üstün.
  4858. topdressing İng.
    • i. serpme gübre.
  4859. tope İng.
    • i. camgöz, zool. Galeus canis.
  4860. tope İng.
    • i. ufak kubbeli Buda tapınağı.
  4861. tope İng.
    • f. çok içki içmek, ayyaş olmak. top'er i. ayyaş kimse, bekri kimse.
  4862. topectomy İng.
    • i. beyindeki ön lobun kısmen çıkarılması.
  4863. topflight İng.
    • s. en iyi kalite, üstün.
  4864. topgallant İng.
    • i., den. babafingo.
  4865. tophane Tür.
    • cannon foundry. artillery school. arsenal.
  4866. topheavy İng.
    • s. havaleli, üst taraf çok yüklü.
  4867. tophet İng.
    • i. Kudüs şehri yakınlarındaki Hinnom deresinde eskiden çocukların kurban edildiği bir yer
    • cehennem.
  4868. tophus İng.
    • i. (çoğ tophi) tıb. gut hastalığında mafsallarda kireç toplanması.
  4869. topiary İng.
    • s., i., bahç. süslü şekilde budanmış
    • i. süslü şekilde budama sanatı
    • böyle düzenlenmiş bahçe.
  4870. topic İng.
    • i. konu, mevzu.
  4871. topical İng.
    • s. konuya ait
    • tartışmalı
    • yöresel, mahalli, mevzii
    • güncel, günün meselelerine değinen
    • tıb. lokal. topical coloring kumaş basması, bez üstüne yapılan renkli basma. topical song güncel konulu şarkı topically z. tartışmalı olarak
    • yöresel olarak.
  4872. topknot İng.
    • i. kuş sorgucu tepe ibik
    • saç topuzu
    • kordele ve tüy gibi saç süsü.
  4873. topla Tür.
    • add up.
  4874. toplam Tür.
    • total, sum. total. overall. aggregate. aggregate amount. cumulative. total sum. tale. total result.
  4875. toplam Tür.
    • aggregate. total. total. amount. sum. aggregate. whole. summation. tot. muster.
  4876. toplam Tür.
    • aggregate. count. gross. number. overall. total. in all.
  4877. toplama Tür.
    • aggregation. collection. adding. addition. collecting. summation. gathering together. gathering. raising. infiltration. storage. levy. reaping. harvest. harvesting. pick-up. assemblage. folding. cumulative. redemption. round-up. turnout. impounding. compi.
  4878. toplama Tür.
    • addition. summation. collecting. collection. rallying. agglomerate. agglomeration. aggregation. casting-up. catchment. concentration. congregation. convention. cull. gathering. gleanings. grouping. picking. roundup.
  4879. toplama Tür.
    • addition. collection. concentration. collecting. accumulation.
  4880. toplama işareti Tür.
    • plus sign.
  4881. toplama kampı Tür.
    • concentration camp. concentration / internment camp.
  4882. toplamak Tür.
    • gather. sum. to gather. to collect. to add. to add up. to total. to amass. to accumulate. to pick. to harvest. to straighten up. to tidy up. to pick up. to convene. to convoke. to put on weight. to gain weight. to store. to assemble. to raise. to rally. t.
  4883. toplamak Tür.
    • collect. assemble. bring together. sum up. add together. add up. combine. pick up. gather. gather up. clear away. accumulate. add. agglomerate. aggregate. amass. build. call in. cast up. club. compile. concentrate. congest. congregate. consolidate. c.
  4884. toplamak Tür.
    • accumulate. add. aggregate. amass. cluster. collect. convoke. gather. muster. pick. pull. raise. reap. total. to collect. to gather. to assemble. to gather sb/sth round. to add. to total. to amass. to accumulate. to pick. to gather sth. to reap. to put on weight. to tidy up. to convene. to convoke. to call together. to sum up.
  4885. toplanan Tür.
    • addend.
  4886. toplanma Tür.
    • gathering together. being added. concentration. flip flop buffering. gathering. muster. rally.
  4887. toplanma Tür.
    • accumulation. collection. concentration. concourse. balling up.
  4888. toplanmak Tür.
    • to be gathered. to be collected. to be amassed. to be accumulated. to be picked. to be harvested. to be tidied up. to be picked up. to gather. to assemble. to shape up. to adopt a better attitude. to put on weight. to gain weight. bunch. centre. club toge.
  4889. toplanmak Tür.
    • get together. club together. band together. club. meet. group. keep together. accumulate. agglomerate. assemble. build. bunch. cluster. collect. combine. congregate. convene. meet in council. crowd. drift. flock. forgather. gather. herd. horde. mob.
  4890. toplanmak Tür.
    • aggregate. assemble. collect. concentrate. congregate. convene. crowd. flock. huddle. meet. muster. polarize. press. reunite. to be collected. to be gathered. to be added. to be picked. to gather. to come together. to congregate. to assemble. to crowd. to meet. to get together. to gather.
  4891. toplantı Tür.
    • gathering. meeting. assemblage. assembly. concourse. congregation. congress. convention. entertainment. parley. party. session.
  4892. toplantı Tür.
    • assembly. meeting. convention. gathering. assemblage. get-together. company. concourse. conference. congress. convocation. court. forum. function. parley. powwow. rally. seance. session.
  4893. toplantı Tür.
    • assembly. congress. convocation. gathering. meeting. parley. rally. reunion. session. social.
  4894. toplantı salonu Tür.
    • auditorium. hall. assembly room. meeting room. assembly / meeting hall.
  4895. toplantı salonu Tür.
    • assembly hall.
  4896. toplantı yeri Tür.
    • meeting place. venue.
  4897. toplantı yeri Tür.
    • gathering place.
  4898. toplantıya çağırmak Tür.
    • to convoke a meeting. to convene / convoke a meeting.
  4899. toplardamar Tür.
    • vein.
  4900. toplaşmak Tür.
    • to gather together. to mass. cluster around. flock together. get together.
  4901. toplu Tür.
    • collective. whole. concerted. corporate. roundabout. holo-.
  4902. toplu Tür.
    • batch. collective. collected. assembled. neat. tidy. plump. comprehensive. cumulative. grouped. joint. integrated. knobbed. gross. brief. funneled. general. abstract. ball headed (pin. concentrated. aggregated. corporate. fleshy. global.
  4903. toplu Tür.
    • aggregate. collective. fleshy. together. wholesale. collected. gathered. neat. tidy. global. overall. buxom. plump. rotund. having a knob/round head. having a knob. compact.
  4904. toplu çalışma Tür.
    • contributed work.
  4905. toplu iğne Tür.
    • pin.
  4906. toplu iğne Tür.
    • pin.
  4907. toplu konut Tür.
    • mass housing. public housing. cooperative apartment house.
  4908. toplu sözleşme Tür.
    • collective agreement. trade agreement. collective bargaining. collection agreement. collection bargaining agreement. collective contract. joint agreement. labo u r agreement.
  4909. toplu taşıma Tür.
    • public transportation. collective transport. bulk transport. mass transit. mass transportation.
  4910. toplu taşımacılık Tür.
    • bulk transportation.
  4911. topluca Tür.
    • as a whole.
  4912. topluca Tür.
    • as a group.
  4913. topluiğne Tür.
    • pin.
  4914. topluluk Tür.
    • group. crowd. party. company. society. community. colony. troop. army. cohort. corps. coterie. ensemble. gathering. herd. hive. knot. push. set.
  4915. topluluk Tür.
    • community. assemblage. collectivity. the community. corps. ensemble. gathering. group. society.
  4916. topluluk Tür.
    • assembly. band. brotherhood. community. congregation. crop. crowd. group. society.
  4917. toplum Tür.
    • society. the community. socio-. community.
  4918. toplum Tür.
    • society. the community. socio-.
  4919. toplum Tür.
    • community. society. social group. world.
  4920. toplum polisi Tür.
    • riot police.
  4921. toplumbilimci Tür.
    • sociologist.
  4922. toplumbilimci Tür.
    • social scientist.
  4923. toplumculuk Tür.
    • socialism.
  4924. toplumlaşmak Tür.
    • to become a society. to become a social group.
  4925. toplumsal Tür.
    • social. societal.
  4926. toplumsal Tür.
    • social. communal.
  4927. toplumsal Tür.
    • common. communal. social. social sosyal.
  4928. toplumsal denge Tür.
    • social balance.
  4929. toplumsal yapı Tür.
    • social structure.
  4930. toplumsal yardım Tür.
    • social assistance.
  4931. toplumsallaşma Tür.
    • socialization.
  4932. toplumsallaştırmak Tür.
    • to socialize.
  4933. topmast İng.
    • i., den. gabya çubuğu.
  4934. topnotch İng.
    • s. en iyi kalite, üstün.
  4935. topoğrafya Tür.
    • topography.
  4936. topographical İng.
    • s. topografyaya ait, topografik.
  4937. topography İng.
    • i. topografya. topographer i. topografya uzmanı.
  4938. topology İng.
    • i., mat. geometrik şekillerin veya üc boyutlu cisimlerin bazı durumlarda değişmeyen özelliklerini inceleyen matematik dalı.
  4939. toponym İng.
    • i. yer ismi
    • bulunduğu yerden dolayı verilen isim. topon'ymy yer adları bilgisi.
  4940. topper İng.
    • i. bir şeyin tepesini kesen kimse veya alet
    • kaban
    • (argo) üstün kimse
    • (argo) kaliteli şey
    • (argo) silindir şapka.
  4941. topping İng.
    • s., i. üstün, âlâ
    • İng., k.dili zinde, çok sıhhatli
    • çok iyi
    • i. tepesini kesme
    • tepe
    • sos.
  4942. topple İng.
    • f. devirmek
    • devrilmek, düşecek gibi yana yatmak
    • itip yuvarlamak, düşürmek. topple over düşmek.
  4943. toprak Tür.
    • earthen. fictile. earthenware. terraneous. soil. earth. ground. clay. land. country. territory. glebe. terra firma. ground-. dirt. lump. roll. tract.
  4944. toprak Tür.
    • earthen. fictile. earthenware. terraneous. soil. earth. ground. clay. land. country. territory. glebe. terra firma. ground-.
  4945. toprak Tür.
    • agricultural geology. chunk. dike. dirt. domain. earth. ground. land. soil. territory. tract.
  4946. toprak kayması Tür.
    • land slip. landfall.
  4947. toprak kayması Tür.
    • landslide. landslip. slide.
  4948. topraklama Tür.
    • grounding.
  4949. topraklama Tür.
    • ground.
  4950. topraklama Tür.
    • earthing. grounding.
  4951. topraklamak Tür.
    • to earth. to ground. to cover with earth.
  4952. topraklamak Tür.
    • to earth.
  4953. topraklamak Tür.
    • earth. ground.
  4954. topraklandırmak Tür.
    • to give land to a landowner.
  4955. topraklı Tür.
    • earthed. grounded. mixed.
  4956. tops İng.
    • s., (argo) en iyi, birinci sınıf.
  4957. topsail İng.
    • i. gabya yelkeni.
  4958. topsecret İng.
    • s., A.B.D., ask. çok gizli.
  4959. topside İng.
    • i., den., gen. çoğ. geminin su hattından yukan olan dış yanı, borda.
  4960. topsoil İng.
    • i. toprağın üst tabakası, humus.
  4961. topsyturve İng.
    • z., s., i. altüst, başaşağı, karmakarışık
    • i. başaşağı vaziyette olma
    • karışıklık.
  4962. toptan Tür.
    • wholesale. bulk. gross. total. collectively. in the lump. in bulk. by wholesale. wholesale. en bloc.
  4963. toptan Tür.
    • wholesale. bulk. direct sale. en masse. by the gross. in gross. in bulk. in the lump. volume business.
  4964. toptan Tür.
    • mass. wholesale. collectively. in all. completely.
  4965. toptancı Tür.
    • wholesaler. wholesale. wholesale dealer / trader / merchant. bulk supplier. wholesale dealer. wholesale establishment. large merchant. quantity buyer. salesman. wholesale trader.
  4966. toptancı Tür.
    • wholesaler. wholesale dealer.
  4967. toptancı Tür.
    • wholesaler. jobber. packer.
  4968. toptancılık Tür.
    • wholesaling. being a wholesaler. wholesale trade / commerce / business.
  4969. topu topu Tür.
    • in all. all told. altogether.
  4970. topuk Tür.
    • heel. ankle. self. bank. shoal. overfall. key.
  4971. topuk Tür.
    • heel.
  4972. topuk kemiği Tür.
    • astragalus.
  4973. topuklu Tür.
    • high-heeled.
  4974. topuklu Tür.
    • high-heeled.
  4975. topuksuz Tür.
    • flat-heeled. low-heeled.
  4976. topuz Tür.
    • mace. knob. topknot. pommel.
  4977. topuz Tür.
    • mace. doorknob. bun. knot. pestle. club. beetle. mallet. ball. ball head. boss. bowl. globe. pommel. pull. lock. handle. thumb piece.
  4978. topuz Tür.
    • knob. mace. war club. globular knob. knot of hair. mace. globular knob. knot. bun.
  4979. topuzlu Tür.
    • with a knob.
  4980. topuzlu Tür.
    • knobbed.
  4981. toque İng.
    • i. başa sıkıca oturan kenarsız bir kadın şapkası
  4982. tor Tür.
    • Terms of reference. isolated mass of rock, usually granite, left upstanding on a hilltop after the surrounding rock has been broken down Weathering takes place along the joints in the rock, reducing the outcrop into a mass of rounded blocks tornado extremely violent revolving storm with swirling, funnelshaped clouds, caused by a rising column of warm air propelled by strong wind A tornado can rise to a great height, but with a diameter of only a few hundred metres or less Tornadoes move with wind speeds of 160-480 kph, destroying everything in their path They are common in the central USA and Australia tourism visit to a place away from home that involves at least an overnight stay Towns in the UK typically have a population of 4,000-90,000 trade wind prevailing wind that blows towards the equator from the northeast and southeast.
  4983. tor Tür.
    • Terms of Reference.
  4984. tor Tür.
    • Terminal Owning Region A term associated with a CICS region which provides terminal management on behalf of other CICS regions in the same or different operating systems environment.
  4985. tor Tür.
    • Task order request, task order reporting. a prominent rock or pile of rocks on a hill. a high rocky hill.
  4986. tor Tür.
    • High-pointed hill
    • a rocky pinnacle. a high rocky hill a prominent rock or pile of rocks on a hill.
  4987. tor Tür.
    • gate, gateway, goal, portal.
  4988. tor Tür.
    • fine-meshed net or netting.
  4989. tor Tür.
    • A tower
    • a turret.
  4990. tor Tür.
    • A student at Sunnydale High School, Tor hung out with three other vicious students, all of whom became possessed by wild hyenas while on a school trip to the zoo They eventually took on the characteristics of the hyenas, leading them to devour a live pig and Pricipal Flutie Tor appeared in "The Pack ".
  4991. tor Tür.
    • A prominent hilltop, usually rocky.
  4992. tor İng.
    • i. kayalık yüksek tepe, kayalık burun
  4993. torah İng.
    • i. Tevrat, Eski Ahdin ilk beş kitabı
    • Musa şeriatı
    • k.h. Musevi edebiyatında kanun.
  4994. toraman Tür.
    • sturdy young man / child.
  4995. torba Tür.
    • bag. sack. plastic bag. carrierbag. cyst. pochette. pocket. poke. pouch. vesica.
  4996. torba Tür.
    • bag. poke. pouch. sack. handbag. haversack. gland. scrip.
  4997. torba Tür.
    • bag. pocket. pouch. sack. scrotum.
  4998. torbalamak Tür.
    • to bag.
  4999. torc , torque İng.
    • i. burma madenden gerdanlık.
  5000. torch İng.
    • i. meşale
    • asetilen lambası
    • İng. cep feneri
    • (argo) yangın çıkarma delisi. torch race eski Yunanlılarda koşucuların elde tuttukları meşaleleri birbirine vererek yaptıkları menzil yarışı. torch singer melankolik aşk şarkıları söyleyen kimse. torch song melankolik bir aşk şarkısı. carry a torch for (argo) karşılık görmeksizin sevmek. hand on the torch ilim ışığını devam ettirmek.
  5001. torchbearer İng.
    • i. meşale taşıyan kimse
    • bilgi veya doğruluk yayan kimse.
  5002. torchlight İng.
    • i. meşale ışığı.
  5003. torchonlace İng.
    • i. keten ipliğiyle işlenen bir çeşit dayanıklı dantela.
  5004. tore İng.
    • i., mim. tam kaval (yarım daire profilinde yuvarlak silme kısmı).
  5005. tore İng.
    • bak. tear.
  5006. töre Tür.
    • law. custom. accepted practice. consuetude. customs. mores. ethics. morals. jurisprudence.
  5007. töre Tür.
    • custom. rite. mores. customs. traditions. rules. moral laws. traditional practice.
  5008. töre Tür.
    • custom. morals. observance.
  5009. toreador Tür.
    • someone who fights bulls.
  5010. toreador Tür.
    • A bullfighter.
  5011. toreador İng.
    • i. boğa güreşçisi, toreador. toreador pants balıkçı pantolonu.
  5012. törel Tür.
    • conventional. ethical. moral.
  5013. tören Tür.
    • ceremony. ritual. rite. function. pageant. parade. service.
  5014. tören Tür.
    • ceremony. ceremonial. celebration. exercise. formality. investiture. solemnity. state.
  5015. tören Tür.
    • celebration. ceremony. service. celebration merasim.
  5016. törenli Tür.
    • ceremonial.
  5017. törensel Tür.
    • ceremonious. ceremonial. ritual.
  5018. törensel Tür.
    • ceremonial.
  5019. torero Tür.
    • toreador.
  5020. torero Tür.
    • a matador or one of the supporting team during a bull fight.
  5021. torero Tür.
    • a matador or one of the supporting team during a bull fight.
  5022. toreutic İng.
    • s. maden oymacılığına ait. toreutics i. maden oymacılığı.
  5023. torii İng.
    • i. Japonya'da Sinto tapınağının ulu ve süslü tore kapısı.
  5024. torik Tür.
    • large bonito.
  5025. torik Tür.
    • large bonito.
  5026. torik Tür.
    • bonito.
  5027. torment İng.
    • i. işkence, eziyet, ezinç, eza, elem, azap, cefa
    • cehennem.
  5028. torment İng.
    • f. işkence etmek, eziyet etmek, eza vermek, azap çektirmek
    • canını sıkmak, başını ağrıtmak
    • kızdırmak. tormentingly z. işkence edercesine. tormentor i. eziyetçi kimse
    • işkence aleti
    • sahne içindeki yan perde.
  5029. tormentil İng.
    • i. beşparmakotu, bot. Potentilla reptans.
  5030. torn İng.
    • f., bak. tear.
  5031. torna Tür.
    • lathe. turn. turn bench. turning lathe.
  5032. torna Tür.
    • lathe. turning machine.
  5033. torna Tür.
    • lathe.
  5034. tornacı Tür.
    • turner.
  5035. tornacı Tür.
    • lather.
  5036. tornacı Tür.
    • lathe operator. latheman. turner.
  5037. tornacılık Tür.
    • turnery.
  5038. tornacılık Tür.
    • turnery.
  5039. tornado Tür.
    • Whirling tubes of concentrated wind with very high speeds, attached to funnel-shaped clouds.
  5040. tornado Tür.
    • tornado.
  5041. tornado Tür.
    • In the TALC, a period of rapid growth in which most pragmatist buyers first adopt a product based in a new technology.
  5042. tornado Tür.
    • A vortex of rapidly moving air associated with some severe thunderstorms Winds within the tornado funnel may exceed 600 kilometers per hour.
  5043. tornado Tür.
    • A violent whirling wind
    • specifically, a tempest distinguished by a rapid whirling and slow progressive motion, usually accompaned with severe thunder, lightning, and torrents of rain, and commonly of short duration and small breadth
    • a small cyclone. a localized and violently destructive windstorm occurring over land characterized by a funnel-shaped cloud extending toward the ground.
  5044. tornado Tür.
    • A violent storm where various natural forces cause a strong circular wind that can reach over 300 miles per hour Like some natural disasters, they are unpredictable and unpreventable, and they cause indiscriminate damage, so they tend to not cause a diminution in value to a particular property or neighborhood but rather impact a large region.
  5045. tornado Tür.
    • A violent storm characterized by strong swirling winds and updrafts
    • tornadoes form when a strong cold front pushes under a warm, moist air mass over the land.
  5046. tornado Tür.
    • A violent rotating column of air, usually forming a pendant from a cumulonimbus cloud with the circulation reaching the ground It nearly always starts as a funnel cloud and may be accompanied by a loud roaring noise On a local scale, it is the most destructive of all atmospheric phenomena.
  5047. tornado Tür.
    • A violent rotating column of air, in contact with the ground, pendant from a cumulonimbus cloud A tornado does not require the visible presence of a funnel cloud.
  5048. tornado Tür.
    • A violently rotating narrow column of air in contact with the ground and extending from a thunderstorm base The tornado is most often found in the southwest quadrant of the storm, near the trailing edge of the cumulonimus cloud Tornadoes and funnel clouds are usually pendant from wall clouds or directly from the thunderstorm base, within a few miles to the southwest of the precipitation shaft The spinning motion of a tornado is most often left to right on the backside Tornadoes have been called twisters and cyclones, but these words are all synonyms for the most violent storm on earth, with estimated wind speeds up to 300 mph.
  5049. tornado Tür.
    • A violently rotating column of air that is in contact with the ground Tornadoes usually develop from severe thunderstorms and can produce winds of 100 to 300 mph.
  5050. tornado Tür.
    • A violently rotating column of air, reaching down from a cumulonimbus cloud and touching the ground Generally observed as funnel-shaped, it is the most destructive of all storm-scale atmospheric phenomena They occur only in certain areas of the world and are most frequent in the United States in an area bounded by the Rockies on the west and the Appalachians in the east.
  5051. tornado Tür.
    • A violently rotating column of air, pendant from a cumulonimbus cloud, and nearly always observable as a funnel cloud or tuba On a local scale, it is the most destructive of all atmospheric phenomena Its vortex, commonly several hundred yards in diameter, whirls usually counterclockwise with wind speeds of 100 to more than 300 miles per hour Its general direction of travel is governed by the motion of its parent cloud.
  5052. tornado Tür.
    • A violently rotating column of air in contact with and extending between a convective cloud and the surface of the earth It is the most destructive of all storm-scale atmospheric phenomena They can occur anywhere in the world given the right conditions, but are most frequent in the United States in an area bounded by the Rockies on the west and the Appalachians in the east.
  5053. tornado Tür.
    • A twisting, spinning funnel of low pressure air The most unpredictable weather event, tornadoes are created during powerful thunderstorms As a column of warm air rises, air rushes in at ground level and begins to spin If the storm gathers energy, a twisting, spinning funnel develops Because of the funnel"s cloud and rain composition and the dust, soil, and debris it draws up, the funnel appears blackish in color The most energetic storms result in the funnel touching the ground In these tornadoes, the roaring winds in the funnel can reach 300 mph, the strongest winds on Earth Funnels usually travel at 20 to 40 mph, moving toward the northeast When tornadoes form over lakes or oceans they suck water into the funnel cloud and are called waterspouts. is a strong, rotating column of air extending from the base of a cumulonimbus cloud to the ground These twisting, spinning funnels of low pressure air are the most unpredictable weather event, created during powerful thunderstorms.
  5054. tornado Tür.
    • A Tornado is a violently rotating vortex of air in contact with a parent cloud and a land surface.
  5055. tornado Tür.
    • A strong, rotating column of air extending from the base of a cumulonimbus cloud to the ground. a powerful column of winds spiraling around a center of low atmospheric pressure.
  5056. tornado Tür.
    • A small, very intense cyclonic storm with exceedingly high winds, most often produced along cold fronts in conjunction with severe thunderstorms.
  5057. tornado Tür.
    • A rotating column of air ranging in width from a few yards to more than a mile and whirling at destructively high speeds, usually accompanied by a funnel-shaped downward extension of a cumulonimbus cloud. a column of air that is whirling very fast.
  5058. tornado Tür.
    • A rapidly rotating column of air which is attached to a thunderstorm and is in contact with the ground.
  5059. tornado Tür.
    • A rapidly rotating column of air extending from a cumulonimbus cloud with a circulation that reaches the ground However, the visible portion might not extend all the way to the ground. intense, cloud-cored vortex extending from the base of a severe local storm to the surface.
  5060. tornado Tür.
    • Appears as a powerful, funnel-shaped wind current in the lower parts of the atmosphere with winds that twist upwards at high speeds - often spawning from severe thunderstorms The tornado usually emerges from the base of a cumulonimbus cloud It usually has a width of tens to hundreds of meters and can last only minutes to several hours Tornadoes occur in the United States more than any other country In Canada most tornadoes occur in the Prairies and in Southern Ontario.
  5061. tornado Tür.
    • a localized and violently destructive windstorm occurring over land characterized by a funnel-shaped cloud extending toward the ground. a purified and potent form of cocaine that is smoked rather than snorted.
  5062. tornado Tür.
    • A funnel extending from a towering cumulus touching the ground.
  5063. tornado İng.
    • i. (çoğ. -does, -dos) kasırga
    • hortum
    • şiddetli fırtına.
  5064. tornalama Tür.
    • turning.
  5065. tornalamak Tür.
    • to turn (on a lathe. to lathe.
  5066. tornalanmak Tür.
    • to be turned (on a lathe. to be lathed.
  5067. tornalı Tür.
    • turned on a lathe. lathed.
  5068. tornavida Tür.
    • screwdriver. turnscrew.
  5069. tornavida Tür.
    • screwdriver.
  5070. tornavida Tür.
    • screwdriver.
  5071. tornistan Tür.
    • sternway. disavowal.
  5072. tornistan Tür.
    • reverse ! astern ! backward rotation. going backwards. making over by resewing it. reversing back motion. reverse motion.
  5073. torose , torous İng.
    • s., bot. yumrulu
    • zool. şişkin, çıkıntılı, boğumlu.
  5074. torpedo İng.
    • i. (çoğ. -does, -dos) f torpil
    • demiryolu üzerine konulup işaret olarak tekerlekler altında patlatılan fişek
    • eğlence için taş üzerine atılıp patlatılan fişek
    • uyuşturanbalığı, torpilbalığı, zool. Raia top pedo
    • f. torpillemek, torpil ile harap etmek veya batırmak. torpedo boat torpido, torpidobot. torpedoboat destroyer muhrip. torpedo net torpil ağı. torpedo station torpido üssü. torpedo tube torpil atmaya mahsus kovan.
  5075. torpid İng.
    • s. uyuşmuş, uyuşuk
    • cansız gibi
    • durgun
    • duygusuz
    • faaliyetsiz.
  5076. torpidity, torpidness İng.
    • i. uyuşukluk, hareketsizlik, cansızlık. torpidly z uyuşukça
    • hareketsizce.
  5077. torpido Tür.
    • torpedo. torpedo boat.
  5078. torpido Tür.
    • torpedo boat. egg. fish. torpedo.
  5079. torpido gözü Tür.
    • glove compartment. glove compartment / box.
  5080. torpido gözü Tür.
    • dashboard.
  5081. torpil Tür.
    • torpedo. pull. influence. influential person. big gun. big lie. whopper. fixer.
  5082. torpil Tür.
    • friend at court. torpedo. mine. backing. influence. pull. push. oracle. pie.
  5083. torpil Tür.
    • clout. influence. pull. torpedo. a friend at court. string-pulling. backer. supporter.
  5084. torpilcilik Tür.
    • favouritism.
  5085. torpillemek Tür.
    • to torpedo. to fail a grade. to flunk a grade.
  5086. torpillenmek Tür.
    • to be torpedoed.
  5087. torpor İng.
    • i. uyuşukluk, cansızlık, hareketsizlik
    • sersemlik. torporif'ic s. uyuşukluk getirici, uyuşturucu.
  5088. törpü Tür.
    • file. rasp. nail file. rubber file. broach file. float-cut file. wood rasp / file.
  5089. törpü Tür.
    • file. rasp.
  5090. törpülemek Tür.
    • to file. to rasp.
  5091. törpülemek Tür.
    • rasp. file.
  5092. törpülemek Tür.
    • file. rasp. to rasp. to file.
  5093. törpülü Tür.
    • filed. rasped.
  5094. torquate İng.
    • s., zool. boynu halkalı.
  5095. torque İng.
    • i., mak. devir meydana getiren kuvvet, dönme momenti
    • bazı sıvı ve billurlardan geçme sonucunda polarılmış ışık düzleminde meydana gelen dönel etki
    • bak. torc.
  5096. torrefy , torrify İng.
    • f. kavurmak, yakmak
    • mad. tas. yüksek ısıyla gazlarını defetmek için kurutmak
    • ecza. kurutup gevrekleştirmek torrefac'tion i. kavurma. uyuşuk.
  5097. torrent İng.
    • i. sel, çok hızlı akıntı
    • sel gibi akan veya zorlu şey.
  5098. torrential İng.
    • s. sel gibi
    • selden meydana gelen
    • şiddetli, kızışık. torrentially z. sel gibi.
  5099. torricellian İng.
    • s. barometrenin ana ilkesini keşfeden İtalyan fizik bilgini
    • Toricelli'ye ait veya onunla ilgili Torricellian tube barometrenin cam tübü Torricellian vacuum barometre cıvası üzerindeki hava boşluğu.
  5100. torrid İng.
    • s. güneşten kavrulan: çok sıcak kızgın, ateş gibi yakıcı. Torrid Zone Sıcak Kuşak. torrid'ity i. sıcaklık yakıcılık.
  5101. torsion İng.
    • i. burma, bükme kıvırma
    • burulma bükülme, kıvrılma
    • mak. burulmuş tel veya cubuğun eski haline dönmesini gerektiren kuvvet. torsion balance burulmalı terazi. torsion meter burma ölçeği torsion scale tel veya maden çubuklarının burulması ile işleyen terazi. torsional s. burulma kabilinden, bükülmeye ait. torsionally z. burarak.
  5102. torsk İng.
    • i. mezgitgillerden herhangi bir balık, zool. Gadidae.
  5103. torso İng.
    • i. insan gövdesi
    • heykel gövdesi
    • güdük şey.
  5104. tort İng.
    • i., huk. haksız muamele, haksız fiil.
  5105. torte İng.
    • i., ahçı. turta.
  5106. tortfeasor İng.
    • i., huk. haksız fiil isleyen kimse.
  5107. torticollis İng.
    • i., tıb. kasılma sonucu boynun çarpılması, boyun tutulması.
  5108. tortile İng.
    • s. bükülmüş, çöreklenmiş.
  5109. tortilla İng.
    • i., Meksika bir çeşit pizza, lahmacun.
  5110. tortious İng.
    • s., huk. haksız fiil kabilinden.
  5111. tortoise İng.
    • i. kaplumbağa, tosbağa, zool. Testudo. tortoise shell bağa.
  5112. tortoiseshell İng.
    • i. çilli evcil kedi, üç renkli dişi kedi.
  5113. tortop Tür.
    • as round as a ball.
  5114. tortu Tür.
    • dregs.
  5115. tortu Tür.
    • deposit. dregs. sediment. residue. the drags of a social group. leaving. fecule. grounds. wash. settling. deposition. marc. sludge. impunity. residuary. tailing. residual. segregation. sedimentary. lees. precipitate. residuum. settlings.
  5116. tortu Tür.
    • deposit. dregs. grounds. residue. scale. sediment. precipitate.
  5117. tortulaşma Tür.
    • sedimentation.
  5118. tortulu Tür.
    • turbid. sth which has sediment in it.
  5119. tortuosity İng.
    • i. eğri büğrülük, yılankavilik. tortuously z. eğri büğrü bir şekilde.
  5120. tortuous İng.
    • s. eğri büğrü, dolambaçlı büküle kıvrıla uzayan
    • hileli.
  5121. torture İng.
    • i., f. işkence, eza, eziyet, azap, elem
    • f. işkence etmek, eziyet etmek, azap vermek
    • biçimini bozmak, anlamını değiştirmek.
  5122. tortusuz Tür.
    • clear. free of sediment.
  5123. torun Tür.
    • grandchild. grandson. granddaughter. descendant. offshoot.
  5124. torun Tür.
    • grandchild. grand child. descendant. offshoot.
  5125. torun Tür.
    • descendant. grandchild.
  5126. torus İng.
    • i. (çoğ. tori) mim. tam kaval
    • anat. kasta veya kemikte yuvarlak çıkıntı, yumru, kabartı
    • bot. çiçek tablası.
  5127. tory İng.
    • i., s., İng. tutucu parti üyesi
    • s., k.h. tutucu Toryism i. tutuculuk.
  5128. toryum Tür.
    • thorium.
  5129. tos Tür.
    • Type of Service.
  5130. tos Tür.
    • Type Of Service.
  5131. tos Tür.
    • The stack is an area of memory set aside for storage of temporary data The base address of the stack is pointed to by the SS register and the offset is pointed to by the SP register.
  5132. tos Tür.
    • Test Operating System.
  5133. tos Tür.
    • Terms of Service Terms and conditions of their program - their responsibilities and yours.
  5134. tos Tür.
    • Terms Of Service A stated list of the terms that must be agreed on by a user of a particular service
    • the terms under which a service provider provides a particular service.
  5135. tos Tür.
    • Short for an ISP"s "terms of service," which usually state that accounts will be dropped should they be used for spamming When that happens, the account is said to have been TOSsed See SPAM. test operating system.
  5136. tos Tür.
    • Definition Top.
  5137. tos Tür.
    • butt.
  5138. tos Tür.
    • Acronym for "The Other Service" Often used among a group of people who have switched from one on-line service to another The service they came from is "the other service" It often refers to Genie or AOL, but can refer to Compuserve or Prodigy or even the late NVN, depending on where a group originated.
  5139. tos Tür.